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The Institute for First Amendment Studies [IFAS], a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational and research organization, was founded in 1984 by former fundamentalist minister Skipp Porteous and attorney Barbara Simon, to "expose and counter the political activities of the Religious Right." The IFAS website operated until 2001, where the information has continued to be carried by publiceye.org.   On August 1, 1996, Skipp Porteous announced, "Starting today, The Council for National Policy Unofficial Information Page" went on the Internet through the web site of the Institute for First Amendment Studies (IFAS), publishers of Freedom Writer magazine..."

Again, this is historical information and provided for research purposes.

Skipp Porteous managed to gain access to a few meetings and came out with various information, including the following:


Tysons Corner meeting

Ritz-Carlton Tysons Corner
McLean, Virginia

May 1-2, 1998






Standing Committee Workshops


Defense and Foreign Policy
Howard Phillips, chairman
John Stormer, vice chairman



Woody Jenkins, chairman
Theodore Baehr, vice chairman


Law & Justice
Edwin Meese III, chairman
Paul Pressler, vice chairman


Hot Issues
Dick Dingman, chairman
Richard Viguerie, vice chairman


Economic Freedom
Jim Miller, chairman
Mark Mix, vice chairman


Phyllis Schlafly, chairman



Members in attendance

Gary Aldrich, Arthur D. Ally, Kris Ardizzone, Richard K. Armey, Edward G. Atsinger III, Theodore Baehr, Mariam Bell, Morton (and Helen R.) Blackwell, Michael Blocker, Earle A. Bronson, Pam Burress, Sandra Butler, Kenneth W. Campbell, Charles S. Carriker, John W. Chalfant, James N. Clymer, Guy M. Condon, Robert L. Cone, Darden Coors*, Holland H. Coors, Jeffrey H. Coors, William L. Creedon, T. Kenneth Cribb Jr., James C. Czirr.

Brad Dacus, Beverly Danielson, Diana D. Denman, Richard B. Dingman, James Dobson, John Doolittle, Ann Drexel, Greg Drexel, Daniel Duggan*, Charles H. Dunlap III, Kathy Dupuy*, Thomas F. Ellis, Ron Ensminger, Kristy Epperson*, Stuart Epperson Jr.*, Stuart W. Epperson, Joseph Farrah, Michael P. (and Vickie) Farris, Edwin J. Feulner Jr., Peter Foy, Kevin Freeman, Foster S. Friess, Kevin (and Anne) Gentry.

Edith D. Hakola, Thor Halvorssen*, Colin A. Hanna, Nancy H. Hansen, Sara DiVito Hardman, Benjamin Hart, Seamus Hasson, Richard Hendrix, Donna Hearne, Harry Helton, Carl Herbster, Matthew Herbster*, Don Hodel, Mary Reilly Hunt, Reed Irvine, Lorena Morrill Jaeb, Louis "Woody" (and Diane) Jenkins, Margaret Jenkins*, David Keene, Richard Kimble, Cliff Kincaid, Dora Kingsley, Larry Klayman.

Beverly LaHaye, Lee LaHaye, Tim LaHaye, David Lane, Reed E. Larson, Jerry Ledzinski, Tim LeFever, Andrew Lester, Mark Levin, J. Keet Lewis, Jay Lifschultz*, David Linton*, Chris Long, Scott Maclellan, Laurel Ann MacLeod*, Marlin Maddoux, Marion "Mac" Magruder Jr., Shannon Magruder*, Carolyn Malenick, Pat Matrisciana, Bob McClellan, Jim McCotter, Liz McCotter*, Shannon McCotter*, Ken McKim*, Edwin Meese III, F. Andy Messing Jr., Eugene Meyer, James C. (and Demaris H.) Miller III, Chuck Missler, Mark Mix, Stanley Monteith, Mark Montini*, Pat Mooney*, Sam Moore, Thomas S. Moorman, Duane Motley, Rob Muskett*.

Richard B. (and Christi) Neill, Patrick J. Nolan, Grover Norquist, Phillip V. Olsen, William J. Olson, Merrill Oster, Eric Owens*, J.A. "Jay" Parker, Colleen G. Parros, Carmen Pate, Patrice J. Peterson*, Brad Phillips*, Howard Phillips, Thomas L. Phillips, Larry Pratt, Paul (and Nancy Avery) Pressler, Paul Pressler IV, Penny Pullen, Ron Robinson (and Michelle Easton), Gregory D. Rohrbough*, Ron Rosenberger*.

Mark Sanford, Terry Scanlon, Rick Scarborough, Frederic "Rick" Schatz, Blaine Scheideman, Phyllis Schlafly, John Scribante, Dal (and Barbara) Shealy, Abe Siemens, John K. Singlaub, Mark Skousen, Rich Shipe*, Eunie Smith, LaNeil Wright Spivy, Ted Squires, Darla St. Martin, Steve Stockman, John A . Stormer, JoAnn Strickler*, Kathleen Sullivan, Gaylord K. Swim.

James E. Taylor, Timothy Teepell*, Kristine Thompson*, Herbert W. Titus, Timothy E. (and Rachelle) Twardowski, George Uribe II*, J. Corbin Van Arsdale*, Balint (and Barbara) Vazsonyi, Richard A. Viguerie, Gray Wakefield, Phyllis Weaver, Judi Westberg-Warren, Diana Weyrich, Marie Wheat*, Don (and Lynda) Wildmon, Alvin Williams, John (and Barbara) Willke, Chris Wilson*, George Witwer, Jim (and Lenora) Woodall, Jared R. Woodfill*, Maria Zentara*.

* Youth Council member
Parentheses indicates attending spouse



Guests in attendance



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The Institute for First Amendment Studies (IFAS) (http://www.buildingequality.us/ifas/) operated from 1989 to 2001 as a progressive pro-democracy research group, tracking Christian right activities. (http://www.publiceye.org/lnk_dem.html) The IFAS published a newsletter called "Freedom Writer (http://www.buildingequality.us/ifas/fw/index.html)."

The Florida chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of White People, a white supremacist organization, also sponsors a page called Institute for First Amendment Studies (http://www.naawpflch.org/index/studies.html). The page contains broken links to the IFAS former website. [http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Institute_for_First_Amendment_Studies]