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Trinity, Oneness and The Persons of the Godhead



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(07-03-2011, 11:49 AM)SeekTruth Wrote: I know of that carm.org link, and it's a huge misrepresentation of Oneness Pentecostalism.

Contrary to the belief of mainstream Christianity, Oneness is definitely not a heresy, but instead is actually far more bible-founded and bible-sounding than the Trinity.

I believe with all my heart that God has been revealing Himself so much to me over these last few months (and continues to do so) as I've come to fall back purely on His word, without the need to substitute, modify or enhance it with outside doctrine.
My wife was into the Oneness Pentacostal church when we began to date. I had never heard of Oneness or Trinity before so I asked some elders and they explained what the Trinity was and from my own biblical understanding it made sense completely. Then I ask my wife what Oneness was and she said it's basically Jesus and God and the Holy Spirit are one, and that made sense completely, I didn't see the difference in the two concepts at all, until I learned her preacher state that baptism in the "Father, Son and Holy Spirit" is wrong and I had a heart break because that's how Jesus said to be baptised (was he calling Jesus a liar or at least claim Jesus was wrong?)... So then I ask why it's wrong when all three are mentioned and are the same and that was the ONLY way Jesus said to be baptised, he tries to explain that there aren't three at all, there's only one = further heartbreak because I've read many verses that explain how God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit are different... Such as if we are in God's presence we'll die which is why Jesus was born of flesh, and why we're separated because of our sin, or how Jesus cries to God about being forsaken when he becomes sin himself, or how Jesus leaves but promises the spirit of God will be amongst us. I determined that Oneness was trying to limit the power and authority of God to fit into man's belief or perhaps just to cause undue division.

If the teachings about God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are that Jesus was just trying to confuse everyone when stating he sits at the right hand of God, or how He will return later and until then we'll have the Holy Spirit, or that nobody gets to God but through him, well let's just say when the bible says 'these three are one' (basically the trinity concept), it also means 'the one are three', both sides of the equation are correct. Thankfully I have a wife that is after biblical truth so we were able to study the bible together and come to the agreement that she believed the three are different, and we both agreed that the Catholic statement about the trinity being three 'persons' was a poorly worded statement. Basically the divinity of God is beyond our understanding, and while the trinity concept tries to simplify this uncomprehensible concept and tries very well, it doesn't even come close to explain the true glory of God (but it does a better job than Oneness which clashes with much of the bible). Trinity can at least state that the three are ONE, the Oneness can't state that the ONE is three...

We didn't attend that church much longer, he kept adding statements to the bible about people recieving the holy spirit as evident by speaking in tongues (which wasn't at all what the bible said if you read along with him but everyone jumped up and yelled), or how he kneeled and worshipped at the foot of a cross (worshipping a man-made idol) or how it's a sin to have facial hair (really now???), or how women can't cut their hair because Samson didn't cut his hair (as if there aren't enough laws in the bible to follow, they have to make up their own). Way to unbiblical for my taste, I prefer a church that sticks to the word of God, we left and never looked back, sad though since my wife had so many friends there and they abandoned her because she choose to go to another church with me...

God >>>>>>>>>>>>> Trinity >> Oneness.
Neither explain very well the true nature of God more than an honest open Bible study, but Trinity does a better job than Oneness.

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