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Beverly LaHaye    Lee LaHaye   Dr. Timothy LaHaye   Reed Larson   Jerome M. Ledzinski   Dr. Ernest W. Lefever   Lewis E. "Lew" Lehrman   John Lenczowski    Andrew W. Lester    Mark R. Levin    Dr.Earl Little   John Lofton   Hon. Trent Lott    Edward Lozick


Beverly LaHaye- CNP Board of Governors 1982, 1996, member 1984, 1988,1998; Wife of Timothy LaHaye; Founder and Chairman of Concerned Women for America Inc 1; member of the Editorial Board of the Christian Inquirer. 2  Member of Member of Ed McAteer ' Religious Roundtable Council of 56. See: Religious Roundtable

Host of "Beverly Lahaye Today," 3; has spoken at least twice at the annual conference sponsored by the charismatic Christian Believers United (CBU) Fellowship; member of  ecumenical National Religious Broadcasters (NRB); signer, Evangelical Celebration See: Evangelical & Catholics Together

Member of National Religious Broadcasters Board of Directors, current or past> See: The 2005 National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Convention With Focus On Mel Gibson's The Passion Recut and also see: The 2005 National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Convention With Focus On Michael Rood

Board member, The Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty, CNP's Gary Aldrich, Founder and President. Chairman is CNP's Hon. Edwin Meese III who holds the Reagan Chair in Public Policy at The Heritage Foundation.  

Other Board members include the following CNP members: Paul Weyrich, Mr. Peter T. Flaherty, President, National Legal and Policy Center, Alan P. Dye, Esq., Lt. Col. Oliver North, Mr. Reed Irvine, Mr. Howard Phillips, President, The Conservative Caucus, Inc.; Ronald E. Robinson, Esq, President, Young America's Foundation; Mark R. Levin, President, Landmark Legal Foundation; Rep. Louis (Woody) Jenkins Chairman, WBTR-TV Channel 19; Alan Sears, Esq., President and CEO, Alliance Defense Fund. 

Beverly is on the board of the 4 American Conservative Union; is or was on the board of Coalition for Better Television; served on the board of the Freedom Council, a now-defunct lobbying group operated by Pat Robertson's CBN.

In July/August of 1996, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon hosted a convention in Washington, D.C., which was also attended by several prominent evangelical leaders. The full text of Rev. Moon's speech of August 1, 1996, titled "In Search of the Origin of the Universe," is available on the Unification Home Page. 5

Dave Hunt, of The Berean Call, reported in Sept., 1996: "Sun Myung Moon's front organizations (Family Federation for World Peace, Women's Federation for World Peace, Summit Council for World Peace, etc.) promote 'morals and family values.' It is amazing to see who will join this self-professed 'Messiah' in working for these 'religiously correct' goals. Moon just hosted (7/31-8/2/96) another convention in Washington, D.C. The highly paid speakers (reportedly $80-150,000 each) included former presidents Ford and Bush, Robert Schuller, Ralph Reed, Gary Bauer (president of Family Research Council, 'the lobbying/research arm of Focus on the Family') and Beverly LaHaye. Entertainment was by Pat Boone and family. Moon says that mankind fell from grace because Eve had sex with Satan, Christ failed in His mission and Moon is the true Messiah. While evangelical speakers were careful not to offend their high-paying host with the true gospel, Moon and his wife, Hak Ja Han, boldly proclaimed their gospel. What a denial of Christ for Pat Boone to entertain, and evangelical leaders to speak, on the same platform where the host declared that he is perfecting the work 'left uncompleted by Jesus!'"    Footnotes 1-5

Lee LaHaye - CNP member 1998-99; comptroller, Concerned Women for America; son of CNP members Beverly and Tim LaHaye. 

Dr. Timothy LaHaye- Founder of CNP 1981; CNP President 1981-82, Executive Committee 1984-85, Board of Governors 1982, 1996,1998 ; pastor,  president and founder of  Family Life Seminars, founded the largest protestant high school and Christian school systems in the country; Founder of Christian Heritage College; one of the original founders and  member of the Executive Board of Moral Majority; founder, American Coalition for Traditional Values; a member of the Editorial Board of Christian Inquirer 6 ; Member of Ed McAteer ' Religious Roundtable Council of 56. See: Religious Roundtable

Member of National Religious Broadcasters Board of Directors, current or past> See: The 2005 National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Convention With Focus On Mel Gibson's The Passion Recut and also see: The 2005 National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Convention With Focus On Michael Rood

Assisted CNP's Dr. Henry Morris in the founding of the Institute for Creation Research 6b; member of COR (Coalition on Revival);

Dennis Peacocke's Coalition on Revival (COR) was co-founded and headed by Jay Grimstead. Jay Grimstead's COR Manifesto is the document which outlines COR's goals and objectives. The 135 Christian activists who signed the document in 1986 committed themselves to working for the realization of COR's goals "until the day we die." Those on the COR steering committee include other CNP members as well as recognized shepherding movement leaders such as Bob Mumford and Ern Baxter, as well as Jack Van Impe. 

For Dennis Peacocke, Mumford, Doner See: Shepherding; Jay Grimstead

PropheZine, which hosted a three-day international Prophecy Conference in Alta Loma, CA, on Sept 19- 21, 2000 with Speakers : Tim LaHaye (CNP), Gary Kah, Berit Kjos... [See: More Ecumenical Comrades]

Signer, Evangelical Celebration. See: Evangelical & Catholics Together

Left Behind, by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins, is the first of six novels (with more to come) dealing with the end times (the other two in the original trilogy are Tribulation Force and Nicolae). LaHaye says that Left Behind is "the first fictional portrayal of events that are true to the literal interpretation of Bible prophecy." Peter Lalonde, CEO of Cloud Ten Pictures, the maker of Left Behind: The Movie  6c is being sued by Tim. He is suing Namesake Entertainment and Cloud Ten Pictures, charging breach of contract and demanding unspecified damages, Religion News Service reports. 

From the Seek God article Putting it Together, from the series, Taking the Name, the Mark & the Number:

"It should be very obvious that no Christian could take a mark, chip or tattoo or any other thing in their forehead, hand or arm. 

However, that thinking is being usurped by the false doctrine found throughout CNP member Tim LaHaye's un-Biblical Left Behind fictional series. 

People are being duped into thinking that if they have the Holy Spirit they can actually take the mark. Unbelievable, except far too many go by what they are told the Bible says, instead of reading it themselves...."

Moonie Connections: "LaHaye held the position of paid chairman with Sun Myung Moon's 7 now defunct Coalition for Religious Freedom (CRF). (Moon is the founder of the Unification Church, 8 and is the self-proclaimed Messiah to the world. He teaches the particularly vile heresy that not only did Jesus fail in His earthly ministry, but that He had sex with the women who followed Him.) (Reported in the November 1990 Omega-Letter and the 1Q96, Religion in Politics.)

Coalition for Religious Freedom [CRF] 9 : Started by Rep. George Hansen in 1984. CRF Executive committee members have included Tim LaHaye , Jerry Falwell, James Robison; Rex Humbard, D. James Kennedy, and Jimmy Swaggart.  "...According to CRF president Dan Sills, [CRF] has received at least $500,000 from Moon sources. A prominent CRF  spokesperson and executive committee member is Joseph Paige...Paige received $60,000 from the Unification Church for his school, which in turn gave Moon a much publicized honorary doctorate. Paige is also active in CAUSA." [1986] "the Moon organization opened an international front in its 'religious freedom" campaign. According to Moon's New York City Tribune , the World Council on Religious Liberty (WCRL) was founded in December 1986...The Chairman of WCRL is Joseph Paige, and its " Chairman of the North American Caucus is Don Sills. They have recruited Dr. Robert G. Muller, assistant Secretary general of the United Nations as chairman of the Council's International Advisory Committee. The Council's headquarters are in Raleigh, North Carolina, which is also home to Paige's Shaw Divinity School." 10. 

For Dr. Robert G. Muller See: World Vision: Global Education; Letter

Biblical Discernment Ministries reported: "In June, 1985, CRF held several rallies, one of which was in Washington, D.C. There LaHaye urged the over 300 men and women present to support Moon by voluntarily going to jail with him for a week if allowed to do so by authorities. "Not that I agree with his doctrine," said LaHaye. "Not that I agree with what he teaches, because many of us don't know what he teaches. We have only read about it in the paper and you know how much we can trust the papers." (Evidently LaHaye is unaware of the many books and research papers made available by Christian cult investigators. Certainly the newspapers aren't the only source of information.) Other so-called evangelicals that served with LaHaye at CRF as executive committee and/or advisory board members were [CNP's] Don Wildmon (founder and president of the social activist American Family Association), [CNP's] Marlin Maddoux (Point Of View nationwide radio talk show host), Paul Crouch (TBN Network's infamous founder), Hal Lindsey, [CNP's] James Robison, Jimmy Swaggart, and  [CNP's] Dr. D. James Kennedy  (author and pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida) -- an agenda of social activism certainly makes for strange ecumenical bedfellows. [In a personal letter dated 6/3/93, LaHaye claims to have never received any pay for his stint as CRF's "temporary chairman for a month and a half." LaHaye seems to be saying, "It's okay to serve on the Board of an apostate organization as long as you don't accept pay for it."]

"LaHaye's involvement with Moon is particularly vile. In 1985, Carolyn Weaver, writing for Mother Jones Magazine, exposed the fact that LaHaye had received substantial funds from Moon's aid Bo Hi Park. This was discovered in a tape of a dictated thank you letter from LaHaye, thanking Park for a contribution in excess of $500,000. LaHaye would not admit or deny the receipt of the contribution, instead he attacked the source of the information. (Reported in the 1Q96, Religion in Politics.)" ....Moon held a Washington Family Federation for World Peace conference in late-1996 that attracted a gaggle of famous "evangelical" speakers, including Christian Coalition executive director Ralph Reed (now a political consultant), Family Research Council president Gary Bauer, and Concerned Women for America president Beverly LaHaye. Moon and his fourth wife also addressed the conference, which attracted 1,500 participants from around the globe."11 

Tim LaHaye formed the Pre-Trib Research Center (PTRC)1994, (originally headquartered in Family Life Seminar's Washington, D.C. offices, but moved to Arlington, Texas in the late-1990s), made up of a "large group of prophetic Bible scholars given a sacred task of joining with others in proclaiming, teaching, defending, and applying the doctrine of the Pretribulational Rapture of the Church."  Footnotes 6-11

Reed Larson- CNP Board of Governors 1982, Executive Committee 1994, CNP Secretary-Treasurer 1996. President of the National Right To Work Committee (NRTW) 12, National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation 13 ; Member of Ed McAteer ' Religious Roundtable Council of 56. See: Religious Roundtable; chairman, Hallmark Bank & Trust; chairman, F&M Hallmark Bank; former president, Kansas Jaycees; listed in "Who's Who in America"; the International Platform Association's James J. Kilpatrick Award.

NRTW is funded by the Coors family, foundation and corporation. 14  Footnotes 12-14

Jerome M. Ledzinski- CNP Board of Governors, 1998; Eucharistic minister and founding president, Teresian Foundation; board of deacons, church elder, and chairman of the board, First Baptist Church of Carmel Valley; President and CEO, Templeton Portfolio Advisory; executive vice president, Templeton/Franklin Investment Services, Inc.; former president and CEO, J.M. Ledzinski & Company; infantry officer, US Army, 82nd Airborne Division and Special Forces; five combat tours, highly decorated Vietnam veteran; Eagle Scout and continued supporter of the scouting movement (board member, assistant scoutmaster, Eagle Scout, Explorer Silver, Order of the Arrow, Ad Alteri Dei); member, Monterey County Sheriff's advisory council, Monterey County Sheriff's search and rescue team, reserve status; 

Dr. Ernest Lefever - CNP Board of Governors 1982, member 1984, 1988; Senior Fellow and former president, Ethics and Public Policy Center 15; member and former trustee, 1984-86, of Philadelphia Society 16; former Associate Director of the National Association of Churches; research consultant, Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis, [IFPA]; was a trustee of the Heritage Foundation and the Committee on the Present Danger; attended the founding Assembly of the World Council of Churches 17 in 1948, a lengthy history of activity in Leftist causes - including that of consultant to the Council on Religion and International Affairs and a research analyst for the Brookings Institution,  18 

Brookings Press 19 distributes books published by several other research institutions 20, including the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the Centre for Economic Policy Research, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Hudson Institute, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Century Foundation, and the United Nations University Press.

AEI -Brookings Joint Center for Regulatory Studies, "...the American Enterprise Institute and the Brookings Institution have established the new AEI-Brookings Joint Center for Regulatory Studies. The primary purpose of the Joint Center is to hold lawmakers and regulators accountable for their decisions by providing thoughtful, objective analyses of existing regulatory programs and new regulatory proposals. 21 

In 1981, Ernest W. Lefever, a critic of Carter’s human rights policies, withdrew as President Reagan’s choice for assistant secretary of State for human rights after the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, led by liberal Republican Senator Charles Percy of Illinois, urged the full Senate to defeat him

Ethics and Public Policy Center  is funded by the Bradley Foundation, Olin Foundation, Scaifes various foundations and others. 22  It "was established in 1976 to clarify and reinforce the bond between the Judeo-Christian moral tradition and the public debate over domestic and foreign policy issues." Board of Directors include Jeane Kirkpatrick; Frederick W. Hill, chairman of McCallum Hill Limited, Regina, Saskatchewan, which engages in real estate development, radio broadcasting, oil and gas exploration, and other endeavors. He is chancellor of Athol Murray College of Notre Dame, in Wilcox, Saskatchewan; Father Richard John Neuhaus is president of the Institute on Religion and Public Life, before becoming a Catholic priest he was a Lutheran clergyman; John C. Whitehead, was deputy secretary of state to George Shultz 1985-89 and was awarded the Presidential Citizens Medal by Ronald Reagan. He has served as a director or chairman of the New York Stock Exchange, the Harvard Board of Overseers, the United Nations Association.'

"....the two foundations most active in recent years in publicly promoting the need for a strong CIA. One of them, the Scaife Foundation (together with the closely linked Scaife Family Charitable Trusts and Allegheny Foundation) has provided the largest part of Fletcher's foundation backing since 1977, donating over $1.5 million. The other, the Smith Richardson Foundation, contributed over $100,000 from 1979 to 1981 for two projects it describes as a "project on [the] history of Vietnamese communism" and the "completion of [a] study of communist propaganda and political warfare." Since 1978, these two foundations have also provided most of the private funding to Pfaltzgraff's Institute for Foreign Policy Analysis, [IFPA] with Scaife alone donating over $500,000.

The promotional efforts of the CIA by these foundations, consisting so far of at least eleven separate projects together costing over $500,000, appear to have begun on October 30, 1978, when Scaife president Richard Larry phoned Ernest Lefever (an IFPA "research consultant") to ask if his Ethics and Public Policy Center at Georgetown University would supervise a study of media treatment of the CIA and the KGB. This work resulted in the pro-CIA collection by Lefever and Roy Godson, The CIA and the American Ethic." 23 

Roy Godson, A Georgetown University professor, was a member of the 1980 CIA transition team and has been a paid consultant to the USIA, the NSC and the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board. He is Washington director of the National Strategy Information Center, which provided funding to Aruno Cruz. Godson has also been a paid advisor to the CIA-connected U.S. Youth Council, the parent of the International Youth Year Commission, which is assumed to be the "Intl. Youth Comm." named on the flow chart of North-supervised contra support entities...Godson solicited donations for North and the Nicaragua operation, at least once using the Heritage Foundation as a conduit." 24  Footnotes 15-24

Lewis E. "Lew"Lehrman- CNP 1984-85, 1988; senior advisor and director, Morgan Stanley Asset Management, Inc.; former chairman Citizens for America, a civic league of Conservatives; Conservative and Republican nominee for Governor of New York, 1982; former president Rite Aid Corporation; founder The Lehrman Institute; former member U.S. Gold Commission; was/is board member, Heritage Foundation, American Enterprise Institute, Eisenhower College and Boys Club of New York; Carnegie Teaching Fellow. Lewis E. Lehrman is cochairman of the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History. 25

The Lehrman Institute sponsors seminars in economics and foreign policy, attendance is by invitation only. 26  Footnotes 25-26

John Lenczowski - CNP 1984-85, 1988, 1996, 1998;  founder and director, The Institute of World Politics 27, a graduate school of international affairs in partnership with Boston University; former director of the Soviet and East European desk of the National Security Council, principal advisor to the President for Soviet affairs (1983­1987); author, The Sources of Soviet Perestroika and Soviet Perceptions of U.S. Foreign Policy; was a senior fellow in Soviet studies with the Lefever's Ethics and Public Policy Center; Advisory Board, Center for the American Founding 28, with many other CNP members. 

Senior Fellow, Council for International American Security "...[which] played a pivotal role formulating Washington's program for counter-revolutionary war and mass murder in Central America during the 1980s... The group functioned in a dual-capacity; as an alarmist "public policy institute" and as a domestic spy ring, a "privatized" version of the FBI's infamous COINTELPRO operations. Having staked-out Latin America as their geopolitical niche, CIS targeted Central America solidarity activists, progressive clergy, and the Salvadoran exile community. The group gathered intelligence and disseminated disinformation, funneling data on foreign policy opponents to the FBI and the intelligence service of the Salvadoran death squad state...In 1980, they published the influential A New Inter-American Policy for the Eighties, generally known as the "Santa Fe Document." 29 

Council for Inter-American Security, 1991 principals- [CNP's] Lynn Francis Bouchey, pres; Lt. General Gordon Sumner Jr. (USA-Ret.), chair.(13) Larry D. Pratt, sec; Richard W. Powell, treas; Michael Connelly, gen counsel. Directors: Robert W. Searby (Deputy Undersecretary for Intl Affairs, Dept of Labor), Patrick J. Buchanan (former communications director for President Reagan); Michael Carricarte (Carricarte Corp), Col. Samuel T. Dickens (American Security Council), Ronald F. Docksai (pres emeritus), Francis P. Graves (Republican Natl Committee), Lewis A. Tambs (U.S. Ambassador to Colombia, Costa Rica), Andy Messing (National Defense Council), Robert Emmet Moffit (former senior Legislative Assistant for Foreign Affairs)....Members of the first Committee of Santa Fe: L. Francis Bouchey, Roger W. Fontaine, David C. Jordan, Gordon Sumner, Lewis Tambs, editor. .. 30 

Members of the second Committee of Santa Fe: L. Francis Bouchey, Roger Fontaine, David C. Jordan, Gordon Sumner. " 31 

Council for Inter-American Security, was an ardent supporter of the Nicaraguan contras with an apparent main goal, the defeat of communism in Latin America. It had close affiliations with the John Birch Society, the World Anti-Communist League, Alpha66/Brigade 2506 anti-Castro terrorist groups, The LaRouche Organization, the Unification Movement of South Korea (Moonies), various Christian fundamentalist and conservative Catholic groups. In 1980, it published a report known as the Santa Fe Document, which became a major part of the blue print and rationale for the Reagan Administration’s Latin American policy. In addition providing policy rational, the Council provided people to fill policy making positions of the Reagan Administration The Council worked to improve reputation of Salvadoran death squad leader Roberto D’Aubuisson and worked closely with the FBI on covert operations against "leftist" clergy and left-leaning organizations in the United States. It also worked closely with the Salvadoran police and military in tracking and monitoring Salvadorian refugees who had fled to the U.S.

The Sante Fe Document recommended various Proposals including, Proposal 3, "U.S. foreign policy must begin to counter (not react against) liberation theology as it is utilized in Latin America by the ‘liberation theology’ clergy." "The role of the church in Latin America is vital to the concept of political freedom. Unfortunately, Marxist-Leninist forces have utilized the church as a political weapon against private property and productive capitalism by infiltrating the religious community with ideas that are less Christian than Communist." Proposal 4: "The United States must reject the mistaken assumption that one can easily locate and impose U.S. style democratic alternatives to authoritarian governments…. This belief has induced the Carter Administration to participate actively in the toppling of non-Communist authoritarians while remaining passive in the face of Communist expansion" Proposal 5: "Human rights, which is a culturally and politically relative concept that the present [Carter] administration has used for intervention for political change in countries of this hemisphere, adversely affecting the peace, stability and security of the region, must be abandoned and replaced by a non-interventionist policy of political and ethical realism."

Members of the Council included: Lewis Tambs (Sante Fe’s principle editor), appointed as ambassador to Columbia and then Costa Rica (which was the launch point for Contra attacks into Nicaragua); Robert Fontaine, appointed NSC advisor on Latin Amer. Affairs, Editor for Washington Times (Mooney paper); retired Lt. Gen. Gordon Sumner, appointed special assistant to the Secretary of State for Latin American Affairs; Retired US Army Gen.
John Singlaub, member of OSS and CIA, Implemented the CIA’s Phoenix Operation, responsible for the murder of ~40,000 Vietnamese and imprisonment of hundreds of thousands of others, fired by Carter when he openly disagreed with Carter’s plan to withdraw troops from Korea; Anthony Bouscaren, Board member of American-Chilean Council, Board member of WACL, Worked for Wycliffe Drapers Pioneer Fund. 34  Pioneer Fund See: Thomas F. Ellis 

In l988, the Committee of Santa Fe released a new document, Santa Fe II, with recommendations for the next administration. Although it is somewhat less ideological and more pragmatic than the original "Santa Fe Document," this second publication unlikely to have the impact of the first simply due to the changing political tenor of the country and the absence from the White House of a truly ideological president.
35  Footnotes 27-35


Andrew W. Lester-CNP 1998; partner, Lester, Loving & Davies, P.C.; Adjunct Professor at Oklahoma City University School of Law, teaching State and Local Government, Employment, Criminal, and International Law; two-term president of the Oklahoma Association of Municipal Attorneys; Served on President Reagan’s transitional team for the EEOC and as a U.S. Magistrate Judge. Author: A book on constitutional democracy published in the former U.S.S.R.; scholarly articles on constitutional issues and foreign affairs.

Mark R. Levin- CNP 1998; Contributing Editor, National Review Online 36, whose columnists include, William F. Buckley Jr.(CFR); Newt Gingrich and others; President, Landmark Legal Foundation 37

Board member, The Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty, CNP's Gary Aldrich, Founder and President. Chairman is CNP's Hon. Edwin Meese III who holds the Reagan Chair in Public Policy at The Heritage Foundation.  

Other Board members include the following CNP members: Paul Weyrich, Mr. Peter T. Flaherty, President, National Legal and Policy Center, Alan P. Dye, Esq., Lt. Col. Oliver North, Mr. Reed Irvine, Mr. Howard Phillips, President, The Conservative Caucus, Inc.; Ronald E. Robinson, Esq, President, Young America's Foundation; Mark R. Levin, President, Landmark Legal Foundation; Rep. Louis (Woody) Jenkins Chairman, WBTR-TV Channel 19; Alan Sears, Esq., President and CEO, Alliance Defense Fund.     Footnotes 36-37

Dr. Earl Little- CNP Board of Governors 1982, member 1984, 1988; President of the Christian Law Association; former Baptist pastor.

John Lofton - CNP Board of Governors 1982, member 1984, 1988, 1996; Reconstructionist; Editor, EYE ON BUREAUCRACY, The Conservative Caucus Foundation;  former Editor of the Conservative Digest and a columnist for  the Unification Church sponsored Washington Times; Monthly columnist for Rushdoony's Chalcedon Report 38 ; Member of CNP's Joseph F. Farah's, WorldNetDaily. 39

An article at Chalcedon states: "As the center of the re-Christianization of all society, what is Chalcedon's agenda for godly transformation? First, Chalcedon lays the theological groundwork for world transformation... Second, Chalcedon identifies and instructs key "influence agents." The Chalcedon Report, for example, is targeted for the very people positioned to reshape this and the next generation-pastors and other church leaders; businessmen; home school mothers and students; college and seminary professors and students; artists; mothers; media agents; doctors; politicians; economists; salesmen; Christian day school administrators, teachers, and students; lawyers; theologians; and many, many more. We intend soon to host regional conferences inviting many of these "influence agents," inculcating the Christian reconstructionist Weltanschauung... Chalcedon supports specific, leading world-transforming agents. For instance, Samuel Blumenfeld, identified as "Public Enemy #1" by the NEA, is a Chalcedon extension staff member. His Educational Letter, eye-opening books, and numerous lectures are generating an explosive reaction against the modern statist educational system and a re-installation of the Christian family as the prime agent of education. Peter Hammond and Frontline Fellowship traverse the war-torn African continent with the message of salvation in Jesus Christ-individual and social. They are the main Christian obstacle to Marxist and Islamic faiths in what may be the pivotal continent for the next century. John Lofton, editor of the Lofton Letter, and one of the leading Christian social commentators of our era, regularly articulates and defends the Christian reconstructionist message on TV, radio, and in news magazines. There are many others Chalcedon assists and will begin to assist (like some featured in this issue), and we intend to highlight their world-transforming work in due time." 40  Footnotes 38-40

Hon. Trent Lott - CNP 1996, 1998; 33º Freemason, 41  U.S. Senate from Mississippi. Member or former member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Was Senate Majority Leader since 1996. Retired December 18, 2007. Controversy over remarks made at the 100th birthday of Sen. Strom Thurmond, who ran for president in 1948. His campaign  contained strong stands on racial segregation and similar. Due to the controversy, Lott resigned as Senate Republican Leader December 20, 2002.

The 2002 remarks continued to follow him, and prior allegations of racist associations continued amidst controversy over involvement with Council of Conservative Citizens, (CCC) the successor to the notorious white supremacist hate group, White Citizens Councils. The Southern Poverty Law Center calls the CCC "... “the reincarnation of the infamous White Citizens Councils of the 1950s and 1960s.” The White Citizens Councils, ... were formally titled Citizens Councils of America (CCA)," which was formed in 1954. 41a  The CCC was launched after the demise of the CCA, with a furtherance of the segregation agenda, as well as expanding their hate agenda from blacks to include other ethnic groups as well as homosexuals and feminist groups. Recalling what is perhaps the most well known action of the CCA was when then member Byron De La Beckwith, who murdered civil rights leader Medgar Evers in 1963. The CCA raised the money for his defense. They raged about, " intellectual inferiority and criminality, and inveighed against interracial marriage, Jewish plots, Catholics, the left and the federal government." 41b

The CCC, formed in 1985, has taken a further agenda by targeting other ethnic groups, homosexuals and feminists. The CCA's former magazine, the Citizens Informer, was reinvented for the group as The Informer, while also merging the original members lists into the CCC. According to various articles, Trent Lott not only submitted articles to the CCC magazine, he spoke at at least 5 functions and conventions for the group throughout the 90's. His uncle and cousin are reportedly members. 41b

The New York Times stated November 29, 2007, that Richard Scrugg's, Lott's brother-in-law, was indicted on charges of offering a $50,000 bribe to a Mississippi state judge. Scrugg's had represented Trent Lott and Rep Gene Taylor in settlements with State Farm after losing their homes in Mississippi, in Hurricane Katrina. 41c

Sons of Confederate Veterans> according to The Southern Poverty Law Center, possibly from the Spring of 2003, and definitely by 2006, the SCV have been taken over by radical racists, which ended up with an agenda matching that of the Aryan Nations as well as purging the more conservative members from their group. Many politicians who had belonged have ceased membership. It is unclear to this writer if Trent Lott has resigned his membership. 41d

Trent Lott was a freemason who:

"...finally passed to the Degree of Fellowcraft on August 23, 1975, and raised a Master Mason on August 29, 1975. That October, Brother Lott took most of his Scottish Rite Degrees in the Valley of Gulfport, but did not receive his 32nd Degree until October 23, 1976. He subsequently received the K.C.C.H. in 1983 and was coroneted a 33° Inspector General Honorary on December 12, 1987." 42 

In May of 1998, HR 2431 was passed in the House of Representatives and introduced to the Senate as S772 by Senator Arlen Specter (a Mason). There it was stalled in committee until the Republican leadership led by Trent Lott maneuvered a compromise version of the bill through (33º Mason) Jesse Helms' Foreign Services Committee. On October 9, the U.S. Senate passed the International Religious Freedom Act (S-1868) sponsored by Senators Don Nickles, Joseph Lieberman and others by a vote of 98-0. S-1868 was referred immediately back to the House of Representatives where it was passed into law the next day.

The International Religious Freedom Act (S-1868), formerly the Freedom from Religious Persecution Act (HR 2431), "A Bill to Provide For The Office Of Religious Persecution Monitoring and to Provide for the Imposition of Sanctions against Countries Engaged in patterns of Religious Persecution and for Other Purposes."

October 2, 1998...The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) urged Senate passage of the International Religious Freedom Act (S.1868). The Act, cosponsored by Sens. Don Nickles (R-OK) and Joseph Lieberman (D-CT), creates a framework to promote religious freedom internationally and provides a menu of options for US action against nations that persecute worshippers. 43 

"The International Religious Freedom Act is a necessary step to ensure that religious persecution will not be tolerated in our conduct of foreign policy. S. 1868 seeks to promote religious freedom by establishing an Ambassador-at-Large for Religious Liberty, a Special Advisor within the White House on Religious Persecution, and a bipartisan Commission on International Religious Liberty" 44 

The International Religious Freedom Act has created a federal commission to monitor religion chaired by former World Vision President, Robert Seiple 45, as presidentially- appointed Ambassador at Large on International Religious Freedom and Special Adviser to the President on Religious Persecution. Robert Seiple was confirmed in May, 1999 as the State Department's first Ambassador-At-Large for International Religious Freedom. This position was created through passage by the U.S. Congress of the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998. In determining violations, the commission will rely on the United Nations' covenants and recognize the authority of the International Criminal Court. Seiple also founded the Institute for Global Engagement, a strategic think tank within the organization for global advocacy. 46    Footnotes 41-46

For Bob Seiple See: World Vision: A UN Global Vision; World Vision: Institute for Global Engagement & Eastern College

For: International Religious Freedom Act See Also Freedom Versus Freedom

For Joseph Lieberman See also: Freedom Versus Freedom; Apostles, Prophets & The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

Edward Lozick - CNP Member 1984-85, 1988, 1996, 1998,.CNP Board of Governors 1996;  President, Nerts, Inc., Finance chairman, Reagan for President, 1980/1984; Member, 1981 Presidential Inaugural Committee; chairman, The Kennedy Center Ball; Fellow, The Presidential Transition Foundation; Republican National Committee Eagle. Son-in-law of Republican benefactor, Fred Lennon.

"After stepping from obscurity to top last year's 400, Cleveland billionaire Fred Lennon... is already notoriously secretive -- he shuns the media, and his Crawford Fitting Company even conceals its production volume by operating many small factories without signs on them...In addition to his political contributions to Bob Dole and other Republicans over the last two years, Lennon was one of the top donors to Cleveland's Operation Save-A-Life, a program to reduce house fire fatalities by equipping low-income homes with smoke alarms. He recently came into a little extra cash -- Midwestern National Life Insurance Co. of Ohio, of which he owned 79 percent, was merged into a New York holding company for $14 million.

"... his son-in-law Edward Lozick, CEO of pipe fittings manufacturer Nerts Inc., seems to be following in his footsteps, both politically and personally. Although Lozick's yacht ferried special guests Bob and Dolores Hope while leading the Cuyahoga River's "Parade of Lights" last year, he generally follows his father-in-law's motto: "Secrecy is success. Success is secrecy." He is wary of the media -- when Mother Jones called Nerts, receptionists answered with their own names, not the company's and were even reluctant to say what kind of manufacturing they did. The $63,050 that Lozick gave to Republicans in the last election cycle was nearly enough to make the Mother Jones 400 this year. Imagine what he'll do with his inheritance." 47   Footnotes 47


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