Major Donors to SIL/WBT (includes Jungle Aviation and Radio Service [JAARS])

Sources: WBT/SIL Records, Foundation Center Reports, and U.S. government records, as presented on page 488 of Thy Will Be Done

Listed according to indicated 'size' of donations. All have provided funding and in many cases services and commodities.

Samuel Milbank ~ (Corn Products Corp), ranching, mining, mutual funds, banking, railroads

Nelson Bunker Hunt ~ Placid Oil

PEW Family ~ Sun Oil Company (SUNOCO)

Belk Family ~ Department Stores

LeTourneau Family ~ Earth Moving, Lumber, cattle

Henry C. Crowell & Henry P. and Susan Crowell Trust ~ Quaker Oats

Standard Oil of New Jersey ~ Nelson Rockefeller ~ trailers, boats and motors


Irvine Foundation ~ citrus, ranching, real estate,

Robert Welch ~ Real estate ~ land

Aaron Saenz~ Sugar, banking

Cerro de Pasco Corporation ~ Peru

Frank Sherrill ~ S & W Cafeterias


Earl Miller ~ Grocery Stores

Herbert Rankin ~ Dept. Stores

Pitcairn Family ~ Pittsburgh Plate Glass

Clark Breeding ~ Aztec Oil

James Ezell

Weldon Thomas

Lawrence Routh ~ Construction /services

Woodward Foundation

David Weyerhauser ~ Lumber

Amos Baker ~ Oil

Kein Foundation

Maxey Jarman ~ GENESCO


Albert Johnson ~ insurance

G.S. Jones ~services

Trammel Crow ~ Real Estate

-------------------------Government Donations----

Surplus Military Equipment ~ $$ ~ Helio-couriers, airplane parts, radios, helicopters ==== funding/dept relationship with ==== U.S. Agency for International Development ~ $$$  === which is funding/dept relationship with the Asia Foundation (1967-68) ~ $$$$

Each in turn is funding/dept connected to others. For Example, Surplus Military Equipment is connected by funding/dept relationship to U.S. Defense Department which in turn is connected to  U.S. State Department which in turn is connected to the CIA and so on.

Surplus Military Equipment   ===          U.S. Agency for          ===  Asia Foundation

                                                         International Development                      

              |                                                           |                                         |

              |                                                           |                                         |

              |                                                           |                                         |

    U.S. Defense Dept.   = = =             U.S. State Dept.                    = = =      CIA

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