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Luis Palau Festivals & "Central Washington Festival"


Date: Sunday, September 18, 2005 11:43 am

Subject: More bad news for the sheep

Hello Vicky,
The sheep, once again are buying into another tool of the devil  labeled "Christian".  Satan's latest deception is happening under  the name of "festivals" put on by Luis Palau and his network of 
evangelical associates.   His "relationship evangelism"  through  the use of contemporary "hip-hop" music, BMX demonstrations, and misguided "events" to exhibit Christ through the use of huge parties and displays is just one more step down the road to the apostate church.  The events cross all denominational lines and pull people away from their local church services on the Lord's
Day to party.
Here in Wenatchee, Washington, the latest incarnation of the party will be happening on October 1-2.  Called the "Central Washington Festival" and advertised by the local churches with banners and yard signs,  it is being openly and enthusiastically embraced by many professing Christians.  Organized by Jose Zayas Evangelism International, the event is expected to draw possibly more than a few thousand people.  Zayas was trained by and is part of the Luis Palau network of evangelical associations.

The most disheartening event (there are many) that will happen during this two day festival, will be something I call "Pastors Paying the Price".  Pastors will offer to "pay the price" for
people who have received parking tickets if they bring their tickets to them on the court house steps.   The event sponsors say that this event will show that as Jesus paid the price at the
cross, the pastors will pay the price for people's parking tickets. 

How ludicrous!  How demeaning to Christ and his sacrifice for us on the cross!  To associate Christ's sacrifice on the cross with the "sacrifice" of Pastors paying for a parking  ticket is nothing less than blasphemy!
 I can only say that I am heartbroken to see such disrespectful,  ignorant, blasphemous happenings coming from professing Christians and so-called Christian leaders.

Truly, the spirit of the age is at hand.

Heartbroken in Central, WA


P.S. By the way, 15 to 20,000 people are expected to attend.   Lord help us!



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