The AD2000 & Beyond Movement > >was a global, informal network of Christian missionary agencies, denominations, churches and individuals committed to world evangelism.

Their mission was, "A Church for Every People and the Gospel for Every Person by the Year 2000." The theme was echoed by many in their organizations.

Besides the numerous associations and Networks, AD2000 promoted the Joshua Project >> which started in 1995, and was, "a five-year initiative to help establish church planting movements in strategic places around the world. At the heart of Joshua Project 2000 are approximately 1,700 peoples whom mission leaders have agreed are most in need of a church planting effort. Of these 2.2 billion "Joshua Project Peoples," nearly 90% live in the 10/40 Window."[ Joshua >] 

AD2000 International Office in Colorado Springs closed on 31 March 2001. " Thus, the AD2000 & Beyond Movement will formally close on that day although we pray the vision of a church for every people and the gospel for every person will love on in the hearts, minds and spirits of countless churches, ministries and God s people around the world even growing until He comes!" [Final>]

"The Prayer Track was a strategy to partner like-minded ministries and intercessors to pray for the unreached peoples of the 10/40 Window >> (a region stretching east from Spain and North Africa, to Japan and Indonesia). 

Global Harvest Ministries (GHM) was founded to administrate the coordination of this effort as millions of intercessor prayed "Through the Window. "

AD2000 And Beyond: United Prayer Track "[It was the] central catalytic movement of the decade for synchronizing the numerous worldwide forces for evangelism that God has been preparing for these times."

~Spiritual Mapping - George Otis, Jr. [Sentinel Group > wrote the book The God They Never Knew in 1982]

"Otis has taken a strategic leadership position in conceptualizing and designing research methodologies for spiritual mapping. He directs the spiritual mapping Division of the United Prayer Track."

~Strategic Prayer Evangelism Division- Director of the Strategic Prayer Evangelism -Ed Silvoso 

"…helping churches and Christian leaders discover practical ways of implementing this in their cities Scores of cities in many nations are in one stage or another of implementing this state-of-the-art strategy for evangelizing their cities."

International Reconciliation Division - John Dawson [Youth With A Mission/ YWAM, International Director for Urban Ministries]

"… seeks to deal with such conflict in a Christian way using Biblical principles like identificational repentance…. seeks to discover ancient and modern wounds of injustice, pride and prejudice and to heal them in a Biblical way—that is to say without self-righteous accusation or dishonest cover-up. "

Mission Frontiers, >>a publication of the US Center for World Missions, [USCWM] >> in their May/June 1993 issue, published, Fuller’s Vision for AD 2000 & Beyond Networks and Task Forces, 1993:

Called: New Network Established

Saturation Evangelism And Small Group Leadership Development Resource Network....

Description of AD2000 and Beyond Movement Resource Networks and Task Forces.

1. Mobilization of United Prayer (Peter Wagner)--networking all the existing international and national prayer networks to intercede for the lost, especially the 10/40 Window. The Spiritual Mapping Division (George Otis Jr.) is engaged in gathering spiritual intelligence.

2. Saturation Church Planting (Jim Montgomery)-- mobilizing leaders to install in every nation an aggressive process of church multiplication. [CitiReach]

3. Cities Resource Network (Viv Gregg)--encouraging partnerships of city leaders with a vision for evangelization and transformation of the 3500 world cities over 100,000.

4. Mobilization of National Research (Bob Waymire)--raising up and equipping researchers in each nation to provide accurate information relevant for strategic evangelization. [C. Peter Wagner's Global Harvest Ministries, World Prayer Center, The Observatory chart/model]

5. Mobilization of Women (Lorry Lutz)--mobilizing and enabling women on all continents to use their spiritual gifts for world evangelization.

6. Mobilization of Young People (Pari Rickard)--networking mobilizers of young missionary recruits for cross-cultural evangelism to the unreached. [National Network of Youth Ministries, Paul Fleischmann - See You at the Pole ; The Call, D.C., Lou Engle [USCWM]; Rock the Nation/ PrayerStorm]

7. God's Word and Literature Evangelism (Dick Eastman)--putting Christian literature and the world of God in every home in every language.

8. Unreached Peoples (John Robb)--focusing the attention of God's forces for evangelism toward reaching the currently identified 6,500 unreached peoples. [C. Peter Wagner & Ted Haggard]

9. Mobilization of Pastors (John Richard)--helping pastors equip their congregation for effective ministry in their own countries and in world evangelization. [National Pastors Prayer Network /Mission America]

10. Saturation Evangelism and Small Group Leadership Development (Paul Eshleman)--practical ministry training for leaders of small groups in: (1) Saturation evangelism of various types including the "JESUS" film; and (2) leading and discipling groups of new converts. [Bill Bright] [Interdev, Phill Butler – AD2000 & Beyond Prayer Track] 

1. Cross-Cultural Training (Bill Taylor)--mobilizing and equipping leaders in each country to provide equally training for those whom God calls to cross-cultural evangelism.

2. Partnership (Phill Butler)--training partnership facilitators and facilitating the formation of partnerships for the 2,000 major unreached people groups.

3. Radio (Arnie Remtema)--networking radio producers worldwide to use their resources in supporting world evangelism.



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