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June 2007 **Please Note**Due to the volume of email I receive I regret to inform the readers that I can no longer answer each and every email individually. I assure you that all emails that arrive in my box do get read.  I would urge readers to Search the articles for the information that they may be looking for.  Please also read the FAQ page, and Introduction. Starting Dec 2008--I have added a Discussion Forum where questions or comments can be made also. Please consider dropping in if that is an option for you.

SeekGod.ca Discussion Forum > http://www.SeekGod.ca/forum/index.php


****Please Note****

*** I am not the contact person for any of the people, organizations or groups discussed on this website.

Please do not send any attachments, or Word documents. 

****Please do not request personal details such as my address, phone number and so on. Whether knowing or not knowing that personal information, it in no way changes or enhances what I research, write or believe. It is a security issue, not a doctrinal issue.

Basic Internet Security bulletins put out by officials, including police agencies, include the following recommendations:

10 Ways to Stay Safe On The Net  

... However, being careful online is no different than being careful offline. Some details are different but the basic rule is the same: use your common sense, and always look both ways before you surf.

  1. Don't Give Out Personal Information
    Never give out your full name, address & phone number. Never give out your Internet password. Never. Change your password often. Take the time to read the website policy!
  2. Protect Yourself From Spam
    When posting to an email list or bulletin board; do not give out your main email address. Instead use a web based email service or other "disposable" address. ..."

From www.yoursafety.ca/net_secure.html




Notice to those who write with rudeness, intent to insult, false accusation, innuendo, denigrate the person or name of Jesus Christ and similar. By emailing, you are acknowledging you have read this disclaimer and that you are in fact agreeing to permit the use of your email on the SeekGod.ca website.

Your writing email in such a manner or similar, as described above, is your acknowledgement of having read this EMail Disclaimer and of having agreed with and to the conditions. 


Having read the above Email Disclaimer, For information or comments concerning the SeekGod articles, please email me at:

Due to spam prevention: Sorry for the inconvenience, but please put the following email address together without the ###:



"Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers." (Ephesians 4:29)

Thank You



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