My question to the folks at the Robert Muller school was Is the World Core Curriculum based on Alice Bailey's channeled books? Here is the "answer".

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 The World Core Curriculum is based upon a Cosmic view of the individual and  our planet, so that the individual student has a perspective which gives a  valid context within which the student finds him/herself in life, and can  easily understand human development within that context. I.e., the student  is taught about

 1) his planetary home and place in the Universe,

 2) The  human species as a whole and his place in it,

 3) his place in time [history], and

4) the miracle of individual human life.

 The Alice Bailey books/or the books of the Tibetan Teacher, Djwhal Khul,  present the details of that context, (which can be recognized as fact in  the life experience of the student). It is for every teacher who implements  the World Core Curriculum to decide how much of that detail to include,  depending upon the culture in which it is being presented. These books  include an entire Cosmology; The World Core Curriculum can be, and usually  is, implemented as only part of the Cosmology. Hopefully, in the future,  more will be incorpoeated for the benefit of the world's children.

 Above all else, The World Core Curriculum is a Curriculum which can be  flexible regarding the detail, with the exception that nothing is presented  to the student which the student will have to "unlearn" as his/her life  progresses. The student is given all academic material within an honest  appraisal of how it fits into the student's culture and life. The student  is never left with a doubt as to how or whether the knowledge imparted will  be useful in his/her life. The student is considered a contributing part of  the vast inseperable Universe and is shown how his own creativity might add  to the beauty of the Whole.

 The details in the Bailey/Tibetan's books require considerable study and  application before a teacher is capable to work with childrem in the highest consciousness, or "from the Soul." This is why there is so much failure among the many attempts to implement the Curriculum. Those who have  the spiritual courage to "keep on keeping on," however, are bound for  success!

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