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With CNP Members who are involved/connected in some manner.

*A vast number are/have been members of the Republican party or served in the Reagan administration--these are too numerous to mention in this section. I undoubtedly have missed names with the various groups and many groups are mentioned in individual bios that are not listed here.

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Accuracy in Media > ~ Reed Irvine, Joseph Coors, Beverly Danielson, William E. Simon, Joan HueterCliff Kincaid, Dr. Robert H. KriebleRichard M. Scaife, Harry G. A. Seggerman, Steve Stockman, Dr. Edward TellerJon Basil Utley, Outreach Working Group on Central America [below]

Accuracy in Academia, Inc > Reed Irvine, Les Csorba

Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty > > "Each member of our board believes in the importance of the Acton Institute's work to promote the compatibility of faith and freedom." Provides a list of links to "Christian environmental organizations >" that includes, Cathedral of St. John Divine, the headquarters for the Episcopal Church, the Temple of Understanding and home for New Ager Madeline L'engle. 

Actons Board and Advisory Board include: "Father" Rev. Robert Sirico; Mrs. Betsy DeVos [CNP's Rich DeVos hus., daughter of CNP's Elsa Prince] Dr. Edwin J. Feulner, Jr., William E. Simon, George W. Strake, Jr;  

See: The Interfaith Council for Environmental Stewardship (ICES) > See: ICES; CNP Joint Projects E-J

Advance - George F. Gilder

Agency for International Development > [CIA funded/front]~ John R. Bolton

Alert ~ Dr. Robert J Billings, William Billings 

American Center for Law and Justice > founder- Dr. "M. G." Pat Robertson, Jay A. Sekulow 

American Civil Rights Union > Hon. Edwin Meese III

American Coalition for Traditional Values ~ Dr. Timothy LaHaye, Ben ArmstrongGary Jarmin

American Conservative Union > Alan GottliebJohn M. Ashbrook, Jeffrey Bell, Morton Blackwell, Jameson Campaigne, Jr., L. Brent Bozell, III, Jesse Helms, M. Stanton Evans, David Keene, Grover Norquist Rep. Louis (Woody) Jenkins, Ralph E. Reed, Jr., Ronald E. Robinson, Beverly LaHayeMajor F. Andy Messing, Jr., Lawrence D. "Larry" Pratt, Dr. Charles E. Rice, William A. Rusher, Thomas S. Winter

American Enterprise Institute (AEI) > ~ William E. Simon, Olin Foundation, Castle Rock Foundation, Sarah Scaife Foundation, Bradley Foundation, Scaife Family Foundation, Alan KeyesLewis E. "Lew" Lehrman, James C. Miller III, William J. Olson; Burton Yale Pines 

AEI-Brookings Joint Center for Regulatory Studies> Dr. Ernest W. Lefever

American Family Association, Inc. (AFA)/AFA Report ~>> Patrick A. Trueman, Rev. Donald Wildmon, Tim Wildmon

American Freedom Coalition [Moon/Unification Church front] ~ Alan Gottlieb, Robert GrantLynn Francis BoucheyL. Brent Bozell, IIIThomas F. Ellis, Lt. General Daniel O. Graham, Gary Jarmin, Dr. Mildred Faye Jefferson , Dr. W. Cleon Skousen, Major General John K. Singlaub, Steven A. F. Trevino, Richard Viguerie

American Institute for Free Labor Development (AIFLD) ~ J. Peter Grace

American Political Action Committee> ~ Alan Gottlieb

Americans Against World Empire > ~ Jon Basil Utley, Otto Scott, Peter B. Gemma Jr.

American Security Council ~ John W. ChalfantMajor General John K. SinglaubLt. General Daniel O. Graham, Brig. General Albion W. Knight, Dr. W. Cleon Skousen, Hon. Helen Marie Taylor

American Sovereignty Action Project > ~ Cliff Kincaid, Ronald E. Robinson, Floyd Brown

American Spectator ~ George F. Gilder, Richard M. Scaife,

Americans United for Life > Clarke D. Forsythe, Guy M. Condon 

AmeriCares > ~ J. Peter Grace, William E. Simon , Lt. Col. Oliver North, Major General John K. Singlaub

AMERICA'S VOICE > ~ Paul Weyrich, Richard B. Dingham

Ankerberg Theological Research Institute > Dr. John F. AnkerbergDr. Theodore Baehr, Nancy Missler (wife to Charles W. Missler)

Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations ( ABN)Dr. David Balsiger, Robert Grant

Aspen Global Change Institute > Rich DeVos (AMWAY)

Aspen Institute of Humanistic Studies [known as Aspen Institute]> Jack Kemp

Ban the Soviet Coalition ~ Dr. David Balsiger

Billy Graham Evangelical Assoc./Training Center/etc. ~ Howard A. Ball, Mary C. Crowley, Rev. Ben Haden, Rev. E. V. HillPhillip Olsen

Bohemian Club ~ Dr. John A. Howard  

Bott Radio Network ~ Richard Bott, Rich Bott, Donna Hearne

Brigham Young University/ Mormon/ THE CHURCH of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints [part of or publicly supportive of through their organization]~ Mark A. Benson, Dr. James Dobson, Dr. John A. Howard , Mary Reilly Hunt, Terry J. Jeffers, Howard J. Ruff, Dr. W. Cleon Skousen, Mark Skousen, Gaylord K. Swim, Christine Vollmer, Richard B. Wirthlin

Brookings Institution > liberal think-tank, established Center for Public Policy Education >, the Center on Urban and Metropolitan Policy,> and the Center for Northeast Asian Policy Studies > ~ Howard Ahmanson, Jr.James "Jimmy" Martin Hill Jr., Dr. Ernest W. Lefever 

California Independent Business PAC ~ Howard Ahmanson, Jr., Edward G. Atsinger III, Roland Hinz and Lila Hinz, Richard A. Riddle

Campaign for Working Families > Hon. Gary Bauer

Campus Crusade for Christ Intíl.> Dr. William "Bill" R. Bright, Robbie GowdeyHoward A. Ball , Nelson Bunker Hunt Joseph Coors, Rev. E. V. Hill, Rep. Hal JonesRobert M. Pittenger, Jim Powers, Lawson Ridgeway

Agape Movement ~ Larry W. Poland

Associates in Media ~ Larry W. Poland

Christian Leadership Ministries > J. Stanley Oakes Jr.

International Institute for Mankind > Stanley Oakes Jr.

Christian World Liberation Front ~ Dr. William "Bill" R. Bright, Pat MatriscianaNelson Bunker Hunt 

 Fasting and Praying > Dr. William "Bill" R. Bright, Rev. E. V. HillDr. James Dobson, Dr. "M. G." Pat Robertson, Larry Burkett, Dr. Timothy LaHaye and Beverly LaHaye, Dr. D. James Kennedy

HERE'S LIFE, WORLD (or other branches) ~ Dr. William "Bill" R. Bright, Robbie GowdeyNelson Bunker Hunt , Rep. Hal Jones, Robert M. Pittenger

ChurchLIFE > Howard A. Ball 

International Christian Leadership University ~ Dr. William "Bill" R. Bright

International School of Theology ~ Richard Dunham

New Life 2000 ~Dr. John F. Ankerberg

Third Century Press ~ Dr. William "Bill" R. Bright, John G. Talcott Jr. 

The Christian Embassy > ~ Dr. William "Bill" R. Bright, Ann Drexel Ronald L. Seeley

The Christian Freedom Foundation ~ Dr. William "Bill" R. Bright, Ed McAteer, Rich DeVos, John G. Talcott Jr.James E. DeYoung, Jr. 

Capitol Publishing Co ~ Donald Lambert Folkers

Capital Research Center > ~ Richard V. Allen, Terence Scanlon, Hon. Edwin Meese III, Dr. Larry P. Arnn, T. Kenneth Cribb Jr., Samuel A. Brunelli, Beverly Danielson, Willa A. Johnson

Capitol Resource Institute >, the California political front of Focus on the Family ~ Howard Ahmanson, Jr, H. Preston Hawkins

Catholic or provides support of (financial or associative other than CNP)~ Howard Ahmanson, Jr., Dr. Frank Aker, Dr. John F. Ankerberg, Dr. Theodore Baehr, Thomas A. Bolan, Lynn Francis Bouchey, Dr. William "Bill" R. Bright, Joseph Coors, Dr. James Dobson, John T. (Terry) Dolan, W. Clark Durant III  , Stuart Epperson, Dr. Jerry Falwell, Father Charles Fiore, J. Peter Grace, Anthony Harrigan, Douglas F. Hofmeister, Gary Hofmeister, John Holt , Nelson Bunker Hunt , E. Peb. Jackson, Rep. Louis (Woody) Jenkins, Dr. Ernest W. Lefever, John Lenczowski, Connaught (Connie) Marshner, Timothy McConville, Tom Minnery, Sam Moore  Colleen G. Parro, Howard Phillips, Dr. Charles E. Rice, Ronald E. Robinson, James Robison, Phyllis Schlafly, Jay A. Sekulow, Frank Shakespeare, William E. Simon "Father" Rev. Robert Sirico, Kathleen Sullivan, James "Jim" B. Taylor, Christine Vollmer Robert T. Weiner, Diana Weyrich, Paul Weyrich, Rev. Donald Wildmon, George Witwer

Cato Institute > John Holt , Rep. Jack KempDr. Paul Craig Roberts, Richard M. Scaife, Mark Skousen

Center for Independent Education ~ John Holt 

CAUSA (Confederation of Associations for the Unification of the Societies of the Americas, Moon's multinational anti-communist and political organization. CAUSA served as the vehicle for Rev. Moon's funding of the New Right.) ~ Alan GottliebLynn Francis Bouchey, Lt. General Daniel O. Graham , Arnaud de Borchgrave John T. (Terry) Dolan, Robert GrantDr. W. Cleon Skousen, Lt. General Gordon Sumner Jr., Richard Viguerie

CBN (Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network or affiliate) ~ Dr. "M. G." Pat Robertson, Holland (Holly) Coors, Joseph Coors, Nelson Bunker Hunt , Beverly LaHaye, Ted Pantaleo, James Whelan, Herbert W. Titus

Center for Futures Education > Hans F. Sennholz

Center for Individual Rights ~ Dr. Larry P. Arnn 

Center for Reform ~ Peter T. Flaherty

Center for Strategic and International Studies > [CSIS]~ Dr. Edwin J. Feulner, Jr., Arnaud de Borchgrave, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, William E. Simon

Center for the American Founding > sponsored by The Potomac Foundation > (Balint Vazsonyi) ~ T. Kenneth Cribb Jr., Beverly Danielson, Ann Drexel, Lorena JaebJohn Lenczowski, Hon. Edwin Meese III, Balint Vazsonyi

Re-Elect America Bus Tour > ~ Beverly Danielson, Rich DeVos, Ann Drexel Lorena Jaeb, Balint Vazsonyi

Center for Peace and Freedom > Burton Yale Pines

Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise > Alan Gottlieb 

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), FBI or other Intelligence branch ~ Lt. General Daniel O. GrahamMax Hugel, J. Peter Grace, Robert K. Brown, Jesse Helms, Dr. Lewis Tambs, Nelson Bunker Hunt, Richard M. Scaife, Reed Irvine, [Marine Intelligence], Dr. Ernest W. Lefever, Pat Matrisciana, Donald S. McAlvany, Major F. Andy Messing, Jr.  , Raymond V. Raehn , Beurt SerVaas, Dr. W. Cleon Skousen, Mark Skousen, Thomas R. Spencer, Jr.  Steven A. F. Trevino

Chalcedon Institute > R. J. Rushdoony, Howard Ahmanson, Jr., John Lofton, Dr. Gary North, Howard Phillips, Hans F. Sennholz, John Stoos, John W. Whitehead, Otto Scott

Christian Action Council ~ Thomas Glessner 

Christian Coalition > ~ Alan P. Dye, Benjamin Hart, Ralph E. Reed, Jr.Rev. E. V. Hill, Hon. Donald Paul Hodel, Dr. "M. G." Pat Robertson, Geraldine (Gerry) Snyder, John Stoos 

~ of California ~ Peter C. Foy, Ken Campbell, Sara Divito Hardman, John Stoos

Christian Film & Television Commission ~ Dr. Theodore Baehr

Christian Financial Concepts., Inc. > Allen Burkett , Larry Burkett

Christian Heritage Foundation (CHF) (Moon funded) ~ Dr. Jerry Falwell

Christian Inquirer ~ William H. Ball Jr. Beverly LaHaye, Dr. Timothy LaHayeEd McAteer

Christian Solidarity International (CSI) USA > Dr. David W. Breese, Michael P. Farris, Dr. D. James Kennedy

"Christian Voice." [Moon connected] > Gary Jarmin, Robert Grant, Dr. David Balsiger, John M. Ashbrook, Dr. David W. Breese, Dr. Timothy LaHaye, Richard Viguerie James A. McClure, Larry P. McDonald, Guy Vander Jagt, Rev. Donald Wildmon

Church League of America [one of the oldest private spy networks in the United States]~ Joseph Coors  Richard Shoff  Howard Phillips  Howard Ahmanson, Jr. [Ahmanson Foundation]

Churches Alive, International ~ Howard A. Ball 


Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms > Alan Gottlieb 

Citizens for America ~ Jack Abramoff, Lewis E. "Lew" Lehrman, Nelson Bunker Hunt , Joseph Coors, Robert H. KriebleHoward Phillips, Steven A. F. Trevino, Richard Viguerie

Citizens for a Sound Economy > Willard Garvey, James C. Miller IIIRichard M. Scaife,

Citizens Intelligence Digest ~ [Pat Matrisciana's Citizens for Honest Government newsletter] Pat Matrisciana, Sen. William Dannemeyer, Joseph F. Farah, Dr. Timothy LaHaye, Dr. Stanley Monteith M.D., Brad Phillips, (CNP Youth Council), Charles W. Missler, Lawrence D. "Larry" Pratt and Carolyn Stanke. 

Citizens United > Floyd Brown, Ronald E. Robinson

American Sovereignty Action Project > ~ Cliff Kincaid

Citizens United Foundation (CUF) ~ Ronald E. Robinson 

Claremont Institute > founded 1979; "The mission of the Claremont Institute is to restore the principles of the American Founding to their rightful, preeminent authority in our national life...To recover the Founding principles in our political life means recovering a limited and accounted government that respects private property, promotes stable family life and maintains a strong defense"~ Dr. Larry P. Arnn, Howard Ahmanson, Jr.  Thomas L. Phillips  Frank Shakespeare

Coalition for a Democratic Majority, > > which was associated with the Committee on the Present Danger, The Coalition for Peace Through Strength and the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) ~ H. L. "Bill" Richardson 

Coalition for Freedom ~ Thomas F. Ellis  Richard Shoff  Jesse Helms  Carter Wrenn

Coalition for Peace through Strength ~ Lt. General Daniel O. Graham   Major General John K. Singlaub, Herbert William Hunt, Nelson Bunker Hunt Penny Pullen, Hon. Helen Marie Taylor, Dr. Edward Teller

Coalition for Religious Freedom > [Moon/CAUSA Funded]~ Dr. Timothy LaHaye, Dr. Jerry Falwell, James Robison, Dr. D. James Kennedy, Robert GrantMarlin Maddoux, Rev. Donald WildmonConnaught (Connie) Marshner, Ben Armstrong, Richard Shoff 

Coalition on Revival (COR) >[Dennis Peacocke's which Jay Grimstead heads]~ Dr. Theodore Baehr, Dr. David Balsiger, John D. Beckett, Michael P. FarrisRev. E.V. Hill, Dr. D. James KennedyDr. Timothy LaHayeDr. Gary North   Robert L. Thoburn, Harry Valentine Robert T. Weiner, Rev. Donald Wildmon

Competitive Enterprise Institute > > Rep. Jack Kemp 

Concerned Women for America Inc > Beverly LaHaye, Michael P. Farris, Lee LaHayeCarmen Pate, Geraldine (Gerry) Snyder, Allen Stevens, Rev. Jim Woodall

Conservative Campaign Fund ~ Peter T. Flaherty

Conservative Caucus  or it's Leadership Council > ~ Howard Phillips, William H. Ball Jr., Holland (Holly) Coors, Rich DeVos, Richard Shoff, William R. Kennedy; Marion (Mac) Magruder, Donald S. McAlvany, Ed McAteer, Larry P. McDonald, Major F. Andy Messing, Jr.  Jesse Helms, Richard Viguerie, Jon Basil Utley, Dr. Jack Wheeler  

Conservative Caucus Research and Education Foundation ~ Jack Abramoff, John Lofton, Duncan Sellars, Hon. Helen Marie Taylor, Mike Valerio

Conservatives Against Liberal Legislation (CALL) [Moon Funded] ~ John T. (Terry) Dolan

Conservative Digest ~ [Richard Viguerie's] ~ Peter B. Gemma Jr.Morton BlackwellWilliam A. KeyesWilliam R. Kennedy  John LoftonJon Basil Utley, Paul Weyrich, Otto Scott

Council for Government Reform (CGR) >  >  &/or it's 1985 International Conference on Family Choice/ Educational Vouchers~ Willard Garvey, The Reason Foundation > > Robert Poole, president], Citizens for a Sound Economy >> , the National Center for Policy Analysis > [Grover Norquist ], Competitive Enterprise Institute >  >  [ Rep. Jack Kemp, Distinguished Fellow], Cato Institute >  > John Birch Society, Heritage Foundation, Manhattan Institute, National Legal Center for the Public Interest, Dr. James Dobson, Dr. Timothy LaHaye, Phyllis Schlafly, J. Peter Grace

Council for Inter-American Security ~  (CIS) ~Lynn Francis BoucheyLt. General Gordon Sumner Jr.  Lawrence D. "Larry" Pratt, Dr. Lewis Tambs, Major F. Andy Messing, Jr., Major General John K. Singlaub, John Lenczowski, Dr. Frank AkerJon Basil Utley

Members of the first Committee of Santa Fe: Lynn Francis Bouchey, Lt. General Gordon Sumner Jr., Dr. Lewis Tambs, editor.(23) Members of the second Committee of Santa Fe: Lynn Francis Bouchey, Gordon Sumner. " 

Council for the Defense of Freedom > Sen. William Dannemeyer 

Council on Foreign Relations [CFR] ~ J. Peter Grace, George F. Gilder, Howard Ahmanson, Jr.., Arnaud de Borchgrave, William E. SimonDr. Edward Teller, Thomas L. Rhodes  , Jesse Helms, Guy Vander Jagt

Creation Research Society > Dr. Duane GishDr. Henry M. Morris

Discovery Institute > George F. Gilder, Hon. Edwin Meese III


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