Group Watch did a report which included documentation from the Iran Contra hearings at which the Council for National Policy was discussed by Nelson Bunker Hunt. This membership roster is part of the actual CNP 1982-1983 Membership, which they sourced in their report. This information is provided for research purposes.


Group Watch: Council for National Policy




The 1982-1983 officers of the Council for National Policy (CNP) were: Thomas F. Ellis, pres; Nelson Bunker Hunt, vice pres, Bob J. Perry sec-tres; Rep. Louis (Woody) Jenkins, exec dir; and Dr. Tim LaHaye, immediate past pres. (1) According to Nelson Bunker Hunt in his deposition in the Iran-Contra hearings, the presidency of the CNP rotates. He has been president, Pat Robertson has been president, and the president at the time of the hearings was Richard DeVos. (2) Hunt also noted that right-wing stalwarts Joseph Coors, Paul Weyrich, and Howard Phillips had served on the executive committee. (2)

Woody Jenkins was the original executive director who resigned when the CNP moved from Louisiana to Washington DC. (2) According to the Hunt deposition, Jenkins was succeeded by Margo Carlisle and then Jack Nelson. (2)

The CNP has no members who are not principals. It is a gathering of millionaires that covers a full spectrum of the political right: the New Right, neoconservatives, members of former President Reagan's "kitchen cabinet," and fundamentalist preachers and televangelists. (3) Following is a list of key members of the 1984 board of governors of the NSC along with their principal identifications.

Representing state and national government were: William L. Armstrong, U. S. Senate; Rep. William G. Batchelder III, Ohio House of Representatives; Hon. Bob Billings, White House Liaison Office; Margo Carlisle, staff director of the Senate Republican Conference; Hon. David Copeland, TN House of Representatives; Hon. Braswell D. Deen, Jr. , presiding judge--Court of Appeals of Georgia; Hon. Jeremiah A. Denton, former U. S. Senator; Richard A. Derham, acting asst administrator of the Agency for Intl Development; Hon. Robert K. Dornan, former U. S. Representative; Ambassador H. Eugene Douglas, U. S. Coordinator for Refugee Affairs; Hon. John P. East, U. S. Senate (deceased); Hon. Jesse Helms, U. S. Senate; Rep. Louis (Woody) Jenkins, former U. S. Congressman; Hon. Hal Jones, Hawaii House of Representatives; Hon. Jack Kemp, former Senator, current director of Housing and Urban Development; Hon. James A. McClure, U. S. Senate; Hon. Don Nickles, U. S. Senate; Col. Oliver North, deputy director for Political-Military Affairs--Natl Security Council; Hon. B. F. O'Neal, Louisiana House of Representatives; Hon. Paul Pressler, justice of the Texas Court of Appeals; Hon. H. L. Richardson, California Senate; Gary Richardson, U. S. Attorney, Eastern District of Oklahoma; Hon. Don Sebastiani, California Assembly; Hon. Arthur W. Sour, Jr. , Louisiana House of Representatives; Hon. Charles Stenholm, U. S. Congress; Hon. John H. Sununu, former Governor of New Hampshire and current chief adviser to President Bush; Hon. Lewis Arthur Tambs, former ambassador to Costa Rica; and last, but not least in this category, Hon. James G. Watt, former Sec. of the Interior. (4)

From the religious arena the CNP had: Howard Ball, founder and pres of Churches Alive Intl!; William Billings, pres of the Natl Christian Action Coalition; Dr. William R. Bright, founder and chancellor of the Intl Christian Graduate University; Dr. James Dobson, Focus on the Family; Robert P. Dugan, Natl Assoc. of Evangelicals; Dr. Jerry Falwell, pres of the Moral Majority; Fr. Charles C. Fiore, chairman of the Natl Pro-Life PAC; Peter B. Gemma, Jr. , exec dir of the Natl Pro-Life PAC; Dr. Ronald S. Godwin, exec vice pres of the Moral Majority; Dr. Robert Grant, Christian Voice; Mr. E. Peb Jackson, vice pres of Focus on the Family; Mr. Gary Jarmin, legis dir of the Christian Voice;

Russell Dawmmerling, editor of the Southern Baptist Advocate; Ed McAteer, pres of the Religious Roundtable; Dr. "Pat" Robertson, pres of the Christian Broadcasting Network; James Robison, the James Robison Evangelistic Assoc; and Robert T. Weiner, pres of the Maranatha Campus Ministries. (4)

Representing the New Right and neoconservatives are: Hon. Ben Blackburn, pres of the Southeastern Legal Fdn; Hon. Morton Blackwell, Leadership Insitute; Neal B. Blair, pres of Free the Eagle; L. Francis Bouchey, pres of the Council for InterAmerican Security; Bill Ceverha, natl chair of the American Legislative Exchange Council; Dr. Joseph Churba, pres of the Center for Intl Security; Mrs. Holly Coors, chair of the Colorado State Reagan-Bush Campaign '84; Cullen Davis, vice pres of Kendavis Industries Intl; Richard DeVos, pres of Amway Corp; John T. (Terry) Dolan (deceased), natl chairman of the Natl Conservative Political Action Committee; Dr. Edwin J. Feulner, Jr. , pres of the Heritage Fdn; Ellen Garwood; Alan Gottlieb, chair of Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms; Edith D. Hakola, vice pres and gen counsel for the Natl Right to Work Legal Defense Fdn; Smith Hempston, exec editor of The Washington Times; Robert P. Holding III, natl media dir for the Coalition for Freedom Fdn; Herbert Hunt, pres of Hunt Energy Corp; Nelson Bunker Hunt, chair of the Hunt Energy Corp; Charles L. Irby, vice pres of Irby Construction Co; Reed Irvine, chair of Accuracy in Media; Dr. Mildred Faye Jefferson, pres of Right to Life Crusade; Michael Joyce, exec dir of the John M. Olin Fdn; Dr. Ernest Lefever, pres of the Ethics and Public Policy Center; Lewis E. Lehrman, chair of Citizens for America; Connie Marchner, chair of the Natl Pro-Family Coalition; Mrs. Larry McDonald, Western Goals; F. Andy Messing, exec dir of The Natl Defense Council; E. A. Morris; Phil Nicolaides, asst natl editor of The Washington Times; Edward E. Noble, chair of the U. S. Synthetic Fuels Corp; John Norton III, pres of J. R. Norton Co; Ted Pantaleo, exec dir of The Freedom Council; J. A. Parker, pres of The Lincoln Institute for Research and Education; Howard Phillips, chair of The Conservative Caucus; Burton Yale Pines, vice pres of The Heritage Fdn; Lawrence Pratt, exec dir of Gun Owners of America; Raymond V. Raehn, U. S. Global Strategy Council; Carlyle Reed, assoc publisher of The Washington Times Natl Edition; Thomas F. Roeser, vice pres, The Quaker Oats Co; Howard Ruff, publisher of Ruff Times; William A. Rusher, publisher of the National Review; Wiliam E. Saracino, exec dir of Gun Owners of America; Phyllis Schlafly, pres of Eagle Forum; Prof. Hans Sennholz; Frank Shakespeare, vice chair of RKO General, Inc; Mark Skousen, editor of Forecasts & Strategies; Jeffrey St. John, editor of the United States Times; Robert Stoddard; Kathleen Teague, exec dir of the American Legislative Exchange Council; Richard A. Viguerie, pres of The Viguerie Company; Henry (Huck) Walther, exec vice pres of the United States Defense Committee; Paul Weyrich, pres of the Free Congress Fdn; Carter Wrenn, tres of The Natl Congressional Club; and Ronald A. Zumbrun, pres of the Pacific Legal Fdn. (4) J. Peter Grace of W. R. Grace Co was on the board of governors as of 1986. (7)

Finally, representing the retired military on the CNP are the well-known figures of Lt. Gen. Daniel O. Graham (ret. ); Brig. Gen. Albion W. Knight (ret); Maj. Gen. George S. Patton (ret. ); and Maj. Gen. John K. Singlaub (ret. ). (4)"....."


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2. Report of the Congressional Committees Investigating the Iran-Contra Affair, Apprendix B, Vol 14, 1987.

3. Sidney Blumenthal, "Oliver North: Mr. Inside for the Contras--and Conservatives," Washington Post National Weekly Edition, Dec 29, 1986.

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7. Letter from Paul M. Weyrich, tres of the CNP, Jan 28, 1986.


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