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David M Hargis  X  X  X  X      X          X      X  
Linda C Hargis -David's wife    X    X                X      X  
Linda G Hargis- David's wife    X  X  X                X      X  
Marian Bryant Hargis -Mother  X

Deceased Dec. 24, 1999

               X      X  
Miryam Hargis -Mother    X  X  X                X      X  
Joanna Nelson -Hargis sister    X    X                   ?  
Don Bryant Hargis    X  X  X  X    X            X    X  
Don Bryant Hargis De Cordova  X            X                X  
Bishop Don Bryant De Cordova  X        X  X    X  X    X        X  
James Scott Trimm  X        X  X                  X  
James J De Francisco          X                     ?  
J Phillip Arnold            X                   ?  
James Tabor            X                   ?  
Jerome Joachim  X Deceased 1997          X  X  X     ?  
Jose Villegas  X              X           ?  
Justo  R Gonzalez                X  X         ?  
Justo R Gonzalez Trimino  X                         ?  
Justo R Gonzalez Trimino III  X                         ?  
Michael B. Humphrey    X  X  X                      X  
Don L Doherty    X  X  X                      X  
Ellen Campbell    X  X  X                   ?  
Kalila Gavriella Sams    X  X  X Deceased Jan 25, 2001                X  
Yosef Koelner    X  X  X                      X  
Ivan Lewis      X                     ?  
Bradford Scott      X                     ?  
Walter N. Thorpe    X  X  X                        X  
Alicia Solomon  X                X         X  
Kimberly A. Adamson  X                X               ?  
Dom Carlos E Escobedo  X                         ?  
The Rev. Father Jack Flynn  X                         ?  
W. Jene Miller  X                         X  
Terry Sanderlin  X                         ?  
Cyndi Thorp    X    X                   ?  
Jamie Perez    X                       ?  
Richard Wiseman    X                       X  


Things to Keep in mind while reviewing the Chart:

David Hargis , Don Hargis and Joanna Nelson are Hargis siblings

Marian Bryant Hargis and Miryam Hargis, are the same person and is David, Don and Joanna's mother

Linda C Hargis and Linda G Hargis, are the same person--David's wife

Don B Hargis is also Bishop Don De Cordova, Don Bryant De Cordova, Don Bryant Hargis De Cordova, etc

Gonzalez and Gonzalez-Trimino, etc. are the same person

SJCTS -- 1991-1997, 2003 ---Saint John Chrysostom Theological Seminary -- illegal diploma mill. Marian Hargis Died in December 1999, but is on the faculty of the 2003 version of SJCTS, as is Jerome Joachim, who died in 1997.

MBI--Messianic Bureau International

MWHU -- 2000--Mountain West Hebrew University --Utah, defunct illegal diploma mill

CACINA -- The Catholic Apostolic Church in North America

CACIB -- Catholic Apostolic Church in Brazil, not mentioned on CACINA site, and St John Chrysostom Theological Seminary has it listed as written in English, Catholic Apostolic Church in Brazil (ICAB), but should be Igrej Catolica Apostolica Brasileira (ICAB). Has Jerome Joachim as Trustee  of SJCTS and Primate of CACIB in 2003...but he died in 1997.

Lael University -- diploma mill

National Christian University -- diploma mill run out of Texas by 1976, relocated and incorporated in Missouri, work out of Oklahoma and are back in Texas since 1990

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