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Marian Hargis 

Linda C. Hargis  & Linda G. Hargis


Titus 2:3-8

The aged women likewise, that they be in behaviour as becometh holiness, not false accusers, not given to much wine, teachers of good things; That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed. Young men likewise exhort to be sober minded. In all things showing thyself a pattern of good works: in doctrine showing uncorruptness, gravity, sincerity,
Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you.


Marian Hargis

The late Marian Hargis, mother of David and Don Hargis and Joanna Nelson, and who are all found on the MBI pages, and all, except Joanna, found listed on the defunct Mountain West Hebrew University and current  Saint John Chrysostom Theological Seminary. Marian started going by the name of Miryam, when she left the Assemblies of God and became messianic. She was actually the daughter of  Clinton and Jessie Bryant, which is where the Bryant comes from in Don Hargis's various names. 

Born in 1923, and stated in her former online testimony, Marian married in 1947 and she and her evangelist husband, who is never named in any of the Hargis information, traveled with the 3 children. According to Central Bible College, she obtained a 3 year diploma in Bible, May 21, 1954. She had to have had both David and Don by that time. It is unclear how one can travel with their evangelist husband, who remains a mystery, and three children, while attending school for 3 years.

When originally asked, Central Bible College staff stated that she attended under her maiden name of Marian Bryant. A call back at a later date had the staff stating that she did attend under the name of Marian Bryant Hargis, but would release no further information. Marian also attended Christ for the Nations, Dallas, Texas, one semester only, under her name, Marian Bryant Hargis. She had enrolled in August of 1973. 

According to her testimony, Marian was widowed in 1979, and went on to obtain a doctorate by 1981 from Lael University, a known diploma mill.

From the MBI Yeshiva faculty page in 2000/2001, we see the resume of Marian Hargis to have  stated that she obtained both her masters and doctorate of theology from Lael University:

"(Deceased 12/24/1999 In Honor of:) Miryam B'rit-Hargis, Th.D. / Professor Emeritas of Bible and Theology / Diploma: Central Bible Institute, Certificate: Christ for the Nations, Master of Theology: Lael University, Doctor of Theology: Lael University / Over fifty years of ministry, Licensed with the Assemblies of God."

In her 1998 "Testimony" on her former website, we notice that Marian or Miryam as she liked to be called, stated she also got her education at Regent University. 

"....She was widowed in 1979, and earned a doctorate in theology in 1981. Her education includes: Central Bible College, Springfield, MO; Christ for the Nations Institute, Dallas, TX; Lael University, St. Louis, MO; and Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA."

Another of Marian's posted testimonies revealed her as having enrolled at Regent University. Regent University records shows her there in the fall of 1991-1993, but she did not obtain a degree. 

However, that is when Linda C Hargis/Linda G Hargis was also stated to have gotten her Masters of Education at Regent, and she became Regent's Registrar in 1995 or 1996. It is very noteworthy when Regent University was asked about Linda C and Linda G Hargis, those two names--"the" file, not the two files or "them," had been marked by Linda herself as confidential. Apparently no information can be released, except perhaps through legal channels. 

On the 2001 MBI Yeshiva tribute to Marian, placed in memory of her by the Hargis's, Regent University is not mentioned in her biography. Recalling that it takes four years for a Bachelors, about 3 years for a Masters, and about 2 years for a Doctorate, the plausibility of Marian obtaining a masters and doctorate after 1979 and by 1981, seems slightly ludicrous, even if it was from a legitimate school versus a diploma mill. 

As Steve Levicoff stated in his book, Name It and Frame It, "...Formerly located in a small strip shopping center next to a locksmith and an insurance agency (truly making them a "store-front university"), they claim that you can, "Study to become a biblical counselor, a licensed pastoral counselor, or a ordained minister." What they don't tell you is pastoral counseling is largely unregulated by the government and that you don't need a license to be a pastoral counselor. They state up front, "Most courses can be completed in a few days. Send the answers in, we will mark your papers and mail your grade back to you." This, of course, would never be acceptable to a legitimate accreditor since the exams are not proctored. Bottom line: their degrees are worthless...."

From her own website, called Atara Melech Communications, Miryam had posted her testimony, and claimed credentials similar to her sons. She also claimed to have died and was carried to heaven by 'Yeshua' and seven angels, visited at God's Throne for two hours and then decided to go back to her body to finish the work she had started:

"Dr. Miryam B'rit-Hargis is the Hebrew name of the daughter of pioneer Assembly of God pastors, Clinton and Jessie Bryant (now with the Lord). She has served Yeshua since age six. She was filled with the Ruach HaKodesh (the Holy Spirit) at age seven, called to the ministry at age eight, and preached her first message at ten.

Married to an evangelist in 1947, they traveled across the country with their three children, David, Don and Joanna, who today are all in the work of the Kingdom. She was widowed in 1979, and earned a doctorate in theology in 1981. Her education includes: Central Bible College, Springfield, MO; Christ for the Nations Institute, Dallas, TX; Lael University, St. Louis, MO; and Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA.

Miryam has been an End-Time Handmaiden since 1985 and also affiliated with the Assemblies of God, Potomac District. Dr. Miryam B'rit-Hargis is currently a professor for Messianic Bible Institute-Yeshiva...

In the spring of 1990, Miryam was hospitalized with end-stage cardiomyopathy, ... During the thirty-two days she was in the hospital, there were several times of cardiac arrest. On one such occasion, Yeshua (Jesus) came into her room, picked her up and carried her to heaven, accompanied by seven angels. She was then shown the glories of God's Throne. The angels talked with her and explained their work as "ministering spirits for the heirs of salvation." Yeshua gave her a choice to remain in heaven or come back. She chose to come back to complete the work He had called her to do. She has written a book about her experience, named, "The Holy City: A Stone Most Precious."..."

Perusing her writings, it is noted Marian taught mysticism, gematria, which is kabbalah and being under the law. Endtime Handmaidens is known for their Latter Rain and Charismatic foundations and push into the Hebrew Roots movement.

Miryam B'rit-Hargis or Marian Hargis died December 24, 1999, yet was still listed as faculty on both the MBI Yeshiva and the MWHU faculty in 2000. More astounding, she is listed along with David Hargis as part of the Erasmus College of Fellows on the current Seminary Faculty page of Saint John Chrysostom Theological Seminary, which issued James Trimm his imitation diploma, ...current, as of June 12, 2003. Keep in mind the web site was just manufactured at the beginning of May. 

The Theological Faculty....

Erasmus College of Fellows

Mt. Rev. Robert Zeiger
Professor of Orthodox Theology

The Reverend Father Michael Baca O.F.M.
The Primacy of Christ and the Hospice Ministry

The Reverend Doctor Marian Hargis
Evangelical Prayer and Ministry

The Reverend Doctor David M Hargis
The Hebrew Christian Tradition

That's truly amazing as these people, aside from their false Masters and false Doctorates, also appear to be raising people from the dead. We have all the aliases of Don Hargis listed on the faculty and administration, plus the variations of credentials of David Hargis. We see the use of the deceased Jerome Joachim as current Trustee and faculty. 

Plus we see the use of the fabricated credentials of the deceased mother of these 'gentlemen', Marian, all listed as faculty and validation that James Trimm's doctorate is real because it was issued from Saint John Chrysostom Theological Seminary. It is also supposed to validate all their individual doctorates. 

Matthew 12:35 -37

A good man out of the good treasure of the heart bringeth forth good things: and an evil man out of the evil treasure bringeth forth evil things.  But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.
For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.

Linda G Hargis & Linda C Hargis


Linda Hargis is the wife of David Hargis. She is listed as both Linda G Hargis and Linda C Hargis. In the illegal diploma mill, Mountain West Hebrew University, she was listed as Linda G Hargis, "M.A., Doctoral Candidate, Academic Dean of the MBI Yeshiva ...Registrar of Regent University (Virginia Beach, VA)"

From December 1998 through to 2002, the listing for "Mishkan HaMelech (Tabernacle of the King)", shows David M. Hargis is married to Linda G Hargis. But on various other MBI pages it's shown as Linda C Hargis.


Senior Rabbi: Dr. David M. Hargis
Rabbitzin/Worship Leader: Linda G. Hargis

Going back to 1996 at MBI's, under David Hargis's MBI biography, "Linda is the Administrator of Academic Services (Registrar) for Regent University."

In 1998, Linda C was in the Registrars office of the MBI Yeshiva, while Linda G was listed as being on their faculty:

Linda C. Hargis, Registrar


We also see Linda G Hargis, instead of Linda C, as the Registrar of MBI Yeshiva in another 1998 listing of the Yeshiva, 

Messianic Bible Institute-Yeshiva
PO Box 64061 Virginia Beach, VA 23467
757-479-4924 (Voice or Fax)

Dr. David M. Hargis, President
Malachi Goodman, RoshYeshiva (Academic Dean) (vp2)
Linda G. Hargis, Registrar (vp1)

Please Note Update May 3, 2004: From an email from Mal Goodman, (who had been vice president 2 of MBI), May 1, 2004, Mr. Goodman stated he is "no longer affiliated with MBI, the Messianic Jewish movement, David Hargis or any related subject or associate...we all make mistakes."

That would be so, as by 1999, Malachi Z. Goodman stated in his website, that, "Previously, I was a "Messianic Jew", and the page was intended to teach Torah to other Christians. I have since returned to Torah Judaism..." 

Right from it's inception, in 1998, Malachi Goodman featured kabbalist Avi ben Mordechai and his website, on his He also taught Pardes, which is kabbalah, while he worked with David and Linda Hargis. (the Hargis's also teach kabbalah) In 1998, Goodman stated he was, "Rabbi at Bet Chayim Torah Messianic Orthodox Synagogue in Hampton/Virginia Beach, Virginia. Malachi serves also as Cantor. He is married to Hanna Goodman, and their interests include basically Gematria and speaking at colleges and churches about Messianic Judaism. Both are Messianic Jews..."

His 1998 resume included :EXPERIENCE: Rabbi of Bet Chayim Torah Messianic Orthodox Synagogue ; MESSIANIC BUREAU INTERNATIONAL Officer, Virginia Beach, Va; ...

* Design Bachelor's Degree Curriculum for Yeshiva
* Design Siddur for Mishkan Hamelech Messianic Synagogue [David Hargis is founder, under-shepherd and rabbi of Mishkan HaMelech]
* Design and write website and contents for www.
* Design all graphics for
02/95 - 5/98


EDUCATION: 1993 - 1996 1985 - 1988
NEW ENGLAND INST. TECH., Computer Programming

By late 1999, Malachi stated he was "a former Messianic Jew, and no longer believes in Christianity. Anyone interested in trying to tell Malachi about Christianity can save their effort." He rejected the virgin birth, turned fully to kabbalah, rejects the New Testament and rejects Jesus Christ as Messiah. He stated, "1999/5759 - Yeshu didn't fulfill any of the messianic prophecies." He has subsequently referred people to Outreach Judaism, Jews for Judaism, the and similar for places for assistance for Jews who have been involved with Hebrew Christianity, Messianic Judaism or Noachides. 

March 2005 Correspondence with Malachi >

"I've been on the internet since 1995. Originally, David Hargis had a free AOL webpage (when it was under its first  name, I can't remember which). He gave me a subsection at that time. David moved to, and I had a subsection for quite sometime! I think I moved to my own website back in 1996 - if you have any way to verify that, please do.

Vicky : I believe the farthest back I have record of you on is 1996. However the original site was called > and there is no record of it now on the internet that I can see. And it was under >as  Malachi's Torah Scroll. I am not sure how I missed that.

The earliest date I can see where you set up Torahscroll independently is 1998. You were still listed with in spring of 1997. And it was in 1998 for sure that you promoted Avi ben Mordechai.

Malachi > "Another note - you'll be interested to note that my resume at the time was written by David Hargis. Please note the similarity between his and mine. The curriculum I wrote at the time called for 8 years of study at a building, with a library - you know, a real university. My recommendations were all rejected at the time. I cannot find my original documents on this curriculum. David Hargis kept only one of my recommendations, and instituted the program that MBI "Yeshiva" used. Also keep in mind that I too purchased a phony degree from Hargis. I spent I don't know, several hundred dollars or so for a printed piece of paper? I no longer have the figures. "

End Update > For the full correspondence from Malachi Goodman in March 2005, and my thoughts concerning it, please see Letter.

Many are teaching that one must also utilize "PaRDes as a tool for Torah study," with the qualifier, "that this would be within normative rabbinic Judaism (and should be in ours), not necessarily just Kaballah, that is why the rule for being 40 years of age and extensively schooled in Torah was the original prerequisite for understanding Sod." and in order to understand the meaning of the Scriptures.

It needs to be understood that Pardes is an acronym for the understanding of Scriptures via kabbalistic means. It's noteworthy that an article published in the final print edition of the Jerusalem Perspective, written by David Bivin of the Jerusalem School of Synoptic Research (JSSR) and who is so popular within the Hebrew Roots movement, is not accepted by many within the Hebrew Roots or Messianic movements or Christians embracing these teachings, because of their not understanding or denying the source of kabbalah or Pardes:

“... students of the Kabbalah speak of Pardes ...which is an acronym derived from the initial letter of each of the four terms (p-r-d-s)....According to the late Professor Gershom Scholem, pioneer researcher in the field of Kabbalah, Moses ben Shem Tov of Leon was the first known writer to mention the acronym Pardes. He did so about 1290 in a composition called Sefer Pardes. Moses ben Shem Tov also wrote The Zohar, which became the most influential work of the Spanish Kabbalists...The Kabbalists were mystics par excellence, and they pursued vigorously Scripture's concealed meanings. They aspired to an elevated spiritual awareness by gaining access to concealed knowledge through scrutinizing each letter of the biblical text and through ecstatic ascents into heaven...Their longing for esoteric knowledge may be traced back in part to earlier Gnostic speculations. Such speculations left their imprints on the Kabbalah...The acronym Pardes belongs exclusively to the domain of the Kabbalah.”
Quoted from an article titled:
“Medieval Jargon on First-century Lips”
Author: David Bivin
Jerusalem Perspective
Page 33
July-September 1999 #56

A book published in 1984 by David Bivin (Director of the JSSR) and Roy Blizzard has formed the basis of much Hebrew Roots' doctrine. The following excerpts from Understanding The Difficult Words Of Jesus represent the JSSR viewpoint on the lack of originality of the Greek New Testament: 

"...Our reasons for writing this book are not only to show that the original gospel was communicated in the Hebrew language; but to show that the entire New Testament can only be understood from a Hebrew perspective. 2.

"It cannot be overemphasised, that the key to an understanding of the New Testament is a fluent knowledge of Hebrew and an intimate acquaintance with Jewish history, culture, and Rabbinic Literature."

Jesus Christ is identified by the JSSR as being "like other Jewish sages of that time". Please see  Jacob Prasch & The Jerusalem School of Synoptic Research for more on the JSSR

The August 2000 MBI Yeshiva Faculty page, (which was simultaneously posted in 2000 when the Mountain West Hebrew University diploma mill showed her as Linda G. Hargis), lists both Linda C Hargis and also Linda G. Hargis. Both are listed as Academic Dean. Linda G. Hargis's email went to Regent University.


Dr. David Hargis, President

Mrs. Linda C. Hargis, M.Ed, Academic Dean

Mrs. Joanna Nelson, Office Secretary ****[sister to David & Don Hargis]....

Linda G. Hargis, M.Ed., Doctoral Candidate Academic Dean of the Yeshiva / Associate Professor of Practical Studies / Bachelor of Arts: Lael University; Master of Arts in Education: Regent University; PhD in Organizational Leadership program: Regent University  / Twenty-eight years of ministry, Eight years of Messianic ministry, Registrar of Regent University (Virginia Beach, VA)

In 1998 she was listed as Linda G Hargis, with her email going to Regent University, the same as in 2000:

Linda G. Hargis, M.A., Doctoral Candidate / Associate Professor of Bible and Practical Studies

Bachelor of Arts: Lael University, Master of Arts in Education: Regent University, PhD in Organizational Leadership program: Regent University  / Twenty-eight years of ministry, Eight years of Messianic ministry, Administrator of Academic Services: Regent University, Member of the MJAA

But in July 2001, Linda C, not Linda G, was listed as the "1995-2001 Former Registrar of Regent University...

Linda C. Hargis, M.Ed., Doctoral Candidate (All But Disertation) / Professor 
1982 Bachelor of Arts: Lael University / 1993 Master of Arts in Education: Regent University / 2001 Organizational Leadership Program for Ph.D., Regent University  / Twenty-eight years of ministry / Eight years of Messianic ministry / 1995-2001 Former Registrar of Regent University.

And in the 2001,, we see Linda C with the email

Linda C. Hargis, M.Ed., Doctoral Candidate (All But Disertation) / Professor

How is it possible to be Linda C Hargis and Linda G Hargis, with varied credentials, depending on who the readers are?

Throughout the years and various postings, Linda C and Linda G Hargis have virtually the same credentials, depending on where they are sourced from. Both have listed the following:

Academic Dean of the Yeshiva:

Associate Professor of Practical Studies

Bachelor of Arts: Lael University; 

Master of Arts in Education: Regent University; 

PhD in Organizational Leadership program: Regent University  /

Twenty-eight years of ministry, Eight years of Messianic ministry, 

What is of most interest is that Regent University lists their staff and faculty and we see in 1998, when we have Linda G as Registrar, Regent also lists Linda G as Registrar. 

Registrar's Office Staff

Registrar's Office Main Number - (757) 226-4094

Linda G. Hargis, Registrar (757) 226-4047....

Last Updated: 07/01/98

In 1999, we see Linda G also still listed at Regent as registrar.

1999--Registrar faculty---

Linda G. Hargis

Course Schedules, Room Reservations, Graduation Information

(757) 226-4047

However, at the Messianic Bureau International website in 1998, we see that David and Linda have stated that Linda C Hargis is the Registrar at Regent University.


Board of Directors:
David M. Hargis, PhD (President and Chairman)
Linda C. Hargis, MEd, Registrar-Regent University (Vice President)
Joanna Nelson, Virginia Beach, VA (Secretary-Treasurer)
David Aronowitz, Master Chief-US Navy, Virginia Beach, VA
Michael Humphrey, Esq, Fairlawn, OH
Don Doherty, BMS, Shammash-Mishkan HaMelech of Hampton Roads, VA
Ellen Campbell, Director-Crisis Pregnancy Centers of Tidewater
Lorne Greene, California
Jane Greene, California

....Copyright (c) 1996-1998 MBI. 

In the current Faculty listing for MBI Yeshiva, in 2003, all mention of being Regent's Registrar is removed, as is the name Linda G Hargis.

  • David M. Hargis, Ph.D., President and Rosh Yeshiva
  • Linda C. Hargis, M.Ed., Administrator and Academic Dean...

...Linda C. Hargis, M.Ed., ABD. Academic Dean of the Yeshiva / Associate  Professor of Practical Studies / Bachelor of Arts: Lael University /  Master of Arts in Education: Regent University / Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership Program: Regent University  / Twenty-eight years of ministry / Eight years of Messianic ministry.

What reveals the identity of Linda G Hargis and Linda C Hargis, was posted March 30, 2001. Recalling the various dates where Linda C Hargis and Linda G Hargis were posted on the same page on the or page.

New Administrator: Linda Hargis Joining MBIY Full Time

Monday, April 9, 2001 Linda C. Hargis will become the full time administrator and executive vice-president of Messianic Bible Institute-Yeshiva. Linda's effective resignation as registrar of Regent University is April 5, 2001.

Mrs. Hargis served Regent University from 1988 to 2001. She has been Regent's registrar for the past six years. Linda began providing academic consultation to MBI Yeshiva at its inception in 1996, also serving from that time as a part time faculty member.

Linda holds a Master of Arts in Education degree, a Certificate of Graduate Studies, and she is ABD (all but dissertation) as a PhD candidate at Regent University on track for completing her dissertation August of 2001.

She brings to MBI Yeshiva the skill and experience to launch our school into greater areas of acheivement. Her tasks will be to oversee the operations of the school, to advance the school accreditation, and to manage student inquiries. She will also work as a full time faculty professor for the Yeshiva.

President David Hargis (her husband) will continue to act as titular head of the Yeshiva (Rosh Yeshiva) and full time faculty professor (also "course packaging supervisor" [smile] ). With Linda taking over administrative duties, David's attention will focus a little more on other MBI operations, ... He also will concentrate on writing new curriculum for the Yeshiva....

Please notice that here we have Linda's biography stating that she was at Regent since 1988. All other biographies have her as being at Regent since 1995 in the Registrars office, regardless which initial is used. AACRAO stated in 2001, "Linda was appointed Registrar six years ago after one year as Assistant Registrar of Degree Auditing."

The American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers, (AACRAO) posted this about Linda Hargis on their AACRAO NetNews, April 6, 2001:

Linda Hargis,, has left the registrar's office at Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA, to finish her doctoral dissertation (organizational leadership) this summer, hoping then to return to Regent as an adjunct professor. Linda was appointed Registrar six years ago after one year as Assistant Registrar of Degree Auditing. She has extensive teaching experience from high school (Greenbrier Christian Academy, Virginia Beach) to piano, voice, and choral instruction. She has also been a guest speaker at conferences and other events over the last thirty years in the areas of education, character development/communication, leadership, music and Bible. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in music from Lael University (Missouri) and Master of Arts in education from Regent. She was recognized twice as Employee of the Month at Regent and has been involved with both AACRAO and Virginia ACRAO. Enjoy your studies and grandchildren, Linda.

Please note. Not once in all the Linda C or Linda G biographies, from 1996 forward until 2003, on MBI, MBI Yeshiva, Mountain West Hebrew University...nowhere is the information given that Linda taught at a Christian high school. Nor is she listed as being a speaker, etc. What is noteworthy is that this group of Administrators and Registrars are not aware that Lael University is a diploma mill which could potentially void Linda's Masters and Doctorate.

Linda C/G Hargis is currently serving as a "professor" at Regent University. Her picture is posted beside her biography and is the same as others posted when she called herself Linda G or Linda C. 

Summer 2003

Last revised: 02/25/11


The vision of the School of Leadership Studies is to empower leaders to establish, renew and invigorate the souls of organizations through biblical leadership principles in order to bring glory to God and to His Son, Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit

Administrative Professor: Dorena DellaVecchio, Ph.D. 
Telephone: (757) 226 4662 
Fax: (757) 226 4634 

Professor: Linda Hargis, A.B.D.

Program  Advisor

{2002}---Linda serves as advisor for the School of Education’s Christian School, Individualized Degree, and Joint Degree programs. Her responsibility is to provide support for students in these programs from admissions through graduation and beyond.  She conducts admissions interviews, serves a liaison with the business and financial aid offices, administers academic scholarships, and assists in program and career planning.

Regent University © 2002, School of Education
1000 Regent University Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23464 
Toll Free 888-713-1595, Phone 757-226-4479, Fax 757-226-4147

In order to have obtained a Doctorate, one would first have had to obtain a Masters and prior to that a Bachelors, all from legitimate, licensed, accredited educational facilities. 

By 1996, Linda Hargis had posted on the new MBI Yehsiva page that she had her "Master of Arts in Education: Regent University". In 1998, in the one faculty web page , Linda G Hargis was listed as having her "M.A., Doctoral Candidate / Associate Professor of Bible and Practical Studies, Bachelor of Arts: Lael University, Master of Arts in Education: Regent University, PhD in Organizational Leadership program: Regent University "

One can't have a PhD in 1998, and then supposedly achieve it in 2002 or 2003...depending which "Linda" bio one reads. Since Linda G Hargis and Linda C Hargis make claims, "Bachelor of Arts: Lael University," and yet from AACRAO, "Bachelor of Arts in music from Lael University (Missouri)," her credentials are at the very least under serious question. Normally one would think that an individual could not obtain a bona fide Masters or Doctorate upon the foundation of an imitation Bachelors.

David Hargis and Linda C/G Hargis, and the late Marian Hargis have stated they obtained degrees from Lael University. According to Steve Levicoff , from his book Name It and Frame It,  Lael was a diploma mill, and diplomas from it are worthless.

Linda states that she obtained her Bachelor of Arts (in music) from Lael University in 1982. The Lael University diploma mill was located in Missouri. She and her husband David were busy in Savage, Pennsylvania at that time, pastoring Bethel Assemblies of God. David also obtained his "Master of Arts" in Theology" in 1980-1982, stating he attended "Lael University / Kirkwood, Missouri, Graduated Summa Cum Laud."

....Lael University was in a strip mall and didn't have a campus...and Bethel AOG states in their History, 

"....Pastor David Hargis with his wife, Linda, began ministering at Bethel in 1980.... Pastor Hargis resigned in 1982..."

What's of greater interest, is that while trying to validate the educational credentials of Linda, a call was made to Regent University. Keeping in mind the Linda had been in the Registrars office a total of seven years, it should be no surprise that her file is marked confidential. When asked about Linda C Hargis and Linda G Hargis, and "their" Masters, the registrars office personnel stated that, "the" file had been marked confidential by Linda Hargis and could not be opened. Protocol and integrity aside,  it was not stated "their files" or "them". It was stated "the file." Where else might one find a person in charge of what is placed in one's academic record and where no one is allowed to validate an individuals credentials or lack of them? Probably very few places.

Those who belong to Jesus Christ are reminded of these things:

2 Corinthians 8:21 

Providing for honest things, not only in the sight of the Lord, but also in the sight of men.

2 Corinthians 4:2 

But have renounced the hidden things of dishonesty, not walking in craftiness, nor handling the word of God deceitfully; but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man's conscience in the sight of God.

Luke 8:17-18

For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad. Take heed therefore how ye hear: for whosoever hath, to him shall be given; and whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken even that which he seemeth to have.


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