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The following is correspondence from a long time reader and former occultist, who had been heavily involved in many aspects of the New Age. This person, when first dialoguing with me, could not bring themselves to touch let alone read the Word of God. God's mercy is far reaching and this person is growing beyond being a babe in the Lord, but has discernment many long time Christians lack.


After reading The Message articles, the following thoughts were sent to me, although the reader has never actually perused The Message itself, nor other writings by it's author. This is the readers reaction to the compiled verses, based on the reader's own knowledge and experiences in the occult, and is totally that reader's opinion and perceptions.


Sent: Thu 5/18/2006 11:05 AM

Subject: New age/occult terminology in The Message




I haven't read The Message, but most of those few quotes you listed are 100% Pagan and occultic and they read as though ... trying to "occultify" the Bible.

The god of green hope is probably the Green Man, Dionysus, etc.

"god colors" is a Pagan concept used by Wiccans and Masons and possibly by Satanists.  I assume you have Hidden Secrets of the Eastern Star, which describes the use of certain colors in craft religions.  Red, white and blue are apparently witchcraft colors, which may explain why so many nations have red, white and blue flags.

Light-bearer is an explicit English direct translation of Lucifer, which is Latin.  The Greek word is Phosphor.  "I will make you light-bearers" is like David Spangler's Luciferic initiation which all humans must accept to become god or what have you.  Satan is manifesting as an angel of light to these poor people who don't realize which god they are worshipping.  As Jesus said to the Samaritan woman, "Ye worship ye know not what", which is truly frightening since people are doing it currently on a grand scale in Western culture.

"Entering light" and "light path" are Tarot and Masonic terminology.  At least two of the authors of the most common Tarot decks, Arthur Edward Waite and Aleister Crowley, were Masons and occultists.  The Sun card usually has a glowing sun with a face in it ("with your face shining sun-joy").

Standing in circles is of course a Pagan and Ritual Magick practice.  Magicians cast a spell of "protection" so the demons they conjure won't destroy them--they cast a spell using evil spirits to protect them from evil spirits.  Can Satan cast out Satan?

Chaos Magick is a religion in which a lot of role-playing gamers, online and offline, are engaging.

"Primordial ooze" is used by the religion of evolutionism to refer to the random organic compounds in the ocean whence humans eventually "evolved".

The invisible moving the visible is what happens in poltergeist activity, Ouija and other demonic manifestations.  When I was in elementary school a demon or demons violently shook my bed at night.  This was probably because my father was involved in occult religions and either his sister or aunt was a witch who according to my father was trying to do an incantation over my head.


... I recognize a lot of the occult terminology and practices in them from my own experiences with that "great invisible spirit" of divination.  If it isn't Satan himself, it's one of his underlings.  Since my family and I started reading Psalms and singing hymns in the car when we take my mom to the doctor, Satan keeps shoving occultism, psychics, astrology and Tarot in my face. ...I keep seeing ads for stuff connected with dragons--the magickal,  mythological kind, not merely big snakes or lizards (which I think are the dragons mentioned in the Old Testament).  ... I finally realized that focusing on reading Scripture and singing hymns with my family quashes my taste for occultism.  The Holy Spirit is obviously more powerful than all of those created spirits who rebelled against their Almighty Creator.

Anyhow, back to the article:  "Divine guardians" sounds like a euphemism for "familiar spirits", aka totems, power animals, spirit guides, etc.  I definitely had at least one familiar ...and I think I had a spirit of divination ("divine" guardian) because I used to be clairaudient and precognizant.

That stuff about the One, the divine christ, calling Christ a "messenger" (angel) etc both reduces Christ to the level of CREATED angels and prepares people to accept a false christ.

The "mystery message" finally brought to light is a Masonic concept and is the basis of the Major Arcana in the most commonly used Tarot deck, the Waite deck.  All of that "god-self" stuff is the oldest lie in human history and it hasn't changed since the serpent first spoke it in Genesis.

... "Engraved stones" include rune stones (which were the first thing I thought of when I saw that phrase), and apparently other religions than Norse Paganism and Wicca use engraved stones of some kind.  I used to like writing in runes before I found out they were always connected with occult religion generally and divination specifically.

Visualizing, guided imagery and blanking your mind are excellent ways to invite demons into your life.  The demon finds your mind blank and re-enters with seven spirits more evil than itself.  I've done all of those three and more when I was a kid going to those self-help seminars which my dad thought were good for our "self-esteem".  LSD can accomplish the same purpose.  When I was going to college a "friend" gave me some pot that I am positive was laced with LSD.  I kept hearing the phrase in my head, "This is the world of the spirits" during my bad trip.  Dropping acid can introduce you to Hindu spirits and lead you to practice Hinduism, e.g. the Beatles, a lot of other hippies and even Albert Hofmann, the scientist who first synthesized LSD. 

I used to believe in luck, fortune and fate (Fortuna and the Fates are goddesses/demonesses from mythology aka Greco-Roman Paganism), and I wore talismans such as a hammer of Thor pendant, trying to convince myself that they were "protecting" me--from what, I dunno.  I used to think that a rabbit's foot was good luck (it obviously wasn't for the poor rabbit), and that the messages in fortune cookies could come true!--this is when I was a kid, and, uh, fortunately I stopped believing those superstitions.  I used to be a fatalist, too, wanting to believe that everything that happened was MEANT to happen.

I've never been able to read very much of Rick Warren's stuff or even articles about it because reading it is like listening to white noise.  It makes my head feel "fuzzy", like a radio between channels.  This alone is probably a warning sign because God is not the author of confusion.  ...

I think it is very true that people will read anything written about the Bible but they are unwilling to read the Bible itself.  All of these pop psychology, self-esteem, feel-good, plagiarized-from-Paganism, syncretized versions of "christianity" and "the Bible" make my head spin.  I see explicitly why God told Paul to write 2 Cor 11:13:  But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.

The serpent is still at it.  It seems as though there is more perverted Christianity now than there was in the 60s and 70s.  It would rule if I could find a non-ecumenical, straight-from-the-KJV church, but I wonder if any of them still exist, especially in my occult-loving country where craft is prospering (Paganism/Witchcraft and Masonic religion) in the land.  Brainwashed Americans are already rejoicing that next month will include June 6, 2006 aka 666. ..."



Upon reading the letter, the reader again wrote:

...When I started reading the articles I couldn't believe that people are calling The Message a "Bible" at all.  It reads more like a grimoire.  Those various Pagan and occult "code words" in the passages you listed are obvious to people familiar with Pagan and Masonic mystery religions but most people wouldn't be aware of their sources.... 

And: Correction on "666":

The source of all the 6 + 6 + 06 ads that have recently sprung up everywhere.  Somebody made a remake of a satanic movie (The Omen) and the production compainy said that releasing it on 6/6/06/ would make a great marketing gimmick.  Nearly all movies in the USA are released on either Wednesday or Friday.  The Omen will be released on a Tuesday  6/6/06 falls on a Tuesday.  One blasphemous preview on a fan site states "With less than 20 days until His Day comes ("His" and "Day" are capitalized!), Fox is ramping up the publicity."

I looked up the phrase "the omen" with the number 6 not in parentheses and got a lot of results referring to the "666" ad campaign. ...


I'm sorry to pester you because I am so happy you printed my observations but it would rule if you could append some of this explanation to the article, because the way I wrote it makes it sound as though a lot of Americans are rejoicing because 2006 contains the date 6/6/06!  I ought to have "proofread" that sentence more thoroughly.  ..."

Another reader wrote after reading this letter and regarding Peterson's use of "God of green hope" and the above reference, "The god of green hope is probably the Green Man, Dionysus, etc.":

I did a quick search for "green man" and came up with the link below.

That information references the following pagan myths.

"The Green Man is that spirit energy, presence, inherent in every cell of the vegetative realm, and transmitted to the animal/human realms through the food we eat, ...He is Pan...."

Referring to various sites that promote or discuss the various concepts of the Green Man, one site mentioned, "His Green Man site, "The Gaia Counterpart: The Green Man," ... He also has icon-images for such things as Yggdrasil, cherubs, the phoenix, and the androgyne..."



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