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From a Former Orthodox Jew


Date: Saturday, December 23, 2006
Subject: Thanks for....

 Dear Vicky,
 Thank you for the excellent and informative website.
 As an Orthodox Jew who has embraced Jesus as Messiah, I was pleased to find your pertinent articles on the Hebrew Roots movement. I worked out early that there was something amiss about it in the light of the New Testament. Although I couldn't put my finger on it initially, I soon worked out that their problems stem from an attitude that religion is something people can decide on rather than something people need to submit to. The "let me make a religion" is a form of modernism. I have found the Hebrew Roots movement to be ignorant of both Christianity and Judaism alike.
Although I am still observant in my Jewish practices, I have attended a mainstream Christian theology college and preach in a mainstream Christian church, having been ordained six years ago. My personal prayer and devotional life is Jewish, but that is because I identify with my culture and rearing, not because it saves me or because it makes me "special". I compare that to my Greek friends who attend Greek churches or my Lebanese friends who attend Lebanese ones. Those communities have a unique prayer and devotional life connected intrinsically to their background and ethnicity and I believe that I can also have that. However, we are one in the Lord, Our Saviour.
 I totally receive with joy the respect shown throughout your articles.
 May God Bless you.



My Response:


Thank you so much for writing and for the kind encouragement. In the past, I have been accused by some as being anti-Messianic. Most of those allegations have come from Hebrew roots people who are former church members, all of them Gentile. I appreciate your support, and your thoughts about the movement. Another Jewish man named Malachi Goodman wrote me a while back about my website. He had succumbed to the false teaching of the Hebrew roots movement, and had returned to traditional Judaism.

I would like to have your permission to post your letter to my website in the letters section. ... I am not anti-Messianic or anti-Jewish, but very pro truth. I have scrutinized the church and its error much more than I have written about the Messianic movement as a perusal of my article index will show. Unfortunately, many have forgotten that it is about Christ.

I am thrilled to meet another brother in the Lord, and commend you on your stand to serve Christ,... I have found that each of us have things God calls us from, regardless of our background and it can be difficult. Praise God we are more than conquerors in Christ Jesus.

Blessings to you and yours,


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