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John G. Talcott Jr.   Dr. Lewis Tambs   Hon. Helen Marie Taylor   James "Jim" B. Taylor   Stacy Taylor   Dr. Edward Teller   Robert L. Thoburn   Bill Tierney   Robert G. Tilton   Herbert W. Titus   Steven A.F. Trevino   Patrick A. Trueman   Timothy E. Twardowski    Sherman E. Unkefer III   Rev. Nathaniel A. Urshan    Jon Basil Utley    Harry Valentine   Mike Valerio   Guy Vander Jagt   Balint Vazsonyi   Richard Viguerie   Christine Vollmer   Barbara Vucanovich   


John G. Talcott Jr. - CNP 1988; director, Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc; co-founder and president Plymouth Rock Foundation 1, trustee, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary 2; former president, the Pilgrim Society;

Plymouth Rock Foundation 3, "'Charles Hull Wolfe'..., in 1969, when John G. Talcott, Jr. and I first conceived the educational foundation that publishes this Letter from Plymouth Rock, John was a member of the Committee preparing to celebrate the 350th anniversary of the landing of the Pilgrims, and I was its executive director...The majority of the Committee was most of all distressed over John Talcott’s proposal that evangelist Billy Graham appear as chief speaker on the big day celebrating the 350th anniversary of the Pilgrims’ actual landing at the Rock. By contrast, some of the minority, (chiefly myself and John Talcott), knew that America had deeply Biblical roots, and believed the Pilgrim anniversary should make that plain. We were impressed with the scholarly work of Verna M. Hall, author of "The Christian History of the Constitution," & the indispensable role of the Pilgrims in that history..." 

Plymouth Rock's executive director, Rus Walton, is a member of the Coalition on Revival [COR] steering committee.

"Rus Walton, head of the Plymouth Rock Foundation" and one of the leaders of Bill Bright's 1970's "Third Century" organization, circulated a memo opposing working with the Moonies in CNP member loaded American Freedom Coalition. Walton eventually backed down under pressure from CNP and Christian Voice head Robert Grant, who was also a leader and joined with the Moonie venture. 4 

Dr. Harold Ockenga also helped found Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary 5 in 1969 and was President of it and Gordon College from 1969-1985. "The Conwell School of Theology and Gordon Divinity School merged in 1969 through the efforts of philanthropist J. Howard Pew, Dr. Harold J. Ockenga and Dr. Billy Graham...Dr. Ockenga, the long-time pastor of Boston's historic Park Street Church, became the new institution's first president. Dr. Ockenga retired in 1979 but maintained an active emeritus relationship with the school and served as member of the Board of Trustees until his death in 1985" Dr. Billy Graham is Chairman Emeritus of the Board of Trustees. Footnotes 1-5

See: The Original Five > Harold Ockenga; Billy Graham

Dr. Lewis Tambs - CNP Board of Governors 1982, Member1984-85, 1988, 1996, 1998; Former Professor of History and  former Director, Center for Latin American Studies at Arizona State University; appointed by Reagan as Ambassador to Columbia and then to Costa Rica;  member of the "Alternatives to the New York Times" Committee . 6   Costa Rica was the launching pad for Contra attacks into Nicaragua along the "Southern front." 7 ; Tambs was a member of the Board of Directors of the Council for Inter-American Security (CIS). and WACL. 8 

"...Tambs helped set up a secret airstrip in Costa Rica to aid the contras. In 1987 the Costa Rican government charged Tambs with having committed a "flagrant violation of national sovereignty" in a protest to Washington. Strangely enough, Oliver North, Elliot Abrams, and a few others from whom Tambs took orders did not see fit to punish Tambs for committing such a violation, though one official stated that his actions "at the very least... posed serious questions of propriety" (The Nation, Oct. 31, 1987). 9 

Tambs was principle editor of the "Sante Fe Report". Other Committee of Sante Fe members included Roger Fontaine, a National Security Council (NSC) adviser on Latin American affairs, CNP's retired  Lt. General Gordon Sumner, who became a special assistant to the Secretary of State for Latin American affairs; and  CNP's Lynn Francis Bouchey, an active organizer for the Unification Church's CAUSA operations in Central and South America.  Footnotes 6-9

Hon. Helen Marie Taylor - CNP Member1988, 1996,1998; U.S. representative, United Nations 1986/87; ranking U.S. Representative, Fifth (Reform) Committee of 41st General Assembly; U.S delegate, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO); professor of history, Arizona State University; ranking U.S. representative, Communications and Cultural Committees; council member, National Endowment for the Humanities 1984/85; president James Monroe Memorial Foundation; member Virginia Republican Party State Policy Committee 1987/88; vice president, board of directors, Eagle Forum Education and Legal Defense Foundation; board of directors, Defenders of American Liberties; co-chairman, Coalition for Peace Through Strength and American Security Council; charter member, GOPAC; board of directors, The Conservative Caucus Foundation; president, Friends of Grenada Association 1986/87; board of governors, Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London, England; former member of the Western Goals Foundation 10 ; Member of the Ed McAteer 's Religious Roundtable Council of 56 11  See: Religious Roundtable Footnotes 10-11

James "Jim" B. Taylor -CNP 1998, current; chairman of America’s Political Action Committee and former chief of staff and currently on Board of Directors, Young America's Foundation 12 ; former eastern director, Intercollegiate Studies Institute, Inc. 13; former public relations director, National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation 14; former assistant to the president, Freedoms Foundation of Valley Forge; served on President Reagan's Advisory Council to the Peace Corps; Vietnam veteran; graduate, Swarthmore and Yale University of Far East Languages; former Air Force intelligence specialist; articles have appeared in Moonie's The Washington Times, Insight Magazine, and the Lincoln Review.  He is the editor of the Foundation’s study of economics texts, American Economics Texts, A Free Market Critique; member of the Council on National Policy, the Philadelphia Society  15 trustee 1992-1995, The American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem 16

Nelson Bunker Hunt  is also a member of the Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem 17, a racist "brotherhood" modeled after the Hospitallers. "Its international membership is consisting of Roman-catholic, Anglican, Protestant, Orthodox, United, Old Catholic, New Apostolic and other Christians" The Order of Saint Lazarus has been linked to Lady Malcolm Douglas Hamilton. Lord Hamilton was the host to Rudolph Hess, Hitler's second in command, when - in 1940 - Hess made his secret flight to England. Hess was seeking to meet with the British aristocratic circle known as the "Cliveden Set." 18  Footnotes 12-18

Stacy Taylor - CNP Board of Governors 1996, 1998; The Standard Group, Inc.

Dr. Edward Teller - (b. 1905) CNP Board of Governors 1982; father of the H-Bomb, Jewish political refugee when Hitler came to power; was Senior Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution 19 at Stanford University; gave 1994, Empower America Candidates speech 20; managed Los Alamos research on the "Super," as he called the hydrogen bomb;  Former Director and now senior consultant and director emeritus at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, (The Livermore facility is the brainchild of  Teller) joined the Congressional Policy Advisory Board (CPAB), February 17, 2000; former member of the White House Science Council; member, Reed Irvine's Accuracy in Media 21, and a member of the Committee on the Present Danger as of 1983. The Committee is an anticommunist organization which has advocated strict containment policies towards the Soviet Union... Teller also created the H-Bomb... Teller was also on the advisory board of the Western Goals Foundation and served with the [ American Security Council's 22] Coalition for Peace Through Strength  [CPTS].... 23 Roger Pearson also a member. See: Thomas F. Ellis 

Hungarian-born American physicist known for his work on the hydrogen bomb. During World War II he was a member of the MANHATTAN PROJECT for the development of the atomic bomb. At that time he also began formulating the theoretical foundations for a hydrogen fusion bomb and was a major proponent of its development. 24 ; proponent of the Strategic Defense Initiative, better known as "Star Wars." fellow of the American Physical Society and the American Nuclear Society, and is a member of the National Academy of Science and the American Academy of Science;

"Over the years, a steady flow of money from rent-a-car magnate John Hertz enabled Teller to recruit Livermore's pallid army of young physics and math wizards. In 1982, beer baron Joseph Coors and other Heritage Foundation contacts got Teller access to President Reagan, who bought Teller's pitch for "Star Wars" as an impenetrable high- tech "Astrodome" covering the whole country...." 25 

"A long-time supporter of the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), in the fall of 1988 the Heritage introduced a new newsletter, SDI Report, to push for this aggressive defense system. Edward Teller, "Father of the Hydrogen Bomb" was the featured member in a Heritage-sponsored panel discussion on the weapons system..." 26 

Member of the Citizens Legal Defense Fund for the FBI, Ad Hoc, ... and a member of the CFR. 27  As of 1983, Edward Teller was a member of the board of directors of the Committee on the Present Danger, an anticommunist organization which advocated strict containment policies vis-a-vis the Soviet Union. Other prominent members of the committee included Ronald Reagan, Jeane Kirkpatrick, and a number of individuals chosen for Reagan's arms control negotiating teams. 28 

Shortly after the Waco incident in Texas, a secret "classified conference" was held at the Los Alamos National Laboratories in New Mexico... I was able to obtain an official copy of the speaking agenda for the November 1993 conference and, oddly, the subject matter under discussion correlated with not only the original Aquino Army report, but also with the MKUltra behavior research underway during the 1950's and 1960's. The title of the conference was "NonLethal Defense" and just a few of the speakers included such dignitaries as the Honorable U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno; Dr. Edward Teller who had helped develop the nuclear bomb; Dr. Milt Finger from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Mr. Andy Andrews, NonLethal Project Leader at Los Alamos National Laboratory; LTG William H. Forster from Army Research, Development and Acquisition; Dr. Clay Easterly from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Dr. Henry Brisker from U.S. Army Research Laboratories; Ms. Astrid Lewis from the U.S. Army Chemical Research; Development Command; Lt. General Richard G. Trefry, former Military Advisor to President George Bush; and many more. 29  

Teller, along with Leo Szilard and Eugene Wigner, persuaded Albert Einstein to warn President Roosevelt of a potential Nazi atomic bomb. During the Manhattan Project, Teller worked with Szilard at the University of Chicago. From 1943, he headed a group at Los Alamos in the Theoretical Physics division. Teller was a major proponent of the "Super" or hydrogen bomb. This position pitted him against Oppenheimer. This issue came to focus during Oppenheimer's security hearings. Teller continues to be a strong advocate of the build-up and development of nuclear weapons. Most recently he supported the creation of an anti-ballistic missile shield. Teller is Director Emeritus at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory. 30   Footnotes 19-30

Robert L. Thoburn- CNP 1988; minister, author, The Children Trap, owns and operates the private Fairfax Christian School since 1961; opened two Christian Schools in Loudoun County; a signee/non-committee member of the Coalition on Revival (COR). 31 Their manifesto states under section 12, Education: "Work toward replacing all local public schools with private schools by 2000 A.D."

Dennis Peacocke's Coalition on Revival (COR) was co-founded and headed by Jay Grimstead. Jay Grimstead's COR Manifesto is the document which outlines COR's goals and objectives. The 135 Christian activists who signed the document in 1986 committed themselves to working for the realization of COR's goals "until the day we die." Those on the COR steering committee include other CNP members as well as recognized shepherding movement leaders such as Bob Mumford and Ern Baxter, as well as Jack Van Impe.   Footnotes 31

For Dennis Peacocke, Mumford, Doner See: Shepherding; Jay Grimstead

Bill Tierney- CNP 1998; President and Founder, Capitol Communications, Inc.

Robert G. Tilton- CNP 1988; former pastor and founder, Word of Faith World Outreach Center; senior pastor of Word of Faith World Outreach Center Church; former co-host with his wife 'Marte' of 'Success N Life", a daily TV and radio program; co-author with Marte, 'Dare to Be a Success'; his marriage to his first wife, Marte, ended in divorce in late 1993; married secretly in February 1994, divorced second wife in 1997.

"...The second wife of evangelist Robert Tilton testified Thursday during their divorce trial that she has formed a new church, called the New Word of Faith World Outreach Center, because the original Word of Faith is "not a true church." "It's not the Christianity I know," Leigh Valentine Tilton said of the Word of Faith World Outreach Center of which Tilton is pastor...The new church, Leigh Tilton said, is a subsidiary of Bethel Fellowship of Dallas, which was formed earlier this year. The pastor of Bethel is Tilton's brother, Robert Middleton, and some of the members are former members of the original Word of Faith...

She said she had deeded the $1.6 million former parsonage of the original church - where she lives - to the new church, along with some other assets of the original church. She did not specify which assets.

Attorneys for Robert Tilton and the church are disputing the transfers. The new church, Leigh Tilton said, has elders, deacons and a finance committee. The original Word of Faith has never confirmed elders and has no deacons or finance committee, testimony in the trial has revealed. Robert Tilton "has absolute authority" at the original church and "uses it for his own personal use," she testified Thursday..." She was married to (Tilton) for two years,...Leigh Tilton testified that Robert Tilton promised before their marriage in 1994 that she would be able to continue her activities as an evangelist after their marriage. Since 1984, she had operated Leigh Valentine Ministries.

But she said that after the marriage, he merged her mailing list with that of Word of Faith and that he worked to shut down her ministry....she said, many of the places where she once spoke as an evangelist have canceled her appearances. She referred to a letter from the Metro Life Christian Center of Pompano Beach, Fla. in June.

"Being associated with (Tilton), Leigh, has unfortunately tarnished your reputation in this area at the present time," stated a letter from that church's pastor. "We support you personally, but it will take time before your ministry will be accepted in the church again...."  [The Pantagraph Bloomington, IL, 12/28/1996]

Herbert W. Titus- CNP 1984, 1988, 1996, 1998; served as dean, School of Public Policy and College of Law and Government, CBN University; taught constitutional law at Oral Roberts University for 18 years before joining CBN University.

Steven A.F. Trevino- CNP 1988; president, The XXIst Century Group; former director of operation, U.S. Global Strategy Council; president Strategy Associates; former senior Soviet specialist, U.S. Department of Defense; former Virginia State Chairman, Citizens for America; advisory board, Strategic Defense Initiative Coalition; Intelligence officer and war gaming specialist; National policy board  American Freedom Coalition 32 as World Freedom Task Force dir.; 

American Freedom Coalition is a Moon/Unification Church front-  ~members of AFC also include- Alan Gottlieb, Robert GrantLynn Francis BoucheyL. Brent Bozell, IIIThomas F. Ellis, Lt. General Daniel O. Graham, Gary Jarmin, Dr. Mildred Faye Jefferson , Dr. W. Cleon Skousen, Major General John K. Singlaub, Steven A. F. Trevino, Richard Viguerie

"The U.S. Global Strategy Council, headed by Steven Trevino, has ties to the Unification Church and CAUSA through Arnaud de Borchgrave  and retired Gen. David Woellner... De Borchgrave is editor of the Washington Times, a newspaper owned by the Unification Church. Woellner is (or was) president of CAUSA World Services..." 33 

"U.S. Global Strategy Council is a Washington-based organization, which was/is under the chairmanship of founder Ray Cline, former Deputy Director of the CIA, who maintains very close ties with the U.S. Intelligence community. "Taiwan became a laboratory for "total and unconventional warfare." It established a Political Warfare Cadres Academy--D'Aubuisson is a graduate--with the assistance of WACL associate Ray Cline, who was CIA station chief in Taiwan form 1958-1962, then CIA deputy director for intelligence, State Department director of intelligence and founder of the U.S. Global Strategy Council. U.S. military personnel taught at the Academy....Moonie connections with the U.S. right...are extensive...[late] Major General Daniel O. Graham [CNP], a member of CAUSA USA's advisory board, heads the Star Wars lobby group, High Frontier. F. Lynn Bouchey [CNP], president of  the Council for Inter-American Security and member of the Committee of Santa Fe, helped organize two CAUSA conferences. Washington Times editor Arnaud de Borchgrave [CNP] serves on Ray Cline's U.S. Global Strategy Council, a Reagan advisory group. The Strategy Council's executive director is retired General E. David Woellner, president of CAUSA World Services. Washington Times columnists include Ray Cline's son-in-law Roger Fontaine, a Committee of Santa Fe member and former Reagan Latin America adviser, and Jeremiah O'Leary, formerly special assistant to National Security Adviser William Clark."  34  Footnotes 32-34

Patrick A. Trueman - CNP 1996, 1998;  director of governmental affairs and legislative counsel, American Family Association (AFA); co­host, AFA Report, a nationwide radio interview show with AFA President and CNP's Dr. Donald Wildmon; former chief of the Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section, Criminal Division, U.S. Justice Department; former senior liaison for the office of law enforcement, U.S. Justice Department; former executive director and general counsel, Americans United for Life, Chicago, Illinois.

Timothy E. Twardowski-  CNP 1998;  Executive vice president, InfoCision Management Corporation, an organization which raises more money for non-profits than any other outbound telephone fundraising firm in the world; InfoCision has over 200 clients, including the National Republican Congressional Committee, the National Right to Life Committee, and the Salvation Army, among many others; instructor, business finance, University of Akron; formerly employed by Haskins & Sells (now Deloitte & Touche), and the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company;

Sherman E. Unkefer III - CNP Board of Governors 1982, member 1984-85; President and founder of the North American Coin and Currency, Ltd. (One of the largest bullion dealers in America); advisor to Western Goals Foundation.  "...served as an adviser to Chile's regime under Augusto Pinochet. Unkefer reportedly worked closely with Chile's secret police organization, DINA...and was a member of the John Birch Society. 35  Footnotes 35

Rev. Nathaniel A. Urshan- CNP 1984-85; General Superintendent of the United Pentecostal Church International (UPCI); Member of  NKJV's  North American Overview Committee, 1975 to assist in preparing guidelines for the NKJV 36 ;

"...Rev. Andrew Urshan, pioneer Pentecostal and world missionary, assumed the pastorate in New York [The Manhattan Pentecostal Church]...In 1948, Rev. Urshan resigned the pastorate, and his son, Rev. Nathaniel A. Urshan became pastor and served for approximately one year. N.A. Urshan moved to Indianapolis, Indiana, took the pastorate of Calvary Tabernacle, serving as pastor for 30 years. Rev. Urshan currently serves as the General Superintendent of the United Pentecostal Church International (UPCI) with headquarters in Hazelwood, Missouri...." 37 

"...In 1985 on the John Ankerberg Show, Rev. Nathaniel Urshan in speaking for the United Pentecostal Church and responding to Cal Beisner and Dr. Walter Martin, said "We do not believe in a three-person Trinity, we believe that Jesus Christ was God manifest in the flesh. We do not believe that the terms `Trinity' - `God the Son', `God the Father', `God the Holy Ghost', `eternal Son', the `first, second, and third persons in the Trinity' are either scriptural or correct. We believe the doctrine of the Trinity was a product of pagan mythology and Grecian philosophy... The U.P.C. teaches that God is one Person who manifested himself in the Old Testament as the Father, in the New Testament as the Son, and today as the Holy Spirit...." 38  Footnotes 36-38

Jon Basil Utley- CNP 1984, 1988, 1996, 1998; Chairman, Americans Against World Empire 39, McLean, VA;  Robert A. Taft Fellow at the Ludwig von Mises Institute  40 and works with the Atlas Foundation project to support and offer training for free market think tanks in Russia; associate editor, The Times of the Americas; columnist, The Washington Times, the Washington Inquirer; contributing editor, Conservative Digest; lecturer, Freedoms Foundation, Accuracy in Media 41 ; was a foreign correspondent and lived for 15 years in 3rd world nations and for 14 years was a commentator for the Voice of America; served as a director or advisory board member of many conservative organizations including Accuracy in Media, Council for Inter-American Security [CIS], and the Conservative Caucus, Ethics and Public Policy Center 42, The Reason Foundation 43, Solidarity America. 

 Americans Against World Empire 44 "Our principal Board Members and many on our Advisory Council represent a continuation of the Committee to Avert a Mideast Holocaust, founded in l990 at the time of the First Gulf War by the late Phil Nicolaides (see below), by author and columnist Joseph Sobran, and by long time conservative activist Jon Basil Utley.  Board members include, Joseph Sobran, webpage, 45 Llewellyn Rockwell, Jr., President of the distinguished LUDWIG VON MISES INSTITUTE, Jon Basil Utley, studied history under the famous Professor Carroll Quigley at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service,  

The Advisory Board includes, Doug Bandow; Burton Blumert, founder and President of the Center for Libertarian Studies,  CNP's Otto Scott and  Peter Gemma; Eric Brodin, President of the Foundation for International Studies;  Ronald N. Neff and others

Mises Institute, is a CNP/reconstructionist connected libertarian institute which esteems notables such as Friedrich von Hayek. Friedrich von Hayek, protégé and colleague of founder Ludwig von Mises, is one of the founders of the Mont Pelerin Society of which many CNP are members. The Mont Pelerin Society is a relic of the fascist movements of Europe in the 1920s and 1930s, whose own members, such as Professor Milton Friedman, have "emphasized" that its policies are those of Adolf Hitler. 43 [meaning from Hitler's policies in the 1920's and 1930's]. Soon after it was founded in 1947, the Mont Pelerin Society moved to London... Beginning in the mid-1970s, with lavish corporate financing, the Mont Pelerin Society, spawned a series of "think tanks" 43. Von Hayek, the founder, wrote The Road to Serfdom in London in 1944, while teaching at the British Fabian Society's London School of Economics.

" London Friedrich Hayek was creating an organization that would later re-form as the Mont Pelerin Society. The early group was formed in 1939 and was known as the Society for the Renovation of Liberalism. Members of the organization included Frank Knight and Henry Simons of the University of Chicago, the slavishly pro-British American Fabian Socialist Walter Lippman, the philosopher Sir Karl Popper, Sir John Clapham of the Bank of England, and of course, Ludwig von Mises. [a founding member and for at least 13 years]

All of these early members of Hayek's group then met at Mont Pelerin, Switzerland to form the influential, highly-secretive, and elitist Mont Pelerin Society in 1947...From the beginning the Mont Pelerin Society worked hand-in-hand with the Pan European Union..." 43b  See: Footnotes   Footnotes 39-45

Harry Valentine - CNP 1998, current; founder of Sound the Trumpet Ministries Inc. 46 ; founder: The Churchill School (for children with learning disabilities in Manhattan, NYC); prayer advisor to Alan Keyes' 1996 presidential campaign; former owner: Oklahoma City 89'ers, Daytona Beach Astros; executive committee: The Alliance for Revival & Reformation; member: Council for National Policy

"Harry developed relationships with other pro-life, pro-family leaders and identified closely with the National Prayer Embassy, organized by Rev. B. J. Willhite. Years of Christian activism and study convinced Harry that if the conditions of 2 Chr 7:14 are not met by God's people, America will be destroyed by the very God who formerly blessed it (Dt 28:all)."

The Capitol Hill Prayer Alert  47 is a publication of Sound the Trumpet Ministries, which is also a member of Paul Weyrich's  Free Congress Foundation's Coalition for Constitutional Liberties  48 and the Alliance for Reformation & Revival. (ARR)49 Sound the Trumpet Ministries is endorsed by Paul Weyrich, Alan Keyes, and others.  

The ARR Christian Manifesto 50 " These 42 Articles of Affirmation and Denial comprise the theological foundation on which all of The Coalition on Revival's 17 Sphere Documents, A Manifesto for the Christian Church, Articles of Affirmation and Denial on the Kingdom of God, 51 [All part of COR 52] and all other official documents must rest and to which they all must comply. These 42 Articles state what are the essentials of the Christian World View and in turn rest upon the foundation of the inerrant, written World of God. the Bible." 

According to this manifesto, the Alliance for Reformation and Revival is working to establish a kingdom on earth based on Biblical law and therefore reserves to itself the right to deny the legitimacy of secular governments. "

Dennis Peacocke's Coalition on Revival (COR) was co-founded and headed by Jay Grimstead. Jay Grimstead's COR Manifesto is the document which outlines COR's goals and objectives. The 135 Christian activists who signed the document in 1986 committed themselves to working for the realization of COR's goals "until the day we die." Those on the COR steering committee include other CNP members as well as recognized shepherding movement leaders such as Bob Mumford and Ern Baxter, as well as Jack Van Impe. 

For Dennis Peacocke, Mumford, Doner See: Shepherding; Jay Grimstead

It's noteworthy that Capitol Hill Prayer Alert's Sarah Ballenger, who was/is in leadership of that organization, was the person who encouraged Barb Aho of Watch Unto Prayer to start doing research/write and eventually start her website. The Aho's had, [and may still,] supported Capital Hill Prayer Alert. Barb Aho is a closet charismatic, private prayer language tongues speaker who attends a Reformed Baptist Church in Florida, with her husband. Reformed Baptists reject tongues and all sign gifts believing them to have ceased and also teach from all Bible versions. Barb Aho has touted in many of her writings, which advocate the use of the King James Version, that versions other than King James are "corrupt." She sits under those "corrupt for others" teachings, calling them "excellent and without error" for herself and family.   Footnotes 46-52

Mike Valerio - CNP Board of Governors 1982, Executive Committee 1988, 1994, member 1996; President of Papa Gino's of America, Inc.; United States Congressman; former vice president, The Conservative Caucus Research, Analysis and Education Foundation.

Guy Vander Jagt- CNP Board of Governors 1982, member 1984, 1988; attorney at Baise, Miller, & Freer 53; member John E. Moss Congressional Advisory Committee 54;  served in Congress for twenty-seven years and was in the Republican leadership for eighteen years, meeting at least weekly with Presidents Ford, Reagan and Bush. He was on the Foreign Affairs Committee, the Space Committee, and the powerful Ways and Means Committee; was awarded a Knighthood in the House of Orange by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands in 1986. He was named the Outstanding Dutch-American of the Year by the Netherlands Amity Trust Association in 1991; 

"... Africa in 1973 when he served as Nixon's Special Representative for trade and investment in Africa. Within two years of this high-profile trip, Vander Jagt was elected chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee. His career reached a high when he gave the keynote address at the 1980 Republican National Convention. 55 

Chairman of the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee... a member of the Congressional Board of Christian Voice, and a member of the CFR. 56  Footnotes 53-56

Balint Vazsonyi - CNP 1996, 1998; senior resident fellow, The Potomac Foundation 57 ; author of "America's 30 Years War: Who Is Winning?"; founder/director of the Center for the American Founding 58 [sponsored by the Potomac Foundation] and architect of it's Re-Elect America Bus Tour 59 with many CNP members including Edwin Meese; born in Budapest, Hungary, U.S. citizen since 1964; author, The Battle for America's Soul; lecturer (Smithsonian Institute and National Press Club); writes a bi-weekly column for The Washington Times [Moon's] professor of Music, Indiana University; dean of music, New World School of the Arts, Miami, Florida; founder and CEO, Telemusic, Inc., a production company for TV and video; Republican mayoral candidate, Bloomington, Indiana;   Footnotes 57-59

Richard Viguerie - CNP Board of Governors 1982, Executive Committee 1984-85, 1988, member 1996, 1998; former owner "Conservative Digest"; Chairman, American Target Advertising, Inc., a direct marketing advertising agency; Viguerie Communications; former executive secretary, Young Americans for Freedom 60 1961-64; author, The New Right: We're Ready to Lead and The Establishment vs. The People;  principal in the Moral Majority, created in 1979 by Richard Viguerie, Paul Weyrich and Howard Phillips; a principal and worked with Howard Phillips to found The Conservative Caucus, TCC from 1975 through 1980; Unification Church/ CAUSA/ WACL supporter;

Was secretary of the National Advisory board of American Freedom Coalition, "Richard Viguerie is best known for his RAVCO operations, a conservative direct mail fundraising empire. He also founded the Conservative Digest magazine and served as its publisher for 10 years... Shortly after Richard Viguerie joined the board of the American Freedom Coalition, a Moon-related company bought the building which houses his headquarters....A February 1988 article in Newsweek says that Richard Viguerie has resigned from the AFC board but retains the organization as a client. However, in a conversation with a member of the AFC in September l989, the Resource Center was told that Viguerie was still on the group's board of advisors..." 61 

American Freedom Coalition is a Moon/Unification Church front-  ~members of AFC also include- Alan Gottlieb, Robert GrantLynn Francis BoucheyL. Brent Bozell, IIIThomas F. Ellis, Lt. General Daniel O. Graham, Gary Jarmin, Dr. Mildred Faye Jefferson , Dr. W. Cleon Skousen, Major General John K. Singlaub, Steven A. F. Trevino

Howard Phillips was on the advisory board of Citizens Against The Catastrophic Health Tax Act (CATCHA), a group chaired by Richard Viguerie and spearheaded in congress by Rep. Mark Siljander...He began his career as an activist working for the Young Americans for Freedom and the Committee for the Monroe Doctrine, a group started in the 1960s to agitate against U.S. accommodation with Cuba... He ran direct mail campaigns for TCC, the Committee for the Survival of a Free Congress, and the National Conservative Political Action Committee (NCPAC)... He was on the board of Citizens for America and handled its direct mail campaigns... In the mid-1980s Viguerie fell into debt and was bailed out by the $10 million sale of his building to the Unification Church of Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Viguerie was on the board of the American Freedom Coalition (AFC), a Moon-affiliated group that works against anything that is seen to threaten "traditional" values... Viguerie did mailings for the AFC as well as the Unification church-owned Washington Times... 62 

"1964 started his own direct mail fundraising company, RAVCO, now Viguerie Communications, using the YAF and Goldwater mailing lists. In 1970s, Viguerie did the direct-mail fundraising for Paul Weyrich's Committee for the Survival of a Free Congress, now the Free Congress Foundation. Viguerie was candidate in 1976 for the presidential nomination of the neo-fascist, "Klan-infested" American Independent Party (AIP) of George Wallace. In 1975, he created The Conservative Caucus (TCC) with Howard Phillips."

"Three men who worked for the Goldwater campaign and one woman became key players in the formation of the "new right". Richard Viguerie copied the names and addresses of Goldwater donors available from the Library of Congress and launched a direct mail campaign. Howard Phillips founded the Conservative Caucus and supported militarism and South Africa apartheid. Paul Weyrich with financial backing from the Coors family founded the Heritage Foundation in 1973... In 1972 Phyllis Schlafly founded the Eagle Forum." 63  

According to Sara Diamond in Spiritual Warfare, a congressional committee led by Rep. Donald Fraser found that after a 1961 coup in South Korea, "the Korean Central Intelligence Agency (KCIA) decided to 'organize and utilize' the Unification Church as a 'political tool' within the United States. KCIA agents were found to have infiltrated the staffs of Rep. Cornelius Gallagher and House Majority Leader Carl Albert, and numerous Moonies landed volunteer positions in Congressional offices."

"The Fraser Committee found that one of the early KCIA/Moon projects was the Korean Cultural Freedom Foundation, a supposedly nonprofit organization which was actually a propaganda campaign on behalf of South Korea. By the spring of 1964, KCFF was raising funds from Americans for the Freedom Center; the latter was a project of the Asian People's Anti-Communist League (APACL), promoted and subsidized by the Korean government.  The Freedom Center is the secretarial headquarters of the World Anti-Communist League (WACL), a multinational network of Nazi war criminals, Latine American death squad leaders, North American racists and anti-Semites, and fascist politicians from every continent."

"Richard Viguerie says he did some 'pro bono' organizing work for the World Anti-Communist League during the 1970s, and his ties to WACL may have had something to do with his winning the lucrative fundraising contract for the "Children's Relief Fund," sponsored by the Moonies' Korean Cultural and Freedom Foundation. That was in 1977--precisely the period when Viguerie was starting to organize the New Right resentment against the Carter administration.  New York State charity auditors found that less than 6.3 percent of the $1,508,256 Viguerie raised actually went to needy Korean children.  The "charity" went to Richard Viguerie, who netted a fee of more than $920,000."...."

"In 1986, Viguerie was on the bring of bankruptcy when the Unification Church again came to his aid financially.  In late 1985, Viguerie had been forced to sell "Conservative Digest."  In January 1986, eight of his creditors filed suit for a total of $2.3 million owed to them.  At the same time, Viguerie had to put his $9 million office building in Fairfax, Virginia up for sale."

"Just as he was about to go under in early 1986, Viguerie won a lucrative account, the distribution of the Unification Church-owned "Insight "magazine. Then in October 1987, U.S. Property Development Corporation controlled by Rev. Moon's right-hand man, Col. Bo Hi Pak, paid $10.06 million for Viguerie's office building. Also in 1987, Viguerie took on the direct mail account of Moonie-dominated American Freedom Coalition (discussed below). Just as U.S. intelligence agencies have financed and organized right-wing political groups throughout the world, it was to the advantage of well-heeled international interests to help build a reactionary political movement within the United States."  64 

Viguerie's past and present clients include many CNP affiliated organizations: NCPAC, The Conservative Caucus, Campus Crusade, Korean Cultural Freedom Foundation (Moon), Gun Owners of America, YAF, Free Congress Foundation and numerous election campaigns. Viguerie helped found the Council for National Policy, which included most of the activist leadership on the right as well as contributors like Joseph Coors, Herbert William Hunt and Nelson Bunker Hunt . 65 

"... until recently more than $1.5 million in debt, according to Fairfax, Va., court records. They indicate that in mid-October the U.S. Property Development Corp. paid $10.06 million to 7777 Associates for the suburban Virginia office building including Viguerie's headquarters. Viguerie owned 72 percent of 7777 Associates, according to Virginia records, and U.S. Property's president is Moon's right-hand man, Bo Hi Pak.  Viguerie now serves with Abernathy on the five-man board of the Moonie-dominated American Freedom Coalition. The coalition, which claims a 'house list' of more than 300,000 member-contributors, is also Viguerie's biggest new direct-mail client." ["How Rev. Moon Got Ensconced with the New Right: His Aid is Varied and Plentiful," Seattle Times, Dec. 31, 1987]

"In March l985, CIS sponsored a "Nicaraguan Freedom Gala" at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in California for contra commanders Fernando Chamorro and Steadman Fagoth. The event cost $100 a couple and generated $8000 in proceeds, including donations. Bouchey said the money was to be used for a radio advertisement campaign which targeted 50 congressional districts thought to be swing votes in the next contra aid legislative battle. Part of the funds were to be used for a television documentary called Central America: Before It's Too Late, narrated by Rep. Robert Dornan.... The following year, CIS sponsored another Nicaraguan Freedom Gala, this one in Washington D.C. In attendance were Richard Viguerie, direct mail wizard of the New Right, Enrique Bermudez, top contra commander, and Adolfo Calero, a member of the contra political directorate... Former contra leader Edgar Chamorro notes that Bouchey visited contra forces in Honduras..." 66   Footnotes 60-66

Christine Vollmer - CNP Board of Governors 1996, 1998; Aragua Services; founding member of the Pontifical Academy for Life and president of the Latin American Alliance for the Family; President, Provive, Caracas, Venezuela; spoke at of Pontifical Council for the Family in Rome, June1999, CNP's Father Sirico  of Acton Institute also spoke; President, World Organization for the Family  and co-chaired the First World Congress of Families; Co-President of ALAFA (<Alianza Latinoamericana para la Familia>)

Madamme Christine de Vollmer of Venezuela, also a Stewart, is the President of the Latin American Alliance for the Family.  Member of the World Congress of Families II Planning Committees, 67  she has organized conferences on the family all over Europe and Latin America.  She has served with the Holy See Delegation at the United Nations and is a member of the Pontifical Council for the Family.  

Countess Christine de Vollmer, who holds a number of important consultancy positions in the Vatican, believes that ‘The work of women in the home is the basis for the happiness of the whole human race.’ A member of the secretive right-wing organisation Opus Dei, Vollmer is one of only three women on the 20-strong permanent delegation of the Holy See to the UN, whose policies on abortion and birth control have been a special target for her wrath. 68 

World Congress of Families 69 is a project of the Howard Center 70  and World Family Policy Center, "The David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies and the J. Reuben Clark School of Law, in partnership with the School of Family Life at Brigham Young University, have established World Family Policy Center to provide world-wide democratic input and effectively educate the United Nations on pro-family and other value-based issues..."

The World Congress of Families project was founded in 1996 by Allan Carlson, president of The Howard Center for Family, Religion, and Society. Co-convening organizations represented Christian, Jewish, Islamic, and secular groups, and included The Australian Family Association, The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines-Office for Women, The Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, Endeavour Forum (Australia), Family Research Council, The Latin American Alliance for the Family, The Organization of the Islamic Conference, The Relief Society Organization of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and Toward Tradition."

Toward Tradition is headed by Rabbi Daniel Lapin : See: CNP's "Father" Rev. Robert Sirico  ICES Also: EJECCT: Part 1 Ecumenical Jews, Evangelicals, Charismatics & Catholics Together 

Family Research Council > See: CNP's Gary Bauer; Joint Organizations E-J

Husband, Alberto de Vollmer of the Alberto Vollmer Foundation 71, is Ambassador from Venezuela to the Holy See. Also a member of the World Congress of Families II Planning Committee 72; Co-President of ALAFA (<Alianza Latinoamericana para la Familia>); 

In 1997, Alberto, and other prominent Venezuala business men, backed the prominent Venezuelan industrialist, Gustavo Marturet, to form Venezuela's first financial holding company, Mercantil Servicios Financieros. 73 It's holdings include Banco Mercantil 74, affiliate of Chase Manhattan Bank, and by its role as a safe haven during the 1994 Venezuelan banking crisis." JP Morgan acquired 9.65 percent of Mercantil in 1997 as a portfolio investment. Marturet, who arranged an alliance with US insurer Aetna, is backed by a who's who of Venezuela, including the Vollmer, Machado, Travieso, and Sanchez clans. 

J.P. Morgan Capital Corporation ("Morgan Capital") announced today that it has acquired, for investment purposes, a 6.25% equity ownership interest in Almacenes Exito S.A. ("Exito"), a retailer operating in Colombia....Exito is Morgan Capital's first investment in Colombia. Morgan Capital's portfolio in Latin America comprises investments in 10 other companies, among them Mercantil Servicios Financieros (one of Venezuela's leading financial services group..." 75 

CARACAS, July 14 2000 (Reuters) - Venezuelan financial group Mercantil Servicios Financieros said on Friday it repurchased a 49 percent stake in its insurance unit Seguros Mercantil from its U.S. partner, insurance group Aetna Inc AET.N.  Aetna, the No.1 U.S. health insurer, sold its holding in Venezuela's ninth largest insurer as part of a reduction in its overseas operations, Mercantil said in a statement. Aetna had bought the stake in February 1998 for $30 million. The sale gives Mercantil Servicios Financieros, Venezuela's largest locally owned financial group, 100 percent control of the company. 76  Footnotes 67-76

Barbara Vucanovich- "Barbara Farrell Dillon Vucanovich"- CNP 1996, 1998; moved to Nevada in 1949 to obtain a divorce from her first husband, married Reno attorney Kenneth P. Dillon, who died in 1964; 1965, Barbara married accountant George Vucanovich. She successfully owned and operated two businesses - a travel agency and an Evelyn Wood speed-reading franchise; former president of the Republican Women's Club of Reno and president of the Nevada Federation of Republican Women's Clubs; won, the second Congressional seat when it was created in 1982. She served until her retirement at the end of 1996; served on the boards of the Commission on Presidential Debates, Secretary to the House Republican Conference, Conference secretary to the Republican Policy Committee, and a member of the Executive Committee of the National Republican Congressional Committee


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