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Senator Don Nickles   David A. Noebel   Grover Norquist    Dr. Gary North   Lt. Col. Oliver North   George D. O'Neill, Jr.   J. Stanley Oakes Jr.   Phillip Olsen   William J. Olson   Ted Pantaleo   J.A. "Jay" Parker   Thomas G. Parker   Colleen G. Parro   G.N. Parrot   Carmen Pate   Dr. Paige Patterson   Maj. General George S. Patton III    


Senator Don Nickles - CNP Board of Governors 1982, member 1984, 1996, 1998;  U.S. Senate (R-OK) 1, chairman of the Social Security Subcommittee of the Senate Finance Committee and chairman of the Subcommittee on Energy Research, Development, Production and Regulation, and Assistant Majority Leader; Chairman of the Subcommittee on Government Procurement; 1988 he was elected chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, the first Oklahoman since 1942 to serve as a member of the U.S. Senate leadership; is currently serving his second term as Chairman of the Republican Policy Committee. His reelection in 1992 marked him as the only Oklahoman Republican to be reelected to a third term in the United States Senate; a proponent for the free enterprise system and other humanitarian concerns, including world peace; 

Sponsored the International Religious Freedom Act (S-1868), formerly the Freedom from Religious Persecution Act (HR 2431), "A Bill to Provide For The Office Of Religious Persecution Monitoring and to Provide for the Imposition of Sanctions against Countries Engaged in patterns of Religious Persecution and for Other Purposes."

October 2, 1998...The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) urged Senate passage of the International Religious Freedom Act (S.1868). The Act, cosponsored by Sens. Don Nickles (R-OK) and Joseph Lieberman (D-CT), creates a framework to promote religious freedom internationally and provides a menu of options for US action against nations that persecute worshippers. 2 "The International Religious Freedom Act is a necessary step to ensure that religious persecution will not be tolerated in our conduct of foreign policy. S. 1868 seeks to promote religious freedom by establishing an Ambassador-at-Large for Religious Liberty, a Special Advisor within the White House on Religious Persecution, and a bipartisan Commission on International Religious Liberty" 3 

The International Religious Freedom Act has created a federal commission to monitor religion chaired by former World Vision President, Robert Seiple 4 , as presidentially- appointed Ambassador at Large on International Religious Freedom and Special Adviser to the President on Religious Persecution. Robert Seiple was confirmed in May, 1999 as the State Department's first Ambassador-At-Large for International Religious Freedom. This position was created through passage by the U.S. Congress of the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998. In determining violations, the commission will rely on the United Nations' covenants and recognize the authority of the International Criminal Court. Seiple also founded the Institute for Global Engagement, a strategic think tank within the organization for global advocacy. 5  Footnotes 1-5

For Bob Seiple See: World Vision: A UN Global Vision; World Vision: Institute for Global Engagement & Eastern College

For: International Religious Freedom Act See Also Freedom Versus Freedom

David A. Noebel -CNP 1984, 1988, 1996, 1998; president, Summit Ministries; author, Understanding the Times: The Story of the Biblical Christian; Marxist/Leninist and Secular Humanist Worldviews; Rhythm, Riots and Revolution; The Marxist Minstrels; The Slaughter of the Innocent; The Homosexual Revolution: A Look at the Preachers and Politicians Behind It; The Legacy of John Lennon; and AIDS, A Special Report; editor, Summit Journal; former candidate for Congress against U.S. Rep Robert Kastenmeier, Wisconsin; former Associate Evangelist of Billy James Hargis' Christian Crusade.

Member of The Interfaith Council for Environmental Stewardship (ICES) or Signer of Cornwall Declaration  > See: ICES

Billy James Hargis' Christian Crusade> "...Dr. Billy James Hargis is Founder and Director of the Christian Crusade Ministries (Church of the Christian Crusade, Inc., Billy James Hargis Evangelistic Association, Inc.), an international Christian ministry dedicated to the fight "for Christ" and against godless Communism....He is credited, along with his friend for over 30 years, Dr. Carl McIntyre, as having given birth to the "Christian Right" and bringing back "Christian Fundamentalism" to America at the close of World War II. Billy James Hargis held right-wing views on the JFK assassination, blaming it squarely on the Communist conspiracy in America..." 6  

"...Sources: "The Sins of Billy James" Time, February 16, 1967, p. 52...

Hargis stands accused by former colleagues of committing some of the very sins he has railed against. Time Correspondent Anne Constable and Reporters Richard Walker and Tom Carter have earned that five students—four of them men—at his American Christian College in Tulsa have come forward and said that President Hargis has had sexual relations with them. Asked about the charges, Hargis declined to give any specific reply. Through a lawyer, he stated: 'I have made more than my share of mistakes. I'm not proud of them.'...

It was at the college that Hargis' sexual troubles surfaced in October 1974, when the first of five students confessed to then Vice President David Noebel. Noebel's account: Not long before Hargis had conducted a wedding for the student; on the honeymoon, the groom and his bride discovered that both of them had slept with Hargis. Later, Noebel says, three more male students told him of having sexual relations with Hargis over a period of three years. They said the trysts had taken place in Hargis' office, at his farm in the Ozarks, even during his tours with the college choir, the "All-American Kids". Noebel was told that Hargis had justified his homosexual trysts by citing the Old Testament friendship between David and Jonathan and threatened to blacklist the youths for life if they talked.

...Finally, on Oct. 25, 1974, Noebel and two other college officials confronted Hargis and two of his lawyers. According to two of those present, Hargis, who has a wife, three daughters and a son, admitted his guilt and blamed his behavior on "genes and chromosomes".

...His resignation came only after the Hargis organizations had agreed to cash in their $72,000 life insurance policy on Hargis and give him the money, and had guaranteed him a $24,000 annual stipend...

By February 1975 Hargis felt energetic enough to try and regain control of the college, but the board backed Noebel...Hargis announced that he was 'led of the Lord to come back to Tulsa.' Since then he has been flamboyantly establishing a new base: He has bought a six-story building for his downtown headquarters, though the city has refused him permission to put his name atop it in lights 85 ft. long...."

"The Rise and Fall of Billy James"
Christianity Today, February 27, 1976, pp.42-43
"...Hargis announced publicly that on doctor's orders he had resigned from the presidency of his six-year-old American Christian College in Tulsa...

Less than a year later, however, Hargis came bounding back to Tulsa and resumed command of all his old operations except the college...

Throughout this entire period rumors about Hargis' troubles were spreading all over Tulsa and in fundamentalist circles across the land. The stories linked Hargis's departure from the college to alleged homosexual acts with students.

The rumors began with a student couple whom Hargis had married in September, 1974. They returned from their honeymoon and told David Noebel, then vice-president of the college, that they had compared notes and made a shocking discovery: Hargis had had a sexual relationship with each of them...

In an interview, Noebel said three more male students had told him of affairs with Hargis. The evangelist justified his acts by pointing to the friendship between David and Jonathan in the Bible, Noebel says he was told. The youths also alleged they were threatened with blacklisting if they talked.

In October, 1974, Noebel and other college officials summoned Hargis from Korea, where he was touring, and confronted him with the allegations. According to Noebel and another who was present, Hargis, 50, acknowledged his guilt and blamed it all on 'genes and chromosomes.'

...Last fall one of Hargis's youthful accusers took his story to the district attorney's office. An assistant prosecutor suggested that because he was of age and had consented to the acts it was useless to file charges.

...After Time's story appeared [quoted above], other reporters from across the nation pressed for information, and Hargis appeared to change his position. Through a spokesman he denied 'emphatically' the charges leveled at him...He warned against 'a new anti-hero wave sweeping across our country that could ruin America.' It is, he said, ' a wave of destruction of people's reputations to serve any purpose that the Liberals and the Communists have in mind.' "....

Twentieth-Century Shapers of American Popular Religion
edited by John Charles H. Lippy
published 1989 by Greenwood Press
"[Hargis] often preached against communism, pornography, homosexuality and sexual indiscretion, and modernism in 1970, he founded American Christian College to teach 'anti-Communist patriotic Americanism.'...Controversy engulfed Hargis when, in 1974, several students from his college accused him of sexual misconduct. Confronted by other leaders of the college, Hargis retired from public life...Without Hargis' fundraising abilities, American Christian College closed in 1977...American Christian College could not survive the scandal and departure of Hargis." (pp. 193-195)"
7   Footnotes 6-7

Grover Norquist - CNP 1996, 1998; President, Americans for Tax Reform 8; president, Americans Against a National Sales Tax; registered lobbyist, Merritt Group; president, Americans against a National Sales Tax/VAT;  national leader of the "No New Taxes" pledge for political candidates; economist and chief speechwriter, U.S. Chamber of Commerce 1983-1984; Campaign staff on the 1988, 1992, 1996 Republican Platform Committees; former Executive Director of the National Taxpayers’ Union; former Executive Director of the College Republicans; heads an ad hoc group he calls the "Leave Us Alone Coalition," which links disparate pieces of the Republican party;  economic advisor to Jonas Savimbi, UNITA; B.A., Harvard College 1974-1978; M.B.A., Harvard Business School 1979-1981. Washington, D.C. Norquist is also a lobbyist for Microsoft, whose CEO is Bill Gates, who recently donated $1 billion to the United Nations for its population control agenda. 

"...Norquist helped the Heritage Foundation 9 write the Republican's 1994 Contract With America. Shortly thereafter, Norquist led a right wing charge to "de-fund" the left, declaring that "We will hunt [these liberal groups] down one by one and extinguish their funding sources." [from Buying a Movement 10 ]....Writes the monthly column 11 "Politics" for the American Spectator. 12" 13 

Board Member of The American Conservative Union (ACU). 14 ACU Board Member Becky Norton Dunlop is the Vice President for External Relations for the Heritage Foundation. Other members of the many, include those who currently are or have been CNP members: Jesse Helms (CNP); M. Stanton Evans (CNP); David Keene, Chairman ACU (CNP); Donald Devine, Vice Chair ACU, an adjunct scholar at The Heritage Foundation, (CNP);  Morton Blackwell, (CNP) Jameson Campaigne, Jr (CNP) and many more

Grover Norquist was the keynote speaker at the 1995  National Conference on School Choice, which is sponsored by National Center for Policy Analysis 15 and CEO AMERICA. 16 The 1998 Conference special guest was CNP's Hon. Edwin Meese III 

The National Center for Policy Analysis 17: Started in 1983, and in 1994, Governor Pete du Pont became Policy Chairman of the NCPA and began promoting NCPA ideas on television, on the radio and in speeches around the country. CNP's Henry "Bud" Smith is on the Board of Directors. "The Heritage Foundation's Policy Review called the NCPA "the new ideas institute" after only a few years of operation." Policy Experts include Greg Scandlen who previously worked for the Cato Institute, where he was health policy fellow; Robert Goldberg, Ph.D., is a senior fellow at the National Center for Policy Analysis. He also is a senior research fellow at CNP's Ernest Lefever's Ethics and Public Policy Center, also an adjunct scholar at the American Enterprise Institute; Thomas Saving, Ph.D. is an NCPA senior fellow and director of the Private Enterprise Research Center; Andrew J. Rettenmaier, Ph.D. is an NCPA senior fellow and a research associate at the Private Enterprise Research Center (PERC); Gerald W. Scully, Ph.D., is a senior fellow, and was a Bradley Distinguished Resident Scholar at the Heritage Foundation, 1990-91.

CEO AMERICA 18 board members include, Fritz Steiger, president of CEO America, served as executive director of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, a pro-public voucher think-tank; Peter Flanigan, who served as assistant to the president of the United States under Richard Nixon, and founded the Center for Education Innovation 19 at the Manhattan Institute 20; J. Patrick Rooney, largest donor to former GOPAC 21 and the Progress and Freedom Foundation 22; James Leininger founded the pro-voucher political action committee A+ PAC for Parental School Choice; John Walton, a major donor to Education Alternatives, Inc., a corporation that focuses on private management of schools.

The Manhattan Institute was founded in 1978 by William Casey, who later became director of the Central Intelligence Agency. 23  

Other 1995 National Conference on School Choice speakers included  Patricia Lines, Senior Research Analyst of the U.S. Department of Education and one of the Nation's top experts on  the related issues of school choice, charter schools and home schooling. Patricia Lines is a also a  Senior Fellow at Seattle's Discovery Institute 24, which CNP George Gilder heads. Lines has her JD, University of Minnesota; PHD, Catholic University of America. She recently left the National Institute on Student Achievement, Curriculum and Assessment, in the U.S. Department of Education (ED), where she was a senior research analyst. In this capacity, she initiated and managed ED's charter school research program from its inception in 1995 until late 1999. She also monitored and conducted research on issues relating to the role of families in learning, educational choice, and related policy issues.

Other speakers/attendees also included Paul Hill of the RAND Corporation/ University of  Washington, and Connie Koprowicz, the charter school expert from the National Conference of State Legislatures [NCSL] 25. Koprowicz returned to Washington state from the NCSL Colorado headquarters to offer her services to the legislators as a neutral  consultant-resource on charter schools at the legislative hearing on the Spady initiative. James Dobson interviewed NCSL's Connie Koprowicz on Charter Schools on Focus on a Family radio broadcast. Below is a partial listing of  other organizations represented at the National Conference on School Choice.
The Family Research Council was represented by  Robert Morrison, and PAVE, represented by Dan McKinley who ties into Milwaukee’s privately funded voucher effort. Vaughn Next Century Learning Center was represented by  Dr. Yvonne Chan,  whose highly acclaimed school receives additional GOALS 2000 money. On November 20, 1997,  Dr. Chan appeared at the Manhattan Institute's CCI* Public Charter Schools Forum
26 sponsored by The Citicorp Foundation. The Vaughn Charter School  was also used as an example of a high-success charter school in 1996. 

"Yvonne Chan, a teacher born in China, took over as principal of a high school in Los Angeles and changed it into a charter school. Of her 1,200 students, 1,000 did not speak English well (they were children of immigrants.) There were gangs and drugs in the neighborhood and her life was threatened three times.

“If we think it, we can do it,” she said to herself. And she did not wait for permission to make changes. She set priorities within her official budget. Today her school has perfect attendance. She built 14 new classrooms and a medical office, her teachers earn 15% more than their colleagues and have greater autonomy." 27  Footnotes 8-27

Dr. Gary North - CNP Board of Governors 1982, member 1984, 1988, 1996, 1998; R. J. Rushdoony's son-in-law;  Founder 1975 and President of the Institute for Christian Economics 28 and publisher of Christian Reconstruction; Reality Check newsletter; 

Member of Ed McAteer ' Religious Roundtable Council of 56 See: Religious Roundtable.

Y2K alarmist,  Gary North's Y2K Links and Forums 29; Joined staff of Chalcedon in 1973; began editing Chalcedon's Journal of Christian Reconstructionism in 1974; editor of 15 issues of the Chalcedon Foundation's Journal of Christian Reconstructionism 30

Signed COR Manifesto and COR Steering Committee 31;

Dennis Peacocke's Coalition on Revival (COR) was co-founded and headed by Jay Grimstead. Jay Grimstead's COR Manifesto is the document which outlines COR's goals and objectives. The 135 Christian activists who signed the document in 1986 committed themselves to working for the realization of COR's goals "until the day we die." Those on the COR steering committee include other CNP members as well as recognized shepherding movement leaders such as Bob Mumford and Ern Baxter, as well as Jack Van Impe. For Dennis Peacocke, Mumford, Doner See: Shepherding; Jay Grimstead

Gary North is Co-author, with Gary DeMar, of Christian Reconstruction: What It Is, What It Isn't (Institute for Christian Economics, 1991).; columnist to 32, "the anti-state, anti-war, pro-market news site, "a division of the Center for Libertarian Studies. 33

"ICE" is a convenient acronym for the Institute for Christian Economics. When you think about ICE, just think about the "cold, hard facts" of the modern economy." The ICE produces several newsletters.Biblical Economics Today (6 times a year), Christian Reconstruction (6 times a year), Biblical Chronology (12 times a year).

"Biblical Economics Today is a four page report that covers economic theory from a specifically Christian point of view. It also deals with questions of economic policy. Christian Reconstruction is more action-oriented, but it also covers various aspects of Christian social theory. Dispensationalism in Transition is a critique of the various theological and historical errors in Dispensationalism and reports on the massive revisions of contemporary dispensational theology. Biblical Chronology deals with studies in the chronology of the Bible as they relate to the reconstruction of ancient history."

ICE presents "ICE Freebooks", which presents several authors. North's 1986 book, 75 Bible Questions, was dedicated to CNP's "Bob and Rose Weiner the founders of Maranatha, the “hardest core” campus ministry of this generation." 34  See: Robert WeinerRobert Weiner and Maranatha 

Lew Rockwell, is founder and president of the Mises Institute 35 in Auburn, Ala., and vice president of the Center for Libertarian Studies 36 in Burlingame, Cal., is a columnist for WorldNetDaily 37, and an opponent of the central state, its wars and its socialism. WorldNetDaily also has CNP's Joseph F. FarahJohn Lofton

Mises Institute 38, is a CNP/reconstructionist connected libertarian institute which esteems notables such as Friedrich von Hayek. Friedrich von Hayek, protégé and colleague of founder Ludwig von Mises, is one of the founders of the Mont Pelerin Society of which many CNP are members. According to various sources, among its founders were some of the oldest and most powerful families in Europe, such as the von Hapsburgs, former rulers of Austro-Hungarian Empire, and the Thurn und Taxis family, which ran the intelligence and postal system for that Empire since the Sixteenth Century...those present such as Max von Thurn und Taxis, had supported Hitler during the 1920s and 1930s. The Mont Pelerin Society called for a "conservative revolution" - for the "elimination" of nation states and the return to FEUDALISM a goal which has characterised all the various European fascist movements of the 1920s and 1930s, of which the Nazis were merely the most successful variant...The Mont Pelerin Society is a relic of the fascist movements of Europe in the 1920s and 1930s. The Mont Pelerin Society's own members such as Professor Milton Friedman, have "emphasized" that its policies are those of Adolf Hitler [meaning from Hitler's policies in the 1920's and 1930's]. Soon after it was founded in 1947, the Mont Pelerin Society moved to London... Beginning in the mid-1970s, with lavish corporate financing, the Mont Pelerin Society, spawned a series of "think tanks" 43. Von Hayek, the founder, wrote The Road to Serfdom in London in 1944, while teaching at the British Fabian Society's London School of Economics.

" London Friedrich Hayek was creating an organization that would later re-form as the Mont Pelerin Society. The early group was formed in 1939 and was known as the Society for the Renovation of Liberalism. Members of the organization included Frank Knight and Henry Simons of the University of Chicago, the slavishly pro-British American Fabian Socialist Walter Lippman, the philosopher Sir Karl Popper, Sir John Clapham of the Bank of England, and of course, Ludwig von Mises. [a founding member and for at least 13 years] 

All of these early members of Hayek's group then met at Mont Pelerin, Switzerland to form the influential, highly-secretive, and elitist Mont Pelerin Society in 1947...From the beginning the Mont Pelerin Society worked hand-in-hand with the Pan European Union..." 43b  See: Footnotes

In his book Victim's Rights, Rushdoony's son-in-law Gary North writes that stoning is a communal activity, something in which all the members of the family can participate. The purpose of this communal activity is to instill fear in the community so that if they deviate from the theocratic rules laid out by the elders, stoning would be their fate. 39  

As well, quoting Gary North about the command to "turn the other cheek,." in an appendix of "The Institutes of Biblical Law" by R. J. Rushdoony; From: "In Defense of Biblical Bribery" by Gary North:

".....remove his (the unsaved) power, and the battered Christian should either bust him in the chops or haul him before the magistrate, and possibly both."

"...North had been active within the secular libertarian and anticommunist movements; he was an early contributor to the Foundation for Economic Education, and he had been strongly influenced by intellectuals of the Old Right, particularly the anti-statist  Albert Jay Nock...." 40   Footnotes 28-40

See: Also > CNP's Gary North ~ On the CNP

Lt. Col. Oliver North - CNP Member, 1984-1985, Executive Committee 1994, 1998, Board of Governors 1996;   radio talk show host; former president, Freedom Alliance 41, which has CNP members on staff; chairman and co­founder, Guardian Technologies, Inc.; weekly syndicated newspaper columnist; broadcasts a daily radio commentary; author, Under Fire and One More Mission; Lt. Colonel, United States Marine Corps (Ret.); former deputy director for politico­military affairs, National Security Council; marine infantry officer; nuclear and chemical weapons employment officer; reconnaissance officer; faculty member, Marine Corps' Basic School; taught at FBI Academy; recipient, Military Order of Foreign Wars Award, Marine Corps Association Award, Silver Star, Bronze Star for Valor, three Navy Commendation Medals with valor device, two Purple Hearts, and the Defense Meritorious Service Medal; graduate, U.S. Naval Academy; member Conservative Victory Committee, Conservative Victory Fund, NRA Political Victory Fund, Symms PAC, Campaign America, America's PAC, and Alliance for American Leadership PAC funded

Member of The Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty 42,  Gary Aldrich is Founder and President; Chairman is CNP's Hon. Edwin Meese III who holds the Reagan Chair in Public Policy at The Heritage Foundation..43 

Other Board members include the following CNP members: Paul Weyrich, Mrs. Beverly LaHaye, Mr. Peter T. Flaherty, President, National Legal and Policy Center, Alan P. Dye, Esq., Mr. Reed Irvine, Mr. Howard Phillips, President, The Conservative Caucus, Inc.; Ronald E. Robinson, Esq, President,Young America's Foundation; Mark R. Levin, President, Landmark Legal Foundation; Rep. Louis (Woody) Jenkins Chairman, WBTR-TV Channel 19; Alan Sears, Esq., President and CEO, Alliance Defense Fund. 

"And the same year a staff report from the House Committee on Foreign Affairs stated that Oliver North used Heritage Foundation as a cutout for some of his contra fundraising. 44  "...'former' Moon operative, Gary Jarmin [CNP], attacked critics of Moon and gave an interview to a Moon-controlled newspaper after he joined the Christian Voice (CV) staff. CV's chair, Robert Grant [CNP], has been a leader of Moon's Unification network front groups such as the American Freedom Coalition, which fundraised for Oliver North.

[CIA assassinations manager Felix I.] Rodriguez followed his CIA boss Ted Shackley to Southeast Asia in 1970. Shackley and Donald Gregg put Rodriguez into the huge assassination and dope business which Shackley and his colleagues ran during the Indochina war; this bunch became the heart of the "Enterprise'' that went into action 15 to 20 years later in Iran- Contra. Shackley funded opium-growing Meo tribesmen in murder, and used the dope proceeds in turn to fund his hit squads. He formed the Military Assistance Group-Special Operations Group (MAG-SOG) political murder unit; Gen. John K. Singlaub was a commander of MAG-SOG; Oliver North and Richard Secord were officers of the unit. By 1971, the Shackley group had killed about 100,000 civilians in Southeast Asia as part of the CIA's Operation Phoenix. 45 

"...a highly intriguing proposition from GeoMiliTech Consultants Corp., a Washington arms brokerage secretly shipping weapons to the contras...GeoMiliTech wanted to become a central clearinghouse for all of the CIA's weapons purchases...Singlaub brought a written proposal from GeoMiliTech to Casey...It said the CIA should "create a conduit for maintaining a continuous flow of Soviet weapons and technology, to be utilized by the United States in its support of Freedom Fighters in Nicaragua, Afghanistan, Angola, Cambodia, Ethiopia, etc...the beauty of this concept: it needed "neither the consent or awareness of the Department of State or Congress."....Casey studied the proposition and talked it over with Oliver North...that same week North ...mentioned the idea of diverting money from the arms sales to Iran ...selling American weapons to Iran and skimming the proceeds to fund the President's secret wars..." 46 

In 1984, Singlaub headed a Pentagon panel called to make recommendations on conducting military activities in Central America. The panel's report urged the U.S. to emphasize nonconventional, counterinsurgency warfare strategies.(9,10) Under the Reagan administration, Singlaub received assistance and guidance from White House and National Security Council (NSC) officials for his "private" contra-supply activities. He identified former NSC aide Oliver North as his liaison to the White House... A diagram found in Oliver North's safe showed [Western Goals executive director] Linda Guell's name written above the words "Western Goals." The note on the diagram said that Guell worked with CAUSA (a political arm of the Unification Church) and its head, Bo Hi Pak, and made trips to Germany and South Korea. The word "money" was written over Guell's name, with an arrow pointing to Rob Owen, North's courier to the contras. Arrows were also drawn from Owen's name to Guell's and from [CNP's] Andy Messing -- a private contra supporter and head of the National Defense Council Foundation -- to Western Goals. The diagram was drawn at the bottom of a letter from Fawn Hall to "Phil [Mabry] and Randy," dated April 18, 1985.(4,20) Guell is now working with John Singlaub at the Singlaub Freedom Foundation... 47 

"Its l985 tax return indicated that AmeriCares delivered $73,136 worth of food and medical supplies to La Prensa, but Jim Schaffer, a former official in the organization, says that only newsprint was sent.(24) An attempted shipment of another l5 tons of newsprint from AmeriCares to La Prensa in April l988 was blocked by the Sandinista government which accused AmeriCares of being a CIA front and part of the secret network of private groups used by Lt. Col. Oliver North to deliver aid to the contras..." 48 

AmeriCares, with the help of Friends of the Democratic Center in Central America (Prodemca), conducted an advertising campaign in the U.S. on behalf of La Prensa. The ads for La Prensa solicited funds from the public to pay for the shipment of newsprint to Nicaragua... Prodemca was a neoconservative group that provided U.S. government grants to La Prensa and sponsored pro-contra aid ads in U.S. newspapers using funds from Oliver North's secret aid network...." 49 Footnotes 40-49

George D. O'Neill, Jr.- CNP 1984, 1988, 1996, 1998; vice president and director, Meriwether Capital Corp.; director, Capewell Manufacturing Co.; trustee, Greenacre Foundation; executive committee, Rockford Institute 50; director, Jefferson Educational Foundation of which CNP's David Barron heads; member, Philadelphia Society 51; active in real estate investments. Footnotes 50-51

J. Stanley Oakes Jr. - CNP 1984, 1988, 1996, 1998; president, the International Institute for Mankind 52 an arm of Christian Leadership Ministries; National director, Christian Leadership Ministries 53 of Campus Crusade for Christ; Editor-in-chief, The Journal of Human Sexuality, a one-time publication of Christian Leadership Ministries exploring the many issues surrounding homosexuality; publisher, Truth: A Journal of Modern Thought.

THE INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR MANKIND is a multi-national cadre of scholars businessmen, politicians and leaders of non-government organizations united to bring the resources of the world to bear on the problems of mankind. Footnotes 52-53

Phillip Olsen- CNP 1998; Vice president for resource development, Family Research Council 54 ; former NFL player for nine seasons, joining the league as a first-round draft choice in 1970; co-founder, with his two brothers, Merlin and Orrin, the Olsen Brothers All Sports Camps; served as a color commentator for college football radio broadcasts NBC television broadcasts, covering many NFL games including two Super Bowls; 20 years experience in commercial and industrial real estate; active in community service with many charitable organizations, including Life to Life, Sigma Chi Fraternity, the California Car Coalition, the Billy Graham Crusade, "Men at the Marriott," Friend of the Family Research Council, and South Coast Community Church. Footnotes 54

William J. Olson- CNP 1984, 1988, 1996, 1998; attorney William J. Olson, P.C, 55 located at Tyson's Corner which is where the May 1998 CNP meeting took place. Tysons Corner 56 Meeting. Co-Author: "Debating National Health Policy," American Enterprise Institute, 1977; Author, "Tuition Tax Credits and Alternatives," American Enterprise Institute 57, 1978. Transition Team Leader, Legal Services Corporation, Office of The President-Elect, 1980. Member and Chairman, Board of Directors, Legal Services Corporation, 1981-1982. Member, Subcommittee on Export Administration, President's Export Council, 1982-1984. Special Counsel, Board of Governors, U.S. Postal Service, 1984-1986.

Irving Kristol made his Washington base of operations at the American Enterprise Institute, 58 (AEI) which individuals include William Kristol 59,  Irving's son, former Dan Quayle handler; Robert BorkCharles Murray, Michael Novak, Jeane Kirkpatrick 60, Senior Fellow,  Dinesh D'Souza, 61 a John M. Olin scholar at AEI, [author of "Illiberal Education," the book which (even more appropriately) introduced the term "political correctness"].....  AEI  is funded by the Olin Foundation, Castle Rock Foundation, Sarah Scaife Foundation, Bradley Foundarion, Scaife Family Foundation, and more 62    Footnotes 55-62

Ted Pantaleo- CNP 1984-85; Vice president of Development, Semper Care 63; Ted has over 20 years in healthcare experience, including multiple line and staff positions for the Air Force Surgeon General’s Office. During the past six years, Ted was a senior development officer for two national clinical contract management companies. He received a MS from Golden Gate University, a BS from Regis College and is a Fellow in the ACHE; 

Former Executive director, The Freedom Council which was established by Pat Robertson to appear as a "grassroots organization". The idea was to eventually have a Freedom Council "precinct coordinator" in every precinct to ask volunteers to write letters and make phone calls on legislation. ..The organization appeared to have abused its tax-exempt status by using donations-solicited repeatedly on the '700 Club-..the alleged tax violations included the Freedom Council's failure to report donations from CBN, which totaled more than $200,000 monthly by 1985. In early 1985, Robertson had used tax-exempt donations to the Fredom Council via CBN to set up a direct mail computer project...1985, Robertson authorized the rental of CBN's one million name donor list for use by the Freedom Council and to a campaign contractor, Victory Communications of Arizona...raise[d] more than $11 million ..." 64 

"1981,[Pat Robertson] ... formed the Freedom Council as a vehicle to get conservative Christians involved in the political process. The Freedom Council was funded by the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, and listed on CBN's books as simply Project 0015. The Freedom Council, as a 501(c)(4) political organization, was allowed to lobby. However, it is illegal for a politically restricted non-profit group like CBN to channel funds into a political organization like the Freedom Council."

"In January 1986, the Freedom Council changed its name to the National Freedom Institute. In the same day a new Freedom Council was formed. Then, nine months later, the Institute was dissolved, leaving only the new Freedom Council in place."

"The reborn Freedom Council applied for tax-exempt status, telling the IRS that two large donations were hinging on such approval. IRS approval came quickly. Published reports said later that there never were any big prospective donors waiting in the wings. Then, just as the IRS began an audit of CBN, the Freedom Council abruptly closed." 65  Footnotes 63-65

J.A. "Jay" Parker- CNP 1984, 1988, 1996, 1998; President, The Lincoln Institute for Research and Education; Editor, The Lincoln Review; immediate past president, Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind; member, Ronald Reagan's transition team; past chairman, Salvation Army advisory board; co-chairman, American African Affairs Association; trustee, Fund for American Studies; former trustee, Gallaudet University; former board member, Young Americans for Freedom 66; former member Attorney General's Advisory Board on Missing Children; past president, Kiwanis Club of Washington, D.C.;  co-founded with CNP's William A. Keyes, the International Public Affairs Consultants, Inc., former treasurer of William Keyes Black Pac founded in 1984.

"Since its founding,[1978] the Lincoln Institute has had close ties to the ... World Anti-Communist League (WACL). WACL aggressively supported right-wing governments and military movements in Central America and Southern Africa, such as the Contras in Nicaragua, the ARENA Party in El Salvador, UNITA in Angola, RENAMO in Mozambique, and the Inkatha Freedom Party in South Africa, among others. Parker served on the Board of the US WACL affiliate and Lee Edwards, another Lincoln Institute founder, was a principal WACL organizer in the United States and WACL's registered agent in 1982...Clarence Thomas and Jay A. Parker served together on Ronald Reagan's 1980 transition team for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). According to Parker, the team "argued strenuously" against affirmative action, which they viewed as "a new racism." By March 1981, Parker had become a registered agent for the South African homeland of Venda. In June 1981, Clarence Thomas joined the Advisory Board of the Lincoln Institute's quarterly publication, The Lincoln Review. At the same time, Thomas became an Assistant Secretary of Education. Parker's Justice Department filings state that soon after he began representing Venda, he held discussions with US Department of Education officials about his client. In 1985, Parker and William Keyes, the former Reagan aide (and a contributing editor for The Lincoln Review), founded a lobbying organization called International Public Affairs Consultants, Inc. (IPAC). That same year, IPAC began representing the South African Embassy. Clarence Thomas was listed as one of a handful of guests attending an IPAC dinner for the South African Ambassador in 1987. In 1984, Keyes started Black PAC, with Parker serving as treasurer, to work for Jesse Helms's re-election, and to oppose the "terrorist outlaw" African National Congress (ANC) and "extremists" such as Jesse Jackson and the Congressional Black Caucus. In June 1987, the conservative weekly Human Events  67 reported that Thomas, then of the EEOC, and Clarence Pendleton, who was then Reagan's chair of the US Civil Rights Commission, attended a Black PAC strategy session to plan for important political battles being waged in Congress...June 1987, Thomas made a well-known speech at the Heritage Foundation, in which he said: "A few dissidents like Thomas Sowelland, J. A. Parker stand steadfast, refusing to give in to the cult mentality and childish obedience that hypnotize black Americans into a mindless political trance. I admire them, and only wish I had a fraction of their courage and strength." Thomas remained on The Lincoln Review's Advisory Board throughout the period Parker and Keyes represented the South African government, resigning at the time he was appointed to the Federal Court of Appeals in March 1990." 68

Human Events, 69 "founded in 1944 by anti-interventionist journalists, Felix Morley and Frank Hanighen, with William Henry Chamberlain on board as contributing editor. With an initial donation of $3,000 from Sun Oil Company Vice President Joseph N. occasional contributor among the otherwise conservative lineup was Socialist Party presidential candidate and anti-interventionist Norman Thomas. By the 1960's, Human Events would grow to become a major right-wing newspaper, a supporter of Cold War  foreign policy, and a leading backer of Barry Goldwater's presidential candidacy...." 70   Footnotes 66-70

Thomas G. Parker- CNP 1988, 1996,1998;was/is director of counseling and faculty member, Dallas Theological Seminary 71 ; private practice in clinical psychology.   Footnotes 71

Colleen G. Parro - CNP 1996, 1998; Catholic; executive director, Republican National Coalition for Life 72 which was founded by Phyllis Schlafly, President; consultant and national legislative director, Eagle Forum 73; vice president, Texans United for Life; founder and board member, The Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation of Texas 74, "To Build and defend the Catholic Faith To Strengthen and sustain family life, To work for freedom for all under God", Pope Pius XI's famous encyclical "Divini Redemptoris" remains the official teaching of the Catholic Church on Communism and it remains the Foundation's valuable guide for education, action and prayer. "; issues consultant; distributor, The Rose Marie Collection of skin care products.  Footnotes 72-74

G.N. Parrot- CNP 1988; 1996; president, Parrot Oil Corp.; Ranparr, Inc.; past president of the East Dallas Kiwanis Club, past chairman of the board of the East Dallas YMCA, a current member and former president of the Texas Oil Marketer Association, a member of and trustee for the Retina Foundation of the Southwest and a member of the board for the National Center for Policy Analysis 75; member, Republican Senatorial Trust; former Senior warden, St. Matthew's Episcopal Cathedral, Dallas. Footnotes 75

Carmen Pate- CNP 1998; recently served as President of Concerned Women for America Inc, 76 In this capacity she served as the primary media spokesman and represented CWA to elected officials on Capitol Hill. Mrs. Pate also co-hosted the nationally syndicated radio program, Beverly LaHaye Today; former executive director of The End Hunger Network-Houston; an organization dedicated to curbing hunger through private sector initiatives. She also served as executive director of a crisis pregnancy center in Texas, and assisted a coalition of CPC’s in board development and strategic planning. Mrs. Pate’s professional experience also includes 17 years of marketing and public relations with The Kroger Company, the nation’s largest grocery retailer. 77  Footnotes 76-77

Dr. Paige Patterson- CNP Board of Governors 1982, member 1984, 1988, 1996, 1998; President of the Crisswell Center for Biblical Studies; Associate Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas; President of Southern Baptist Convention; president, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary; member, Board of trustees, International Ministries to Israel;  managing editor, The Believer's Study Bible; editor, New American Commentary, author, Heaven; The Troubled; Triumphant Church: An Exposition of I Corinthians; Commentary on the Song of Solomon; board of directors, Religious Roundtable, International Council of Biblical Inerrancy; member, Evangelical Theological Society, Near East Archaeological Society, and American Academy of Religion; Christian Ethics Commission of Baptist World Alliance; listed in "Who's Who in Religion"; B.A., Hardin Simmons University, Abilene, Texas; Th.M. and D.Th., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary; and Chairman of the Transnational Association of Christian Schools (TRACS)78. CNP's Dr. Henry M. Morris co-founder and president.  Footnotes 78

Maj. General George S. Patton III (ret)- CNP 1984, 1988; former commanding general, 2nd Armored Division 1975-1977; 34 years continuous military service.



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