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Luke 6:43 For a good tree bringeth not forth corrupt fruit; neither doth a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. 44 For every tree is known by his own fruit. For of thorns men do not gather figs, nor of a bramble bush gather they grapes.
45 A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh.

On December 14, 2007, Michael Rood's attorney's in Michigan filed a lawsuit against Jamie Louis. 2007 proved to be a banner year in the continuing saga of Michael John Rood and A Rood Awakening! Ministries. Rocked with controversy, accusations of illegal activity, hostility, lust for power and wealth, a power struggle between key personalities came to light after Michael Rood's May 31, 2007 email speaking of Jamie Louis taking a sabbatical.

Michael Rood's decision to remain in the United States and embark on a "bolder vision" for A Rood Awakening! Ministries was presented in that initial letter which set events in motion which split staff, friends and supporters into two camps. One held by Michael Rood and one held by Jamie Louis, administrator of A Rood Awakening! Ministries. The A Rood Awakening! Ministries Advisory Board and others who stood with Jamie Louis included, Michael Detwiler, Don Visser, Chaim Goldman, Perry Challender, Angie Bishop and others.

By August the wagons were circled so to speak, as public statements were read across the internet. Jamie Louis and those standing with him in the original A Rood Awakening!! Ministries, waited on a selected panel of "judges" to determine what should be done. Michael Rood and his supporters started a new corporation in Michigan, which was filed August 6, 2007, and naming it A Rood Awakening! Ministries International. Michael Rood stated on those corporation papers that his residence was in Israel. His staff now included, Glenn McWilliams, Don and Pam Harris, Charles Barrett and others.

Two new websites were launched by the Rood camp, one called in competition with the original,, and also the new in direct competition to the original, which has now been shut down. The Spanish website and, have also been shut down.

Jamie Louis also included in his Ya'akovlevi site the name of a new business called Torah to the Nations, based in Oregon. It is noteworthy that Perry Challender had registered a website called, which merely housed a link to He has also been the registrar and/or administrative contact for,, for  Jamie Louis's,, for Don Visser's site, and so on. Of course, he also has had many of his own websites at one time or another, including: Chi Guide to Better Health,,,,,, and many more.

Amos 3:3 Can two walk together, except they be agreed?

Glenn McWilliams wrote and posted to Michael Rood's site four letters, showing why everyone was wrong to speak or act against Michael Rood. Stan Johnson, of  The Prophecy Club wrote a letter to what appears to be Jamie Louis, which was posted on, stating he stood with Michael Rood and people were going to be cursed for going against God's anointed minister. Johnson claims that Michael Rood has a direct ministry from God, (as does he), and all others are not to question him but are there to serve him. According to Johnson, it did not matter if Rood was offensive, behaving in ungodly ways or involved in illegal activities, no one should doubt or question Michael Rood's ministry.

Mark 9:35 And he sat down, and called the twelve, and saith unto them, If any man desire to be first, the same shall be last of all, and servant of all.

Matthew 23:12 And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted

John 5:44 Jesus said: "How can ye believe, which receive honour one of another, and seek not the honour that cometh from God only

Phil 2:3 Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.  

On November 9th, the "investigation" by the panel was completed and posted at a new website called, On December 6th, 2007 Stan Johnson revoked his above statements and sent an email to his followers. In that email he stated he had asked Michael Rood to remove his support letters from his website, and while pasting the report link in, discouraged his followers from viewing it. The letters have been pulled  from as of the time of this writing, December 27, 2007. For more on Stan Johnson's letters please go to The Prophecy Club & Michael Rood.

God's anointed is not Michael Rood. [1 Chronicles 16:22]  Apparently the scriptures are almost unknown to many who claim to be "God's ministers" or "God's anointed." But then, the prerequisite for being someone to listen to in many minds is they just have to feed "those itching ears." [see also 2 Timothy 4:3-4; 5:19-21, 1 Timothy 3, Titus 1:5-9, Luke 16:13-15; Galatians 5:22-26; James 3:17; James 2:3-10]

In a rebuke of Stan Johnson's letters, a response was posted from the Louis camp, showing total disdain for the so-called support by  Johnson. In the height of hypocrisy, the question was asked,

"Are the Torah observant "Messianic" followers of A Rood Awakening! impressed by the support of a man who celebrates pagan sun-god holidays and promotes those who do likewise." 1   

It certainly didn't seem to bother anyone until now! It is more than a little ironic, since Jamie Louis promoted Michael Rood to the Prophecy Club and since Don Visser worked in the Prophecy Club offices. In fact, this writer noted in the latest Prophecy Club articles, Stan Johnson's continued support and promotion of Michael Rood. Of course, Stan Johnson also stated that "the best prophets were false prophets."

Here is how Michael Rood has spoken of Stan Johnson:

"...Just four days after the last Prophecy Club meeting,....I felt compelled to again address the saints that I met on the Prophecy Club tour concerning these issues, but the Prophecy Club monthly meetings were no longer extant. Jamie called Don Visser at the Prophecy Club headquarters and found that they too had desired for me to do a singular tour concerning the same issues that had been burning in me....Also, call Stan Johnson (785) 266-1112 at the Prophecy Club and encourage him to send me back to your area.  He will listen to you...I will be in Topeka with Henry Gruver and Michael Coffman for an “Intelligence Briefing” at the Prophecy Club headquarters in Topeka, Kansas on January 20th...At the end of the 3rd Prophecy Club tour this last July,... " 2. 

The response letter from the Louis camp went on to say:

"...What would really impress people is if Michael Rood had the support of even ONE well known national or international Messianic Congregational leader or Torah teacher. JUST ONE! "..." 3   

Nothing has changed with that scenario simply because of this shameful display of 'torah obedience'. Most Messianic Jews viewed Michael Rood's Two House/Ephraimite/Way Intl./western gentile minds/no Greek manuscripts/Christian pagans and other teachings as heresy or unsubstantiated speculation.

Dr Michael Brown has authored many books including a series, “Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus”. He is also a “published Old Testament and Semitic scholar, holding a Ph.D. in Near Eastern Languages and Literatures from New York University.” and evaluated Michael Rood's Pagan Christian Connection Exposed, including Rood's 'language' abilities and who, in The Messianic Times in 2005, wrote the following REVIEW OF ROOD’S PAGAN-CHRISTIAN CONNECTION:  bolding and color added , excerpt:

"...Michael J. Rood, The Pagan-Christian Connection Exposed (Gainesville, FL: Bridge-Logos, 6004[2004] sic!, xvii, 123 pp.)
This is a shockingly poor book with almost no redeeming qualities, and it is best dismissed as a mere sensationalistic curiosity. If taken seriously, the extreme rhetoric and exaggerated statements that dominate the book could prove dangerous to unsuspecting readers. ... it bears several marks of cult-like teaching, something which is especially unfortunate, since it is published by Bridge-Logos.
... Each chapter is clearly based on Rood’s TV shows ...Pictures of the author, depicted in full priestly regalia, appear a dozen times in the book, including the front and back cover, and the message is simple: Michael Rood alone has the revelation. Others – meaning the great majority of believers throughout the world, especially in America – are in darkness and willful ignorance, blinded by their “Western Gentile mentalities” (pp. xvi, 59; see also p. 69).... Actually, it is his calling other parts of the Body “cults” that is cultlike, and it should be recognized as such.
Yet the rhetoric is more extreme than this: “Easter is the rehearsal of child sacrifice and fertility rites of pagan sun god worshipers” (p. 64) while a Christmas tree is “an evergreen phallic symbol” (p. 87). ... many believers – especially Messianic Jews – are not comfortable with Easter and Christmas customs, but would they join Rood in saying, “I will not subject myself to their perverted, disgusting forms of satanic worship. . . . I have died to their world, and I will not return to the vomit of Tammuz worship” (pp. 91-92)?

Space forbids me from citing other, similar examples – and there are many – but it should be noted that Rood, who claims to think Hebraically and who somehow claims access to otherwise hidden and secret information (see, e.g., pp. 43-44), cannot even get simple Hebrew names right, using non-existent forms like Yahshua (instead of Yehoshua, p. 77) as well as Azriyah and Haninyah (instead of Azaryah and Hananyah, p. 54, and see Dan 1:7). He even makes the wildly inaccurate claim that the Greeks “called all their gods, from Adonis to Zeus, Christos” (p. 76), while in reality, in the Greek, Gentile world, christos had virtually no spiritual significance and was normally misunderstood as a proper name.
...there are a few good points that Rood does make, they ...are not new at all, while the new points he makes are anything but good. Bridge-Logos would do well to consult with biblical scholars who are sensitive to the Jewish roots of the faith before publishing more books of this kind. The inflammatory rhetoric, often based on wrong information, will certainly not promote truth." ..." 4.  

It should also be noted that a reader sent me his personal evaluation of the same book which can be viewed here, as well as an evaluation of Michael Rood’s teachings which can be viewed here.

It is some of the less discerning pagan christians who in the past have opened their doors, their tithes and offerings, and a media platform to Michael Rood,  and they likely will continue to do so in the future.

Before going any further, I would like to thank Michael Rood's current and former supporters for contacting me throughout this controversial affair. While I could not take the time to write when this all began, the information was appreciated, especially knowing the feelings shared not only by Michael Rood and the then Rood Crew, but also many of his supporters, towards myself and my website. I had discontinued doing any further research on Michael Rood in 2005, despite his continually changing ministry , because I was quite finished with ' Hebrew roots' as a research topic. Apparently there are other things that need to be addressed. That said, now for the topic at hand.

Both sides agree on the fact that the original corporation fired Michael Rood, when things started to get out of hand. Michael Rood's new website and emails suggested theft, sedition, treachery, illegal corporate sole and basically sounded off his anger and rage which included insults, accusations and threats to the various staff and associates. He sent letters firing the original A Rood Awakening! Ministries Oregon staff including  Jana McDonald, who is the daughter of the late Linda Miller, former administrative assistant to Michael Rood. These firings took place while Michael Rood had proceeded with setting up a new office in Michigan, and filing the new A Rood Awakening! Ministries International.

As an aside, in his May, 2007 Newsletter, Michael Rood stated: Rood_2007-may-news.pdf


"I occasionally hear some of the malicious diatribe that these lying commandment breakers disseminate on their websites, attempting to destroy me and other honorable teachers around the globe. Spreading sick and twisted falsehoods is the defining characteristic of these individuals who have no firsthand witness of the things that they purport to be true. They literally manufacture lies which they will neither expunge nor correct when confronted.


Years ago my personal secretary in America, the late Linda Miller, attempted to correct one of these slanderers in a very forthright and gentle manner. But like most who feed on slander and spread gossip, this twisted woman refused to retract or correct one single falsehood. Instead, she escalated her attack, fabricating even more vehement lies out of her own sad and twisted sense of reality." end quote


Actually, the late Linda Miller requested I remove reference of her high school reunion information, which was public information published on the internet, and documented as such. I merely quoted it to validate age information. I chose to remove that information. The second email which was sent by her, was referring to her Home Fellowship information advertised on Norman Willis' website, which was a public ad. I chose not to remove it because of the ties to Michael Rood. This is openly discussed in the article The Reverend Michael John Rood, and includes the documentation. I retracted nothing nor was there an error to retract, nor did I, nor do I, fabricate any facts or documentation. There's no need, as I generally quote from published information, including quotes from Michael Rood's own mouth or various media.


It's rather odd that Michael Rood, who provides close to zero documentation in his 'teachings', should suggest the facts are not real. Flaming and name calling is not considered providing facts with documentation or proof of anything except the inability to prove one's own statements or position.

More on this > Michael Rood's Complaints

Various letters were made public, with Jamie Louis accusing Rood of "inappropriate behaviors" and stating Rood is "out of control without any regard for the Torah, the truth, or the law". Michael Rood's former Advisory Board  wrote on August 14:

"Through the years, most everyone who has worked inside A Rood Awakening!! Ministries has, at times, been uncomfortable with the way Michael Rood has conducted himself. Because he is a man, and we all have our faults, this conduct was often overlooked and generally excused 'for the sake of the message.' Unfortunately, not confronting the problem allowed it to grow and fester. Now we have found that in YHVH's perfect justice , the very inappropriate behaviors we excused in him are now returning as virulent accusations or misconduct against us." 5.

It would appear that those at the helm of this organization are unfamiliar with the Scriptures concerning the Law, which they maintain they live by.

James 2:8 If ye fulfil the royal law according to the scripture, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself, ye do well: 9 But if ye have respect to persons, ye commit sin, and are convinced of the law as transgressors.
10 For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all.

Michael Rood, while claiming the role of innocent victim, expounded from his new website with  melodramatic allegations such as conspiracy, deception, hostile takeover, under siege, twisted plot and:

"...I have seen such deception and treachery and malicious lies told about me that I realized that I have to separate myself from those who have been running this ministry, its finances and they have been doing so with absolutely no accountability and against everything that I have set up and what I had expressly decided and spoken and also all those who are our advisors." 6

The arbitration panel of "biblical judges" was comprised of self admitted false prophet Monte Judah and Phil Vellekamp of Lion and Lamb Ministries, Neal Brenner of Beit Emet Ministries as chairman and chief spokesman,  Allen Dodge of Beit Emet Ministries, and Todd Bennett. Todd Bennett resigned from the committee in October citing conflict of interest.

The results of the 'investigation' by the above mentioned culminated in a report posted November 9 at A Really Rude Rood Awakening >areallyrudeawakening. com. They called the report, An analysis of the dispute between Jamie Louis and Michael Rood.

The 'judges' broke the facts down to time slots, basically starting in Mid July with their various links to documentation.

  • Before July 26, 2007 - These documents cover the incorporation papers of ARA through the initial (failed) attempt by Michael Rood to take control of the ministry.

  • July 26-31 -These are three teleconferences.  The first is the edited teleconference posted on the Really Rood web site.   Note that the conversation really ends by everyone agreeing to work with Michael and the ultimate goal is to turn the ministry over to him.  The second call is with Michael where Michael, Jamie, and the ARA board start to develop a plan to work together.  The third is a conversation between the ARA board and Don Harris, and is an operational meeting on proceeding with the turnover of ARA and its assets to Michael.  The deal breaker here was the mistaken mailing of the first conversation to Don Harris.  Unfortunately, Michael and his camp interpreted this recording as evidence of a conspiracy instead of an agreement to work forward.  Michael and his organization then stopped working with ARA and posted charges on their web site.

  • August 1 and later - These are the letters sent and web pages posted by Michael Rood and his organization as they attempted to gain control of  ARA's assets after they stopped working with ARA.  These are also the results of conversations the committee had with Jamie Louis and the bookkeeper.  The unfortunate conclusion is that if Michael had just kept working with Jamie and the ARA board, by now he would have control of ARA's assets and there would not be a public fight or an investigation or questions about his character. 7.

The question of whether Michael Rood had intended to start fresh with new staff and a new corporation, was partially answered by Neal Brenner and Ruth Wagner who, the panel has stated,  "received a letter in April 2007 inviting them to be on the A Rood Awakening! Ministries International Advisory Board.."

Unfortunately, information was overlooked.


Planned Changes

 In the April 2007 Rood Newsletter, Michael Rood wrote, "We are all preparing for what may be our final “Israel Tour” in March, as well as planning for the East Coast “USA Seminar Tour” which is now being considered for this spring." In his May Newsletter sent out June 6, 2007 Michael Rood also stated the intent of having all his teachings available for free.

According to the various information, including letters from Jamie Louis, Rood was on vacation at a resort in upstate New York on July 13. On July 14th Michael Rood spoke by cell phone with Todd Bennett who had Jamie Louis in his car desiring to meet with Rood. Rood rudely refused to meet. At that time he stated he had found a new office in Michigan. According to the time frame cited by the judges things started to go down hill from the 13th on. On July 15th Judith Rood's mother passed away.

The panel of judges presented the state incorporation papers for A Rood Awakening! Ministries International, a Michigan corporation, suggesting the new corporation may have been planned for some time and referred to the August 1 signing of those papers. They also stated,

"...Note that the listed directors are Michael Rood, Glenn McWilliams, and Pam Harris.  In tapes and letter, Michael Rood is named as president, Glenn McWilliams as vice-president, and Don Harris as CEO. If you want to hold anyone responsible for the content of Michael Rood's web pages consider these named directors and officers. Note that at the time of this writing Don Harris has resigned..."  8.

Apparently no one thought to check things other than what was stated in various letters concerning this mess. The fact is Judith Rood, on July 11, 2007, registered A Rood Awakening!, in Michigan, as a business. 

Judith Rood stated that her place of residence was the same address as the business, which is also the same address as the new corporation         Michigan Office ARAMI              filed by Michael Rood which was signed August 1, and filed August 6. In the document filed by Judith Rood, she is the only person listed within that document as doing business as A Rood Awakening! in Michigan. The legal statement declares that "the

following person (or persons) now owns, conducts or transacts, or intends to own, conduct, or transact a business, or maintain an office or place of business in the County of Kent, State of Michigan..."


Michael Rood, when filing the corporation papers on August 6, 2007 for the new A Rood Awakening! Ministries International, stated on that legal document that he resided in Israel. Further legal documentation from Michael Rood, in filing a lawsuit against Jamie Louis, December 14, 2007, discloses his statement that he has lived in Kent county, Michigan, since 2004, with A Rood Awakening! Ministries also being conducted under his care at that address, also, since 2004. That is in total conflict, aside from the obvious, as on his own new website it is stated that he, "is coming all the way from his home on the Sea of Galilee in Israel". []That's August 28, 2007.  Is living in one's new office the description required for a place of residence?


Michael Rood sent an email, December 17, 2007 to various individuals, under the Subject: Federal Lawsuit filed by A Rood Awakening Ministries International, with, "Why I Had No Choice But To File A Federal Lawsuit." He offered to send a copy of the suit to any that wished to see it, although there were no signatures on it. In his email, there were so many misspellings about the alleged charges, it left readers to wonder if it was merely a ploy in the ongoing dispute. To date there has been no mention of the lawsuit on either of his websites, which prior to that time had become his billboard for his views concerning the controversies.


In the legal filing document (case_id-54723) Michael Rood has declared in statements entered into the charges, that, "...After 2004, Michael Rood decided to move the business office of A Rood Awakening from Oregon, where Defendant lived, to Byron Center, Michigan." and "Plaintiff Michael John Rood is a resident of Kent County, Michigan.  2. Plaintiff A Rood Awakening Ministries (“A Rood Awakening”), is a business that Plaintiff Michael Rood started, controlled, and has operated continuously since its inception.  3. Michael Rood operates A Rood Awakening at 991 84th St., SW, Suite 200, Byron Center, Michigan  49315..."  9


Actually Michael Rood does not operate A Rood Awakening! Ministries in Byron Center, Michigan, as stated in the legal filing. As of August 6, 2007, he operates A Rood Awakening!Ministries International at that address.


A Rood Awakening  was filed as a business in Oregon 08-30-2002, with the mailing address being P.O. BOX 1116, Jefferson, Oregon, 97352. The place of business was 1127 Santiam Rd SE, Albany, Oregon 97321 [Oregon Secretary of State, Registry # 100906-94] The registering agent was Connie Adams, Jamie Louis' wife. That fits with Michael Rood, during the email scuffles, demanding Jamie and Connie cease from writing cheques at the Oregon office, which they did. 10


In 2006, 2007, according to information on, the Contact Information for ARA was clearly to the Oregon business office of A Rood Awakening! - PO Box 1116 - Jefferson, OR 97352 - (Tel) Toll Free 866-328-1116 - (Email)  and also


For 2004, 2005 we see the address the same,  but also some pages showed the Two Harbors address, and the telephone numbers are different in some instances, with the phone to the Two Harbors number. (Phone: 218-834-5200 Fax: 940-433-2999) Part of the issue perhaps was not keeping information current on the many web pages.


From Jamie Louis' website,, in his page from 2003,  Jamie wrote,

"The Ya'akov Levi Foundation (YLF) was started in Tulsa, Oklahoma by Jamie and Connie Louis as a means of raising support for the ministry of Michael John Rood, and is run from the heart of the Willamette Valley in Jefferson, Oregon . After running the foundation from Moore, Oklahoma for two years, Jamie (aka 'Ya'akov') and Connie moved the family farm in Jefferson during the late summer of 2002.

The email and address for information was again, P.O. Box 1116, Jefferson, Oregon 97352   Phone  Office: (541) 327-1116  Fax:  (541) 327-7822. In an email June 22, 2005, Michael Rood sent the promo for his tour with Nehemiah Gordon. The subject for the email was "Michael Rood and Nehemia Gordon Presents..." In that promotion, which we can only believe that Michael Rood was aware of, the phone numbers below were listed before the commentary and various city addresses. 11


We Need Your Help to Promote These Seminars!

Please call or email us for more information  541-327-1116  or   866-328-1116


Those phone numbers are the contact numbers at the A Rood Awakening Oregon office.

On the website, promoting the October, 2004 Israel Tour, the contact address was listed as: A Rood Awakening! Tours P.O. Box 1116 Jefferson, OR 97352 541-327-1116. 12


April, 2003, still saw contact for the A Rood Awakening to be in Two Harbors and as an aside concerning the claim Michael Rood never asked for money, in that Letter, he asked for $268,000. He  stated, "If you DO NOT need a tax receipt, send your offering to: A Rood Awakening!  PO Box 402, Two Harbors, MN 55616, (218) 834-5200   If you DO need a tax receipt and want to invest your tax refund into an eternal account, make your check out to:  Ya'akov Levi Foundation (YLF) PO Box 1116  Jefferson, OR 97352  (541) 327-1116 ... Michael Rood"


In his May 31, 2007 email, Michael wrote to the staff at the ARA office in Oregon. He stated,

"...I have  made the decision that Judith and I will not return to Israel at the end of this summer tour. Instead, I will stay on in the U.S. to assume the responsibilities for day to day ministry operations. Jamie and I are both in agreement that this is necessary at this time. ...Jamie will no  longer be handling any ministry business other than to be available to me to advise me on any details...When he returns to Oregon, he will not be going into the office. I am informing the staff immediately...Darlene (on the bookstore road crew) will be handling Jamie's phone...All departments will continue to function as usual with the exception that Jamie will no longer be the "go to guy"...I  will be the one who will call the shots, ...

Until I arrive in Oregon, Michele will be directly under me as the office coordinator, and in order to avoid any ambiguity or confusion during this transition, all activities required of any Oregon office personnel must go through her first..." 13.

Finally in February 2007, Michael Rood, in his own words stated, "When I returned to Israel in December, I became aware that our U.S. office had sent out an email...(re Hanukkah) was presented to a group of Messianic believers and recorded in our home in the Galilee during Hanukkah..." 14  


The questions would be, precisely what has been the Michigan office address for A Rood Awakening Ministries since 2004?  If Michael Rood has been living in Kent county, Michigan, according to the legal document, why is there no evidence of him having a place of residence there? And why, if he resided in Israel, is there no addresses for contact to him or A Rood Awakening in Michigan, prior to July, 2007?

Further to all the activities of Michael Rood and his associates, Jamie Louis previously filed a business registration in Oregon, December 1 of 2006, showing that he has established  [XXXXX *name removed] FARM LEASING with Dan Stockemer, who was in The Way International (TWI) with Louis and Rood. Dan Stockemer is helping organize TWI's 6th Corp 25 Year Reunion for 2008. The winds of change were not just coming from Michael Rood. 15


A Real Rood Awakening Concerning Alleged Torah Observant Actions


Page 2 Change of Heart? or the Real Michael Rood?



If using the 3 Pages

Page 1 A Real Michael Rood Awakening Concerning Alleged Torah Observant Activities

Page 2 Change of Heart? or the Real Michael Rood?  Page 3 Old Habits, New Ways




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