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Vicky Dillen's Inquisition Nov 18, 2004

Added Print version of articles, icon and copyright notice to most articles.

Nov, 2004
Updated and cross referenced numerous articles. Oct & Nov
New Section: Letters to Oct 28, 2004
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Letter from  a Reader:  "Higher Truth" Speaks Out Oct 25, 2004
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Michael Rood,  Sky Angel , Ron Wyatt & The National Religious Broadcasters

Oct 15, 2004
From > Council For National Policy [CNP]
Council for National Policy Update > October 15, 2004 Oct 15, 2004
From > Movie Review
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment & Zondervan To Distribute DVD/VHS of Mel Gibson's The Passion of The Christ Jun 11, 2004
NewsFlash!  Mystic Anne Emmerich to be Beatified Jun 11, 2004
First article of  Passion series>
A Different View of Mel Gibson's  The Passion of The Christ Feb 25, 2004
* Updated Feb 27, 2004
Available as 2 Articles:  gibson 1  ;  gibson Feb 28, 2004
* Updated Feb 29, 2004
Comments About Mel Gibson's The Passion of The Christ [Religious Leaders & Press] Mar 1, 2004
Pro & Con Comments About Mel Gibson's The Passion of The Christ  [Viewers & Non-Viewers] Mar 2, 2004
Mel Gibson, Biblical Accuracy & The Other  Passion Source:  The 15 Prayers of St. Bridget Mar 5, 2004
God Can Use Anything...But Should We? Q & A About The Passion of The Christ Mar 8, 2004
Q & A: About the Cast & Crew of Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ  Jun 11, 2004
Q & A: More Scriptural Comparison's of The Passion of the Christ  Jun 11, 2004
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Newsflash: Ed Nydle article links May 18, 2004
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Some Comments from Readers > Update Mar 5, 2004

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[Series] Open Response to Brad Scott of 
Brad Scott - Part 1: Introduction & Mountain West  Feb 2, 2004
      Mountain West Hebrew University Courses   Feb 2, 2004
            Update Mar 15, 2004
Brad Scott - Part 2: Pure Language & Sacred Name Feb 2, 2004
Brad Scott - Part 3: Gematria & the Apostle Paul Feb 2, 2004
Brad Scott -Part 4 : Torah Observant Gentile & Under the Law  Feb 2, 2004

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