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Hebrew Roots FAQS & Myths series/section Sep 18, 2009
Error- Two House, Ephraimites, Joes, Lost Tribes -all believers are Jewish
Basic Doctrinal Issues

Myth. Christians don't know that Jesus was Jewish

Myth. We need to go back to OUR Jewish Roots
Myth. Christians are pagan and are lost unless they turn to Hebrew roots...
Myth. It is impossible to understand the Bible unless one uses a "Hebraic" mindset....
Myth. The church has "lost its roots for the last 2000 years"...
Myth. It is a Renewed Covenant, not a New Covenant. It is a Renewed Covenant not a New Testament.
Myth The New Covenant is not here yet
Myth. False prophets merely make mistakes because they are human, ...
Myth. Jesus was killed on an execution stake, and not a cross.
Myth. Christians don't understand the 'three days and three nights' ...
Sacrifices, Feasts, Celebrations
Myth. We need to celebrate the Feast of Trumpets-Yom Teruah-Rosh Hashana, as it ties into The Rapture and return of Christ.
Myth. The book of Hebrews is full of error, therefore not really canon

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Monte Judah, Kabbalist, False Prophet & False Prophecies Sep 18, 2009
Part 2: Monte Judah's False Prophecies Sep 18, 2009

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The Jewish Wedding and the Rapture : Understanding the Rapture from Jewish Wedding Traditions May16, 2009

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