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This information is provided for educational and research purposes, and is historical in nature.

Council for National Policy Telephone Directory 1996 list which this writer has, correlated with the IFAS 1996 directory list which shows a few variations, although I previously erred in thinking they were completely identical. The IFAS variations appear to be from an updated or later edition of the membership/telephone list, likely after the June changes for the Executive Committee.

From the copy I have:

"Council for National Policy Telephone Directory 1996 (Founded 1981)  

 > "Council for National Policy"   3030 Clarendon Boulevard, Suite 340, Arlington, Virginia 22201 * (703) 525-8822 -phone  (703) 525-7237-fax Internet #

1996 Telephone Directory

I       Executive Committee                      -pg  2
II      Board of Governors                       -pg  3
III     In Memoriam                                 -pg  4

IV      CNP Membership                          -pg  5
V       CNP Youth Council Membership    -pg 77
VI      CNP Staff                                     -pg 89

"The Council for National Policy is an educational foundation registered under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations to the CNP are tax-deductable as charitable contributions, less $10 per year for your subscription to Policy Counsel" 


The listings do not have pictures, as in the 1984-1985, 1988 directories. Nor are there any biographies included. Generally, Name with title, position held in listed organization/business and address, spouse name, assistants name, phone/fax/email, for business and/or home.  Titles and actual positions held have not been included in the information below.

Council for National Policy Telephone Directory 1996


Officers & Executive Committee from the 1996 Telephone Directory

Pg 2




The Honorable Edwin Meese III ~ President

The Honorable Holland H. Coors ~ Vice President

      Mr. Reed Larson~ Secretary/Treasurer

Executive Committee Members:

The Honorable Gary Bauer

Mr. Foster Friess

Mr. Preston Hawkins

The Honorable Donald Paul Hodel

The Honorable Louis "Woody" Jenkins

Mr. Marion "Mac" Magruder

Mr. Sam Moore

Lt. Col. Oliver L. North

Mr Howard Phillips

Dr. Lowell Smith

Mrs. LaNeil Spivy

Senior Executive Committee Members & Past Presidents

The Honorable Rich DeVos - 1990-1993 & 1986-1988

Judge Paul Pressler - 1988-1990

Dr. M.G. "Pat" Robertson - 1985-1986 

Mr. Sam Moore - 1984-1985 

Mr. Nelson Bunker Hunt - 1983-1984

Mr. Tom Ellis - 1982-1983

Dr. Tim LaHaye - 1981-1982


1996 Board of Governors > Pg 3 >

Howard Ahmanson, Tom Anderson, Thomas Armstrong, Ed Atsinger, Carole Baker, Ray, Berryman, Dick Bott, Jim Bowers, Robert Cone, Peter Cook, Holly Coors, Jeff Coors, Beverly Danielson, Rich DeVos, Ann Drexel, Stuart Epperson, Ed Feulner, Foster Friess, Preston Hawkins, Thomas Hess, Jimmy Hill, Joe Hilyard, Roland Hinz, Mary Reilly Hunt, Lorena Jaeb, Woody Jenkins, Bob Krieble, Beverly LaHaye, Tim LaHaye, Ed Lozick, Mac Magruder, Norm McClelland, Jim McCotter, Sam Moore, Ollie North, Jim Price, Elsa Prince, Rich Riddle, Lynda Scribante, Ron Seeley, Jim R. Smith, Lowell Smith, Gerry Snyder, Stacy Taylor, Christine Vollmer, Craig Welch, Paul Weyrich

1996 In Memoriam > Pg 4>

Frank Adams, John Ashbrook, Marilyn Atwood, Robert J. Billings, William H. Cies, Mary Crowley, Deering Danielson, Gene DeMatteo, Terry Dolan, Jack Fuller, Ellen Garwood, J. Evetts Haley, Hank Harkins, John Hekman, Jack Hume, Walter Judd, James E. Lyon, Larry McDonald, George P. Page, Clarence Pendleton, Russell Perry, Edgar Prince, J.B. Saunders, Fred Schlafly, Carl L. Schuele, Nora Smith, Betty Sparks, Floyd Sparks, Robert Stoddard, Winston Weaver, Harry Bartell (Pat) Zachry


Council for National Policy Telephone Directory 1996

Pg 5 forward>

* Youth Council > pg 77











CNP Staff List > Pg 89 >  (includes name, contact information, spouse and position)

The Honorable Morton C. Blackwell -- Executive Director

Mrs. Mary Margaret Hathway -- Director of Conferences

Mr Alex X. Mooney  -- Vice President, CNP Action, Inc.

Mrs. Jennifer A. Rutledge -- Director of Finance and Administration

Miss Jo Ann Strickler -- Director of Member Relations


>>>>>>   Council for National Policy

Nomination Process

"Here is the simple process by which members nominate prospective new members:

1) Complete the Nomination Form.

2) Sign and date the Nomination Form.

3) Have a fellow CNP member second the nomination by also signing and dating the form, or by having the seconder call or send a letter to the CNP office seconding the nomination.

4) If you can, attach a résumé or any biographical information on the nominee to the Nomination Form.

5) Return the Nomination Form and biographical information to the CNP office by FAX or mail.


Post-Nomination Process

1) Once the Nomination Form with a second and biographical information are received at the CNP office, the nominees names are places on a ballot to be voted on by the CNP Executive Committee. The vote is confidential and must be unanimous for a nominee to be invited to membership.

2) Ballots are sent out to the Executive Committee members and the results are announced at the next Executive Committee meeting or during a CNP Executive Committee conference call.

3) Invitations are sent to those who are approved. Nominators are sent copies of each invitation letter.

4) Nominators should then contact their invited nominees and explain the benefits of becoming a member of the Council for National Policy.

5) If the CNP office does not receive a response from a nominee after two weeks, a follow up letter, a copy of the CNP Tenth Anniversary Video and the Policy Counsel journal are sent to the nominee. Nominators also receive a memo when this follow-up mailing is sent, giving each nominator another opportunity to encourage nominees to accept membership.

* address/contact information included in the original

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> This information is from an actual 1996 Nomination Form. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Nomination Form

Council for National Policy

I nominate the following person to membership in the Council for National Policy.

Nominee: ________________________________________________________________________
                  Title                       First                           Middle                          Last

(Check one)        ___ Board of Governors ($5000 per year)

                         ___ Regular Member ($1500 per year)
                         ___ Youth Council ($100 per year and must be under 30)


Employer:    _______________________________________________

Title:           __________________________________________________

Address:     __________________________________________________ 


Telephone:  _________________________     _________________________   ____________________
                                 Home                                    Work                                            Fax

Other organizational affiliations, titles, and background information:





Please attach a biography or résumé if possible.

_______________       _____________________________________
Date                           Nominating Member

_______________       _____________________________________
Date                           Seconding Member

Please complete and mail to the Council for National Policy:

3030 Clarendon Boulevard, Suite 340, Arlington, Virginia 22201 * (703) 525-8822 -phone  (703) 525-7237-fax Internet #


According to the Nomination Form documented from IFAS the following information is included in the form they obtained a copy of:

(Check one)
___ Gold Circle ($10,000 per year)
___ Board of Governors ($6,000 per year)
___ Regular Member ($1,750 per year)
___ Youth Council ($100 per year and must be under 30)

And >

E-mail: _______________________________________________

Organizational affiliations, titles, and conservative credentials:



Online Source no longer available:  >but is housed at 

The Institute for First Amendment Studies (IFAS) ( operated from 1989 to 2001 as a progressive pro-democracy research group, tracking Christian right activities. ( The IFAS published a newsletter called "Freedom Writer ("

The Florida chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of White People, a white supremacist organization, also sponsors a page called Institute for First Amendment Studies ( The page contains broken links to the IFAS former website. []



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