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The following is a testimony from someone who had been on Ed Tarkowski’s Discussion list. Having formerly been on that same list, this writer can validate what is described. Others who have left echo these same observations. I left after publicly rebuking John Yonge, whose false and ungodly teachings and tone were upheld by Ed. Ed in fact, linked to and promoted him. Further, Ed tried to teach a form of dualism,  in a presentation to children on the Family/kingdom of Satan and the Family/kingdom of God, for which I challenged him on.  Dualism is actually hinging on dominionist teachings. I challenged him on other teachings as well. 

It should be noted that many forums and discussion groups are being used to marginalize Christians. Tolerance is redefined as playing ball with political correctness and adherence to New Age thinking. Most non-Christians don't realize the level to which they are being indoctrinated and used. Fundamentalist Christians are very carefully targeted and comments withheld, censored or vitriol used against them, including their elimination from forums. Often discussions are discontinued if Truth is being presented as a defense against false thinking. Many forums are labeled under the banner of 'Christian' but in reality are a melting pot of heresy, and can be proven so by testing what is promoted as truth to the Word of God.



Subject: Ed Tarkowski’s Discussion List


I started reading Ed's articles when I began to question popular practices in the messianic movement and the revival.  Someone sent me his very extensive article on the false teachings about the shofar.  In it he explained the occult origins and use of the shofar in pagan and new age religions. What he described was exactly what I had witnessed and was personally involved with in many different churches, messianic groups and revival settings.  I found his articles that expose the false revival to be excellent and very helpful to me as I was seeing the truth and coming out of the apostate revival movement.  I was interested in his discussion group because the motto states the purpose as being... "FOLLOWING  AND REPORTING THE "REVIVAL" AS IT DEVELOPS" "PRESENT THE TRUTH    EXPOSE THE LIE    PROTECT THE INNOCENT" 

As I began to participate in the discussions, I felt that Ed was a very kind person who had a lot of wisdom.  I  appreciated the purpose of the discussion group in exposing the revival.  But there were some areas that were off limits and I found this quite disturbing.  I could not understand why certain subjects and topics were open for  discussion while others that were equally as sinister were not allowed to be discussed.  I began to see there is a false sense of unity that Ed protects and promotes.  You can go so far in speaking the truth and when it ruffles some feathers he will then censor the posts and shut the discussion down with no resolution. 

The first time this happened with me personally was when a witch began to send in e-mail posts to the list.  I confronted her as I found her statements to be obvious incantations and twisting of the scriptures in a perverse way.  She talked about God as a mother and used many statements that were blatant wiccan/witchcraft sayings.  I confronted her in a very firm way and held her accountable to her lies.  Ed intercepted my last post to her.  Before it went to the discussion group he sent me an e-mail asking me if I could prove she was a witch.  I said that I could prove it without a doubt according to the Bible.  He said that because this was a public discussion group there could be a lot of trouble over my confrontations with this particular person. He also said that I was right and he agreed with me.  I didn't mind Ed asking me to drop it with this lady if it would avoid trouble, as I understood his point.  I agreed to reword my post according to his direction. That is why I was surprised when he immediately told the discussion group that all discussions were being canceled until further notice.  He said there were some problems and things were getting out of hand.  I found his statements to be very confusing and it seemed like he was afraid to expose this person who was leading others astray from the simple truths of the gospel. He posted 2 more e-mails after the shut down notice.  One was from the witch who accused me of being a paranoid witch hunter, unloving and intolerant Christian.  The other was from a guy who found her views of the Bible to be very innovative and refreshing.

Essentially, Ed gave a New Age witch the last word and did not allow me to "expose the lie, present the truth and protect the innocent" using the scripture for instruction, reproof and correction; according to the stated purpose of the forum. 

I had a special interest in any discussions that would come up relating to messianic issues.  Bible versions, the feast,  popular messianic teachers and messianic groups involvement with the false revival and its teaching (Star of David, shofar, Cabbala and mysticism).  Ed regularly send out news items from Israel that made me think he must have a loyalty to the Messianic movement.  I always responded to these issues because it is an area I know about through my involvement.  I warned people on the list not to be deceived.  Some of these discussions were posted on the list,  others were not. The last time this happened was by far the most disturbing and caused me to question what was really going on in this discussion group, who is Ed T. and what is his agenda? 

There are 2 specific incidents that clearly show an unwillingness to expose the messianic involvement in the apostate revival.  There was a lady who expressed messianic interest and loyalties to the movement.  I responded to some of her comments by the simple statement, "Are you aware that the things you are saying are exactly what is being taught in Brownsville?"

My post was censored and this lady was allowed to propagate her false doctrinal ideas with out being challenged. 

Then someone asked a question on the Star of David  2 of us responded by exposing the demonic origins of this popular symbol and warning others not to be deceived.  I was surprised that Ed allowed us to discuss this for several days.  Then someone forwarded our discussions to a very well known messianic leader, Jacob Prasch.  Prasch verbally attacked us for our views on the Star of David.  There were some subtle threats made to any Christian who would come against the Star of David. His intent was to be intimidating.  My response was, "Jacob Prasch talking about the Star of David is like Benny Hinn talking about the anointing!" 

His threats brought immediate action from Ed.  He told the forum group that all discussions were over, he was sick, tired, confused and shaking.  He would not allow us to confront Jacob Prasch.  And there would be no more mention of the Star of David or other messianic issues that he deemed to be divisive and an attack on the memory of the holocaust.  No one had mentioned anything about the holocaust.  Ed's reaction was so extreme.  He acted very scared of Jacob Prasch. 

It was obvious that Ed had ties to the messianic/occultic movement.  It was also obvious that he tried to keep his loyalties hidden.  I saw clearly that Ed brought people in to the forum by presenting certain truths about the present day revival and exposing the deception and false teaching that is so popular today.  Once you are involved in the discussions,  he controls the information that is presented and leads the group in a direction away from the truth and into consensus with his agenda. 

He does "Follow and report the revival as it develops"  He does not allow the "truth to be presented", "the lie to be exposed"  or the "innocent to be protected"  when it involves the messianic movement, it's false teachers and false brethren. 

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