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"Christian" Occult Symbols

Myths and Legends are a Legacy of Truth?


2 Timothy 4:3-4

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth and shall be turned unto fables."

Lambert Dolphin teaches that the “Gospel in the Stars” and the Zodiac cannot be easily dismissed. Using the foundation writings of E.W. Bullinger's The Witness of the Stars and Joseph A. Seiss's The Gospel in the Stars, both mentioned above, for the article, “Signs in the Stars, Lambert writes:

 “The case for the Gospel in the Stars can not be settled definitively with the present evidence. I agree with Malcolm Bowden in preferring not to dismiss myths, legends, and even folk-tales as part of a genuine legacy of truth concerning actual, historical realities transmitted by tradition and literature-to be studied with discernment yet with respect.” 22

That is not what God's Word states: 1 Timothy 1:4a "Neither give heed to fables..." 

4:7 "But refuse profane and old wives' fables, and exercise thyself rather unto godliness."

Jesus prayed in John 17:17, “Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.” 

In the footnotes of Mr. Dolphin's article is the promotion of many with the same teachings including kabbalist, Avi ben Mordechai, who Lambert specifically endorses. (See: Parts 1-9, To Embrace Hebrew Roots) For More on Avi ben Mordechai see: Avi ben Mordechai & Millennium 7000

“8. In his book Signs in the Heavens Avi Ben Mordechai presents evidence from middle-eastern archaeology and from ancient Jewish writings confirming the antiquity of a genuine Hebrew astrological system of teaching linked to the Bible. ISBN 978-09643355-7-3. Available from Millennium 7000 Communications Int’l., Millennium 7000, P.O. Box 700, Kila, MT 59920. Telephone inquires: 1-800-880-2656.23

Why would Lambert Dolphin promote Avi ben Mordechai as a positive resource??? Perhaps Lambert Dolphin’s associations with Avi, approval of the Zodiac and those who teach it begin with his association with the Edgar Cayce Foundation. Perhaps his teachings on such as Remote Viewing, Channeling and ESP came about because of his,  "wonderful and challenging career spanning some 30 years with a large and prestigious West Coast think tank. [SRI] Our projects at the lab were often multi-disciplinary and the climate was one where all sorts of diverse ideas could be exchanged freely. Our projects ranged over the broadest possible range." 24

Lambert Dolphin relates in his personal testimony that he became a Christian in 1962. What he neglects, like so many others, is the important data on what he actually has been involved in since then. He neglected to state that 15 years later he directed the Stanford Research Institute project at the Great Sphinx in Egypt. For the project, he traveled to Virginia Beach to negotiate funding from the occult Edgar Cayce Foundation and in 1983, he helped to set up the Independent Mars Project’ as consultant to NASA.  Edgar Cayce, who was known as the "sleeping prophet," entered into deep trances during which he prophesied the existence of a Hall of Records in Egypt.  

In 1983 Lambert  helped to set up the Independent Mars Project’ as consultant to NASA and leader of the SRI project at the Great Sphinx. Validation of these events appears in The Message of the Sphinx, written by Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval:
"Back in Egypt in 1977, a year after the Viking images had first reached the Earth, Mark Lehner [A.R.E.’s ‘man’ at Giza] made contact with NASA’s Dr. Lambert T. Dolphin, leader of the Stanford Research Institute project at the Sphinx ..." (p. 313)
"Later in 1977 Lambert Dolphin traveled to Virginia Beach to negotiate funding from the Edgar Cayce organization for a proposed new SRI project at Giza... In (1983) ‘The Independent Mars Project’ was set up in the United States by Richard Hoagland, a former NASA consultant, and Lambert Dolphin… " (pp. 313-14) 25

The Message of the Sphinx:: A Quest for the Hidden Legacy of Mankind , cites a prophecy by  Edgar Cayce, to the effect that a Hall of Records at the Great Sphinx at Giza would be rediscovered and opened between 1996 and 1998 and that this discovery would be related to the second coming of Christ:

"Headquartered in Virginia Beach in the United States . . . the A.R.E. [Association for Research and Enlightenment] is a multimillion dollar organization that exists to promulgate the teachings and prophecies of the American psychic Edgar Cayce, who died in 1945. Prominent amongst Cayce’s pronouncements were many statements... to the effect that the Sphinx had been built in 10,500 BC by the survivors of Atlantis who had concealed beneath it a ‘Hall of Records’ containing all the wisdom of their lost civilization and the true history of the human race. Cayce prophesied that this Hall of Records would be rediscovered and opened between 1996 and 1998. He connected the opening to the second coming of Christ and asserted that the contents of the Hall would not be shared with the general public until many years after it had first been entered by ‘three who would make of the perfect way of life.’" (p. 306)
Lambert Dolphin, wrote the following report of his involvement in the project:

"In 1977, the US National Science Foundation funded a project at Giza again involving the SRI...According to the SRI team's official report: 'Several anomalies were observed as a result of our resistivity survey at the Sphinx...Behind the rear paws (north-west end) we ran two traverses. Both traverses indicate an anomaly that could possibly be due to a tunnel aligned north-west to south-east..." (Footnote: L.T. Dolphin, E. Moussa, 'Applications of Modern Sensing Techniques to Egyptology', Menlo Park, Calif., SRI International, September 1977)

Today, the Edgar Cayce Foundation and its Association for Research & Enlightenment credits Lambert Dolphin and his SRI team with determining the location of the hidden chambers in the project's early stages:

"According to ECF/ARE historians the 1973-4 and 1977 projects paved the way for work. . . that would succeed in discovering hidden chambers. Exactly how and where is not made clear. At any rate in 1978 the ECF/ARE collaborated with the SRI and provided funds (to the tune of about US $50,000) for a more detailed survey of the Sphinx enclosure and the nearby Sphinx Temple. Should any 'anomalies' be found it was agreed that the SRI was to confirm them with acoustic sounding techniques..." (p. 91)

Perhaps these associations also explain Mr. Dolphin’s approval of Chuck Missler as stated in an email forwarded to us. And why he not only promotes Mr. Missler’s writings in his Library, but also promotes the writings of Uri Marcus, brother of Avi ben Mordechai, whom we also discussed in the Hebrew Roots series:

“…Chuck Missler and I have known one another for over 30 years and our doctrinal positions are quite parallel. God is using Personal Update [Misslers newsletter] to help a great number of people around the world. The staff of Koinonia House is godly and all are committed to serving God faithfully and accurately.’ 26

Jacob Prasch stated in his February 2000 Newsletter  “ I personally appreciate the ministries of both Chuck Missler and Barry Smith” and “…God has rather called Chuck Missler to biblical exposition…”27 

Recalling that Jacob Prasch used to support, but has reportedly stopped funding Uri Marcus because of his association with Peter Michas, does it not seem strange that Jacob would continue to be involved with Chuck Missler,  when his teachings parallel Lambert Dolphins and who does support Uri Marcus? Reviewing Mr. Dolphin's Library and  Lambert Dolphin's Web Links reveals that he supports many of the people we have named in these articles.

Jacob's close friend, Tricia Tillin, recommends several articles on the Torah Codes, which are occult numerology or gematria, along with the websites of Berit Kjos, Dave Hunt, Grant Jeffrey, Chuck Missler, Lambert Dolphin, Mike Oppenheimer, The Park (PWM) and many others we've discussed in the various articles. Mrs. Tillin and her husband are listed among Jacob’s “comrades” and “people who are bible based and who operate valid discernment ministries to alert the church and give understanding to the many.” 28

Occult and Freemason Foundations

Deuteronomy 18:10,12:

"There shall not be found among you ANY ONE that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination (astrology), or an observer of times (astrologer), or an enchanter, or a witch....”

“For ALL that do these things are an ABOMINATION unto the Lord."

Quoting from World Book Encyclopedia, Dr. Burns validates that the occult sciences include astrology.

 “…"During ancient times there was wide belief in OCCULT sciences. The best-known of the old OCCULT subjects included ASTROLOGY, alchemy, necromancy, and magic."2 Under "ASTROLOGY" we find: "Judicial astrology is the astrology of today. It was and still is closely related to other pseudo sciences and superstitions such as palmistry, numerology, and the use of charms and magic."3 Related articles under "Magic" include: ASTROLOGY, clairvoyance, divination, evil eye, exorcism, hypnotism, necromancy, shaman (witch doctor), telepathy, trance, voodoo and witchcraft!429

Freemasonry is one of the main sources that embraces and disseminates occult practices like astrology and the Zodiac.

“…One Masonic author, Mr. Castells, brags: "The Zodiac is still with us in the Royal Arch, so many other symbols of Freemasonry, its real import and significance has been obscured."10 He adds: "In 1775, when the Freemasons' Hall was erected, the ZODIAC WAS ACKNOWLEDGED TO BE A MASONIC SYMBOL by placing it over the main entrance of that edifice.11

“In Masonry and Its Symbols in the Light of "Thinking and Destiny," we find: "The Zodiac is the best symbol of the circle with the twelve points on the circumference which give a value to geometrical symbols....Masonry has its symbols from the Zodiac.12  30 


 Astrological signs are seen on the Masonic globe

“Another Mason claims: "According to Occult teaching, each reincarnation is under the adjoining sign of the zodiac, hence a sign, thirty degrees, is a symbol of rebirth, and the moving over (the advancement) of thirty degrees is emblematic of rebirth."13 The zodiac is based on astrology which is and ALWAYS HAS BEEN associated with the OCCULT and WITCHCRAFT.” 31

According to the Introduction to The Kabbalah Unveiled by McGregor Mathers, who was the co-founder of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in 1888, the Zodiac is part of the kabbalist teachings of the sephiroth, the Primordial Being, and the Ezekiel's vision. Ezekiel's vision is also part of the British Israel symbolism, and the Grand Lodge of England's symbols.

"42. ...The whole ten Sephiroth represent the Heavenly Man, or Primordial Being...Under this Sephira are classed the angelic order of...holy living creature, kerubim or sphinxes of Ezekiel's vision and of the Apocalypse of John. These are represented in the Zodiac by the four signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius--the Bull, Lion, Eagle and Man. Scorpio as a good emblem, being symbolized by the eagle, and as an evil emblem by the scorpion, and as a mixed nature by the snake."

"This first Sephira contained the other nine, and produced them in succession..."32 

According to the book,  The History and Practice of Magic, 

"The Ancient Magi wore the Rose Cross hung from the neck on a golden chain; but so as not to reveal to the profane the sacred word INRI. They replaced these 4 letters by the 4 figures which are brought together in the Sphinx: Man, Bull, Lion and Eagle." 33  

The Rosicrucian Manual from the Grand Lodge in San Jose, California teaches that the The Hermetic Rose Cross symbolism is entirely wrapped in alchemy, cabala, and the zodiac. 

"...the alchemical and hermetic Rose a very old MYSTICAL symbol. It is composed of two Rosey crosses united into one: the small Rosy cross at the centre-representative of the man, the microcosm--is in turn, the center point of a larger rose...symbolic of the macrocosm. Upon the four ends of the large cross are inscribed the three ALCHEMICAL symbols...Upon the other ends of the cross the symbols have been inscribed in such an order as to conform to the ESOTERIC tradition.

"Also upon the arm adjacent to the alchemical symbols, is the symbol of the PENTAGRAM...On the lower arm of the figure, below the large rose is a HEXAGRAM...composed of two interlaced triangles. At it's points are inscribed the six planets, according to the ancient ASTROLOGICAL tradition: at the bottom is the moon, at its right is Venus, followed in turn by Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Mercury. At the center of the hexagram is the SUN. The order of arrangement of these symbols conforms to certain CABALISTIC RITUALS. "

"The Lower end of the longest arm is divided into four section by tow diagonal lines. These sections are colored according to the four colors of Malkuth of the Cabalistic 'Tree of Life.' The four sets of three rays which extend outward from the center of the large cross symbolize the Divine light. The letters inscribed upon each large center-ray combine into INRI, which combination, according to the Rosicrucian historian Fr. Wittemans, represents a Latin Motto meaning 'Nature is renewed by fire.' The letters upon the smaller rays represent INVOCATIVE names of Latin, Egyptian and Greek origin."

"The petals of the large rose on the cross are twenty two in number, and stand for the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew Cabalistic alphabet. [Gematria] The outer circle of twelve petals represents the twelve single letters of this alphabet, and in particular the twelve signs of the Zodiac. The next circle...symbolizes the seven double letters...the seven ASTROLOGICAL planets..." 34. 

The Rose cross is related to the teachings of "Hermes." " Cabot states....:" ... HERMES seems to have been a universal Indo-European god who TAUGHT ASTROLOGY, ALCHEMY AND THE MANY MAGICAL PRACTICES THAT ARE AT THE HEART OF WITCHCRAFT..." 35. 

The relationship of alchemy, astrology and the occult are identified again with Freemasonry. The quest of all alchemists is to become 'like' God and attain eternal life--without Him.

"The Masonic book, A Bridge to Light, declares: The 28th Degree is purely philosophical and the most mystical of all. The tenets of NUMEROLOGY, ASTROLOGY AND ALCHEMY ARE EXPLAINED.' 36 

For a complete discussion on the Kabbalah please see: To Embrace Hebrew Roots V: The Kabbalah ; Regarding the Sephirot, See: To Embrace Hebrew Roots VI: Kabbalah Initiation

Jesus spoke very clearly against the "traditions of men." The Master Crossword Puzzle Dictionary defines, Tradition: cabal (a)...oral cabala" 37. In other words, when Jesus was rebuking against those traditions of the Jews, he was referring to the oral traditions which include the Talmud, Midrash, zohar and the kabbalah. The kabbalah is part of all masonic and occult doctrines. "Christians" also have developed oral traditions, through following the teachings of the many in these articles.

Speaking to the Pharisees in Matthew 15:3:  "But he answered and said unto them, Why do ye also transgress the commandment of God by your traditions?"

Matthew 15:6 " But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men."

The Scriptures speak of the worship of an "image" which fell from Jupiter. 

Act 19:35

"And when the townclerk had appeased the people, he said, Ye man of Ephesus, what man is there that knoweth not how that the city of the Ephesians is a worshipper of the great goddess Diana, and of the image which fell down from Jupiter."

The UN, which was an offshoot of  the League of Nations, has in their "chapel" an altar made of a large black stone. This could easily indicate that the UN has a spiritual mission which has yet to be completed, especially knowing that they view the altar as the symbol of the Universal religion and the God of all. 

"The Black stone of the Ka'aba of Mecca and that of the Ancient Shrine of Cybele, the goddess mother of the Near East are both believed by some occultists to be pieces of the magical meteorite (called the Chintamani Stone) which is alleged to have come from a solar system in which is alleged to have come from a solar system in the constellation Orion, probably Sirius...according to Lamaist lore, a fragment of this sent wherever a spiritual mission vital to humanity is set up, and is returned when that mission is completed. Such a stone was said to be in possession of the failed League of Nations, it's return being entrusted to [Nicholas] Roerich." 38 

Satan is referred to by occultists and Masons as the Morning Star, that is, Venus, “ because it is his light that heralds for man the dawn of a greater consciousness…” and “Masons themselves (and others) tell us that Lucifer (or Venus) is the Light bearer and the Morning Star. Blavatsky writes about the Druids, Magi, Zoroastrians, etc., greeting “the Morning Star—the beautiful Venus-Lucifer.” 39 

The Occult Calendar reveals that May 5 is integral in astrology and the Zodiac, which is perhaps why these "Christians" also teach that information.

"New Agers believe that May 5, when all of the planets are in alignment, will be a "cosmic moment" similar in appearance and significance to the Star of Bethlehem which announced to the Magi the coming of the Messiah.  At the turn of every age (two millennia), there are "revolutionary transformations accompanying the change of Ages...It is the twilight of the gods -- the Day of Judgment for the outgoing and incoming Ages." [CalenderSign 2000>]     ...

"...the Age of Pisces, May 5, 2000 is expected to be the day of reckoning, decision and judgment. Since the planets represent gods in the gnostic traditions, New Agers believe that the gods will return to earth. Note the Group's gnostic references to transcending matter, i.e., "taking and holding our true power while still in biology" as prerequisite for "the physical changes that were to be expected, and the awakening of humanity". Mankind is being prepared for a massive visitation of extraterrestrials (aka, demons) who have promised to assist them in transcending matter to a higher plane of existence -- that of pure spirit."

"The sign of this transition will be the astroarcheological Star of Bethlehem, which contains three "mystic rectangles", a "Star of David", a "Seal of Solomon", a "Grand Sextile", superimposed upon one another to form three sets of 6 (666) with a "Grand Cross" and two five pointed star configurations. 

This delusional phenomenon is depicted on The Astroarchaeological Star of Bethlehem website > importance of the six-pointed Star of David in occult symbolism and ritual cannot be overstated." 

Isaiah 47:12-14 " Stand now with thine enchantments, and with the multitude of thy sorceries...if so be thou shalt be able to profit, if so be thou mayest prevail. Thou art wearied in the multitude of thy counsels. Let now the astrologers, the stargazers, the monthly prognosticators, stand up, and save thee from these things that shall come upon thee. Behold, they shall be as stubble; the fire shall burn them; they shall not deliver themselves from the power of the flame..."

Dr Burns quotes, "...a witch, Laurie Cabot...[who wrote] "Witches are called many things--shamans, sages, medicine people, ALCHEMISTS, mystics, psychics..." 40. 

There are many explicit warnings AGAINST ASTROLOGY and witchcraft in the Bible.  Galatians 5:19-21 states:

“Now the works of the flesh are manifest are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, Idolatry, witchcraft, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.”

We’re told to think on the things that are true, and not embrace myths or legends and the occult, which comes from Satan.

Philippians 4:8

Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.”

 All Scripture from the Authorized King James Bible


Previous Section: Astrology: The Gospel of Truth??



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Copyright . All articles are the sole property of and Vicky Dillen. All Scripture King James Version unless otherwise stated.

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