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So many have forgotten that the Bible is the Word of God. It holds the answers to all our questions and problems. Each article is for edification and encouragement, addresses specific questions and presents just some of the many Scripture passages that deal with these issues. 


Keep Pressing On  (2006)

Mar 26, 2006

My Victory Over Depression  (from a brother in Christ)  (2002)

Testimony of Mary Ann Collins-A Former Catholic Nun  (2002)

Search Me  

When I Was A Child  (2011)

Feb 25, 2011

Jesus the Way: Testimony of an Ex-Psychic (7-19-99)

Testimony of a Former Roman Catholic

Stories > From Life - Some Humor, Some Hard Times >Most Written in 2008

You Color the Forest, Iíll Color the Trees    (2008)

Mar 26, 2o13

Grandma's Ride   (2008)

Mar 26, 2o13

Uck Mok    (2008)

Mar 26, 2o13

Summer's Storm    (2008)

Mar 26, 2o13

Tell Me No Lies   (2008)

Mar 26, 2o13

Broken Trust, Broken Home!    (2008)

Mar 26, 2o13

Surviving Isn't Living     (2008)

Mar 26, 2o13
My Dear Son    (2008) Mar 26, 2o13

Poems For Encouragement > Written in 2008 or Later

Walk With Me  (2008)

Mar 26, 2o13

Did You See?   (2008)

Mar 26, 2o13

Godís Grace, Amazing (2008)

Mar 26, 2o13

Life is the Melody, He is the Song   (2008)

Mar 26, 2o13

Father, I Cannot Pray Today (a devotional)   (2008)

Mar 26, 2013

The Hills Grow Dim    (2008)

Mar 26, 2o13

Where Should I Go   (2008)

Mar 26, 2o13

Paint Me A Picture    (2008)

Mar 26, 2o13

Thinking of you Granddaughter   (2008)

Mar 26, 2o13
Been To The Beach? Mar 26, 2o13

Thoughts From A to Z      (2008)

Apr 7, 2008

Will You Remember?  (2012) Mar 26, 2o13

The Believer's Walk

Topical Bible Studies

Will God Say, "Just Kidding," About Eternity?  

The Father Knows

Painting With Broad Strokes  

Qualified to Teach?  

Have Nothing To Do With Fables...

Persecution Free Christianity  

Conspiracies and Plots

An Open Letter on Discernment  

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