Council For National Policy Annual Directory 1984-1985

The name, address and organization or occupation presented below is only a small piece of the information which was included in the listed biographies (with their pictures) from this 1984-1985 CNP Directory.  Some have since passed on, changed occupations and locations, moved on, while some are found listed in the other CNP directories, as they chose to remain members. In other words, the information is historical in nature.  Those whom I chose to list in my compiled members list spanning the years 1981, 1982,1984-2001, with documented biographies, are shown to have been involved in the CNP according to documented and published data, from the CNP's own annual membership/telephone directories, as well as other authors documented research. 

According to the CNP's own published information, those who become members must be nominated and receive a vote of approval from the Executive Committee. Therefore, if someone is listed it is presumed they would have passed through that process. When they are no longer found listed we can presume they are no longer members from that provable time frame, unless they make specific statements concerning when they actually began and discontinued attendance and membership. Some stayed a very short time, others were/have been members for many years. This information is provided for educational and research purposes.



Council For National Policy

Annual Directory






Officers and Executive Committee Members


Mr. Sam Moore         President       Executive Committee

Mr. Bob Perry        Vice President       Executive Committee

Mr. Paul Weyrich     Secretary-Treasurer     Executive Committee

Rep. Louis [Woody] Jenkins         Executive Director

Mr. Nelson Bunker Hunt      Immediate Past President      Executive Committee

Mr. Joseph Coors     Executive Committee

Mr. Richard DeVos     Executive Committee

Mr. Thomas F. Ellis         Executive Committee

Mr. James F. Justiss         Executive Committee

Dr. Tim LaHaye         Executive Committee

Mr. Howard Phillips      Executive Committee

Dr. M.G. "Pat" Robertson     Executive Committee

Mr. Richard Viguerie        Executive Committee

* original includes their pictures

The Directory has these in alphabetical order, and by page number, and is not divided as seen below. Pictures are included, biographies, some brief, some more extensive, spouses name, assistants name where applicable, as well as full contact information at that time.

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Council for National Policy Annual Directory 1984-1985" (edited by Jefferson M Angers) 914 North Foster Drive, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70806 * (504) 928-3146

The 1984-1985 Directory has a page which holds  "Schedule of Events" starting January 27-28, 1984 and through to September 13-14, 1985.

Jefferson M Angers is listed with eight others, with pics, showing the staff for 1984-1985. He was Editor, Annual Directory. Louis (Woody) Jenkins was Executive Director. etc. The Officers and Executive Committee is also listed with pictures.

Schedule of Events

January 27-28,1984   Board of Governors
    The Camelback Inn
    Scottsdale, Arizona
May l8-19, 1984   Board of Governors
    Colonial Williamsburg,
    Williamsburg, Virginia
August l7-18, 1984   Board of Governors
    The Westin
    Dallas, Texas
November l6-17, 1984   Board of Governors
    The Breakers
    Palm Beach, Florida
February 22-23, 1985   Board of Governors
    Rancho Las Palmas
    Rancho Mirage, Calif.
May 3l-June l, 1985   Board of Governors
    Le Bonaventure Hilton.
    Montreal, Quebec
July 7- 10, 1985   European Conference
    Geneva, Switzerland
Sept. l3-14, 1985   Board of Governors
    The Homestead
    Hot Springs, Virginia




Louis [Woody] Jenkins         Executive Director

Mary Margaret Meyer           Executive Assistant

Dedra Truax            Conference Coordinator

Barbara Bovard              Executive Secretary

Mary Ann Canossa           Editorial Director

Dee Givens              Administrative Assistant

Tamera Trahan           Administrative Assistant

Jefferson M. Angers        Editor, Annual Directory

Judy Maranto     Special Projects Director



Source>  Council For National Policy Annual Directory 1984-1985  Edited by Jefferson M Angers

Council For National Policy 914 North Foster Drive Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70806 (504) 928-3146   Copyright 1984

Former Online source: 1984 Online source:

Namebase>">Council for National Policy. Mailing List. 1984

1. >Council for National Policy. Member Participants. 1984
2.">Council National Policy
and other.

1. Member Participants, Members-Elect, and Special Guests. Dallas TX, August, 1984. New Member Participants, Rancho Las Palmas CA, February, 1985.  These lists include a biographical paragraph on each of 223 elites from the Right who participated in two conferences.

2. Council for National Policy, 732 North Boulevard, Baton Rouge LA 70802 (address was current as of 1984). Board of Governors Mailing List. 1984.  This "confidential" mailing list contains about 360 names of principals, along with their address, home and office numbers, spouse's name, and name of a staff contact.


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