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Mark R. Maddoux   Marlin Maddoux   Marion (Mac) Magruder    Carolyn Malenick   Peter Marshall, Jr.   Connaught (Connie) Marshner   James L. Martin    Christopher "Kit" Mason   Richard Mason   James Mather   Pat Matrisciana    Paul Maurer   Donald S. McAlvany  Ed McAteer

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Mark R. Maddoux -CNP 1996, 1998; co­founder and vice president, USA Radio Network; former head of research and development, Gelato of Texas; former plant manager, Southland Corp. Footnotes 1

Marlin Maddoux - CNP 1988, 1996, 1999; Founder and president, International Christian Media and USA Radio Network 2 ; author, A Christian Agenda: Game Plan For a New Era, America Betrayed, What Worries Parents Most, and others; journalist; host of national radio broadcast, "Point of View,"3 a live 90-minute issues oriented Christian talk show heard daily on over 270 radio nationwide and around the world on several shortwave stations; frequent guest on numerous national Christian and general television and radio broadcasts, CBS Morning News, Nightime, The 700 Club, Concerned Women Live, The Art of Family Living, and many others; promoted on Steeling the Mind of America. 4 See: CNP Joint Projects K-Z    Footnotes 2-4

Marion (Mac) Magruder - CNP Executive Committee 1996, 1998; Board of Governors 1996, 1998, member 1988;  Owner/operator, McDonald's Restaurants; chairman, Arizona Family Research; board member, Free Congress Research & Education Foundation, National Family Foundation, Abundant Life, Summit Ministries; advisory board, Conservative Caucus and Analysis Foundation; campaign chairman, Fred Koory for Governor; President Board of Directors The Center for Arizona Policy.

Carolyn Malenick - CNP 1996, 1998;  president, Triad Management Services; former consultant, VPAC; director of development, Freedom Alliance,5 whose contributors include CNP's Oliver North; head of National Capital Strategies; former assistant to North Defense Trust: former consultant for Oliver North; former administrative assistant to the president of The Viguerie Company, CNP's Richard Viguerie; former account assistant, The Viguerie Company; former audio service coordinator, Old­Time Gospel Hour, Lynchburg, Va.; former volunteer, Kemp for President campaign; 1980 Reagan/Bush campaign work; 1980­1981, direct mailings for Moral Majority, Inc.  

Malenick has close personal ties to both the Scaife and Koch families; 1996, Malenick worked for a number of Republican campaigns, including the campaign of Representative Bob Schafer (R-CO), who has taken the lead on “paycheck protection” legislation in the U.S. House. CNP's Senator Don Nickles   (R-OK) is a close friend of Malenick's and made a promotional video for Triad Management that created controversy over the propriety of such an endorsement of their services by a U.S. senator. Nickels sponsored “paycheck protection” legislation in the U.S. Senate last year. 6 

"...Democratic investigators also looked into a third organization called Triad Management Services Inc., a for-profit group run by Carolyn Malenick, a former fundraiser for Oliver L. North, the former Marine colonel who was a central figure in the Iran-Contra investigation and a 1994 Senate candidate in Virginia. Triad offered donors a choice of giving to individual candidates, a slew of conservative political action committees or two tax-exempt groups named the Citizens for the Republic Education Fund and Citizens for Reform."

"Democratic investigators found that Triad funneled money into the tax-exempt groups for the "sole purpose of running attack ads against Democratic candidates under the guise of 'issue advocacy.'" Triad "conspired with donors who had reached their maximum contribution limit to evade the law by laundering additional contributions through designated political action committees and then earmarking those contributions for certain campaigns," the minority draft says."

"While Congress' campaign finance investigation may not yield legislation, issues raised by the probe have begun to produce serious consequences for some of the major players..." 7 

"... Triad was funded by a handful of wealthy Republican donors who used it as a mechanism to support the election of conservative Republican candidates to the House of Representatives and the Senate. Triad channeled millions of dollars from its backers to two tax-exempt groups it had established for the sole purpose of running attack ads against Democratic candidates under the guise of ``issue advocacy.'' By operating this way, Triad and its financial backers avoided the disclosure and campaign contribution limits of the federal election laws. Triad itself made possibly illegal contributions by providing free consulting advice and other assistance to candidates. Moreover, the evidence suggests that Triad conspired with contributors who had reached their maximum contribution limit to evade the law by laundering additional contributions through designated political action committees (``PACs'') and then earmarking these contributions..." 8 Footnotes 5-8

Peter Marshall, Jr.- CNP 1988, 1996, 1998; Son of late Chaplain of the U.S. Senate, Peter Marshall and Catherine Marshall LeSourd, author of Christy; founder of The Breakthrough Intercessor Inc. 9; Founder and director of Peter Marshall Ministries 10; author and speaker on restoring Christian heritage of America; co-author, The Light & The Glory and From Sea to Shining Sea,; ordained Presbyterian minister (Princeton Theological Seminary); gained national recognition as an evangelist and teacher on Christian growth and maturity; conducts preaching and teaching missions and evangelistic crusades; public speaker; assistant minister, West Hartford, Connecticut; former pastor of the East Dennis Community Church; recipient, 1986 Faith and Freedom Award, Religious Heritage of America for his leadership in exhorting churches to repentance and renewal; endorsed as a speaker by CNP's Bill Bright, Pat Robertson, D. James Kennedy, and Ralph Reed 11  

Dr. Theodore Baehr is Executive Committee Chairman, The Religious Heritage Freedom Foundation. Other executive include, J. Kermit Campbell, John B. Damoose; Vonette Bright; James Barrett; Nancy W. Damoose, Freedom Ministries of America; Jay A. Sekulow (CNP), American Center for Law and Justice. 

The Advisory Committee includes: Bernice Brandel; Dr. William "Bill" R. Bright (CNP); Sarah Belk Gambrell; Ruth Stafford Peale Center for Christian Living; Dr. Robert Schuller Senior Pastor, Crystal Cathedral; Sir John Templeton, Retired, Templeton Investment Group.  Footnotes 9-11

Connaught (Connie) Marshner - CNP Board of Governors 1982, Executive Committee 1988, member 1996, 1998;  Roman Catholic; Director of Career Development, Christendom College 12; executive director and Editor, Family Protection Report; columnist; chairman, National Pro-Family Coalition, which operates out of Paul Weyrich's Free Congress Foundation, 12 former executive vice president, Free Congress Research and Education Foundation and Editor of its organ Family Protection Report; former chairman, Library Court Coalition; formerly with Heritage Foundation, Office of Economic Opportunity, and Committee for the Survival of a Free Congress- the precursor to Free Congress Foundation; Director, Child & Family Protection Institute; member of Allies for Renewal; COR steering Committee 13 ; author of Decent Exposure: How to Teach Your Children About Sex (Focus on the Family). Contributor to Focus on the Family's Family Issues in Policy and Culture. 14 

Christendom College is an accredited four-year, Roman Catholic liberal arts College located in the Shenandoah Valley.

Marshner was on the1985 executive committee of Dennis Peacocke's Anatole Fellowship. 15 She also worked for Young Americans for Freedom,16 the youth organization of the John Birch Society. In 1960, the founding document of YAF was drawn up at the estate of  William F. Buckley [CFR]. 

Dennis Peacocke's Coalition on Revival (COR) was co-founded and headed by Jay Grimstead. Peacocke was a disciple of Bob Mumford and his shepherding movement.; Jay Grimstead's COR Manifesto is the document which outlines COR's goals and objectives. The 135 Christian activists who signed the document in 1986 committed themselves to working for the realization of COR's goals "until the day we die." Those on the COR steering committee include other CNP members as well as recognized shepherding movement leaders such as Bob Mumford and Ern Baxter, as well as Jack Van Impe. 

For Dennis Peacocke See: Shepherding

Marshner authored the failed omnibus Family Protection Act of 1981. When Connaught Marshner's "Family Policy Division" was asked about their policy on "sex education", the reply was that there was NO POLICY! Even more revealing was a Marshner "Memo" to pro-family groups, dated January 22, 1982. The "Memo" concerned the pending introduction of legislation to empower the IRS to "investigate" and "influence" the "policies", "programs", "rights", "privileges", and "activities" of religious schools! ... In the "Memo", Marshner wrote: "In case you're wondering why I don't say "ask your Senators to kill the bill", here's why. It's a Republican Senate. Republican Senators will not oppose something their Republican President's ask for -- the "club" mentality is stronger than principle in this town. If you ask for the bill to be killed, your letter would be discounted as "kooky" or "impractical." However, I am advised that a few simple amendments would make the bill something we can live with...!?!  17 

Husband, William is on staff at Christendom College, and a Catholic apologist. "Catholic/Protestant Debate: Salvation and Scripture: Debating the issues of "sola fide" and "sola scriptura," three Catholic apologists (Pat Madrid, Bill Marshner & Robert Sungenis) face three Protestant theologians (Michael Horton, Robert Godfrey & Rod Rosenbladt). A half-dozen people from the audience of 1500 converted to Catholicism this very day!" 18  Footnotes 12-18

James L. Martin -CNP 1996, 1998; president, 60/Plus Association, a nonpartisan seniors advocacy group with free enterprise, less government, lower taxes approach to seniors' issues; 60 Plus publishes a newsletter, Senior Voice, and a congressional ratings system, bestowing a Guardian of Seniors' Rights award on members of Congress who vote "pro­senior" on major issues; former administrative assistant, U.S. Sen. Edward J. Gurney (R­FL) (I964­1969); U.S.M.C., (1953­1959)

Christopher "Kit" Mason- CNP  1996, 1998; chairman/owner, Christopher Mason Company, a Florida real estate builder/developer (commercial and residential); member, Walk Thru the Bible Ministry President's Council 19 ; ministry coordinator, Orlando/College Park Ministry Outreach for Northland Community Church;  president/owner, JM Diversified, Inc., a real estate and equity investment firm. 

Walk Thru the Bible Ministry President's Council 20 is for those who donate to the ministry of Walk Thru the Bible. The November 2001 President's Council conference paid for by WTBM, will be held, "Larger than life, as dramatically fanciful as it is magnificent in scope and concept, Atlantis, Paradise Island is a glorious and wonderfully playful celebration of the legends of the lost continent of Atlantis....Cost Complimentary. It will be our pleasure to treat you to the entire weekend, including hotel, breakfasts and dinner. Your only cost will be free-time lunches and airfare. It's the least we can do for our President's Council attendees, whose giving has funded Walk Thru the Bible's programs and international ministry for the past fifteen years..."

"The founder and president of Walk Thru the Bible Ministries 21, Dr. Bruce H. Wilkinson... Under his leadership, Walk Thru the Bible's ministry has grown to include more than 4,000 Bible teaching seminars every year, numerous video series translated into multiple languages, and a publishing ministry which includes books, Bibles, and the distribution of more than 100 million devotional magazines." "Walk Thru the Bible is now the largest conductor of live seminars on earth, religious or secular. And through WorldTeach, our international outreach, we have created the largest faculty of Bible teachers ever assembled." 

Dr. Wilkinson is author of the newest 'wind of doctrine' that Christians worldwide are falling to, packaged as the book, "The Prayer of Jabez." Wilkinson, a much desired speaker, is found at many ecumenical, neo-evangelical national gatherings such as  Bill Bright's Campus Crusade for Christ, James Dobson's Focus on the Family, Promise Keepers, the Navigators, the Fellowship of Companies for Christ, and Christian Schools International, as well as BIOLA, Wheaton, Mt. Hermon, the Christian Business Men's Committee, Moody Bible Institute, and many others. James Dobson's endorsement of The Prayer of Jabez has caused the book's sales to explode. A review of the teachings found in the "The Prayer of Jabez," reveals the occult concept of repetitive incantation of the short prayer in order to receive God's blessings. Failure to get the desired results simply means lack of faith or sin in ones life. 

1 Chronicles 4:9-10 "And Jabez was more honourable than his brethren: and his mother called his name Jabez, saying, Because I bare him with sorrow. And Jabez called on the God of Israel, saying, Oh that thou wouldest bless me indeed, and enlarge my coast, and that thine hand might be with me, and that thou wouldest keep me from evil, that it may not grieve me! And God granted him that which he requested."

In the Preface to the book, Wilkinson writes: 

I want to teach you how to pray a daring prayer that God always answers. It is brief—only one sentence with four partsand tucked away in the Bible, but I believe it contains the key to a life of extraordinary favor with God. This petition has radically changed what I expect from God and what I experience every day by His power. In fact, thousands of believers who are applying its truths are seeing miracles happen on a regular basis. (Bolding and Emphasis added.)

Wilkinson then describes how to pray Jabez's prayer: 

The next morning, I prayed Jabez's prayer word for word. And the next. And the next. Thirty years later, I haven't stopped. If you were to ask me what sentence—other than my prayer for salvation—has revolutionized my life and ministry the most, I would tell you tell you that it was the cry of a gimper named Jabez, who is still remembered not for what he did, but for what he prayed—and for what happened next (p. 11). (Bold added.) 

I challenge you to make the Jabez prayer for blessing part of the daily fabric of your life. To do that, I encourage you to follow unwaveringly the plan outlined here for the next thirty days. By the end of that time, you'll be noticing significant changes in your life, and the prayer will be on its way to becoming a treasured, lifelong habit (p. 86). (Bold added.) 

The claims that if we'll just pray the 'Prayer of Jabez', word-for-word, every day for a month, will result in seeing God's power released in our lives, is nonsense. The magic formula Wilkinson is teaching leaves no room for God to say "No" or "Wait," but rather a non-answer or negative events is a suggestion we are lacking in faith. 

In Matthew 6:5-13 and Luke 11:2-4, Jesus gives us some instructions on how to pray, none of which include vain repetitions, but rather an admonishment to avoid such prayers.

"And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly. But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking. Be not ye therefore like unto them: for our Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him. After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen. (KJV)

Those who embrace Wilkinson's teachings are not only stating that God won't have a choice but to give the selfish desires in their prayer, but that the prayer is the Biblical formula for asking God for things. The implication is that Jabez was honorable because he figured out the right way to pray. Repetition of Jabez's prayer is for the sole purpose of causing God to release His blessings and to receive miracles—"You will change your legacy and bring supernatural blessings wherever you go. God will release His miraculous power in your life now. And for all eternity, He will lavish on you His honor and delight" (pp. 91-92). The Bible teaches that those who know the Lord Jesus Christ will learn to pray gradually within the will of God. By God molding us in our hearts desire to be obedient to Him, our prayers will line up to God's will. If they don't, then we need to ask Him to change our heart desires to be like Him, conformed to His image. 

The Scriptures, and as indicated above, Jesus Himself, tell us to not use "vain repetitions." Jesus said "after this manner" is how we should pray. Jesus' prayer was a Biblical guide for us to follow as we talk with God and seek His will for our lives, daily. Wilkinson's encouragement for Christians to pray Jabez's prayer verbatim, every day is in direct disobedience to what Jesus clearly stated.

No man of God would deliberately tell you to disobey or set aside God’s word. This mentality of setting aside the Scriptures for emotion and experience is no different than such like John Wimber or Rodney Howard-Browne who has said such things as:

 'Don't let the Bible get in the way of the blessing.'

 'Some of you Bible-lovers need to put-it down and let God work on you.'

 ‘The Bible has let us down. It has not delivered the numbers we need.'

 'You must not let your mind hinder the receiving of the blessing.'  59. 

 [See: More Manifestations ! Less Bible!]

Wilkinson is clearly selling Jabez's prayer as a Biblical incantation that can guarantee blessings, wealth and whatever we desire, regardless of what God has determined for us in the way of ministry and witness, and individual fruitfulness. It also focuses on getting much, even though we know that some will have much and some will not. Some will have health and some will not. This incantation and teaching eliminates those truths. The formula focuses on the person rather than the will and person of God.  "Jabez's … request is a brilliant but little-understood strategy for … a blessed life" [p. 63]. Wilkinson implies that those who pray Jabez's prayer are just more spiritual and in sync with God than those who don't. Gone is the concept of total dependence on God for all aspects of our lives. Rather it is replaced with, God is there to provide blessings and help in the things, "beyond our ability to accomplish" and the prayer at those times will result as, "you release miracles." [p. 44]

The last section of the book is called "Redeemed For This," and implies that we were saved so we could successfully pray the prayer of Jabez and unleash God's power in our lives. If we fail to see God's power unleashed, we are spiritually deficient, which is no different than other charismatic theology. Wilkinson, who has a forum on his website, is using supposed success stories of others to validate his method. Following charismatic "story theology", there are hundreds of people who have prayed Jabez's prayer and who willingly attribute their prosperity directly to their repetition of the prayer. Therefore success is attributed not to God, but rather, the use of the 'right' words. The validation is also suggested to be that Jabez received much, which we have no knowledge of. There is no further Scriptural mention of Jabez, hence, adding that concept is adding to Scripture, which we are not to do.

There is no difference in these stories than could just as easily be found with followers of yoga, the tarot, crystals, or a host of other things for their success. Even the occult chain letters express a similar concept of doing something in order to obtain a 'blessing' in the form of some prosperity.  According to Wilkinson, sin in our lives is the only thing that will stop the repetition of Jabez's prayer from working.

The Bible teaches that when we accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, a relationship is begun with Him that is in part defined by submission to the will of God. We learn that omnipotent God can do with our lives as He sees fit, abiding with us through the difficult and easier times. Our growth leads us to understand that God can and will say no to our prayer requests, not to withhold a blessing, but so that we can grow and be more like Him. There is no promise of wealth, prosperity, perfect health or fulfillment of other earthly desires. Rather, there is a promise of trials and affliction, for the purpose of: 

James 1:3-4 " Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience. But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing."

Romans 8:28-29 "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren."

There is the promise that we will have victory when we depend on Christ through all that comes our way. I Corinthians 15:57-58 "But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord."

If Wilkinson's theology were correct, each Christian should be able to incant those words daily and never have to face any further problem, illness or other bothersome trial that comes our way--which also eliminates the Scriptures like: 1 Peter 4:12-14 "Beloved, think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you: But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ's sufferings; that, when his glory shall be revealed, ye may be glad also with exceeding joy..." God would merely be obligated to answer all our prayers with a blessing and make us prosper in whatever area was needed. 

Neither can we know God's purposes, nor can we control or manipulate Him in order to obtain blessings and prosperity. God's purposes for us and our lives are far beyond what we're able to comprehend, and sometimes we don't see His blessings until months or years after He's provided them. Our lives are blessed by walking with Him no matter what, having built our 'house on solid rock.' [See: Persecution Free Christianity, Be Strong in the Lord, Excuses for Sin]  

For complete analysis of the Prayer of Jabez, See: The Prayer of Jabez, Another Wind of Doctrine  Footnotes 19-20
Richard Mason- CNP 1996, 1998; former chief operating officer, Focus on the Family; CEO, Radio Bible Class, 1983­1994; board member, Radio Bible Class; treasurer and director, National Religious Broadcasters; chairman of the board, Sports Outreach America; member Grand Rapids Baptist Educational Foundation and Calvary Undenominational Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan; Co­CEO, American Precision Castings; member, Cascade Country Club; corporate vice president, Herman Miller, Inc. 1975­1982; regional industry marketing representative, communication/ utilities/ transportation, IBM; captain, U.S. Army.

Member of National Religious Broadcasters Board of Directors, current or past> See: The 2005 National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Convention With Focus On Mel Gibson's The Passion Recut and also see: The 2005 National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Convention With Focus On Michael Rood

James Mather- CNP Board of Governors 1982, member 1984, 1988; Founder and Chairman of the Board of Denver-based Mr. Steak, Inc.; Former international president SWAP (Salesmen With a Purpose) Club; former director, International Franchise Assoc.; Lieutenant AUSNI; former trustee, Youth for Christ Foundation.

Pat Matrisciana - CNP 1998; Owner and president, Jeremiah Films 22 which has produced over 60 documentaries including Pagan Invasion and No Second Chance; chairman, Citizens for Honest Government which produced The Clinton Chronicles, The Death of Vince Foster: What Really Happened? and Obstruction of Justice; Academy Award nominee. 

Citizens for Honest Government Board Member, Carol Steinke, also sits on the board of a Scientology front, Citizens Commission for Human Rights (CCHR). Pat Matrisciana produced a video against 60 Minutes after the latter's expose of Scientology. 

Citizens for Honest Government publishes a newsletter, Citizens' Intelligence Digest . It is edited by John Wheeler, Jr., a former editor of The Christian American published by Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition. Contributors to Citizens Intelligence Digest include CNP's William Dannemeyer, Joseph  Farah , Tim LaHaye, Dr. Stanley Monteith M.D., Brad Phillips, (CNP Youth Council), Chuck Missler, Larry Pratt  and Carolyn Steinke. For More on Scientology See: Topic Cults

Found on the Mad Cow website: Inside Richard Mellon Scaife's Conspiracy 23

Daniel Hopsiker interview of Pat Matrisciana, December, 1998.

......I shot it at him [Matrisciana]: "Are you Agency?"

I meant, of course, was he from the Company. The good Ool bad Ool CIA. But this is, apparently, not considered a polite question, though god knows why not because before he answered he coughed, and looked surprised. Maybe he¹s just not all that used to direct address. But at the end of the meal he said to me that for some reason he¹d told me a lot more than he was planning to, so I guess it was a successful tactic.

"I¹ve been to Berkeley, too," his reply began.
"I was 'detailed' to Berkeley in 1965, to establish a countervailing force to Mario Savio's Free Speech Movement. While there I founded the Campus Crusade for Christ."

And then it was his turn to grin: "I invented," he told me proudly, "Jesus freaks.".....

"I was detailed to Berkeley"

For anyone who has ever suspected, in a dark paranoid moment, that our culture--especially in the 60's--was somehow psycho-managed by the CIA, Matriciana' s offhand admission is enlightening, because it was clear he was in earnest, and I had no reason to doubt that he was telling me the truth. To me, its implications for the current scandal are staggering. Because Matrisciana, when he made the Clinton Chronicles, wasn¹t an independent producer toiling in anonymity. He was an intelligence operative for Richard Mellon Scaife , himself an intelligence operative, with longstanding ties to the Central Intelligence Agency."

Jack Sparks and the Christian World Liberation Front - One of three founding fathers of the Christian World Liberation Front (CWLF) on the Berkeley campus of the University of California in 1969. A former statistics professor and Campus Crusade worker, Sparks felt the need to begin a campus outreach to left-wing student activists. In 1975 he and a number of other Campus Crusade members made the move into the Eastern Orthodox church. Most recently he has worked on the Orthodox Study Bible while continuing to teach at St. Athanasius Academy.

Jack Sparks and the Christian World Liberation Front is cited as suffering a split due to the increased measures of authority imposed by the leadership. 

The end of such tight control had its beginning one April morning in 1969 when three campus crusade for Christ staffers and their wives arrived on campus. The men were 6 ft. 3 Pat Matrisciana, former member of the Campus Crusade for Christ wrestling team, Dr. Jack Sparks, former professor at Penn. State, and Fred Dyson. After they had introduced themselves, Pat Matriciana's said, "We would like you to join us in starting a Christian World Liberation Front. We want to conduct Bible studies and workshops and lead Bible raps on campus." 24  Footnotes 21-24

Paul Maurer - CNP 1996; vice president for strategic cities, National Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families; developed the "12 Steps to Victory," a strategic step­by­step guide against pornography; graduate, University of Cincinnati; masters, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary.

Dr. Harold Ockenga also helped found Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary 25 in 1969 and was President of it and Gordon College from 1969-1985. "The Conwell School of Theology and Gordon Divinity School merged in 1969 through the efforts of philanthropist J. Howard Pew, Dr. Harold J. Ockenga and Dr. Billy Graham...Dr. Ockenga, the long-time pastor of Boston's historic Park Street Church, became the new institution's first president. Dr. Ockenga retired in 1979 but maintained an active emeritus relationship with the school and served as member of the Board of Trustees until his death in 1985" Dr. Billy Graham is Chairman Emeritus of the Board of Trustees. Footnotes 25

See: The Original Five > Harold Ockenga; Billy Graham

Donald S. McAlvany - CNP 1988, 1996, 1998; President, International Collectors Associates 26 : Bringing Intelligence Information and Serving Precious Metals Investors Since 1972; background in undercover intelligence work and remains closely connected with the international intelligence community; editor of The McAlvany Intelligence Advisor 27, a monthly geopolitical/financial intelligence newsletter; online, The McAlvany Health Alert 28 and Western Health Products 29; former Prophecy Club Speaker [See: The Prophecy Club & Elijah]; past editor, The African Intelligence Digest; Director, Council on Southern Africa, a non-profit educational foundation designed to educate Americans on the strategic importance of Southern Africa; took large delegations of Americans on political/financial tours of South Africa every February; author, Y2K TIDAL WAVE, Year 2000 Economic Survival, with forward by Grant Jeffrey. "The Y2K Tidal Wave documents how global chaos and confusion during the Y2K computer crisis on January 1, 2000 may set the stage for the rise of Antichrist, the cashless society and the ultimate return of Christ. McAlvany convincingly shows how the Y2K crisis, along with weakened stock markets and the failure of leadership, may collapse our international economy. This crisis endangers our utilities, food supplies, and the global financial system. Learn how to protect your family, your life savings, and business during this extraordinary crisis." 30  Former Director of Conservative Caucus.

"[May 5, 1995]...Randall Terry's Christian Leadership Institute will feature two apologists for the former apartheid regime of South Africa: Howard Phillips, the founder of the U.S. Taxpayers Party,.. and Donald S. McAlvany, who opposes not only democracy in South Africa.. but American laws against money-laundering....Throughout the 1980s, McAlvany served as a director of the Conservative Caucus, chaired by Howard Phillips, who spearheaded U.S. conservative support for South Africa's apartheid government. Phillips co-hosted McAlvany's twelfth tour of South Africa during the 1987 "state of emergency," when the apartheid regime censored reporters and gave free reign to death squads. During the tour, McAlvany lectured at military bases and met with "top military" and "military intelligence leaders," including the Minister of Law and Order Adrian Vlok. McAlvany and 85 Americans were provided a "private lecture and meeting with South African Minister of Defense Magnus Malan." Malan, Vlok, and the head of Military Intelligence, Joffel van der Westhuizen, later were forced out of their posts after their links to death squads were revealed...

In 1987, McAlvany also proposed that Anglican Archbishop (and Nobel Peace Prize winner) Desmond Tutu be silenced. "The least you can do is remove the idiot's passport and not let him travel over to... the U.S.," he declared. "[A]nd somebody might want to even shoot him -- I repeal that. I don't say shoot him." "Somebody ought to do something to make him stop what he's doing," he concluded. McAlvany added that Tutu was "guilty of high treason" for supporting economic sanctions against South Africa....McAlvany has called for a South African "resistance" to democracy. "Freedom loving South Africans," he says, should study "the French resistance during World War II," among other resistance movements... McAlvany encourages readers of his newsletter to "study the concept of militias -- and investigate or support any which may start up in your area."... McAlvany's current South African allies include Aida Parker,... who has served as an agent for the former Bureau of State Security (BOSS),... and Peter Hammond,... a special forces veteran of the South African Defense Force,... who leads Frontline Fellowship, an evangelical ministry to southern Africa's "war zones" and "military bases."... Hammond, who called South Africa's first all-race elections a "fraud, failure, and farce,"... is a leader of Salt Shakers, a South African anti-abortion group that distributes Terry's books. As a recent guest on "Randall Terry Live," Hammond described his group of missionaries, all of whom have a military or police background. "When they speak of being Christian soldiers," he said, it literally means taking an AK-47 RPG [rocket-propelled grenade] and heading up there to stop the Muslims burning their church down and enslaving their children."...

Terry replied, "God bless you. I just wrote a book... called The Sword: The Blessing of Righteous Government and the Overthrow of Tyrants, and it's a look at the Biblical theology of doing exactly what you're talking about."..." 31  Footnotes 26-31

Ed McAteer - CNP Board of Governors 1982, member 1984, 1988, 1996, 1998; Founder of the Religious Roundtable Council of 56, 1986, 32  See: Religious Roundtable, former executive for Colgate-Palmolive, member of the Boards of Kim Wickes Ministries, Wycliffe Bible Associates, Bill Glass Evangelism, and All India Prayer Fellowship, National Field Director of the Conservative Caucus, a member of the Editorial board of Christian Inquirer

Ed McAteer was sales marketing manager for Colgate-Palmolive Company when he retired to become the national field director of the Christian Freedom Foundation (CFF), [Bill Bright's] an organization devoted to training evangelicals for places of leadership in government. From there McAteer moved to the rightwing Conservative Caucus where he served as national field director until founding the Religious Roundtable... He is or was a member of the board of the evangelical Wycliffe Bible Associates, and has traveled to Mexico on behalf of Wycliffe to present a native language translation of the Bible to a tribal group... In 1975 McAteer served as an official delegate to the Global Congress on World Evangelism in Lausanne, Switzerland. In 1983 he was on the boards of the Gideons, Teen Challenge, Bill Glass Evangelistic Association, the All-Indian Prayer Fellowship, and the Asian Evangelistic Fellowship... McAteer, along with Howard Phillips , Richard Viguerie, and Paul Weyrich, helped Jerry Falwell start the Moral Majority... McAteer was a press contact for the Moral Majority. 33 

The Christian Freedom Foundation "In April 1976, Sojourners, a progressive evangelical magazine, published a report on a series of secret meetings convened by key Christian Right leaders in 1974 and 1975. Sojourners traced the rise of the New Christian Right to the 1974 formation of Third Century Publishers, established for the purpose of promoting books and study guides designed to link a comprehensive conservative political agenda with born-again Christianity." A meeting in 1974 convened to solidify the financial base for Third Century Publishers, was convened by Arizona Congressman John Conlan and Bill Bright, president of Campus Crusade for Christ, with attendees including 20-25.  The initial publications "were directed at manipulating Christians to accept political action as part of Christian thought." In 1975 a meeting was convened by Bright and Conlan to "train regional director in Third Century's strategy to gradually take positions of leadership with the government." Conlan told regional directors that Bill Bright would be working behind the scenes with his Christian business contacts to secure financing. They realized they needed a tax-exempt foundation that could receive donations for the work of the "for-profit" Third Century. "They approached and eventually took over the Christian Freedom Foundation, started in the 1950s to promote conservative economics," which was in financial trouble in the 1970's. "Eventually Christian Freedom Foundation hired Ed McAteer as director..." 34 

April 2000, McAteer organized a trip of Christian “pilgrims” to visit Mt. Sinai for a reenactment of Moses receiving the Ten Commandments. “As we come down [from Mount Sinai], the people will have the tables of stone in their hands,” McAteer told the Texas Baptist Standard. “This will be a repeat of what Moses did....This will be the first time in 3,400 years -- as far as we know -- that this has happened.”

Ed McAteer, who has Adrian Rogers as his pastor at BELLEVUE BAPTIST CHURCH, and is known in Americans United circles as the "Godfather of the Religious Right", is linked to Society circles.  One of Ed's board members on his political/religious organization is a JBS member. 35    Dr. Adrian Rogers, pastor/teacher of Love Worth Finding Ministries 36, served three times as president of the 14-million member SOUTHERN BAPTIST CONVENTION.

"... McAteer was the...real organizing force behind the politicized Fundamentalist movement. McAteer had the glib tongue of his profession, substituting Christ for soap in his market analysis. He was more than a friend of Cam Townsend; he was a major figure on the board of Wycliffe Associates, which was now a powerhouse of resources for SIL, providing it and JAARS [Jungle Aviation & Radio Service founded by Townsend in 1963] with construction skills, money, promotion and overnight stays for furloughed translators on fund-raising tours. In return, testimonies from returned translators, films, books, and slide shows parlayed surrogate travels around the world for suburban believers. Special trips to the jungle bases allowed the more affluent faithful actually to partake in adventure for God. The sheer human energy amassed by wealthy SIL backers like North Carolina's James A. Jones, one of the largest contractors for military bases in Vietnam, and oilman Nelson Bunker Hunt  of Texas. "Bunker Hunt had helped me considerably," McAteer freely offered.

"Wycliffe Associates' "500 Club" was designed to offer the richer members a way out of service through cash; $500 or more each year was all it took to get a special certificate of membership. Some gave much more. Texas's corporate leaders were prominent in helping Cam build SIL's International Linguistics Center near Dallas; the Linguistics Center's board meeting was one of those special occasions where a Rockefeller business partner like Trammel Crow could rub shoulders with an ultrarightist like Nelson Bunker Hunt. But they were the old core of supporters. The real power in the Wycliffe Associates was its thousands of newer members, spreading the influence of SIL across the country, and the influence of Wycliffe Associates in Cam's organization.

"Promoting and leading this base of support into politics was McAteer's forte. During the Carter administration, his name began to appear among New Right circles in Washington, D.C., connected with North Carolina's Senator Jesse Helms. It was McAteer who brought  Jerry Falwell into this crowd, helping Falwell build the Moral Majority. Then, in 1979, McAteer organized the Religious Roundtable. Well-funded, McAteer pulled together many of the Fundamentalist leaders of the nation to back the candidacy of Ronald Reagan. Cam was on of those who followed McAteer into the founding meeting of the Religious Roundtable...Cam's base of support in the homeland and his top financial backers left him little choice. He was, at the end of his career, trapped by the Far Right Fundamentalist base on which he had built Wycliffe's success at home...." 37  Footnotes 32-37

See: Wycliffe Bible Translators, John Mott & Rockefeller Connections >Skeletons in the Closet ~ Rockefeller History; Unholy Alliances; John Mott


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