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Sanhedrin Asks Putin and Trump to Build Third Temple in Jerusalem




This article is from Breaking Israel News, and was posted to their site, November 10, 2016.. It was based on an Exclusive Interview from Rabbi Hillel Weiss, a representative of the "Nascent Sanhedrin". They are calling on Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump to build the third temple in Jerusalem.

Quote:BIN EXCLUSIVE: Sanhedrin Asks Putin and Trump to Build Third Temple in Jerusalem

...Rabbi Hillel Weiss, spokesman for the Sanhedrin, contacted Breaking Israel News to announce that the election of Trump, who has promised to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, coupled with Putin’s expressed desire for the Temple to be rebuilt, prompted the Jewish court to send a letter offering the two the opportunity to act as modern-day Cyrus figures: non-Jewish kings who recognize the importance of Israel and the Temple.'....

Rabbi Weiss explained that the US elections have made the eternal Jewish dream a very real possibility.

“We are poised to rebuild the Temple. The political conditions today, in which the two most important national leaders in the world support the Jewish right to Jerusalem as their spiritual inheritance, is historically unprecedented,” Rabbi Weiss told Breaking Israel News.

The Sanhedrin’s letter notes that Trump’s upset victory was due to his support of Jerusalem, and reminds Trump of his campaign promise to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, effectively recognizing the city as the capital of Israel. The Jerusalem Embassy Act, passed in Congress in 1995, initiated the moving of the embassy, but has been vetoed since every American president since. The Sanhedrin calls on Trump to withhold the veto after he takes office.

The Sanhedrin also recalled Putin’s connection to the Temple in its letter. During his third official trip to Jerusalem in 2012, Putin paid a late-night visit to ...(Western Wall). ... the Russian leader stood in silence for several minutes, offering up a personal prayer, after which he read Psalms from a Russian-Hebrew prayer book.

An Israeli bystander called out in Russian, “Welcome, President Putin.” Putin approached the man, who explained the importance of the Temple Mount and the Jewish Temple. Chadrei Charedim, an Orthodox Hebrew news site, reported that Putin responded, “That’s exactly the reason I came here – to pray for the Temple to be built again.”

... the Sanhedrin sent a letter to Putin calling on him to fulfill his prayer. At the time, President Putin did not respond to the Sanhedrin’s request, but now that the incoming US president is a potential ally in the project, the Sanhedrin believes it is time for Putin to take an active role in rebuilding the Temple.

In addition to its requests concerning the Temple, the Sanhedrin is also calling on Putin and Trump to renew the 1920 League of Nations resolution known as the San Remo treaty, which essentially enabled the creation of a Jewish State by dividing the Ottoman Empire. It incorporated the Balfour Declaration, issued by Great Britain in 1917, which gave official recognition and backing for the establishment of Israel.

US President Calvin Coolidge ratified the San Remo agreement in 1925, thus making recognition of a Jewish State legally binding by US law....

Rabbi Weiss emphasized that supporting the Jewish claim to Jerusalem would bring benefit Russia and America, as well as the entire world.

“The leaders of Russia and America can lead the nations of the world to global peace through building the Temple, the source of peace,” Rabbi Weiss explained. “This will offset the disgraceful UNESCO resolutions that are the root cause of increasing terror and violence.”

Last month, the United Nations Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (UNESCO) passed two resolutions denying any  connection between the city of Jerusalem and the Jewish people, ceding to Islam a religious monopoly on many of Judaism’s holiest sites. ...

Read the complete article at https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/78372...Gy4iz1L.99

From another source called Blastingnews:

Quote:Sanhedrin calls on Trump and Putin to build third temple in Jerusalem

Sanhedrin calls on Russian president Putin and US President-elect Trump to join forces to rebuild the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem

....."The temple can be literally resurrected overnight! That’s because the Jews plan to erect a tent temple like the Tabernacle of Moses, and they are ready to do so at any moment," explains David R. Reagan, of ChristianProphecy.org. "Everything has been prepared. Once this temporary temple is put up, they will resume the sacrifices and then start building a more permanent structure around and above the temporary one."

Two obstacles to building the temple

According to Reagan, there are currently two major obstacles to the reconstruction of the third temple. The first is, of course, the location. The third temple must be built in the same place that was home to the previous two temples. This is because the "Holy of Holies" must be in the same place. The issue here is that no one knows where exactly the other temples were built. It is most commonly held by scholars that the correct place is where the Dome of the Rock now stands. But since no excavations are allowed on the site, that can't be confirmed.

The other obstacle is that most Jewish people have no desire to have the third temple built. Any attempt to begin the process would most certainly cause war with the Muslims. There are comparatively few Israelis that want it built and that have made the preparations, but the public support is lacking...

For the complete article see: http://us.blastingnews.com/news/2016/11/...68507.html   Published November 21, 2016 by Jon Parker

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