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Dahn Targeting Christians via Neale Donald Walsch


Dear Vicky,

Thank for the opportunity to write you. I've told you of the growing threat of Dahn, Dahnhak or Dahnworld poses to the Christian congregation. It cloaks itself in the garb of exercise, a safe healthy activity, if it were otherwise many of us would outright reject it.

Too much the spider, it weaves a web of gentle lies, the teachers tell us they are our friends and they seek only to heal the planet through spiritual unity. Who will bring this unity, the Korean founder Seung Heun Lee, who claims to have extraordinary powers and the path to enlightenment. All this comes at an average cost of $40-50,000 per person, peace and enlightenment does not come cheaper or for the poor person, it is reserved for the middle-upper class.

What makes all this all the more spider like is the tag team aspect of Dahn with Neale Donald Walsch, the writer of the `Conversations with god' series. They tell followers the other organization is okay, all to the believers detriment.

No mention is made of the Dahn $84 million wrong death suit in New York state. Or of the too close personal relationship of Walsch with the Dahn organization. Too much is hidden from those that read Walsch's book or think that Dahn is just exercise.

Could you please post this letter to your website. I want all Christians to know the truth that Dahn is anti-Christian and that Walsch speaks not from God, but from someplace else.

God bless you for help,




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