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John  P. East - CNP Board of Governors 1982, member 1984. United States Senator (R-NC) - chairman of the Subcommittee on Separations of Power, Senate Judiciary Committee, a leading advocate of "Judiciary reform";  an "endorser" of the Washington Times. 1  Footnotes 1

Jack Eckerd- CNP 1984, 1988;  Jack Eckerd founded the Eckerd drugstore chain in 1949. In 1968, he and his wife, Ruth, founded the Jack and Ruth Eckerd Foundation, now known as Eckerd Youth Alternatives. Eckerd retired in 1996 after selling the Eckerd Corporation after J. C. Penney bought the chain in 1996 for $2.6 billion. The retail drug chain now operates in 20 states with over $5 billion in sales through its more than 2900 retail stores. Since retirement, Eckerd's primary focus has been on Eckerd Youth Alternatives, Inc. Jack Eckerd, founder and former board chairman of EYA, was named chairman emeritus. He is a close friend of Chuck Colson, and is a board member Heritage Foundation (now honorary trustee) and Hillsdale College.

The former President of Hillsdale College, George C. Roche III, was also a member of the Mont Pelerin Society, becoming a member in 1971. Roche, in 1975 hosted a Mont Pelerin meeting at the Hillsdale College. 2  Dr. Larry P. Arnn replaced Roche as president of Hillsdale College. Hillsdale College board members include CNP's Frank Shakespeare and Jeffrey Coors

Members of the United Presbyterian Church (USA) and the Presbyterian Church (US) formed the Florida Presbyterian College. In June of 1971, the two Presbyterian synods transferred full control of the college to a self-perpetuating board of trustees and affirmed a "covenant relationship" between the college and the Church. In 1972, the name was changed to Eckerd College in recognition of the major support of college trustee and former president, Jack Eckerd. 3. Footnotes 2-3

Thomas F. Ellis - CNP President 1982-83, Executive Committee 1984-85; 1988, member 1996, 1998. Succeeded Tim LaHaye in 1982 as president of the CNP.  Ellis was chairman of the National Congressional Club; principal stock-holder and a board member of the tax-exempt, non-profit Educational Support Foundation that in turn owns Jefferson Marketing. He appointed the officers and directors of Jefferson Marketing; was a "founder" of Fairness in Media, and chairman of the Coalition for Freedom, a tax-exempt foundation whose goal is to finance conservative-oriented television programs. Jefferson Marketing has absorbed most of the staff from the National Congressional Club and it has taken over such key activities as direct mail, staffed phone banks, automated telemarketing and the production and placement of commercials. 4.  

Former Director of Pioneer Fund.

The Pioneer Fund served as a small part of "a multimillion dollar political empire of corporations, foundations, political action committees and ad hoc groups" active in 1980s (Washington Post, March 31, 1985, p. 1; A16) developed by Tom Ellis, Harry Weyher, Marion Parrott, Carter Wrenn and Jesse Helms. The Fund has served as a nexus between academic theory and practical political ideology. It's leadership, especially, Harry Weyher, Thomas F. Ellis and Marion A. Parrott are part of an interlocking set of directorates and associates linking the Pioneer Fund to Jesse Helms' high-tech political machine. Ellis, for example, simultaneously served as Chairman of the National Congressional Club and the Coalition for Freedom, co-founder of Fairness in Media, a board member of the Educational Support Foundation and Director of the Pioneer Fund. Harry Weyher, president of the Pioneer Fund served as lead counsel for Fairness in Media. 5 

Recipients of Pioneer grants have included most of the leading Anglo-American academic race-scientists of the last several decades have been funded by the Pioneer, including William Shockley, Hans J. Eysenck, Arthur Jensen, Roger Pearson, Richard Lynn, J. Philippe Rushton, R. Travis Osborne, Linda Gottfredson, Robert A. Gordon, Daniel R. Vining, Jr., Michael Levin, and Seymour Itzkoff - all cited in The Bell Curve. (1)" 6  

Founder of  the Pioneer Fund, "Colonel Draper, as he was often called by his friends and admirers was a man searching for a way to restore an older order. Draper believed geneticists could scientifically prove the inferiority of Negros.... Under his direction, the Pioneer Fund's original charter outlined a commitment to "improve the character of the American people" by encouraging the procreation of descendants of the original white colonial stock." Draper turned more and more to academic irredentists still dedicated to white supremacy and eugenics. Most prominent among these early recruits was Henry Garrett, Chair of Psychology at Columbia University from 1941-1955. A Virginia born segregationist, Garrett was a key witness in defending segregation...Garrett helped to distribute grants for Draper and was one of the founders of the International Association for the Advancement of Eugenics and Ethnology (IAAEE) in 1959. The IAAEE brought together academic defenders of segregation in the U.S. and apartheid in South Africa. The Pioneer Fund supported the IAAEE and other institutions working to legitimising race science, including the IAAEE's journal, Mankind Quarterly..." 7  

The Pioneer Fund has changed little since its inception. An article in the New York Times on December 11, 1977 characterized it as having "supported highly controversial research by a dozen scientists who believe that blacks are genetically less intelligent than whites." In the 1960s Nobel Laureate William Shockley (1910-1989), a physicist at Stanford University best known for his "voluntary sterilization bonus plan" received an estimated $188,710 from the Pioneer Fund between 1971 and 1978. Arthur Jensen, an educational psychologist, garnered more than a million dollars in Pioneer grants over the past three decades. Three years after being recruited by Shockely, Jensen published his now famous attack on Head Start in the prestigious Harvard Education Review. Jensen claimed the problem with black children was that they had an average IQ of only 85 and that no amount of social engineering would improve their performance. Jensen urged "eugenic foresight" as the only solution. (7)" 8  

Roger Pearson, whose Institute for the Study of Man has been one of the top Pioneer beneficiaries over the past twenty years ($870,000 from 1981-1996) is the clearest example of the extremist ideology of the Fund's leadership...Taking account of all groups linked to Pearson, Pioneer support between 1975-1996 exceeds one million dollars - nearly ten percent of the total Pioneer grants for that period. 9 

"For an overview on 'race and intelligence,' Murray and Herrnstein recommend two books by three Pioneer Fund recipients: Audrey Shuey, Frank C. J. McGurk, and R. Travis Osborne. McGurk is the main authority they cite to 'prove' that IQ tests are not racially biased. He was one of the 'scientific' mainstays of the segregationist movement in the southern US. In 1959 McGurk and Shuey became leading members of the International Association for the Advancement of Ethnology and Eugenics, first publisher of Mankind Quarterly 10  Other members included Senator Jesse Helms and the oil billionaire Hunt brothers. Arch-racists in the South introduced Shuey's book in court during the 1960s to argue for continuing school segregation and denying the vote to black people. University of Georgia professor Osborne also testified in court against school integration. Osborne was still, in 1992, trying to prove the long-discarded theory that brain size is somehow related to intelligence." 11 

Much of The Bell Curve's racist drivel comes from Mankind Quarterly, whose principle is that the "Negroid" race is inferior to all others, and from professors funded by the pro-Nazi Pioneer Fund (PF). Behind this fascist gang stand important members of the US ruling class.

Seventeen authors cited in The Bell Curve are Mankind Quarterly (MQ) contributors. Ten are former or present editors or members of its editorial advisory board. MQ's avowed purpose is to counter "Communist" and "egalitarian" influences in anthropology. From its start in 1960, its founders and funders believed that white people were genetically superior. Robert Gayre was the founder of MQ and its editor-in-chief until 1978. As a champion of South African apartheid and a member of the ultra-right Candour League of white-ruled Rhodesia, he testified in court in 1968 that black people as a group are "worthless." Other MQ contributors have included Henry Garrett of Columbia University, who wrote pamphlets for the pro-segregation White Citizens Councils; Corrado Gini, the leader of fascist Italy's eugenics movement; and Ottmar von Verschner, a leading Nazi race-scientist and academic mentor of the concentration camp butcher Joseph Mengele.

The key figure in the PF network is Roger Pearson, who is close to Jesse Helms. Sam Crutchfield, a lawyer for Helms, has been the lawyer for Pearson's Institute for the Study of Man. The PF has given Pearson over $787,400, mostly for editing Mankind Quarterly and The Journal of Social, Political and Economic Studies. The last publishes articles by PF recipients, notably Arthur Jensen, Michael Levin, and Richard Lynn. Thomas Ellis, a PF director, is a long-time friend and campaign manager for Helms. 12 

In 1958, Pearson, living in London, led the Northern League. This white-power organization included former Nazi SS officials. Willis Carto, founder of the anti-black and anti-semitic Liberty Lobby, arranged a 1959 U.S. speaking tour for him. Pearson soon moved to the U.S. to edit the neo-Nazi publication Western Destiny. In Eugenics and Race he asserted: "If a nation with a more advanced, more specialized, or in any way superior set of genes mingles with, instead of exterminating, an inferior tribe, then it commits racial suicide. "

This track record won Pearson influence in Washington, DC. In 1975 he became editor of the journal of the American Security Council...Pearson also headed the U.S. chapter of the World Anti-Communist League (WACL). In 1977 he became the international chair of this nest of fascist vipers. He organized its 1978 convention, which featured two U.S. Senators as keynote speakers. Then he was exposed as having recruited open neo-Nazis to WACL, and was forced to resign. Four years later,[1982] President Reagan personally thanked Pearson for his "substantial contributions to promoting and upholding those ideals and principles that we value at home and abroad." 13 

"Pearson eventually replaced Gayre as editor of The Mankind Quarterly. Pearson, more than most, saw the potential in manipulating genetics for political goals when, in 1959, he wrote Eugenics and Race. He argued that the white race is endangered by inferior genetic stock, but with proper use of modern biological technology "a new super-generation" descended from "only the fittest" of the previous generation can be produced. Whoever adopted such a scientific breeding program "would dominate the rest of the world". Moving to the United States Pearson quickly became involved in far-right politics, first editing Western Destiny and later the short-lived The New Patriot, a magazine designed to conduct "a responsible but penetrating inquiry into every aspect of the Jewish Question". It included articles such as "Zionists and the Plot Against South Africa", "Early Jews and the Rise of Jewish Money Power", and "Swindlers of the Crematoria". Despite his fascist connections, Pearson became increasingly well connected with the Republican Party and the right-wing think-tank, The Heritage Foundation. 14 

"Henry Garrett, Chair of Psychology at Columbia University from 1941 to 1955. A Virginia born segregationist, Garrett was a key witness defending segregation in the landmark case Brown v. Board of Education in 1954. During the 1950s and 1960s, Garrett helped to distribute grants for the Pioneer Fund and was one of the founders of the International Association for the Advancement of Eugenics and Ethnology (IAAEE) in 1959. The IAAEE brought together academic defenders of segregation in the USA and apartheid in South Africa. The Pioneer Fund supported the IAAEE and other institutions working to legitimise race-science, including the IAAEE's journal, The Mankind Quarterly." 15  

Roger Pearson was a writer and organizer for the Nazi Northern League of northern Europe, who in 1977 joined the editorial board of Policy Review, the monthly Heritage Foundation publication. William Shockley, Arthur Jensen and Roger Pearson, who has written that "inferior races" should be "exterminated" were funded while Tom Ellis was director on the Pioneer board. At that same time, Ellis served on the CNP's thirteen-member executive committee with Holly Coors, Paul Weyrich, and Heritage Foundation president, Edwin Feulner until June 1989. Oliver North  and Reed Larson  also joined the executive committee. 

Recall that in order to be a CNP member, a biography/resume must be submitted by a CNP member and the executive must have a unanimous vote in order for an individual to be asked to be a member. CNP's Gary North writes of the formation years of the CNP including himself with Timothy LaHayeTerry J. Jeffers  and Terry Dolan, in the article Gary North on the CNP

In the United States, WACL's first chairman was Roger Pearson, a white supremacist, eugenicist and neo-Nazi. Pearson was the editor of Willis Carto's anti-Semitic rag, Western Destiny, the forerunner of the Liberty Lobby's Spotlight tabloid. By the mid 1970s, Pearson served on the editorial boards of both the Heritage Foundation 15a  and the American Security Council. Pearson, who has described himself as a "mainstream conservative," boasted to an associate about his alleged role in hiding Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, the "Angel of Death" who directed Nazi "medical experiments" at the Auschwitz extermination camp. With degrees in anthropology and economics, Pearson is the author several books on eugenics. His most "popular" are Eugenics and Race and Race and Civilization. He credits Professor Hans F. K. Gunther, a Nazi racial theoretician, as the inspiration behind the latter volume. Under Pearson's tutelage, WACL added Western European chapters that were drawn from the ranks of Nazi war criminals, Third Reich collaborators, neo-Nazis and right-wing terrorists. Western European affiliates included the racist British League of Rights and Italy's Italian Social Movement (MSI). Pino Rauti, the founder of the outlawed group, Ordine Nuovo was a key WACL Western European contact.... Rauti and countless other Italian fascists including the war criminal, June Valerio "Black Prince" Borghese, and key members of the Italian general staff, were "rehabilitated" Nazi collaborators recruited by the CIA into NATO's "stay behind" anti-communist terror network, also known as "Gladio."... 15b  

The National Congressional Club was Jesse Helms' PAC based in Raleigh and directed by Helms' senior advisor, attorney Tom Ellis. National Congressional Club, raised $9.8 million in the 1982 election cycle. In the 1984 cycle, the club raised $5.7 million while Helms campaign committee raised $13.99 million, 16  The Club dissolved in the 1990's, with many staffers absorbed into other campaigns.

The Congressional Club began after the 1972 Senate campaign, when Ellis retained Richard Viguerie (CNP) to help pay off the Helms campaign debt. Ellis and Viguerie built the Congressional Club mailing list to more than 300,000 regular contributors -- a constituency for Helms and a major financial resource within the conservative movement... Besides Viguerie, Phillips [Howard Phillips], and Dolan [ John T. (Terry) Dolan] connections, Helms is actively represented in Weyrich's [Paul Weyrich] coordinating groups. 17.   Footnotes 4-17

Stuart Epperson - CNP Board of Governors 1996, 1998, Executive committee 1998. Co-founder with CNP's Edward G. Atsinger III and Chairman of the board, Salem Communications Corporation; 1984 and 1986 Republican nominee, fifth Congressional district, North Carolina; member, board of directors, executive committee, National Religious Broadcasters Association; signed Evangelicals and Catholics Together II

Member of National Religious Broadcasters Board of Directors, current or past> See: The 2005 National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Convention With Focus On Mel Gibson's The Passion Recut and also see: The 2005 National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Convention With Focus On Michael Rood

Wife, Nancy, is on the Board of  international Christian broadcaster Trans World Radio (TWR). Daughter,  Kristy and son, Stuart Epperson Jr., are CNP Youth Council Members.  

Michael Etchison - CNP 1988, 1996, 1998;  President, Etchison Enterprises; Chairman of the Board, Great Commission Ministries, "We want to start as many churches as possible around the world. Here’s what’s involved: evangelism, church and Christian growth, leadership development, and church planting" 18  Footnote 18

M. Stanton Evans- CNP 1984-85; was chairman, Education and Research Institute; syndicated columnist, Los Angeles Times Syndicate; director, National Journalism Center; Publisher, Consumers Research magazine; Editor, American News Service; commentator, Voice of America; contributing Editor and columnist, Human Events; former chairman of the American Conservative Union; Young Americans for Freedom National Advisory Board.

Human Events, 19. "founded in 1944 by anti-interventionist journalists, Felix Morley and Frank Hanighen, with William Henry Chamberlain on board as contributing editor. With an initial donation of $3,000 from Sun Oil Company Vice President Joseph N. occasional contributor among the otherwise conservative lineup was Socialist Party presidential candidate and anti-interventionist Norman Thomas. By the 1960's, Human Events would grow to become a major right-wing newspaper, a supporter of Cold War  foreign policy, and a leading backer of Barry Goldwater's presidential candidacy...." 20 Footnotes 19-20


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