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General Council Minutes of 

The "Ft. Lauderdale" Elders


The following meeting Minutes were sent via email. According to the sender, 

" The following docs have been suppressed for a long time. The person who obtained the GC Minutes doc was threatened, shunned, and really put through the ringer. The Minutes are mentioned in [Al] Dager's book, but I found that, when read as a whole, they tell a fuller picture. The fuller picture is how these men wove themselves into a multi-apostasy which includes the RCC, the mother of whores. Read and see what you think!! They are actual meeting minutes recorded by the somewhat secretive general counsel...." 

Some editing in presentation has taken place.

The "Five" Elders were: Bob Mumford of Lifechangers, Derek Prince (Assemblies of God), Don Basham (Disciples of Christ), Charles Simpson (Southern Baptist), and two years later Ern Baxter (Charismatic).


Meeting of the Council

September 8-10, 1974

Ft. Lauderdale

An elders group will be established for the whole Ft. Lauderdale area. That group as a body will be responsible for the fellowship. The body will include Don Basham, Dick Key, Tom Monroe, Bob Mumford, Ray Ostendorf, Derek Prince and possibly some others.

Bob Mumford will be the presiding elder/head of the elders group.

The following will be the relationships of personal subordination within the body of elders: Derek, Dick, Tom and Ray to Bob; Don to Derek; Bob to Derek.

The Council itself:

We are a council of eight committed to care for and serve what God is doing to restore and reunite his people. We have a commitment as brothers to care for one another, including our personal lives-we wish to be mutually related and submitted. We will begin by entering into a relationship now and move toward a desired covenant with one another as our understanding of the relationship and our vision of God’s purpose for us becomes more definite.

The members of the council are currently: Don Basham, Ern Baxter, Steve Clark, Ralph Martin, Bob Mumford, John Poole, Derek Prince, Charles Simpson. We would like to add:

Larry Christenson, Paul DeCelles, and Kevin Ranaghan. Steve and Ralph will be responsible for talking with Larry, Paul, and Kevin.

The following will be the relationships of personal subordination within the council: Derek, John and Charles to Bob; Bob, Ern and Don to Derek; Ralph and Steve as previously.

Derek will chair the meetings of the council. Steve will be the secretary of the council.

The National Shepherds Conference

The proposed committee for the next conference: Larry Christenson, Steve Clark, Bob Mumford, Kevin Ranaghan, Charles Simpson (chairman).

The proposed administrative committee: Jim Cavnar, Dick Coleman, Dick Key.

The proposed time and place: the three middle weeks of September, 1975 at Montreat. The preferable week: 9/16-19. Otherwise: 9/9-12 or 9/23-26. Charles Simpson will work out the scheduling at Montreat.

Our meetings

Meetings of the council:

12/15-18 (Ft. Lauderdale)

2/16-18 (Pascagoula, Miss.)

8/10-12 (Ann Arbor, Mi)

We will make no further commitments for after September, 1975 until our next meeting when we will discuss our work together and directions.

John, Ern, Bob and Don will be at the retreat in St. Louis. None of the rest of us are needed.

Ern’s future

Ern will move to Ft. Lauderdale.

Speaking about the Council

We will not make a public announcement about our commitment together. We can be open about the commitment between Don, Ern, John, Derek, and Charles now. Steve and Ralph have to get the approval of their community coordinators and inform the Catholic Charismatic Renewal Service Committee. We will discuss at our next meeting how to communicate about the full council.


Meeting of the Council

December 15-17, 1974

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

Present: Don Basham, Ern Baxter, Larry Christenson, Steve Clark, Paul DeCelles, Ralph Martin, Bob Mumford, John Poole, Derek Prince, Kevin Ranaghan, Charles Simpson


The minutes of the September meeting were approved.

The National Men’s Shepherd’s Conference

We want to have solidly led and prepared music and worship. Jim Cavnar will be responsible for the area and will invite Jimmy Moore to assist him.

The conference will be moved from Montreat to Kansas City, Mo.

There will be no limit on registration, but we will not open registration to the public until February, 1975


The conference will be a gathering of shepherds. The talks will center on God’s purpose with his people today. They will consider:

- how shepherds relate to God’s purpose

- how shepherds relate to one another

- how shepherds relate to the redeemed community

- how shepherds relate to the secular community

The talks:

Tues evening: Mumford - "God’s Purpose with His People Today"

Wed morning: Simpson - "The Need for Shepherds"

Clark - "How to Exercise Authority"

Wed evening: Ranaghan - "Covenant Love"

Thurs morning: Poole - "How Shepherds relate in a Local Body"

Basham - "How Ministries Relate Beyond the Local Body"

Thurs evening: Prince - "Vision of the Completed Body"

Fri morning: Martin - "The Church: A Counter Culture"

Christenson - "That the World May Know"

Fri evening: Baxter - "Thy Kingdom Come"

There will be a forum each afternoon made up of the previous three speakers. Paul DeCelles will head the forum.

Our meetings:

We will meet the day after the NMSC (9/20/75) for evaluation. We will be free to leave at 4:00 p.m.

Further meetings:

12/16-18/75 – at Ft. Lauderdale (arr 6:00 p.m. 12/16, lv in the morning of 12/19

3/28-31/76 - at San Pedro (arr 6:00 p.m. 3/28, lv in the morning of 3/31)

Minutes: Council Meeting, Dec 15-17, 1974, Page 2

The 1976 NMSC should preferably be 8/8-14/76. If we cannot find a university campus that will hold 10,000 for that time, we will hold it for 10/3-9/76. We will hold a council meeting at whichever of those two times is free. It will be at Philadelphia.

We will not make any commitments after 1/1/76 until we discuss future scheduling at our next meeting. We will be free to use the fall of 1975 to handle needs around the country.


We will try to hold the NMSC as above in 1976. Kevin Ranaghan will look for a university campus we could hold it at (hopefully Notre Dame).

We will consider a "Three Rivers" general conference in 1977. Kevin Ranaghan will present a proposal to us.


Meeting of the Council

March 17-19, 1975

Pascagoula, Miss.

Present: Don Basham, Ern Baxter, Larry Christenson, Steve Clark, Paul DeCelles, Ralph Martin, Bob Mumford, Derek Prince, Kevin Ranaghan, Charles Simpson

The National Men’s Shepherd’s Conference

We do not want books and tapes sold at the conference.

His Men will be responsible for a bookstore at the conference. Kevin and Larry will send lists of recommended books to Dick Key who will see that the bookstore carries the materials that we want. His Men will give us the final total list of materials to be carried for our approval.

The 1976 NMSC will be held at Notre Dame, Indiana, August 24-27.

There will be a council meeting on August 28.

Council Meeting Dates

9/27/75 – at Kansas City, Mo. (after the NMSC, until 4:00 p.m.)

12/16-18/75 – at Ft. Lauderdale (arr 6:00 p.m. 12/18, lv the morning of 12/19)

3/28-30/76 – at San Pedro (arr 6:00 p.m. 3/28, lv the morning of 3/31)

6/28-30/76 – at South Bend (arr 6:00 p.m. 6/28, lv the morning of 7/1)

8/28/76 – at Notre Dame (after the NMSC, until 4:00 p.m.)

10/4-7/76 – in Philadelphia (arr 6:00 p.m. 10/4, lv the morning of 10/8)

Three Streams Conference

Charismatic Renewal Services will do further research into Kansas City, New Orleans and Houston.

We will make the final decision about having the conference after the NMSC (9/27).

The NMSC funds will reimburse CRS for the research costs.

Our Relation Together

As of today, we are beginning to relate to one another as if in a full covenant relationship in an underway commitment. We would like to make a final commitment in August.

Paul will draft a covenant.

What we are looking for is representation of any part of the body of Christ sympathetic to the charismatic that is in committed relationships.

Bruce Yocum can attend meetings.

Pastoral Newsletter

The Council will support "The Pastoral Newsletter".

Kevin will come to our August meeting with a proposal about how the new publication will be promoted and sponsored.

Minutes: Council Meeting, March 17-19, 1975. Page 2.

Regional Shepherds Conference

There will be six regional men’s shepherd’s conferences in Philadelphia (Poole), Los Angeles (Christenson), Minneapolis (Christenson), Spokane (Baxter), Dallas (Mumford), and Atlanta (Simpson). Those responsible for the conferences will provide a committee, date (Jan.-May), and program by our August meeting.


Meeting of the Council

August 10-12, 1975

Minneapolis, Minn.

Present: Don Basham, Ern Baxter, Larry Christenson, Steve Clark, Paul DeCelles, Ralph Martin, Bob Mumford, Derek Prince, Kevin Ranaghan, Charles Simpson, Bruce Yocum


The minute of the March 17-19 meeting were approved.

The Council

John Poole will no longer be part of our meetings, so that he can take more responsibility for his church and family.


Larry Christenson will give "The Need for Shepherds" and Charles Simpson will give "That the World May Know".

Denominational meetings will be held on Thursday afternoon with a concluding session at which reports on the meetings will be given to the whole conference.

We open the conference for displays and free materials. Bob Mumford will supervise the displays.

We will not hold regional conferences unless there is a strong indication that it will do good rather than harm, and any participation by council members has to be cleared by the counsel.

The SE Regional Conference is approved.

August 18 is the deadline for getting the book and tape list to Dick Key, who will send the compiled list to us for approval.

September 10 will be a fast day for the conference.

Three Streams Conference (1977)

We wish to proceed with plans for the 3 Streams Conference. We authorize Kevin to invite representatives of all major charismatic groups to meet with us on the day after the NMSC to discuss the plans for such a conference. We will have our evaluation as a Council after the 3 Streams meeting.

Our commitments

Our December 16-19 meeting will be in San Pedro.

Our March 28-31 meeting will be in Ann Arbor.

Our June 28-July 1 meeting will be in South Bend.

Our October 4-7 meeting will be in Pascagoula.

We will meet on December 8-10, 1976 in Ft. Lauderdale.

Our commitment together [enlargement mine]

We decided that the meeting is not the right time for us to come to further clarity on our relationship.

We want to obey the commandment of our Lord Jesus "love one another as I have loved you." (Jn 15:12)

Hoping in His prayer that we "may all be one; even as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be in us, so that the world may believe that thou hast sent me," (Jn 17:21) we pledge our lives to one another as His friends should. We pledge to serve the Lord together, support one another’s service of the Lord, defend one another, and to honor and esteem one another for what God is accomplishing through us.

We promise to be reliable and accountable among ourselves, and to respect the order the Lord is establishing among us through our relationships, one to another. We agree to be present when the council meets, unless excused for a serious reason by at least one other member of the council.

We agree to take concern for and care for the financial aspects of the council, and one another’s personal lives.

As the Word of God says, "Thou whose glory above the heavens is chanted by the mouth of babes and infants, thou hast founded a bulwark because of thy foes, to still the enemy and the avenger." We glorify God and promise to be a bulwark against His foes. Believing "If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you." Therefore, we will pledge ourselves to God and one another despite obstacles that will arise. Knowing it will not be an easy task, we promise to strive to become increasingly one.


Meeting of the Council

September 27, 1975

Kansas City, Mo.

Present : Don Basham, Ern Baxter, Larry Christenson, Steve Clark, Paul DeCelles, Ralph Martin, Bob Mumford, Derek Prince, Kevin Ranaghan, Charles Simpson, Bruce Yocum

Discussion on the current controversy: We will support the meeting. It will be held in Ann Arbor, December 15-16, 1975. Those who are invited by the committee are: Brick Bradford, Jamie Buckingham, Larry Christianson, Steve Clark, Howard Erskine, Charles Farah, Everett Fullam, Jack Hayford, Dan Malachuk, Bob Mumford, Derek Prince, Kevin Ranaghan, Mike Scanlan, Charles Simpson, Bob Whitaker, and Rod Williams. We request that Ern Baxter be added to that list.

Our proposed schedule:

Three Streams Conference meeting: all day December 15 (starting 10:00a.m.)

Discussion on the current controversy: December 16 & 17 (starting 10:00 a.m.)

The Council meeting: December 17 (6:00 p.m.) to December 19 (evening).

The March Council meeting will revert to San Pedro.

Future Directions

We will plan no further national shepherds conferences at the moment. We are open to some kind of leaders conference in connection with the Three Streams Conference. We request Kevin to withdraw from our commitment to the University of Notre Dame next summer.

We will spend a day of prayer and fasting for guidance for future direction on Thursday, December 18, during our next council meeting.

National Men’s Shepherds Conference

The NMSC committee authorizes Dick Key to leave the conference bank account in Kansas City, and we will consider the disposal of any future funds at our December meeting.

Kathryn Kullman

Bob Mumford will approach Kathryn Kullman about the report of her speaking against him on television. Larry Christianson will approach Dan Malachuk asking for his support in speaking to Kathryn Kullman. Ralph Martin will also approach Kathryn Kullman expressing his concern. All will urge that Matthew 18 be followed.


Meeting of the Council

December 17-19, 1975

Ann Arbor, Mich.

Present: Don Basham, Larry Christianson, Steve Clark, Paul DeCelles, Ralph Martin, Bob Mumford, Derek Prince, Kevin Ranaghan, Charles Simpson

The Council Itself  [VERY IMPORTANT!]

The Lord is giving us a work that many in the church do not understand: bringing believers together in a committed disciplined submitted relationship to be a network of bodies that can be a servant of God in the world. That is our primary call. Out of that work, we will be able to speak to the charismatic renewal, to the church and to the world, but our primary concern is with the bodies.

There are two qualifications for entering into the Council: either being a head elder of a community or having an "apostolic ministry" (in the broad sense of "apostolic"). We will meet together as one body with the view that at some time in the future we would develop into a differentiation of roles with the head elders taking responsibility for the relations between communities and those with an apostolic ministry taking a responsibility for the outreach and with both together and with both together making the major directional decisions.

We will set aside the day we arrive at meetings as a day of fasting, use the first evening to seek the Lord together, and conclude with a covenant renewal meal to break the fast.

Relations between communities

We will move away from the parallel development of two networks of communities toward one network of communities. We will begin to have closer fellowship among our communities. We encourage visits between our communities. We will all study the statement of community order.

Ft. Lauderdale and Pascagoula will be represented at the May 15-16 meeting to discuss the statement of community order.

We will try to have all our communities participate in the August conference of the communities at Notre Dame.

The Council delegates Derek and Steve to work in East Lansing with the two communities to bring about some kind of organic unity (one body with one government).

Prayer for the nations

The Council support’s Derek’s emphasis during the Bicentennial with the advice that he take concern to avoid alienating many Christians who hold liberal, left-wing views by sounding like he is coming from a conservative, right-wing position.

Council minutes, 12/17-19/75, page 2.

National Men’s Shepherds Conference followup

We will give each speaker at the conference $500 to cover pre-conference planning meeting expenses (with an additional $250 to go to Larry Christenson to cover his costs in view of the travel distance involved).

The leftover money will be put in a fund which will be used to help the SE Shepherds Conference and the General Ecumenical Charismatic Conference (if needed). We will consider further uses for it at the next Council meeting. In the meantime we will put the money in an interest producing account.

Dates of future Council meetings

January 3-5, 1977 (leave on 1/7) at Ft. Lauderdale. December 8-10, 1976 meeting will be cancelled.

March 14-16, 1977 (leave on 3/17) at Pascagoula.

Latter half of May, 1977 kept open for an ecumenical seminar.

August 8-10, 1977 (leave 8/11) at Ann arbor.

Note: we will attend the General Ecumenical Conference on July 20-24, 1977.

Pastoral Renewal

The Council approves The Word of God putting out Pastoral Renewal and will support it to the limit of their ability.


Meeting of The Council

January 3-7, 1977

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Present: Don Basham, Larry Christianson, Steve Clark, Paul DeCelles, Ralph Martin, Bob Mumford, Derek Prince, Kevin Ranaghan, Charles Simpson

The Council

In December 1975 we agreed that our principle work was to build a network of committed submitted bodies. In light of that commitment to form such a network, we solemnly covenanted ourselves personally to each other. We agree that the Lord is calling us to covenant, not allegiance: we want to put our whole lives and all that we have in common, and we want to govern all that we have together, realizing that this may have to be outworked gradually. Now we wish to give order to our covenant relationship by establishing governance within the Council.

We appoint Charles as the head of the Council with the primary assignment of more thoroughly integrating the groups represented in the Council.

The Council will take active authority over and responsibility for the following items:

a) what we will clear with one another:

- any major move in industry: geography or content

- any new relational commitments

- significant new directions in teaching

- prophetic revelations that effect our course of action

- problems in ecumenical and ecclesiastical relationship

b) what we will begin to work on:

- publishing

- basic lines of "community"

- how to begin to bring our communities and fellowships together

- national and world strategy

We will add Don Pfotenhauer and John Poole to the Council: Don and Larry will be personal heads for one another.

The "Ft. Lauderdale Group" and the "ecumenical community group" will continue their present responsibilities in such a way as to support the Council and its stated objectives.

Derek will compress the statement of community order into a shorter document and circulate this new draft before the August meeting.

The Pilgrimage

The formula of Pascagoula is void. The fund will be spent for all travel expenses. The balance of all travel expenses portal to portal will be cost equalized on the basis of adult -1 unit, child-1/2 unit. We pledge ourselves to do what we can personally to assist any brother who has difficulty making his share of the deficit. This includes John Poole on the same basis as all others.

Council minutes, 1/3-7/77

The East Lansing situation

Derek and Steve are commissioned to work with the situation to foster an attitude of love and trust and to work out some models for moving toward unity and to present to the Council options to consider.

Morris Cerullo

We commend Derek to take the necessary time to produce a curriculum for Morris Cerullo and work on the board of his institute in Nairdi and we authorize Charles to write a letter to Morris on our behalf.

Australia, New Zealand, South Africa

We approve Derek’s ministry in these areas subject to Charles’ agreement.

International Christian TV

The Council instructs Bob to negotiate with ICTV and to further explore cooperation.

Word of Life-CGM

We would like our publishing companies to discuss cooperation so that the best of each products could receive the widest possible distribution in both markets.

Council officers

Don Basham will be secretary.

Future meetings

December 15-17, 1977 (begin 12/15 at 6:00 p.m. and free to leave 12/18 in the morning) at

San Francisco. 11/77 meeting eliminated.

March 13-15, 1978 begin 3/13 at 6:00 p.m. and free to leave 3/16 in the morning) at Mobile.


There are five areas that the Cardinal [Suenens ?] would like us to give some ecumenical guidelines on.

The first area is in the area of charismatic prayers groups. What guidelines should be given for the group to be operated in a responsible way ecumenically in different kinds of situations: when they meet regularly every week? When it’s just an occasional, irregular meeting? When Catholics are in the majority of the group? When they’re in the minority? What guidance would you give to prayer groups about how to conduct themselves properly in a prayer group situation.

The second area is what guidelines could be given or pastoral advice given for charismatic conferences, rallies, and retreats? What could be said about how they should be handled in a responsible, ecumenical way in terms of the teachings and so on.

The third area in ecumenical publications like PASTORAL RENEWAL, Word of Life--What guidelines should govern a responsible ecumenical publishing operation?

The fourth area is ecumenical communities--What about the problem of double authority in terms of the pastoral authority within the community and the pastoral authority of the denominations and churches that people belong to? What can we learn from such significant ecumenical experiments as Ottamarang, Taize, and The Word of God in Ann Arbor?

The fifth area is--then we’re doing Christian initiation in the charismatic renewal and introducing people to the baptism in the Spirit Seminars, what guidance should be given about seeing that that happens in an ecumenically sensitive and responsible way?

Those are the areas that the Cardinal feels like something needs to be said about. If you don’t feel like there can be any firm guidelines, don’t give them, but say what you think could be said about those areas that would help people to do those things in a way that would upbuilding to their lives and their church lives.



The General Council

Held During Pilgrimage

May/June, 1977

I. May 22 - Sunday night at Alicarni Hotel in Rome.

A. Agenda was supposed to include:

1. Discussion of John Poole’s situation

2. Kansas City Conference development

3. Itine rary for trip

4. Detail of adjustment of air fares

5. How we will celebrate Pentecost in Israel

B. Actually, we discussed only the last four items, postponing the John Poole situation until Israel.

II. Items Discussed.

A. How will we celebrate Pentecost in Israel:

1. At this point little chance is seen for joint celebration of Eucharist; there’s been too much publicity about the pilgrimage.

2. It is suggested that non-Catholics have early communion alone at 9:00 am;

3. Then a big unified worship service with Catholics at 10:30 am in the chapel near the Upper Room.

B. Kansas City Development:

1. Severe problem with housing -- registrants unable to reserve rooms in Kansas City is leading to rumors that all Kansas City rooms are gone.

2. Unfortunately, the planning committee has little or no control over Housing Bureau.

3. Registrations as of May 15: a. 22/23 thousand people booked into 9,000 rooms

b. 13-14 thousand people are registered

c. Daily volume of registrations is over 300

4. Other problems:

a. Rumors: some non-Catholics claim Conference is a Vatican plot.

b. Some Catholics and others fear a Ft. Lauderdale plot.


Minutes/Council/May-June, 1977 page 2

c. Ralph Wilkerson registered some strong objections:

1) Wilkerson is planning a big South American training program in Guatemala City and has discovered some Catholic leaders are in relationship with Ann Arbor and Word of God Community, and that they are not particularly sympathetic with Ralph’s plan.

2) Ralph flew to South Bend to talk to Kevin Ranaghan and others: made pitch for his training program.

3) Kevin refrained from endorsing the training program but re-issued an invitation to Ralph to speak at a Kansas City Convention workshop.

4) Roman Catholic brothers feel that Wilkerson’s South American training program will probably prove unacceptable to South American Catholics.

C. Pilgrimage Itinerary Changes:

1. Sun day and Monday night meetings with Christians in Jerusalem (May 29-30) have been combined to one night (May 29). Monday dinner and evening are reserved for Council only.

2. Other changes:

a. Ern and Ruth Baxter leave on June 1.

b. Steve Clark leaves on June 6

c. Itinerary for June 4 changed -- visit to Ramallah is eliminated.

D. Discussion of Pilgrimage Air Fares:

1. Original billing was approximately $150.00 high per adult.

2. But these may be partially offset by increases in continental fares.

3. Belgium group was short $1850.00 – money was paid in their behalf from surplus.

4. Motion was discussed to apply balance from total fare coverages against Belgium deficit. Action was deferred to May 31 meeting.

III. May 31 meeting at St. Catherine’s Monastery at Mt. Sinai, Israel 3:00 pm in the dining room.

Time spent in general discussion and evaluation of tour to date. No decisions.

IV. June 1 Meeting – at St. Catherine’s Monastery.

A. Ralph and Steve tell us that Cardinal Suenens is wanting to propose that we enter into a covenantal relationship when we meet tomorrow night.

B. We discussed what points needed to be made clear before entering such a relationship.


Minutes/Council/May-June, 1977 page 3

C. The following suggestions were made concerning our formulating a proposal for Thursday night:

1. We believe that it is the purpose of God that we do relate to the Cardinal in some significant manner.

2. We should work with him and his people as one module, "plugging in" to another.

3. We wish to establish a committed relationship with the Cardinal for certain specific functions to be determined mutually.

4. The relationship is one between the Council and the Cardinal (not between individuals).

D. Statement drafted to be read to the Cardinal at our Thursday night meeting.


In light of Cardinal Suenen’s gracious invitation to the Cardinal to accompany him on the pilgrimage and his hospitality in Belgium in the historic room of The Maline Conversations, and as one practical step to move us ahead from the spiritual victory we achieved together on the day of Pentecost; we offer the following statement:

1. We, as a Council, are committing ourselves to work together with the Cardinal for the restoration and unity of Christian people and world evangelization in projects to be mutually agreed upon.

2. In each project, headship, authority and method of functions will be mutually determined by the Cardinal and the Council in the light of the requirements of each situation.

3. Our normal procedure would be that the Council would relate to the Cardinal through its acknowledged head or through a representative delegated by its head.

June 1 Evening Session at St. Catherine’s Monastery at Mt. Sinai, Israel.

A. Discussed the purpose of the Council and the implementations of that purpose.

B. Steve Clark talked about the need to move ahead and of pressures on the Word of God to give additional leadership toward pending projects, such as establishing an inter-community council, larger commitment of resources to outreach programs and starting completely new communities.

C. We’ve agreed that God has called us together to establish a network of communities. (See January 3-7, 1977 minutes, 1 st paragraph.)


Minutes/Council/May-June, 1977 page 4

D. Two positions seem to continue to be held in tension:

1. Leaders from Word of God and People of Praise seek more action and decision – community activity.

2. Ft. Lauderdale men believe their way of building communities by person relationships and joints, though different from Roman Catholic, is equally valid.

3. We had agreed to try to reach a consensus about definition of community but have been unsuccessful.

D. Decision reached following our discussion:

Decision Out of June 1 Evening Council Meeting at Sinai

1. We reaffirm that we are dedicated to being a single network of communities.

2. We recognize that those brothers responsible for ecumenical communities are faced with an urgent need to establish an appropriate overall form of government for the communities for which they are responsible and we release them to do this while continuing to bear in mind our ultimate objective of a single network of communities.

3. Meanwhile we will set ourselves to explore those areas in which we can already work together to establish inter-community relationships and worldwide outreach. This will be the focus of our August meeting. (Derek is thus released from his obligation to prepare a definition of community.)

VI. June 2 AM Council Meeting at St. Catherine’s Monastery at Mt. Sinai.

A. Discussed John Poole’s situation at length with the following recommendation coming out of our discussion:

1. John should return home and take charge of his family.

2. Unless dramatic improvement is quickly apparent in his home situation, John should resign as pastor.

3. John should give himself totally to the clearing of personal and public problems regarding his marriage.

4. Someone (preferably outside Philadelphia) needs to work John through his difficult situation.

5. We pledge our spiritual and financial support to John during this difficult time.


Minutes/Council/May-June, 1977 page 5

VII. June 2 Evening Meeting back at Ecce Homo in Jerusalem – with Cardinal Suenens.

A. Cardinal Suenens had a prophecy, the essence of which was God saying to us, "Believe in my dreams for being together."

B. Charles read our statement expressing our desire to relate to the Cardinal.

C. Points in Cardinal’s response:

1. God has plans for us toge ther – we agree.

2. At Kansas City Conference we should have a session together. Just us, and then perhaps a slightly larger group of related men.

3. Our love and confidence in one another is unique – but we must be honest with each other, not just "nice."

a. Where are our differences?

b. We need to know where the problems are, not just for solving, but for knowing, caring, and loving!

c. We are to bring together the stones with which God will build His temple.

4. Practical ways of helping one another:

a. Some people who would like to relate to the Cardinal are not the right people.

b. We can help put the Cardinal in touch with European leaders who are "flowing in the same stream."



August 8-10, 1977

Ann Arbor, MI

Members present: Don Basham, Charles Simpson, Bob Mumford, Derek Prince, Kevin Ranaghan, Paul DeCelles, Steve Clark, Ralph Martin, Larry Christenson and Don Pfotenhauer.

Ern Baxter is in England

Monday Night – August 8

I. Various members of the Council shared concerning God’s present leading and dealings in their lives.

II. Steve Clark brought a message on the relationship of law and grace. He defined legalism as "using law as an end in itself, rather than as a means of God’s purpose."

Tuesday, August 9 – A.M. Meeting

I. Evaluation of the Kansas City Conference

A. Kevin Ranaghan’s report on attendance:

1. Roman Catholic 46%

2. Lutheran 5.6%

3. Non-Denominational 30.5%

a. Non-Den. A – 15.5%

b. Non-Den. B – 84.5%

4. Episcopalian 4.4%

5. Baptist 2%

6. Pentecostal 1.3%

7. Mennonite 1.3%

8. Messianic Jews .7%

9. Presbyterian 3%

10. United Methodist .2%

11. Others 3.8%

B. Financial Report:

1. Overage from offerings - $166,000.00

2. CRS Bookstore sales - $222,000.00 gross (20% to planning committee)

3. CGM Bookstore sales - $30,000.00 gross (20% to planning committee)

4. Daily registrations - $8,000.00

5. Approximate total over budget - $250,000.00

6. Surplus - after all bills are paid - to be divided between participating groups -

according to their percentage of registrations.

7. Projected XXX sales estimated at $70,000.00 XXXX [couldn’t read transcript]

General Council Meeting -2- Aug. 8-10, 1977

C. Kevin Ranaghan

1. God truly blessed the Convention - it was a beautiful demonstration of unity.

2. God is calling us to mourn and grieve over disunity.

3. CRS considering banning communion until unity is restored.

4. Relationships established between Planning Committee members should continue – leadership should continue to work and pray for unity.

5. Convention highlighted scandal of disunity.

D. Ralph Martin

1. CRSC is to continue what Kansas City started – through its planning committee.

2. Their publications will carry on Kansas City influence by making practical suggestions for moving toward unity.

3. They will seek ways to respond to the prophecies about mourning and grieving over disunity.

4. Distribute pastoral guidelines for moving toward disunity.

Other Reactions to Kansas City Conference:

A. Discussion of Ralph Mahoney situation:

1. Ralph Mahoney seemed to come with certain hostilities.

2. In his message he was critical of the Conference.

3. His tape was held up a few hours until decision was made as to whether it should be duplicated and sold.

4. Later released for sale, but he was upset.

5. We examined his advertisement of a 5-Tape Series that is blatantly "anti-discipleship."

B. Forbes’ Message on Final Night:

1. Message was poorly received.

2. Forbes was recommended by the Classical Pentecostals.

3. What did he say?

a. We felt we were hearing from a double- minded spirit.

b. We needed revelation and discernment about the spirit of leadership.

4. Charles Simpson: "It’s a matter of impartation."

a. "A liar can preach truths but he will produce liars."

b. "An adulterer can preach morality but he will produce adulterers."

5. Ralph Martin summed up the discussion of Forbes’ ministry and message with a significant statement:

"We need to note that in some evangelical circles, in reacting against the narrowness of their traditions there is a danger of over- identifying with academic liberals in a way which compromises the purity of the gospel."

6. Then Kevin added: "God is showing us that He has related us uniquely with certain leaders who are going through this very problem to help them reverse the trend, and for us to be careful not to identify or endorse leadership which is caught in that dichotomy."


General Council Meeting -3- Aug. 8-10, 1977

7. We must be very careful how we introduce what we’re into.

8. Charles Simpson: "The process of change must be preceded by Spirit-inspired repentance and humility or else change is wrongly motivated."

9. Don Pfotenhauer: "We need to guard against being deceived by our own human nature (carnal nature) into seeking acceptance with or in a new thing - all the while believing it is God’s direction."

III. Conclusions from Kansas City:

A. Derek listed four things in his newsletter.

1. Kansas City proved that leaders from varying backgrounds can cooperate.

2. Cooperation produces far greater impact than individual ministry.

3. We are interdependent – we need each other.

4. Ecumenical gatherings bless all who participate.

B. The General Council concludes:

1. God has given us a mandate to become one.

2. Kansas City was a forerunner of a greater unity.

3. The unity of the Kansas City Conference grew out of our unity.

4. Unity, then, can be imparted – even as it was from our pilgrimage.

5. Derek’s comments:

a. God does nothing without a "life-source."

b. Every family has a father or a "life-source."

c. Our Council serves as a "life-source" which God is pleased to use to pour His life into many areas. The Kansas City Conference is one example.

C. Where do we go from here? Suggestions?

1. Hold some "in house" community gatherings.

2. General Council should "go public" in some ways since news is leaking out that there is a "general council."

3. Need to develop "Circle 3" relationships – perhaps using Kansas City Planning Committee and St. Louis Leaders Meeting.

Tuesday, August 9, - Afternoon Meeting

IV. Goals and Strategy:

A. Discussion of how related men worked together at Kansas City Conference.


General Council Meeting -4- Aug. 8-10, 1977

B. Discussion of International nature of our Council:

1. With Ern’s, Bob’s and Derek’s increasing overseas commitments, together with Ralph and Steve in Belgium, we are clearly an international body.

2. We should begin to think and plan accordingly.

C. Strategy:

1. We do not believe in evangelism without leading people into committed relationships.

2. Projects we can work on together:

a. Develop a program for fostering unity among existing covenant bodies in a particular area.

b. Experiment with jointly building something together.

c. Four steps suggested:

1) Work one to one on certain projects (Munich, Australia).

2) Develop covenant among communities in the same localities.

3) Corporate plan for International Council.

4) Select a single corporate project for cooperation.

3. Send Charles Simpson a list of committed brothers and communities with names and addresses.

D. Specific Projects:

1. #1 - Australia

a. Charles Simpson, Ralph Martin, Derek Prince, Larry Christenson and Don Pfotenhauer are all due in Australia in January-February 1978, ministering in three different situations.

b. They should all emphasize the same themes: "sow the same seed in three different plots."

c. Basic thrust: Steps to ultimate and essential unity within the Body of Christ: Covenant nature of unity with the family as the pattern.

d. They should promote Restore (which replaces NEW WINE), New Covenant, and Pastoral Renewal.

2. #2 - Latin America - (John 17:21 Project).

a. Seven men on John 17:21 Board; six are resisting Ralph Wilkerson, Who wants to make it into a Melodyland-Big Wheel-type evangelistic program.

b. Other ministers want "One on One" evangelism, based on personal relationships.

c. John 17:21 Project born in USA.

d. Ralph Wilkerson came in and tried to take it over.

e. CRS will not endorse it unless South America R. C. Charismatic leaders endorse it.

f. Kevin Ranaghan will compose a letter to Ralph Wilkerson requesting removal of his name from a brochure advertising the John 17:21 Program - and to rebuke him for using his name in a misleading way.

g. Bob Mumford will meet with Reverend Haus, Chairman of the Planning Committee for John 17:21 Project for counsel.

h. A consulting committee comprised of Bob Mumford, Kevin Ranaghan, Larry Christenson and Steve Clark was appointed to give all necessary advice and support to Kevin in this matter.


General Council Meeting -5- Aug. 8-10, 1977

Wednesday Morning Session - Aug. 10

I. Areas where Cooperative Projects could Be Instituted:

A. Los Angeles, California

B. East Lansing, Michigan

C. Munich, Germany

D. Costa Rica, Central America

E. Caribbean Area

F. Jerusalem

II. Discussion of Future Meeting Dates:

A. December 15-17, 1977 - San Francisco (following regional men’s conference December 11-13).

B. We’ve cancelled Mobile, Alabama - March 13-15, 1978 meeting in favor of oversees meeting.

C. We will meet June 21-25, 1978 in England.

1. Arrive evening of 20 th begin 9:00 am on 21 st .

2. Conclude evening of 25 th - leave on 26 th

3. Meet at least five days - to have time for fellowship as well as business.

D. We will meet January 8-13, 1979 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

1. Begin Monday evening - 8 th .

2. Conclude Saturday evening - 13 th .

III. Joint Project Discussion:

A. Possible Leadership Training Institute:

1. Three- month training for young men to be set into the ministry.

2. Cardinal Suenens is interested in a training institute where men could be ordained into the R.C. priesthood and diakonate.

3. Training to consist of three 3- month sessions for three years.

a. Some study at home between 3-month terms.

b. Training program to be administered by community heads.

c. Teaching by recognized teachers.

d. Could be held in different locations each year.

4. Courses would include:

a. Scriptures - biblical theology.

b. Apologetics - defending beliefs.

c. Pastoral training in depth.

5. Institute would require only a small facility - perhaps three teachers - each from a different tradition.

6. Training Institute would train not only elders and shepherds, but also teachers.

7. What is the real objective (philosophy) for such an Institute?

a. To affect the spiritual and academic leadership of the Church.

b. To bring unity and compatibility between emerging communities.


General Council Meeting -6- Aug. 8-10, 1977

c. To train and equip teachers for the Body of Christ.

d. Such training would provide protection for the Body of Christ.

e. To help deprogram ministers with only an academic mind-bent and increase their ability to discern spiritually when confronted by worldly expertise and wisdom.

f. To increase the ability of leaders to communicate effectively.

8. Not everyone needs such training.

9. Training and equipping will have its problems.

10. We have the pipeline through established relationships, but we need content to be poured through those pipelines to produce adequate leadership.

11. Position and placement would be established before going through the course of study - completion of training does not result in placement.

12. Whose Institute is it?

a. It would be founded and directed by the General Counsel.

b. Derek Prince, Steve Clark and Larry Christenson appointed as committee to brainstorm the concept and come up with specific proposals for forming the Training Institute. We work with Cardinal Suenens, but our communities would be in charge. Committee to report at December Council meeting.

IV. Discussion of Pilgrimage Funds:

A. Agreed that all deficits be taken care of and then refunds to be returned proportionately.

V. Our Cooperation With the Cardinal:

A. Cardinal Suenens has said, "Our relationship is settled, now let’s do some things together."

B. How do we relate and work with the Cardinal and not be dominated by Veronica?

C. Placement of Veronica seems foundational. How do we handle it?

D. Concerning Training Institute, we need to be sure what we want before we enter into any collaboration.

E. Ralph and Steve are currently pessimistic over their relationship with the Cardinal.

F. We will go ahead with our Training Institute plans, suggesting to the Cardinal that next year at the time of our Council meeting in England we might send delegates from our Council to meet with them to discuss projects for collaboration.

G. Steve and Ralph will present to Cardinal Suenens our idea for the General Council taking responsibility for the Training Institute.

H. Cardinal Suenens is interested in forming a kind of European "General Council." We can recommend names for such a council but should refrain from getting involved ourselves.

VI. Larry Christenson had invitation to attend Council on Future of Evangelism, December 14-17, in Atlanta. After discussion, it was agreed that our Council meeting is top priority and that Larry should decline the invitation.


General Council Meeting -7- Aug. 8-10, 1977

VII. Discussion Concerning Relating to Black Leadership:

Charles Simpson requested names of black men with whom cross-pollination of relationships can begin.

VIII. St. Louis Charismatic Leaders Conference - March 27-31, 1978:

A. General Council (those who are in attendance at St. Louis) will continue on for Council meeting, Friday afternoon and evening after close of Leaders Conference.

B. Who of us is to attend?

1. Considerable discussion followed - no need for all "Ft. Lauderdale Men" to be present at the same time. (In 1978, Derek, who is on Charismatic Concerns Committee, will represent Don Basham and Derek).

2. Discussed bringing Planning Committee and St. Louis Charismatic Leaders Conference together.

3. Larry Christenson and Kevin Ranaghan will serve as a committee to formulate a policy concerning the General Council’s relationship to the St. Louis CLC meeting - to bring a report to our December Council meeting in San Francisco.

IX. Lutheran Charismatic Renewal Service Committee:

A. Larry asked input on two questions:

1. Should Rod Lensch go full-time as minister under LCRS?

2. Larry’s feeling (we agree) that Rod should minister under the authority of a local church or fellowship.

3. This led to discussion of LCRS and what it does.

a. Basically, it conducts national Lutheran Conferences.

b. Don Pfotenhauer and Larry agree - LCRS has inadequate leadership.

4. Don and Larry need to begin to form leadership and authority which can provide prophetic leadership for the LCRS.

B. Personal headship between Don Pfotenhauer and Rod Lensch needs to be established.

C. Larry’s observations:

1. Morris Vaagenes is head of LCRS, but is soft in leadership.

2. As chairman of Coordinating Committee, Larry seems to exercise more clout.

This causes problems for Morris Vaagenes.

D. Discussion of personal headship for Larry Christenson and Don Pfotenhauer.

1. Larry feels he should relate to Charles Simpson.

2. Don has good relationship to Larry presently - both men will pray for guidance.

X. John Poole’s situation:

A. We offered counsel and encouragement to Bob Mumford who will be flying to Philadelphia to meet with John Poole following close of Ann Arbor meeting.

B. Little current change in John’s situation - he’s seeking secular employment.


Secretary - General Council.


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