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Willard Garvey   Peter B. Gemma Jr.   Kevin Gentry   George F. Gilder   Dr. Duane Gish   Thomas Glessner   Ronald P. Godwin   Stephen Goodrick   Alan Gottlieb   Robbie Gowdey     


Willard Garvey - CNP 1984-85; 1988; 1996, 1998, current;  president/CEO, Garvey Industries, Inc.; Founding Director, The National Center for Privatization.(1983) which has since become the Council for Government Reform (CGR) 1. which Garvey also founded in 1991; International Executive Service Corps, board of directors  National Legal Center for the Public Interest and Volunteer- The National Center; Founding member, World Business Council; 

He is a director of Bank IV, Wichita, National Association of Homebuilders and the Council for National Policy. He has been a member and active participant in the Young Presidents and Chief Executives organizations since the 1950s. 

In 1983, the National Center for Privatization [NCP] was launched by Willard Garvey and other Wichita, Kansas businessmen who began a volunteer effort to educate Americans about the then-new concept of “Privatization.”...NCP hosted a successful International conference in 1985, entitled “Where the Future Begins,” to address the issue of family choice in education and school vouchers as a means of ending the public school monopoly, which included Dr. Milton Friedman. This was one of the earliest serious investigations of vouchers as a way of privatizing education. At the same time, NCP recruited more than 50 persons prominent in the privatization effort nationwide for its new Advisory Board. Thus began fruitful cooperation between NCP and numerous other organizations: The Reason Foundation [CNP's Robert Poole, president], Citizens for a Sound Economy, the National Center for Policy Analysis, Advocates for Self-Government, Competitive Enterprise Institute [CNP's Jack Kemp, Distinguished Fellow] and the Cato Institute. Such cooperation is still very significant today. One early NCP effort, the creation of a database of literature on privatization, begun in 1985, is now being maintained by the Reason Foundation's Local Government Center. 3 

Milton Friedman is a Nobel Laureate in Economic Science [1976] and is a member of the Mont Pelerin Society. A protege of George Bernard Shaw of the socialist Fabian Society in England "...Keynesian Economist Milton Friedman, began in 1960 to promote the voucher plan, at first unsuccessfully in his Alum Rock Experiment, and he later wrote Free To Choose, published in 1979. .."4.

For Fabian Society See: The Clapham Sect & The Socialists ; The Cecil Rhodes Connection; The Clapham Sect, The Ghost Society & The Word of God; World Vision: Institute for Global Engagement & Eastern College

In 1986, NCP's Board of Directors included Willard Garvey and Robert D. Love, a founding member of National Council of The John Birch Society, who, according to a JBS publication was "a Thirty-second Degree KCCH Mason, a member of the Median Shrine."

In 1984, Willard Garvey wrote a letter to, then, President Reagan, disclosing the purpose of the National Center for Privatization.  Garvey's letter [see below] was published in a media promotion for the aforementioned International Conference On Family Choice/Educational Vouchers that was sponsored by the NCP on Sept. 30-Oct. 2 of 1985.  Promoted as  “Where the Future Begins,” besides Milton Friedman, speakers for the conference included CNP members James Dobson, Tim LaHaye, Phyllis Schlafly, and also Secretary of Education, William Bennett.  

Executive Secretary
P.O. Box 1776
Falls Church, Virginia 22041
Phone (703) 820-2079
International Conference on Family Choice/ Educational Vouchers
September 1985
Featured: Dobson, LaHaye, Schlafly, Friedman, Pickens, William Bennett and others.

The letter to President Reagan at the White House, was dated 6 April 1984, and bore Willard Garvey's Letterhead. In it he stated, 

"President Reagan, congratulations on rejecting the political system negatives. Now why not adopt the all positive system -- privatization? Hold a White House conference on Privatization and appoint a Presidential Task Force on privatization.

Privatization is documented in the enclosed paper from the Heritage Foundation and dates back at least to Adam Smith, Plato, Aristotle and Jesus. 
Privatization's more recent advocates include most of the non-profit sector-- and the entire profit sector. To name a few, Peter Drucker, Milton Friedman, Heritage Foundation, Reason Foundation, Pacific Institute, Manhattan Institute, National Legal Center for the Public Interest, VOLUNTEER -- National Center for Citizen Involvement, International Executive Service Corps, United Way with its Services Identification System, churches, labor unions, etc.
Privatization is now "an idea whose time has come" The knowledge, communication, and computer industry can make political representatives obsolete!

Privatization might well be the theme for the 200th anniversary of the Constitution. Privatization is essential for national salvation.

To restore privatization is the National Center for Privatization's purpose. May we help you?

With best wishes,

Willard W. Garvey


Encl: Heritage Foundation paper
National Center for Privatization brochure"

Serving as a National Advisory Committee Member for Garvey's international conference on privatizing education was a past officer of the CNP, the late J. Peter Grace, who was also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations [CFR], and President of the American Chapter of the Board of Founders of the Knights of Malta [SMOM]. Grace was also on the board of directors of the Friends of the Democratic Center in Central America (PRODEMCA).(14) PRODEMCA was formed to support incipient democratic processes in Central America. It has a controversial history because of its advocacy of the Nicaraguan contras and its involvement in the Iran-Contra affair.(15,16) 5 

Garvey was Founder of  The Center for the Improvement of Human Functioning International, Inc, 6. which is also called the Garvey Center and which it's online picture reveals to have dome buildings behind a pyramid . The  "pyradomes" are situated in a circle, with seven domes surrounding the larger eighth dome, which sits in the center. This New Age symbolism is known as the dot within the circle, and is a pagan religious symbol used by/for Masons,  Egyptians, Druids, Buddhists, Theosophists, Witches and others. 7. 

Queries regarding the Pyramid elicited the following published response from the Garvey Center: 

"A number of people have asked us why we decided to include a Garvey Center for the Improvement of Human Functioning, Inc. There were a number of reasons behind this decision and we would like to share these with you.
"Structurally, of course, the pyramid is extremely strong and should be able to withstand--as should the geodesic domes--almost any environmental situation.
"A principal consideration was of an electromagnetic nature. We live in a sea of energy. All of life, from subatomic particles to the galaxies, can be seen as electrostatic and electrodynamic fields. Close examination of life forms, including our own, reveals that rather than existing as solid state matter these forms are more accurately waves of energy interacting with one another.
"It is known that the shape or form of a container affects the nature and quality of the energy force fields within. This is apparent with sound and light and equally so--though perhaps less apparent--with other portions of the electromagnetic spectrum.
"Experiments in recent years have demonstrated that the pyramid shape is particularly conducive to integrating and amplifying these energy fields. Significant results have been established with liquids, solids, plant growth and productivity, along with beneficial results with animal and human health. These results are not entirely isolated phenomena as a number of scientific researchers have demonstrated the response of animate and inanimate matter to various electrical and magnetic force fields. The uniqueness of the pyramid, however, apparently resides in its ability to provide a richness of these fields.
"Since ancient times, the pyramid has stood as a universal symbol to the four cardinal points of the earth, representing all things of the earth, and the four material elements or substances from the combinations of which the quaternary body of man is formed. From each side of the pyramid there rises a triangle, typifying the threefold divine nature of Man. The pyramid reaches a point apex depicting the Oneness of life.
"The founding fathers of this country incorporated a pyramid on the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States 2. When it was adopted by act of the Continental Congress on June 20, 1782, and readopted by the new Congress on September 15, 1789. This seal continues to be printed on our one dollar bills.
"The thirteen tiers of the pyramid on the seal represent thirteen original colonies. Man can construct this part of the pyramid, whereas the capstone -- elevated on the seal -- can be only provided by God. The eye in the capstone signifies God's wisdom and attentiveness to the affairs of man.
"A pyramid seems to be particularly appropriate for The Center, dedicated to the health and well-being of the body, mind and spirit of man."
Reportedly, the pyramid contains nothing but an altar and a light which plays on the altar. Garvey is also a contributor to the Center for Health & Wellness 8. of Wichita, Kansas, another New Age center. Other donors include Via Christi, The Adorers of the Blood of Christ, and Society of the Precious Blood. 

Recall again, that all individuals must have a resume/biography submitted by a CNP member, which in turn must be voted on unanimously by the thirteen member CNP executive before a person is approached for membership.  Footnotes 1-8

Peter B. Gemma Jr. - CNP Board of Governors 1984, member 1988; former president, International Policy Forum, which is a worldwide network of conservative leaders; president, Associated Direct Marketing Services, Inc., a direct mail fundraising and advertising firm for conservative political and charitable clients; former exec dir of the National Pro-Life PAC; columnist, USA Today; contributing editor, Conservative Digest; listed in Who's Who in American Politics and Who's Who in Washington D.C.; Member of the [Ed McAteer 's] Religious Roundtable Council of 56 9. See: Religious Roundtable . 10. Contributor to John Birch Society's 'The New American Magazine'. 11 Footnotes 9-11

Kevin Gentry - CNP 1996, 1998; former executive vice president, The Leadership Institute; vice president The Mercatus Center 12. "directs the efforts to build public support for the Mercatus Center, working to increase the resources available to help make Mercatus a premier source for the bridging of academic theory and real-world practice." 

Parent organization is George Mason University 13. which states Mercatus is an education, research, and outreach organization that works with scholars, policy experts, and government officials to bridge academic theory and real-world practice. Other  units of the University, include the Department of Economics and The Institute of Public Policy; Vice president, James M. Buchanan Center in Political Economy at George Mason University, named in honor of its advisory general director, GMU professor James Buchanan, who received the 1986 Nobel prize for economics in 1986 for his pioneering work in public choice theory; Fundraising consultant, Jim Gilmore for Governor and John Hager for lieutenant governor, Virginia; member, State Central Committee, Republican Party of Virginia; member, board of directors, Virginia's Integrity PAC; former first vice chairman, Fairfax County Republican Committee; campaign manager, Morton Blackwell for Republican National Committeeman (of Virginia), 1988, 1992, and 1996; campaign manager, Congressman Herb Bateman (VA-01);

Wife, Anne Gentry, Attorney-at-law, Mendelsohn & Ishee; former president, George Mason Federalist Society 14.; former chairman, William & Mary College Republicans; B.A., government, College of William & Mary; J.D., George Mason University School of Law.   Footnotes 12-14

George F. Gilder - CNP Board of Governors 1982, member 1984, 1988, 1996. Program Director, Rockefeller-funded Manhattan Institute; Contributing Editor National Review, American Spectator and Policy Review - a subsidiary of the Heritage Foundation; vice-president School of Lifelong Learning, Liberty University; studied under Henry Kissenger and helped found Advance, a journal of political thought, which, upon graduation in 1962, he represented in Washington, D.C.; fellow at the Kennedy Institute of Politics and editor of the Ripon Forum. In the 1960s, Mr. Gilder served as a speechwriter for several prominent officials and candidates, including Nelson Rockefeller, George Romney and Richard Nixon; Chairman of the Lehrman Institute's Economics Roundtable; founded The Gilder Technology Report, an independent advisory newsletter for entrepreneurial leaders and brokerage houses. Close friend of David Rockefeller, and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), since 1964. 15 Director, Senior Fellow and Advisor, Discovery Institute 16  which also has CNP's Edwin Meese  as Adjunct Fellow; Board of Advisors, The Independent Institute 17.  Author, Wealth and Poverty, Sexual Suicide, Spirit of Enterprise, Men and Marriage, and Microcosm

The Manhattan Institute was founded in 1978 by William Casey, who later became director of the Central Intelligence Agency. 18.  Footnotes 15-18

Dr. Duane Gish- CNP Board of Governors 1982, member 1984; Creationist Biochemist; former Associate Director and Vice President of the Creation Research Society since 1972, which was founded as part of Christian Heritage College as a division of the college. In 1981 it became completely independent with it's own executive board. By 1985, it had it's own facilities. 

Co-founder and former president of Creation Research Society 19. was CNP's Dr. Henry M. Morris, also on the CNP Board of Governors 1982. He was also a founder, former  President/ Director for the Institute of Creation Research 20.; co-founder and former president, Christian Heritage College. 21    Footnotes 19-21

Thomas Glessner - CNP  1996, 1998; founder and President of the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA)22 a public interest law firm founded in 1993 and committed to legal counsel and training for pregnancy help centers;  pioneered and instituted legal guidelines and programs for training hundreds of directors and board members of pregnancy help centers; former executive director of Christian Action Council from 1987­1992; founded and led four pregnancy help centers in Seattle, WA; listed in "Who's Who in American Law"; author, Achieving an Abortion-Free America by 2001; endorsed CNP's Alan Keyes campaign 23  in 1995, which endorsement was used in a national mailing to Crisis Pregnancy Centers; adjunct professor of law and ethics at Averett College in Virginia and is a member of the bar associations for the United States Supreme Court, the State of Virginia and the State of Washington. Footnotes 22-23

Ronald P. Godwin - CNP Member 1984-85; 1988; 1996; 1998; former Liberty University professor and creator of LU’s External Degree Programs, has recently rejoined the Jerry Falwell Ministries (JFM) as Executive Associate to the Chancellor.1980s, Godwin was Executive Director and Exec. Vice President of The Moral Majority and contributing editor for the Moral Majority Report newspaper; 

Dr. Godwin joined The Washington Times Corporation in 1986 as Vice President of its Magazine Division. Early in 1987 Godwin was named Senior Vice President of the corporation, assuming responsibility for the business affairs of both Insight (a weekly news magazine) and The Washington Times (the nation’s second most frequently quoted daily newspaper); Over the next dozen years, in addition to the duties outlined above, Godwin reorganized, managed, bought and sold a complex of multinational companies in England, France, China, Africa and South America and in the process was constantly required to deal with heads of state, government officials, business leaders and the international media...developing several Christian schools across the Panhandle of Northwest Florida, he accepted responsibility for chartering, hiring the first faculty, overseeing the building of the first building and serving as the first President of Pensacola Christian College, while simultaneously earning a Ph.D. in Higher Education Planning and Management from Florida State University, 200 miles away in Tallahassee.24

In 1976,  Paul Weyrich, Richard Viguerie and Howard Phillips attempted a takeover of the American Independent Party. Failing they  asked  Jerry Falwell to spearhead a group which became the Moral Majority. When Rev. Moon was indicted in 1981 for fraud and criminal tax evasion, Falwell unexpectedly cut short a trip in South Africa to join with other religious leaders to present a friend of the court brief on behalf of the Reverend Moon.25. 

"Ron Godwin, an influential former vice president of Falwell's Moral Majority, is one of several who experienced a conversion. In 1984 Godwin attacked another fundamentalist leader for taking Moonie money. 'It strikes me as peculiar,' observed Godwin, himself an evangelical Christian, 'that (he) should accept financial support from a church whose founder believes he's divine" 

" It's a little like the Jewish National Fund accepting money from (PLO leader Yasir) Arafat.'"  "Eighteen months later, Godwin joined the Moonie - owned Washington Times as a senior vice president, where he also serves as emissary to conservative Christian leaders." 26.  Footnotes 24-26

Stephen Goodrick - CNP 1998; Vice President for Communication of National Right To Work Organization 27.  CNP's Reed Larson, is NRTWC committee president. Footnotes 27

Alan Gottlieb - CNP 1984-85; 1988, 1996, 1998.Chairman, Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms; Founder and trustee, Second Amendment Foundation 28. ; President, Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise; National Director of the American Conservative Union;  Board member of the American Freedom Coalition of Washington, a front for the Unification Church 29. 

Gottlieb is the author of The Gun Grabbers and The Rights of Gun Owners Political Action Manual; member of the Working Press, being an active member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America. His articles have appeared in the Seattle Times, Manchester Union Leader, San Francisco Examiner, Washington Post, Guns Magazine, Guns & Ammo Magazine, Gun Week, Orlando Sentinel, Cincinnati Inquirer, Chicago Tribune, and USA Today; Alan edited the book, The Wise Use Agenda: The Citizen's Guide to Environmental Resource Issues and co-authored Trashing the Economy: How Runaway Environmentalism is Wrecking America. 1985 Alan became Publisher of Gun Week, and he now is also publisher of Gun News Digest.

President of Merril Associates, a nationally recognized direct response advertising agency specializing in Direct Mail, Television and Print ads, Fundraising and Public Relations; President of two radio stations KBNP in Portland, Oregon and KSBN in Spokane, Washington, as well as Chairman of the Talk America Radio Network syndicating 24 hour programming to more than 310 affiliates coast-to-coast. Founder and President of the American Political Action Committee 30. 

Originally served on the staff of William Buckley's Young Americans for Freedom. 1972, Young Americans for Freedom had Gottleib  responsible for running the eleven-state region for YAF. He also directed the national office of an ad-hoc YAF group called the Students Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. It was from there that Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms 31. split as a separate organization. 

In the 92nd Congress, Alan worked on the staff of Congressman John J. Duncan of Tennessee. During the 1972 presidential campaign he was National Director of Youth Against McGovern.; a member of the National Advisory Council of Young Americans for Freedom and serves as a National Director of the American Conservative Union, as well as a life member of the National Rifle Association. 

Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise 32. in 1988 launched the Wise Use Movement, today the most powerful anti-environmental force in the country. Wise Use Movement groups are now active in every state, indeed, in nearly every county, in America. Wise Use's clout in Congress has grown so much in the past year [1994] that it has been able to halt all pending environmental legislation in this session. 33. 

In 1984 a federal grand jury indicted [Gottlieb] him on two counts of filing false income tax returns and neglecting to pay $40,000 in taxes for 1977 and 1978. He eventually admitted to underpaying by $17,000. He was fined $5,000 and sentenced to 366 days in a minimum security jail in Spokane... he was released every morning to do work-release fund raising for the local YMCA. ...[he ]served ten month. 34.  

In Trashing the Economy, the 1993 book he [Gottlieb] and his co-author, CDFE Vice President Ron Arnold write with startling frankness that:

"The message of the direct mail letter must appeal to three base emotions; Fear, Hate and Revenge...

"[The] fund raising mailer must present you with a crisis -- a problem won't do...That crisis must frighten you...If you are not frightened, you won't send money...

"Then the direct mail letter must present you with a bogeyman against whom to focus your anger...

"Once you've been frightened and made to hate the bogeyman, the successful direct mail appeal must offer you a way to get revenge against the bogeyman -- the payoff for your contribution. The more soul-satisfying the revenge, the better the letter pulls.

"All this must be dressed up in an appeal that appears to have a high moral tone, but which -- without you realizing it -- works on your lower emotions."

Gottlieb and Arnold are describing environmental direct-mail pitches but Arnold in an interview on Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise, also told us that "in direct mail, fear, hate and revenge go a long way."35 

In February 1983, Gottlieb got an all expense paid trip to Jamaica to attend a conference put on by CAUSA. CAUSA is Spanish for "cause", but it stands for the Confederation of Associations for the Unification of the Societies of the Americas. Founded in Mexico City by Col. Bo Hi Pak (Rev. Sun Myong Moon's chief lieutenant) and Kim Sang In, the former Korean Central Intelligence Agency station chief in Mexico City, CAUSA was the Rev. Moon's multinational anti-communist and political organization. CAUSA served as the vehicle for Rev. Moon's funding of the New Right, as well as for supporting the Reagan administration's military build-up and its cause celebre, the Nicaraguan contras.

Gottlieb says, "The only thing I ever did with CAUSA was attend one of their conferences. I was invited to, all expenses paid, a conference in Jamaica [in February, 1983] that discussed the threat of communism in South and Latin America and had leaders from all political persuasions, all parties, all religions, all sorts of ministers.... About the only thing I remember was that my seat-mate next to me was Eldridge Cleaver." 36.

Gregory McDonald, who was Executive Director of the Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise and Executive Director of the Second Amendment Foundation, says otherwise. In a lengthy telephone interview with Eastsideweek, McDonald said, "Bo Hi Pak was in our office several times. '83." McDonald says that Pak was in the Liberty Park office "at least four times, that I can remember."

"I was introduced to him, briefly, once, just as I was walking down the hall," McDonald recalls, "But they would go into Alan's office and the door would be closed. He'd come in a limo and have with him, oh, three or four Korean people and they'd go into Alan's office." McDonald says that he did not know what CAUSA was until Gottlieb sent him to a conference: "He sent me down to San Francisco, in August, three weeks before I was fired [from SAF and CDFE] to attend it and I left in disgust. ...CAUSA or Causa, however it is pronounced, it is scary. It is an indoctrination session. And they had people staking out every table. ...I was offended. I thought it was manipulative and brainwashing. And I thought it was-- There was just too much money, too much stuff for it to be legitimate. I didn't want any part of it, so... [we] left the meetings." 37.

Most people know of Rev. Moon as the leader of the Unification Church, a religion that accords him divine status, holds mass weddings, and has a reputation for being a mind-control cult, but he is much more than that. The entire story on the Moon organization is yet to be written, but suffice it to say that rather than a being just the spiritual head of a religion who has been frequently quoted as wanting to establish a theocratic empire that would control the world, Rev. Moon is the quasi-chief of state of a multi-national organization that has all the characteristics of a nation except territorial sovereignty. 38 

CAUSA is not an explicitly religious organization, though a watered-down version of the Unification religion, called Goddism, has been a part of the CAUSA program. The criticism of Gottlieb based on his association with Moon organizations has been political, not religious. Pressed on the point of the Moon organization's high political content, Gottlieb admitted, "The part that gets publicized is the part with the high political content." 39. 

[1987] Gottlieb... had a visitor at Liberty Park, [CNP's] Dr. Robert Grant of Christian Voice. Grant came with a proposal to form a political group called the American Freedom Coalition. 40  

The American Freedom Coalition was Rev. Sun Myong Moon's latest political venture. According to a March 27, 1989 article in U.S. News and World Report, on New Year's day, 1987, Rev Moon told his Unification Church followers that he wanted to expand the church's political influence. The AFC was the vehicle for that expansion. 

Political researcher Dan Junas regards the AFC as the marriage of Moon's CAUSA with Christian Voice, in that Bo Hi Pak gave Grant the names of thousands of previous CAUSA conference attendees, time on the agenda of all CAUSA conferences; and the services of one staff member per state to help encourage CAUSA graduates to join the AFC, as well as several others to help staff the Washington D.C. office. 41.  Gottlieb was director for two years. 

"... the American Freedom Coalition of Washington, ... rented office space from him at Liberty Park. The AFC is unquestionably a Moon holding and has a branch in each state. Gottlieb argued that the branches are independent and therefore not Moon connected, but Ron Arnold in a separate interview said that even the articles of incorporation for the state branches are dictated by AFC national headquarters. An AFC document copyrighted 1987 says under the heading "State and Local Committees -- Each state will form a similar [to the national] Policy Board representative of its key leaders and activists." The national board of directors had as its president, Dr. Robert G. Grant, who had visited Liberty Park to discuss the national coalition with Gottlieb and Arnold. See "Merchant of Fear" in Appendix IX. Arnold also served as President of the Washington AFC board of directors in 1989, 1990 and 1991. He also joined CAUSA Northwest's Speakers bureau. CAUSA USA is a major Moon anti-communist group. 42. Footnotes 28-42

Robbie Gowdey- CNP Board of Governors 1982, member 1984, 1988. Former assistant to the president, Bill Bright, Campus Crusade for Christ; Director, HERE'S LIFE, WORLD of the Campus Crusade for Christ; vice president Clark/Bardes Organization 43. , also note that, ' distinguished group of professionals from business, academia and military who comprise the Clark/Bardes Advisory Board.'   Footnotes 43


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