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CNP Executives and Members Lists:

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Update: Feb 7, 2006 > note> hotlinks have been changed to CNP bios where applicable. This information is provided for educational and research purposes, and is historical in nature.

Board of Directors

The 2002 calendar year Form 990 return filed with the IRS lists the board of Directors as:

Staff members of the Board of Directors are:

  • Steve Baldwin, Executive Director (paid $157,391 in 2002)
  • David Fenner, Director of MIS & Programs (paid $89,088 in 2002)
  • Jennifer Rutledge, Director of Finance & Administration (paid $57,504 in 2002)


End Update

Staff As of February 1998

Morton  C Blackwell
Executive Director

David Fenner
Director of Member Relations

Margaret Hathway
Director of Conferences

Danya Hogan 

Jim Hoss
Meeting Intern

Bret Hrbeck
Meeting Intern

Alex X. Mooney
Vice President of CNP Action, Inc.

Jennifer A. Rutledge
Director of Finance and Administration

Chris Stanley

Lorianne Updike
Meeting Intern

Executive Committee 1998

Edward G. Atsinger III
June 2000

Gary Bauer 
June 1998

Beverly Danielson
June 1999

Stuart W. Epperson 
June 2000

Edwin J. Feulner, Jr
June 1999

Foster Friess
June 1999

Preston Hawkins 
June 1999

Donald Paul Hodel
Vice President
June 1998

Louis "Woody" Jenkins
June 1999

Reed Larson
June 1998

Marion "Mac" Magruder
June 1998

  James C. Miller III
June 2000

Oliver L. North
June 1998

Lowell Smith
June 2000

LaNeil Wright Spivy
June 2000

Senior Executive Committee and Past Presidents As of May 1998

Edwin Meese III

Rich DeVos
1990-1993 and 1986-1988

Judge Paul  Pressler

Dr. "M.G." Pat Robertson 

Sam Moore  

Nelson Bunker Hunt 

Tom Ellis 

Dr. Tim LaHaye

Board of Governors As of May 1998

Howard Ahmanson Sam Moore  James S. Price Elsa Prince
Daniel B. Allison II T. Kenneth Cribb James Martin Hill Rich Riddle 
Thomas R. Anderson James Czirr Roland Hinz  John Scribante 
Thomas Armstrong Beverly Danielson Donald Paul Hodel Lynda Scribante
Edward G. Atsinger III Rich DeVos  Mary Reilly Hunt Dal Shealy
John Beckett Ann Drexel Lorena Jaeb Jim R. Smith
Ray Berryman Stuart W Epperson  Woody Jenkins Lowell Smith
James K. Blinn Jerry Falwell Tim LaHaye Geraldine Snyder
Robert L. Cone Edwin J. Feulner, Jr Jerome M. Ledzinski Stacy Taylor 
Peter C. Cook Foster Friess Edward A Lozick Christine Vollmer
Holland H Coors H. Preston Hawkins  Mac Magruder Craig Welch
Jeffrey Coors  Thomas D. Hess James D. McCotter Paul Weyrich 

Recipients of CNP Awards As of February 1998

Thomas Jefferson Award for Servant Leadership

1997 Ward Connelly
1996 Paul Weyrich
1995 Edwin J. Feulner Jr.
1994 Phyllis Schlafly
1993 Daniel O. Graham
1992 Clarence Thomas
1991 Robert H. Krieble
1990 James Dobson
1989 Ellen St. John Garwood
1988 William Armstrong
1987 Fred Schwarz
1986 Edwin Meese III
1985 William J. Bennett
1984 John F. Lehman
1983 Jesse Helms
1982 Jeane J. Kirkpatrick

Richard M. DeVos Free Enterprise Award for Exceptional Leadership

1996 Rich DeVos

1988 Executive Committee and Officers

Officer: Judge Paul Pressler ~ President; 

Mr. Ed Prince ~ Vice-President; 

Mr. Paul Weyrich ~ Secretary Treasurer


Executive Committee Members:

Ambassador Holland H. Coors; Mr. Rich De Vos; Mr. Thomas F. Ellis; Dr. Edwin J. Feulner, Jr.; Mr. Nelson B. Hunt; Dr. Robert H. Krieble; Mrs. Connaught Marshner; Mr. Howard Phillips; Mr. Michael A. Valerio; Mr. Richard A. Viguerie

Officers & Executive Committee from the 1996 Telephone Directory

Officers: The Honorable Edwin Meese III ~ President

      The Honorable Holland H. Coors ~ Vice President

      Mr. Reed Larson~ Secretary/Treasurer

Executive Committee Members:

The Honorable Gary Bauer

Mr. Foster Friess

Mr. Preston Hawkins

The Honorable Donald Paul Hodel

The Honorable Louis "Woody" Jenkins

Mr. Marion "Mac" Magruder

Mr. Sam Moore

Lt. Col. Oliver L. North

Mr Howard Phillips

Dr. Lowell Smith

Mrs. LaNeil Spivy

1996 Board of Governors

Howard Ahmanson, Tom Anderson, Thomas Armstrong, Ed Atsinger, Carole Baker, Ray, Berryman, Dick Bott, Jim Bowers, Robert Cone, Peter Cook, Holly Coors, Jeff Coors, Beverly Danielson, Rich De Vos, Ann Drexel, Stuart Epperson, Ed Feulner, Foster Friess, Preston Hawkins, Thomas Hess, Jimmy Hill, Joe Hilyard, Roland Hinz, Mary Reilly Hunt, Lorena Jaeb, Woody Jenkins, Bob Krieble, Beverly LaHaye, Tim Lahaye, Ed Lozick, Mac Magruder, Norm McClelland, Jim McCotter, Sam Moore, Ollie North, Jim Price, Elsa Prince, Rich Riddle, Lynda Scribante, Ron Seeley, Jim R. Smith, Lowell Smith, Gerry Snyder, Stacy Taylor, Christine Vollmer, Craig Welch, Paul Weyrich

Council for National Policy. Member Participants. 1984  Former Online source:

Namebase>">Council for National Policy. Mailing List. 1984 >Council for National Policy. Member Participants. 1984">Council National Policy
and other.

Council for National Policy 1982-1983 Members

Council for National Policy 1984-1985 Members

Council for National Policy 1988 Members

Council for National Policy 1996 Members 

Council for National Policy 1998 Members 

Council for National Policy 1998 - Tyson's Corner Meeting

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