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Pew Charitable Trust

J. Howard Pew was one of seven who started the Pew Charitable Trusts >, ( "a Philadelphia-based foundation with approximately $4.9 billion in assets, invested over $250 million in 206 nonprofit organizations in 1999." []

Email Update from Pew Charitable Trust:

"Effective January 1, 2004, The Pew Charitable Trusts transformed from a foundation into a newly independent non-profit organization. The Trusts will now have a greater ability to fulfill its core mission--informing the public with credible, fact-based research on key issues of the day, advancing policy solutions when the case for change is compelling, and supporting America's civic life and communities.

This change in status allowed us to move from a .com site to a .org site. Would you kindly update any links on your Web site to reflect our new"

Chris Cappo
Public Affairs Temp
The Pew Charitable Trusts

Their history reveals, "The Pew Charitable Trusts are a group of seven individual charitable funds established between 1948 and 1979 by two sons and two daughters of Sun Oil Company founder Joseph N. Pew and his wife, Mary Anderson Pew...What are today The Pew Charitable Trusts came into existence in 1948 as The Pew Memorial Foundation. The four foundersóJ.N. Pew, Jr., J. Howard Pew, Mary Ethel Pew and Mabel Pew Myrinóchose to honor their parents' memory by establishing a foundation that would contribute to the public's health and welfare and strengthen the communities in which we live. The founders capitalized the foundation with shares of Sun Oil Company stock, and gathered for the first board meeting on April 3, 1948....the board disbanded the foundation in 1957 and transferred its assets to a trust to be administered by The Glenmede Trust Company. The Glenmede Trust Company was established by the founders in 1956 and empowered to undertake a variety of trust activities, including administration of the newly formed Pew Memorial Trust as well as two additional Trusts established by the founders....we remain committed to the same fundamental values that guided the founders' lives: encouraging individual growth and potential; improving the quality of people's lives; maintaining and nurturing our democratic traditions; ensuring an educated and engaged citizenry; protecting religious freedom; and assisting and supporting those in need...."

The trusts have various avenues for grants including Public policy, culture, education, health and human services, environment, and Religion. The statements which are Reconstructionist in nature, state: "The Religion program seeks to advance a deeper understanding of religion's contribution to the ideas, beliefs, morals and institutions that shape culture and society, and to help people of faith improve their efforts to make a greater contribution to contemporary public life...To strengthen American democracy by increasing public understanding of religion's role in civic affairs and enhancing religious communities' contribution to public life...To integrate the academic study of religion and Christian scholars more fully into American higher education...." 

In an article titled Religion and the Public Square: Religious Grantmaking at The Pew Charitable Trusts by Luis E. Lugo it is stated, 

"....The Religion program at the Trusts has carved out a unique niche in the world of philanthropy as the foremost supporter of evangelical and other orthodox Christian scholars and of the study of American evangelicalism... from the very beginning the Trusts have funded many large, mainstream religious endeavors, and the Religion program continues to fund a broadly ecumenical range of projects...the Religion program continued to devote over fifty percent of its budget to evangelical agencies and programs....the huge gulf between evangelical, orthodox Christians and social elites contributes in no small way to the widely recognized fragmentation of America's public culture...the Trusts are ideally situated to help overcome this mutual alienation by encouraging civilized dialogue between evangelical, orthodox Christian and other intellectual leaders in America....The Religion program is currently exploring a variety of means to support studies of the impact of different faiths--Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism, to name only a few--on race relations in America. We propose to focus primarily on the role of Christianity in black-white relations, but also to include the comparative dimension of other faiths and ethnic groups....Serious scholarly consideration of the relations between the three descendants of Abraham--Jews, Christians and Muslims--could be an important first step in improving interreligious relations in areas of the world where these traditions must learn to coexist...."

The Pew site archives Grant recipients as far back as 1990. Previous Pew Grant recipients, showing a small fraction of their diversity,  have included 

"The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, 03/16/2000 - Minneapolis, MN For a conference to provide preaching evangelists with encouragement and training for their ministry at the start of the new century. $ 500,000/1 yr." (For Amsterdam 2000)

The Catholic University of America
03/16/2000 - Washington, DC
$ 620,000/3 yrs

Loyola University of Chicago
03/16/2000 - Chicago, IL
$ 600,000/3 yrs.

New America Foundation
03/16/2000 - Washington, DC
In support of a national fellowship program to promote solutions-oriented research and writing on public policy issues.
$ 1,300,000/3 yrs.
Azusa Pacific University
06/08/1995 - Azusa, CA

Jewish Theological Seminary of America
09/29/1994 - New York, NY
In support of a research project on the religious traits and outlook of Conservative Jews, over three years.
$ 292,000/2 yrs.

World Vision, Inc.
06/08/1995 - Federal Way, WA
To support an international research project on Protestant Christianity's encounter with the cultures of the Philippines, over four years.
$ 343,000/54 mos.
Harvard University
09/28/1995 - Cambridge, MA
To complete a CD-ROM interactive multimedia reference tool for studying religious pluralism in the U.S.
$ 244,000/1 yr.
Evangelical Association for the Promotion of Education
03/14/1996 - St. Davids, PA
In support of the Philadelphia Project for Youth Ministry.
$ 458,000/42 mos

03/14/1996 - Philadelphia, PA
In support of the Philadelphia Project for Youth Ministry.
$ 636,000/42 mos.

Evangelicals For Social Action, Inc.
06/13/1996 - Wynnewood, PA
To develop a publication, materials and membership for an organization of evangelical and other Christians concerned with population growth, excessive consumerism and environmental deterioration.
$ 350,000/2 yrs.
New York City Mission Society
06/13/1996 - New York, NY
In support of the Holistic Ministries Leadership Institute and the center's organizational development efforts.
$ 200,000/3 yrs.
Brookings Institution
09/25/1997 - Washington, DC
In support of a conference entitled Preserving Sacred Places, Restoring Civil Society that will examine recent research on how faith-based institutions contribute to civil society.
$ 38,000/1 yr  See: CNP Joint Projects A-D

Princeton Theological Seminary
06/04/1998 - Princeton, NJ
In support of a conference entitled, "The Church and the World in a New Century: Faith and Responsibility in a Global Future."
$ 50,000/1 yr.
Brookings Institution
09/24/1998 - Washington, DC
For a series of discussions on church-sponsored social services and potential partnerships with government, over two years.
$ 250,000/2 yrs.


And Many more

The Association of Theological Schools (ATS) >> is also a recipient. In 1996 ATS received a grant from Pew Charitable Trusts and has also received grants from the Lilly Endowments and the Rockefellers.  

In Thy Will be Done, authors Colby and Dennett wrote, "Nelson [Rockefeller] knew, as did much of the nation, that Barry Goldwater had refused to disavow support for the ultrarightist John Birch Society. He also knew...that Goldwater and the Birch Society were both heavily funded by J. Howard Pew, owner of one of Standard Oils major rivals, the Sun Oil Company." [Colby, p. 453-454]  Wycliffe Bible Translators received large funds of money from Nelson Rockefeller, Crowell Trust [Quaker Oats], the Glenmeade Trust [Pew] and the Lilly Foundation, the liberal Ford Foundation and others." [p. 569].

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