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Hargis Roles


Revelation 21:8 

But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

Don Bryant Hargis is Bishop Don De Cordova of Saint John Chrysostom Theological Seminary (SJCTS), who issued a false doctorate to James Trimm. The address for SJCTS is the same address as is found for two other ventures of Don Hargis. That is, Hargis Technologies and GHR15, a growth hormone website. Hargis Technologies was also found linked on his brother, David Hargis' website, Messianic Bureau International. Don and David appear as faculty on each other's "school" ventures, including the defunct illegal diploma mill, Mountain West Hebrew University.

Hargis Technologies domain name information is as follows:

hargis technologies

6731 Bridge Street, Suite 211
Fort Worth, Texas 76112
United States

Created on: 20-Sep-97
Expires on: 19-Sep-05
Last Updated on: 20-Aug-02

Administrative Contact:
Hargis, Don
hargis technologies
6731 Bridge Street, Suite 211
Fort Worth, Texas 76112
United States
(817) 448-9940 Fax -- (425) 969-5308
Technical Contact:
Hargis, Don
hargis technologies
6731 Bridge Street, Suite 211
Fort Worth, Texas 76112
United States
(817) 448-9940 Fax -- (425) 969-5308

Domain servers in listed order:

Saint John Chrysostom Theological Seminary has the same address as Hargis Technologies, and the other Hargis Venture, DonSamCo >


6731 Bridge Street, Suite 211
Fort Worth, Texas 76112


It's noteworthy in the stjohntheological email defending James Trimm, that 

the year Don Hargis launched Hargis Technologies, "Created... 20-Sep-97", was the time that it was stated in that email that, 

"...Bishop Don de Cordova left the active ministry with the Catholic Apostolic Church in North America in 1997 after CACINA squables over the leadership and theology. He went into seclusion for a sabbatical period and into the private practice of ministry to those suffering from chemical dependency and psychiatric disorders." 

The New web address for Hargis Tecnologies is > 

""hargis technologies is an engineering and information technology research and investigation enterprise."

From Hargis Technologies>

about don bryant hargis de cordova

Scientia Doctor in Pneumiatry, ScD
Sacrae Theologae Doctor, SThD
AAMA Board Certified Alternative Medical Practitioner
Certified Addiction Specialist, CAS,
American Academy of Healthcare Providers in the Addictive Disorders

A personal profile was presented, which when put together with all the other Hargis/de Cordova bios, presents an academic picture that is really quite unbelievable.

partial personal profile

Information Technology - MS OS, Cobol, SAS, HTML, CSS Pascal, Java (JDK), Linux (Unix). Finance and Business - Strategic planning & organization, technical writing-editing, research, grant proposals, financial forecasting, personnel & payroll. Honors & Associations - Phi Theta Kappa, International. CAS, American Academy, Massachusetts. CFP, Certified Financial Planner, Colorado. 

e-commerce sites 

financial services 


 hand-held & wireless technologies 

authentic spiritual teachings & network
shema net...hear the web! {by invitation only intranet.}

 Click the authentic spiritual....ends up

This is the website of David Hargis, Don Hargis's brother. Don is listed as faculty at the MBI Yeshiva to which David Hargis is president.

The following website also has the same address as Hargis Technologies and St. John's and is run by Don Hargis and a partner. The name of the 'company' is DonSamCo, and they are selling a growth hormone with, not surprisingly, fantastic claims.

Due to the claims of the DonSamCo company, I sent a letter of Inquiry to the Texas State Corporations department, as well as the Better Business Bureau as well as the FDA. I enclosed all the website info and their claims. I had tried to find the corporate record with the Texas Corporations online search, as well as through the Better Business Bureau national search site. There was no such company. I have not heard back from the FDA, but anticipate a response in the future. Here's the Query and then the responses.

Hello, I am writing about the claims of a company selling a product called GHR15. DonSamCo claim to be registered both in Texas and with the federal govt. When I tried a business search it showed they were not registered, but I am not sure I was in the right program. Their product is not FDA approved. Because I am researching other ventures of the individuals for an article, including their several diploma mills, I would simply like validation that this is a registered company, what the product actually is and so on.

The Fort Worth Texas address below is also the address being used to promote one of their illegal diploma mills. Don Hargis listed below is actually the Don Bryant De Cordova of this diploma mill.  It is not licensed by the state of Texas and is called Saint John Chrysostom Theological Seminary. Texas Higher Education is aware of the group.

Thank you for your help in this matter.

Victoria Dillen

From Texas State, Corporations, 

    -----Original Message-----

    From: Carol Covey []

    Sent: Friday, June 13, 2003 12:10 PM

    Subject: RE: query GHR 15


    Dear Madam,

    Our records reflect no active or inactive listing for DonSamCo as a

    corporation, limited partnership, limited liability company or assumed name.

    The paragraph listed below says DonSamCo is a Texas General Partnership.

    These are not filed here at the Secretary of States office. General

    Partnerships are filed at the County Clerk's office of the county in which

    the entity is located. Fort Worth is in Tarrant County. The phone number

    to the County Clerk's office in Tarrant Couny is (817) 884-1067. Azle is in

    both Tarrant and Parker County. The phone number for Parker County is (817) 598-6185.


    Carol Covey, Corporations

The Better Business Bureau referred me to:, and I did another search, and did not find DonSamCo registered.

The GHR or Growth Hormone website >


    Registrant: DonSamCo 9353 S. Fm Rd 730 Azle, Texas 76020 US Domain name: GHR15SPECIAL.COM Administrative Contact:    Samuel, Samuel    9353 S. Fm Rd 730    Azle, Texas 76020    US    817-927-5417    Fax: 425-969-5308 Technical Contact:    DNS, Administrator    732 Vera Ave    Redwood City, CA 94061    US    (650)299-0500    Fax: (603)658-3582 Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC. Record last updated on 27-May-2002. Record expires on 06-Jun-2004. Record Created on 06-Jun-2000. Domain servers in listed order:    NS5.11NET.COM    NS6.11NET.COM
Don B Hargis, (817) 927-5417, 2501 Oak Hill Cir, Fort Worth, TX 76109

GHR-15 Growth Hormone Releaser About Us.htm

    DonSamCo is a Texas General Partnership registered with the State of Texas and the Federal government.
    We have been a general partnership since March 2000.

    ghr15 is hosted by, an Internet Service Provider.

    DonSamCo uses CCNow secure online order processing with no fee to you.
    And for its convenience and ease of e-commerce...

    DonSamCo was formed by Samuel Bilger of Azle, Texas and Don Hargis of Fort Worth, Texas.

    Find out more about
    Samuel Bilger at
    Find out more about
    Don Hargis at

    Our registered business address is:

    6731 Bridge Street, #211
    Fort Worth, Texas 76112

    Our shipping and business office is:

    9353 S. Fm. Rd. 730
    Azle, Texas 76020

    You can contact us by calling the Fort Worth-Dallas metroplex at (817) 927-5417.

A Google search also revealed these listings:

GHR-15 Growth Hormone Releaser About Us
... and business office is: 9353 S. Fm. Rd. 730 Azle, Texas 76020 please call (817) 927-5417. Our business fax number is 425-969-5308.

 Hargis technologies -, Contact
... fort worth, tx 76112-1762 usa MAP. Phone: 817-927-5417 Fax: 425-969-5308 E-mail: Home Page: view.cgi-contact.html-.html

GHR-15 Growth Hormone Releaser About Us
... Our registered business address is: 6731 Bridge Street, #211 Fort Worth, Texas 76112.
Our shipping and business office is: 9353 S. Fm. Rd. 730 Azle, Texas 76020. ... 

GHR-15 Growth Hormone Releaser About Us
... Find out more about Don Hargis at Our registered
business address is: 6731 Bridge Street, #211 Fort Worth, Texas 76112 Our ... 

GHR-15 Growth Hormone Releaser Texas Dallas County
GHR-15 Growth Hormone Releaser 6731 Bridge Street 533 Fort Worth, Texas, 76112 817-927-5417
Contact: don hargis EMAIL: 

Homepage: http ... GHR.html

Don Hargis's partner in DonSamCo is Samuel Bilger at

The name on Evys Pets is not Samuel is Evy Bilger.

EVY (EVYSPETS-DOM)   9350 S.FM.RD.730   AZLE, TX 76020   US   Domain Name: EVYSPETS.COM   

Administrative Contact:      BILGER, EVY  (EB5695)  BilgerSL@AOL.COM      EVY      9350 S.FM.RD.730      AZLE, TX 76020      US      (817) 444-5673 fax: 999 999 9999   

Technical Contact:      Maaznet Directory Services, Inc.  (NAM2-ORG)  support@NAMESECURE.COM      1042 COUNTRY CLUB DR      MORAGA, CA 94556-1953      US      925-377-1212 fax: - 510-377-1414   

Record expires on 07-Feb-2006.   

Record created on 01-Oct-2002.   

Database last updated on 12-Jun-2003 05:58:26 EDT.   

Domain servers in listed order:   DNS1.NAMESECURE.COM   DNS2.NAMESECURE.COM


Sam Bilger, (817) 444-5673, 9371 S Fm 730, Azle, TX 76020 

EVY Bilger    9350 S.FM.RD.730      AZLE, TX 76020      US      (817) 444-5673 fax: 999 999 9999  

DonSamCo shipping address: 9353 S. Fm. Rd. 730 Azle, Texas 76020

Domain name address for GHR15...9353 S. Fm Rd 730    Azle, Texas 76020    US    817-927-5417    Fax: 425-969-5308 

There seems to be a problem with the addresses not matching, but the phone numbers do, for Sam Bilger and Evy Bilger.

It's noteworthy that Evy Pets web site is hosted by NETFIRMS...the same host used for Saint John Chrysostom Theological Seminary. It happens to be located in Canada.

Evy's Pet Haven
... How we raise our birds: ~ Hand fed ~ Hand tamed ~ Raised from hatchers ~ Very docile. How you reach us: ~ 817-444-5673 ~ African Grey.

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