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June 11, 2004


Mystic Anne Emmerich to be Beatified



Anne Catherine Emmerich (1774- 1824), German mystic and a stigmatic who levitated, whose divination writings were the source for much of the content of Mel Gibson's Passion of The Christ movie, will be beatified. According to various press releases, including Zenit, at the October 3, 2004 ceremony, the pope will confer the title "Blessed" on Sister Anne Catherine Emmerich. Beatification is the last step before sainthood in the Roman Catholic Church.

Emmerich has apparently been approved for beatification, partly as a result of the increased interest in her writings due to the Gibson's movie. According to various reports, Anne Emmerich has reached almost cult status among traditional Roman Catholics. The Vatican stated that Pope John Paul II will beatify Emmerich for her "virtuous life", not her mysticism according to Reuters. However, despite that, the October 3 ceremony will further publicize and confirm her "Passion visions," which are at the least, known to be anti-Semitic and divination.  

Reading various forums discussing the announcement, the consensus of the many is that the beatification means Anne Catherine Emmerich's visions were accurate, or she wouldn't be given the honor.

Mel Gibson had stated that, "She supplied me with stuff I never would have thought of." That is true--and it is demonically inspired 'stuff' not found in the Word of God. The episode where the Mary's sop up the blood, having Jesus dangled from the bridge, and the overall brutal beatings and gore and so on, is all compliments of Emmerich. For more on these issues, showing the unbiblical and historically false content of The Passion of The Christ, see the other articles in the series. 


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