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Michael Rood's

The Pagan-Christian Connection Exposed


A Reader Comments On

Michael Rood's "The Pagan-Christian Connection Exposed" and Other Teachings


I recently picked up a copy of Michael Rood's, "The Pagan-Christian Connection Exposed" so that I could read and review it, after being told that it was a must read, and was full of essential information for every believer.

The book is a paperback, and consists of one hundred twenty three pages. One of the things that I noticed during my initial perusal, was that it contained no footnotes at the end to document any consulted sources used that were historical, religious, scientific, archaeological or otherwise, that may have been referenced in its writing. There was a note in the intro pages stating that all scripture was from the King James Version of the Bible, "unless otherwise noted." I thought it rather odd that Michael Rood would quote from the KJV in light of the fact that it contains the word "Easter" (Acts12:4), which was one of the words and holidays discussed by him that he was attempting to expose as being pagan in origin. Because of what appeared to be an apparent contradiction in standards, I felt that this needed to be verified before proceeding any further.

The first passage that I checked was in the introduction on page XVI. Although the passages were in quotes, and books and verses were cited at the bottom of the page, upon examination, it appeared to be a paraphrase of some combined passages, not KJV in origin. I then went on to do this throughout the book. What I found after reviewing all of the scripture passages quoted in the book, was that there were a handful of KJV passages that were correct in their entirety, and some passages that were partially KJV with words omitted, altered or mixed with someone's own paraphrase, possibly Michael's. There were also some passages where I could not clearly identify the translation, but they were not KJV. None of these variant passages were "otherwise noted", with the exception of one, that was labeled MIV. A similar situation had also occurred a few years back, in an earlier book of Michael's titled, "The Mystery of Iniquity", regarding the homogenous blending of scripture with some of his own thoughts. I am not personally familiar with the origins of the MIV translation he sometimes cited, and was unable to find any information on it.

In many of the passages that contained partial quotes from the KJV, Michael Rood most always substituted the word Messiah for Christ. On page ninety, when referencing Deuteronomy 12:30 he quoted a mixture of KJV and some other version combining verse 30 and 31, inserting the names YHWH and Elohim into the passage. These names appear in the Hebrew text in verse 31, but do not appear in the KJV translation. In the book, he explained that he prefers to use the Hebrew term Mashiyach or Messiah, because it refers to THE ONE that Moses spoke of when stating, "you must listen to that prophet". He also went on to say that the Greeks called all their gods Christos (Christ) from adonis to zeus, and that it merely meant "anointed" and this is why he preferred the name Messiah.

As an additional note, the title of Mashiyach (#4899) appears in the Hebrew text thirty nine times in the Hebrew Scriptures (OT). In the majority of cases, it is translated as "anointed," and refers to priests such as Aaron, or others who were anointed. It is only translated from the Hebrew twice as Messiah. The Greek equivalent for Mashiyach only appears in the New Testament as Messias (#3323) on two occasions, both in the book of John.

In the Greek version of the Hebrew Old Testament known as the Septuagint (LXX), Mashiyach is rendered in the Greek as Christos (#5547) all thirty nine times it appears in the Greek OT text. This text was reportedly translated by seventy Hebrew scribes into Greek for the library of Ptolemy at Alexandria, and it has been stated that the initial translation occurred a few centuries before the Messiah was here on earth.

Michael emphasizes that he is a Jewish follower of the Jewish Messiah, and therefore prefers to use the name YAHshua. It also appears that Michael Rood is not very enamored with the name "Jesus". I base my opinion on the fact that he refers to Jesus in two separate chapters of his book rather flippantly as "His Gentile nickname". It is interesting to note that Iesous (#2424) is a transliterated Greek name from the Hebrew Yeshua (#3442), which is the shortened form of Yehoshua (#3091). When the scribes translated the Greek OT from the Hebrew, in all instances where Yeshua or Yehoshua occurred in the Hebrew text, it was rendered in the Greek OT text as Iesous. The name Iesous was derived according to the rules that govern Hebrew to Greek transliteration. I do not believe that the name YAHshua can be transliterated to a Biblical Greek name according to those same rules.

In his book, Michael Rood recounted an experience that they had while filming a "man on the street" interview in downtown Jerusalem on what he referred to as the "Ben YAHuda pedestrian mall". He and his crew looked for people specifically who were fluent in both English and Hebrew to interview. They then asked them if all Hebrew names had a meaning and if so, what was the meaning of the name "Jesus?"

Here is what Michael reported:

"The responses were priceless. First, the startled look on their faces as they perceived that they were being put on the spot regarding a religious issue. Many of those that we interviewed were orthodox Jews. Then the verbal stumbles that exhibited their desire to give an accurate answer to a very difficult, if not impossible question.

Finally the truth came out as they struggled for the right words to express..."Nothing! The name "Jesus" doesn't mean anything in the Hebrew language- Jesus is not a Hebrew name." One gentleman suggested that Jesus must have been a Mexican, because there are hundreds of thousands of Mexicans who are named Jesus, but not a single Jew in the history of the world has ever been named "Jesus!" Out of the mouth of babes..." (page 77-78)

Maybe Michael's next question should have been, "What do the names Isaiah, Jeremiah, John, Joshua, Joel, James, Jude or Judah mean in Hebrew?" He would have gotten the same answer. Nothing, because they are also transliterated names that appear in our English Bibles.

If he had explained to them the etymology of the name Jesus (English-Jesus>Latin-Iesus>Greek-Iesous>Hebrew-Yeshua/Yehoshua) then they might have given him a different answer. Maybe Michael Rood would have been better served if he went on some scholarly Hebrew and Greek language forums, where people are versed in etymological understanding and posed his same questions there. Or better yet, since Michael is now living in Jerusalem, a quick visit with the noted Dead Sea Scrolls and Septuagint (LXX) scholar Emmanuel Tov  at Hebrew University might be beneficial in his language research. Michael might want to ask him why the Hebrew scribes in every instance, transliterated Yehoshua and Yeshua to Iesous over two hundred times, and Mashiyach to Christos all thirty nine times that it appears in the Septuagint (LXX). He might also want to inquire if transliterating the Hebrew names to the Greek diminished the original meaning of the Hebrew name, when read in the Greek by the Hellenic Jews living in diaspora throughout the ancient Roman Empire.

But an even simpler solution, would be to go to the inspired Scriptures, and he would have found:

Matthew 1
21 And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins.  

With just a simple concordance search for the name Jesus found in the above passage, we clearly find the meaning:

Greek for 2424
of Hebrew origin 03091
Jesus = "Jehovah is salvation"
1) Jesus, the Son of God, the Saviour of mankind, God incarnate

If he had asked the people on the streets of Jerusalem what Yehoshua meant, they would have given Michael Rood a similar answer to what is found in the concordance. The difference being, that they would have substituted Adonai (LORD) or HaShem (the Name) for what is written in the Hebrew Scriptures as Yod-Hey-Vav-Hey (YHVH), which is rendered in the English Concordance as "Jehovah".

It appears that what Michael Rood has done, is to completely set aside the study of etymology, and then attempted to set up a situation where he could achieve the answer that he required to support his theology. This is akin to controlling the input on an experiment in an attempt to achieve a desired controlled outcome. Maybe while on the streets of Jerusalem, Michael would have been better off asking the people that he interviewed, "Slikha-- eyfo rkhov ben YAHudah? (excuse me, where is ben YAHudah street?).

The pronunciation "YAHudah" may have gotten him a few strange looks from those he questioned. Ben YEHuda they certainly would have recognized, as that is the correct pronunciation. Or maybe he should have ask them who YAHshua was? They would have recognized the name Yehoshua as the one who followed Moses, who led the children of Israel into the promised land, the one we call Joshua in our English Bibles. If he said YAHshua, they may have thought that he was asking them who is salvation (yasha or yaw-shah') with a peculiar sounding pronunciation, since no such Hebrew name occurs in the Hebrew scriptures.

By the statements that I have seen Michael Rood make, and the pronunciations that he uses, I find some of his language scholarship open to question.

In his teaching, "The Oracles of God & The Road to Emmanus", Michael Rood, while filming inside the shrine of The Book in Jerusalem, and standing in front of the Aleppo Ben Asher Codex which is written in Hebrew stated: 

"The scriptures are the written oracles which were committed to Israel's keeping. To this very day, amidst a myriad of translations of the Bible, there still remain only three Hebrew texts from which all other Hebrew texts have been painstakingly copied. The oldest is the Ben Asher codex which is housed here in the shrine of the Book in Jerusalem. The Hebrew text of the Torah, is still in the exact order that it was thirty four hundred years ago, when Moses penned every letter by revelation."

After reading the above quote, I reflected on this passage from the Torah:

Deuteronomy 34

5 And Moses the servant of the LORD died there in the land of Moab, according to the word of the LORD. 6 And He buried him in a valley in the land of Moab, opposite Beth-peor. But no man knows of his grave to this day. 7 And Moses was a hundred and twenty years old when he died. His eye was not dim, nor had he lost any of his natural strength. 8 And the sons of Israel wept for Moses in the plains of Moab thirty days. And the days of weeping and mourning for Moses were ended.

Did Moses write his own obituary, or was Michael Rood's recollection of what is actually written in the Torah, and the details of who penned “every letter” a little cloudy? I ask this question in light of the fact that Michael Rood is billed as a Jewish scholar and theologian, and Biblical historian. If Michael Rood does know Hebrew as he alludes, and if he took the time to examine the pointed Hebrew in the Ben Asher text, he would have learned two very important items that would be useful in his teaching. The first being, that Yod-Hey-Vav-Dalet-Hey, as it is written in the text hundreds of times, complete with the vowel pointings (nikud) of the scribes, would be pronounced as YEHuda (yeh-hoo-daw'), not "YAHuda" (YAH-hoo-daw') as he pronounces it.

Secondly, if he were to examine where Yod-Hey-Vav-Hey (YHWH) appears in the Hebrew text, with the same nikud that was "painstakingly" written by the faithful scribes, if read as written it would most likely be pronounced as Yehowah. YHWH is not found pointed as Yahweh in any Hebrew text, and Michael's associate Nehemiah Gordon could most likely confirm this for him. This brings up another interesting observation. If Michael Rood feels that the Hebrew scribes were faithful copyists as he has stated, then why would he try to tarnish their good names, by promoting the corrupt Shem Tov Matthew a text that scholars have analyzed as being a medieval Hebrew copy from a Latin text, while ascribing that it was a direct descendant of an original Hebrew text as he has recently done?

I noticed that on the back cover of his latest book, that he is referred to as a "bearded Israeli". This was a surprise to me, because I had recalled him stating in an earlier teaching on his interpretation of Zechariah 5 titled "Zechariah's Thermonuclear War", that he was raised on an orchard somewhere in Michigan. This is what he stated:

“Growing up on an orchard in Michigan, I know what a peck of apples looks like - whether it is in the old wooden basket with wire handles, or in a white paper sack with nylon handles. A peck, like an ephah, is a measurement – it is a container. But this is a container that flies! It is a flying container that is 34.3 feet long and it is 5.5 feet in diameter and it is going to destroy all of those who are outside of God’s will in the land of Israel.“

In the next paragraph on the back cover, it refers to him as is "Jewish scholar and theologian". In the earliest version of his book "The Mystery of Iniquity", before he had made revisions as he did in his latter versions, in chapter five under the title "Return to sender", Michael Rood stated this:

"The called out, or church, has taken on a new dimension since Pentecost. Those who looked forward to the coming Messiah, and those who look back at the Messiah who came, are both "in Christ". He will raise them together at the first resurrection, on the day of The Lord Jesus Christ. The faithful in Israel anticipated the resurrection. Moses and David will share in the honor of reigning with Jesus in his millennial kingdom. By grace, we Gentiles will share in the same victory." [bolding added]

I found the above information about Michael being raised in Michigan, and the statement of “we Gentiles” from Michael's earlier book, to be of interest since he is continually reminding his readers to "leave your modern, western gentile mentality behind". On one of his earlier teaching tapes titled Doctrine of the Nicolaitains he stated “I belonged to a cult, I grew up in a cult, the Baptist church”. It has also been reported that Michael was leadership in The Way International before he began to pursue his “Hebrew roots”.

In his latest book, he refers to the dangers associated with “gentile” interpretation of the Hebrew Scriptures, such as “Western Gentile Christian fabrication” (pg 40) and warns us that if the reader does not understand the feasts that “...the Gospels will remain shallow and confusing to the western Gentile reader” (pg 96) while “...the book of Revelation will remain an indecipherable time warp continuum to the Gentile Christian mind” (pg 120). These are interesting statements considering that by his own admission, Michael was raised as a Western Gentile Christian , who is now attempting to teach his readers from a “Hebrew, or Jewish perspective” as a “Jewish Scholar and Theologian”. In his book, he also stated “We are going to let the Jews interpret the Scriptures that the Jews have written...and on the bottom corner margin of the final page in this book I have reserved ample room for the Gentiles to interpret all of the Scriptures that the Gentiles have written!” (page 69) If the reader reviews the above statements and admissions by Michael Rood, one might consider whether Michael should in fact be teaching or interpreting the Scriptures, based on Michael's own standards and qualifications as defined by him in his above statements and guidelines.

I had not looked at his previous book for quite some time so I wanted to do a comparison, and found that much of the information that he attempts to put forth is common to both books. I was quite surprised to find Michael using the terms "church", "Jesus", "The Lord Jesus Christ", and other similar terms throughout his earlier writing, which it appears that he has now has an aversion to. Looking back to, "The Mystery of Iniquity", and an additional teaching that he later released about Zechariah 5 titled, "Zechariah's Thermonuclear War", I found some of his assertions questionable in his interpretation of the Hebrew scriptures. This was in reference to the word rendered in the English text as "woman" and his substitution of it with the word meaning "fire". He had stated that by reading the passage utilizing an alternate vowel pointing, that it could be translated as an offering made by fire.

Here is what he stated:

"That is the moment that I knew that this had come by revelation, and not by my mind. I was not smart enough to know this, nor did I have the tools in my hand to figure it out. ‘Aisha - fire offering’ and ‘Isha - woman’ are the same consonants in Hebrew - the context determines the meaning. The Karaites in the middle ages who developed the Masoretic text, used the vowel point that interpreted this word as ‘woman’ because they too had no idea of it’s prophetic significance. A fire offering in a flying container that incinerates buildings throughout Israel did not make any sense a thousand years ago – but neither did an evil woman in a lead lidded basket! For over 1,000 years, every translation of the Hebrew Scriptures on the planet has been derived from the same Karaite Masorah – with the same dot under the Aleph – a dot that did not exist in the original text. From that same text, every translation, in every language has been resultant."

It appears that his reasoning for doing the word substitution, was based on his belief that the Masoretic scribes who he referred to as Karaite, may have incorrectly pointed the text because they did not understand the true meaning of the passage. I remembered that I also had some questions about the calculations that he used in this teaching a few years back, and if he had based his equations on the dimensions of an actual Biblical ephah, and a Biblical cubit. I say this because it was not clear to me how he could have possibly arrived at his dimensions, which he proposed as being a nuclear missile. Update: For further discussion on Zechariah's Thermonuclear War please see: Michael Rood Teachings 2 >Changing the Word of God, Old Testament: Zechariah's Thermonuclear War

Some other topics that Michael discusses in "The Pagan-Christian Connection Exposed", are the Karaites and their importance, and how when he and his wife were married, that they entered into a traditional Karaite covenant to observe the feasts of "Yahweh" according to their biblical method of marking time. He explains how his Astronomically and Agriculturally Corrected Biblical Hebrew Calendar (AACBHC) helps to accomplish this, and he also touches a bit on biblical astronomy. He discusses the archaeological find of Noah's Ark and the work of Ron Wyatt. He also briefly discusses the time that he spent in the U.S. Marines, and at times seems to exhibit some almost anti government sentiment as he refers to the American public school system as "government public re-education centers" and "government re-education day camps".

Michael Rood expounds his theories on Sodom and Gomorrah, and he discusses the obelisks that can be found in Washington D.C. and other places. He proposes that they represent the image of the uncircumcised penis of nimrod who is described as the father of babylonian sun god worship, and also how christmas tree ball ornaments are symbolic of the testicles of the sun god ra. In his book, he discusses the babylonian fertility goddess Ishtar and her association to rabbits and eggs, while referring to her as Easter. He also discusses his perceived errors of the "Christian" church of today while he attempts to associate it with Sodom and Gomorrah, and the other cultures that practiced the mystery religions.

After reviewing this book, I will now place it in the same box with the many other sacred name bibles, and sacred name-Hebrew roots books that I have been given over the years. Many of them were lacking any footnotes to substantiate their claims, and were based on conjecture and extra-biblical supposition that was not scripturally provable. There were some things presented in Michael Rood's book that can be proven factual, and you can read many of those same facts in the encyclopedia at your local library. In the encyclopedia they will most likely be footnoted to aid in your further research.

This is my opinion based on what I have learned, what I understand, and what I believe. As always, I would recommend that everyone research all that I have discussed, and prove it for yourself.

For we are told:

1Thessalonians 5:21 Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.

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