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so loved

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Hello , My name is Tom Really nice to see a site like this .I have been saved a number of years and know that the idea of christians needing to follow the torah and keep the Law with all its facets has been around since Acts chapter 15 . But it wasnt until last year ,when a christian acquintance asked me to an old testament bible study, that I found out this belief system was still here ! Well it Sounded great ,I love the old testament , so I went.But heres the rub , it wasnt that at all , it was a messianic group of mostly ex -baptist . I love baptist (just to let u know). The thing that got me was I did not know what they really were until several times going to their meetings . Did figure it out soon enough , and it was amazing ,actually a shock . Had a good time for awhile as I kept asking questions and blurting out such things as; were do u get that or thats not right ! So I needed some R&R ,left and found Seek God . Thank God! It did one thing for me , it got me into the word more than ever . We are to "earnestly" contend for the faith "Jude 1:3" Thats what I want to do . Tom

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