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Frank Shakespeare   Dal Shealy    Richard Shoff    Terry Siemans   William E. Simon   Major General John K. Singlaub   "Father" Rev. Robert Sirico   Dr. W. Cleon Skousen    Mark Skousen   Baker Armstrong Smith   E. Roy Smith   Henry J. "Bud" Smith   Jim R. Smith   Dr. Lowell Smith   Malcolm E. Smith Jr.    Victor P. Smith   


Frank Shakespeare - CNP 1988, 1996, 1998; graduated from Holy Cross College of Notre Dame, a Catholic liberal arts transfer-intent college; friend of William F. Buckley; Knight of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta; Chairman of the Board for International Broadcasting during the Reagan administration; Director, appointed by Nixon as U.S. Information Agency director; Director and former chairman of the board of Radio Free Europe 2 and Radio Liberty. 3 During the Reagan administration he served as Ambassador to Portugal from 1985 to 1987, and then as Ambassador to the Holy See; Trustee since 1979, The Heritage Foundation 4, Board Chairman from 1981 to 1985; has served in executive positions in the communications industry for more than 30 years; trustee of  Hillsdale College 5 ; served as President of RKO, executive vice president of Westinghouse Electric Corporation, and President of CBS-TV Services; Trustee of the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation. Lead a delegation from Claremont Institute  6 to the Vatican in 2000. 7  

The former President of Hillsdale College, George C. Roche III, was also a member of the Mont Pelerin Society, becoming a member in 1971. Roche in 1975 hosted a Mont Pelerin meeting at the Hillsdale College.7a  Dr. Larry P. Arnn replaced Roche as president of Hillsdale College. Hillsdale College board members include CNP's Frank Shakespeare and Jack Eckerd Jeffrey Coors

J. Peter Grace was also former chairman of Radio Free Europe 8, prior to 1971, which was a CIA major propaganda operation. Former Radio Free Europe (RFE) and Radio Liberty (RL) president Sig Mickelson writes of the CIA's major radio propaganda operations and refers to "the Far East Broadcasting Company, a U.S. government operation with intelligence ties similar to RFE and RL. Its signals were aimed at Japan and China."9  The book "Broadcasting Freedom draws on rare archival material and offers a penetrating insider history of the radios that helped change the face of Europe. Arch Puddington reveals new information about the connections between RFE-RL and the CIA, which provided covert funding for the stations during the critical start-up years in the early 1950s. " 10  

Radio Liberty and Radio Free Europe were fronts for the intelligence network that had been established by Reinhard Gehlen, Hitler's former espionage officer against Russia. Knight of Malta, James Buckley, was head of U.S. propaganda against Eastern Europe at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty during the Reagan Administration. Under the supervision of Grace and other prominent figures, Radio Liberty functioned as a front for ex-Nazis:

"In 1950, the American Committee for Liberation from Bolshevism was created. The trustees included J. Peter Grace, Charles Edison, William Henry Chamberlain, H.J. Heinz II, Isaac Don Levine, and Eugene Lyons. The Committee (now known as Radio Liberty), under the guiding hand of the CIA's Frank Wisner, funded numerous emigre "research institutes'' which, according to John Loftus, were "little more than front groups for ex-Nazi intelligence officers.'' 11  

Scott Anderson and John Lee Anderson, authors of Inside the League, describe the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations ( ABN) as: 'the largest and most important umbrella for Nazi collaborators in the world...A prime criterion for membership appears to be fealty to the cause of National Socialism; ABN officers constitute a virtual Who's Who of those responsible for the massacre of millions of civilians in the bloodiest war in history.'...July 13, 1982, [ABN's] Yaroslov Stetsko, a man who went to prison for participating in the murder of Polish officials, who once proclaimed his devotion to the Nazis, whose followers assisted in the slaughter of Jews in the Ukraine, sat in the center of the front row of a reception hall to hear Reagan announce, "Your dream is our dream. Your hope is our hope."...Roman Zwaryz, an ABN official, told a reporter in 1984, "the Captive Nations Week ceremonies...have been... an indicator of a basic, fundamental shift in American foreign policy...we are being consulted as to the content of [Radio Liberty] broadcasts being sent into the Ukraine...The effect of those consultations could be seen in 1985; at the beginning of Reagan's second term in office, congressional investigators found that Radio Liberty and Radio Free Europe were broadcasting "unacceptable material...characterized as ant-Semitic, anti-Catholic or even anti-Western" into the Soviet bloc. Among the offending broadcasts was "a positive description of the Nazi unit Galizien [Galician SS], which was responsible for allowing Ukrainians to murder thousands of Jews in Lvov." 12  

"One component of the U.S. strategy for victory in the Cold War...the leading set of government-sponsored "private" organizations were the National Committee for a Free Europe, the related Crusade for Freedom, and its beneficiary, Radio Free Europe. The National Committee was headed by 'political warfare" specialist C.D. Jackson, who began his career as right-hand man to Henry Luce in his Time-Life-Fortune magazine publishing enterprise. During World War II, Jackson headed the United States Psychological Warfare Division...From that position, Jackson became a leading advocate of corporate-government collaboration to influence public opinion...The CIA-financed Radio Free Europe was considered the most important piece of this operation...Through Radio Free Europe, the National Committee for a Free Europe directed CIA funds to the Assembly of Captive European Nations (ACEN)...According to author Christopher Simpson, whose study of the U.S. government's recruitment of pro-Nazi East European emigres' relies heavily on declassified intelligence documents..."the ACEN became the showcase of the CIA's numerous exile projects..." 13  

"In February 1985, former Justice Department attorney John Loftus sent Congress a report detailing his suspicions that [William] Casey and [General John] Singlaub [CNP], using the World Anti-Communist League, had resurrected an old private conduit system for laundering money to "freedom fighters." The old conduit was Crusade for Freedom, a public charity established by retired General Lucius Clay that provided "private" support for the National Committee for a Free Europe (now Radio Free Europe) and the American Committee for Liberation (now Radio Liberty). The Two committees-home to Nazis and Nazi collaborators who, as Loftus noted, migrated to WACL--were secretly laundering government money to Eastern Europe insurgents at the direction of the NSC and the State Department's clandestine Office of Policy Coordination..."close to 20 privately incorporated U.S. groups have reportedly Nicaraguan refugees in Honduras and to the contras themselves...[The] driving forces behind the major groups are a small group of about a half a dozen men, most of whom have military or paramilitary experience...The contra auxiliary includes the World Anti-Communist League and it's U.S. Council for World Freedom, the American Security Council, Council for Inter-American Security and Western Goals [defunct spy group of John Birch Society] ...Among the other key groups in the auxiliary are the following:

The Florida-based Air Commandos Association, led by retired Brigadier General Harry "Heinie" Aderholt, is a group of approximately 1,600 past and present members of the U.S. Special Forces. Aderholt, Soldier of Fortune's unconventional warfare editor, coordinated the joint CIA-Pentagon-AID program to provide "humanitarian" relief to the Hmong secret army in Laos and served as chief of covert air operations in Singlaub's Special Operations Group...

Soldier of Fortune...was founded in 1975 by the Colorado-based Omega Group headed by retired Lt. Col. Robert K. Brown, a veteran of the Phoenix program and special operations in Laos and ex-mercenary in white-ruled Rhodesia. Brown sports a T-shirt boasting, "I Was Killing When Killing Wasn't Cool." Soldier of Fortune (SOF) runs articles on counterinsurgency warfare, glamorizes training and combat missions by SOF personnel, advertises weapons and mercenary services and encourages donations to its affiliated El Salvador/Nicaragua Defense Fund, which printed and distributed some 500 copies of the CIA contra manual, and Refugee Relief International, which provides medical training and supplies to El Salvador and the contras. Refugee Relief is led by Thomas Reisinger, the assistant director of SOF for special projects; board members include Singlaub, Aderholt and SOF Military Affairs Editor Alexander McColl. (In March 1988, a Texas jury ordered Soldier of Fortune to pay $9.4 million in damages to the family of a woman killed by a hit man her husband had hired through a classified as in the magazine...) 

The CIA contra manual is mild compared to some of the murder and sabotage manuals SOF promotes, with such titles as How to Kill Vols. I-V, Hit Man ("Learn how a pro makes a living at this craft without landing behind bars"), Techniques of Harassment and Elementary Field Interrogation. The last manual includes explicit instructions for psychological and physical torture..." 

"Civilian Material Assistance...was founded in 1983 by Tom Posey, a former Marine Corporal, John Bircher and Ku Klux Klansman..."We like to think of ourselves as  missionary- mercenaries," explained Posey..."

"The Virginia based National defense Council was founded in 1978 by [CNP's] Andy Messing, a close friend of North's and a member of Singluab's Pentagon advisory panel, who has said "that going to war is his favorite pastime."..."

"Brigade 2506...the kind of freedom fighting the Brigade supports is evident in its choice of Chilean dictator Pinochet for its first Freedom Award in 1975..."

"The Virginia-based Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) was founded by the Reverend Pat Robertson [CNP]...In distributing aid to the contras and other Central America projects, CBN has worked with the Air Commandos, Refugee Relief International, World Medical Relief, Friends of the Americas, Knights of Malta and other groups."

"The Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM), known as the Knights of Malta, is an elite, international Vatican order..."  14   

Other groups listed include PRODEMCA, Citizens for America (founded by CNP's Lew Lehrman with donors including Nelson Bunker Hunt  and Joseph Coors) and Moon's CAUSA and the Nicaraguan Freedom Fund, Friends of the Americas (founded by CNP's Woody Jenkins) and others. Footnotes 1-14

Dal Shealy- CNP Board of Governors 1998; deacon; First Baptist Church; president/CEO of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Kansas City, Mo; author of One Way 2 Play; the former head coach for the University of Richmond Spiders, and as a U.S. Marine, played football with the Quantico Marines; invented the patented football training device, Power Tunnel; public speaker; selected to the Carson-Newman College Team of the Century in 1994; selected to the Athletic Hall of Fame in 1997; awarded the Distinguished Mumni Award and the All-American Football Foundation's Johnny Vaught Lifetime Coaching Achievement Award in 1997; member, board of trustees, Carson-Newman College, Marine Military Academy, and Sports Outreach America; board member, Greater Kansas City Sports Commission; member, Virginia Drug and Alcohol Education Association and Needle's Eye Ministries; 

Wife, Barbara - involved with the women's ministry, First Baptist Church of Raytown, MO; editor, Behind the Bench newsletter, which is a publication of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes for coaches' wives; participates, with Dal, in marriage retreats and coaches clinics for coaches and their wives; also has a ministry with the coaches' wives of the American Football Coaches Association

Richard Shoff - CNP Board of Governors 1982, member 1984, 1988, 1996, 1998; owner and vice-chairman, Lincoln Log Homes 15 ; president, Yesteryear Log Homes, Inc.; president, Century Enterprises, Inc.; board member, Church League of America, Coalition for Freedom, Coalition for Religious Freedom 16

Shoff is/was a member of The Conservative Caucus; a former leader of the Ku Klux Klan

The Church League of America was, " of the oldest private spy networks in the United States...the Church League of America, like the American Security Council, provided its customers...with computerized files on U.S. citizens." 17   Among its financial supporters were the Curran Foundation, the Elizabeth Trust, the Ahmanson Foundation, the Hearst (William Randolph) Foundation, and the Coors Foundation. Howard Phillips of the Conservative Caucus and the late Clarence Manion were CLA sponsors, and Gen. Robert Wood  (former chairman of the board of Sears, Roebuck & Co.) and Sewell Avery (formerly board chairman of Montgomery Ward and U.S. Gypsum Corp.) contributed to CLA's library fund.(2)...In one of its brochures, CLA said that staff members of U.S. Government committees, policemen, and FBI agents were among the users of its files...In addition to his leadership of the Church League of America, Dr. H. Edward Rowe has served as executive director of Coral Ridge Ministries (Dr. D. James Kennedy's national organization), executive director of the (Religious) Roundtable, administrative director of the American Security Council, executive director of Anita Bryant Ministries, and president of the Christian Freedom Foundation..." 18  

"..the Church League of America, also known as the National Laymen's Council, which was formed in 1937 in opposition to New Deal policies...the Church League's weekly News and Views bulletin for clergy and lay persons focused not on the gospel but on what it called "radical and revolutionary activities in certain social fields like those of religion, education, labor, public service, and politics." 19  

Coalition for Religious Freedom [CRF] 20 : Started by Rep. George Hansen in 1984. CRF Executive committee members have included Tim LaHaye , Jerry Falwell, James Robison; Rex Humbard, D. James Kennedy, and Jimmy Swaggart.  "...According to CRF president Dan Sills, [CRF] has received at least $500,000 from Moon sources. A prominent CRF  spokesperson and executive committee member is Joseph Paige...Paige received $60,000 from the Unification Church for his school, which in turn gave Moon a much publicized honorary doctorate. Paige is also active in CAUSA." [1986] "the Moon organization opened an international front in its 'religious freedom" campaign. According to Moon's New York City Tribune , the World Council on Religious Liberty (WCRL) was founded in December 1986...The Chairman of WCRL is Joseph Paige, and its " Chairman of the North American Caucus is Don Sills. They have recruited Dr. Robert G. Muller, assistant Secretary general of the United Nations as chairman of the Council's International Advisory Committee. The Council's headquarters are in Raleigh, North Carolina, which is also home to Paige's Shaw Divinity School." 21  

For Dr. Robert G. Muller See: World Vision: Global Education; Letter

Shoff is financial supporter of  CNP's Daniel Graham's High Frontier 22, a Star Wars group allied with Elizabeth Clare Prophet's Church Universal and Triumphant. Served on board of [CNP's] Jesse Helms ' Coalition for Freedom which receives funding from the Pioneer Fund [See: Thomas F. Ellis] which funds racialist research. 

"Another Conservative Caucus board member and funder is Richard Shoff, a North Carolina businessman whose questionable business practices have brought him the attention of local newspapers, trade associations, and the Better Business Bureau. Shoff has also been involved in a number of lawsuits while running sales operations in Indiana and selling log homes from his company, Lincoln Log Homes, in North Carolina. In the early 1970's, he was the Grand Kilgrapp (state secretary) of the Indiana Ku Klux Klan. Indianapolis police told a reporter that KKK cross burnings were held on Shoff's property during Klan rallies which were hosted by Shoff. According to the head of the Indiana KKK, Shoff was also a generous funder of Klan activities. Shoff claims he has left the Ku Klux Klan in 1973. 23   Footnotes 15-23

Terry Siemans - CNP 1998; member, California Republican Party; member and secretary of state central committee, Republican Party of Riverside County; B.A., Community Studies, University of California; M.B.A., marketing, California State University; teaching credentials high school mathematics; former national committeewoman, Young Republican Federation of California; former honorary school board member; former Miss California.

William E. Simon - CNP dates unknown; CFR; is or was a trustee of the conservative think tank, the Heritage Foundation 24... He is president of the Olin Foundation, a major funder of rightwing groups.... He ... was on the Council for National Policy,... Simon is a member of the elite, conservative, lay-Catholic group, the Knights of Malta--an anticommunist group very active in Central America... He headed the short-lived Nicaraguan Freedom Fund, a group founded specifically to provide assistance to the Nicaraguan contras... He also served on the advisory committee for AmeriCares, the major recipient of contra funds from the Nicaraguan Freedom Fund. AmeriCares not only supported the contras, but has been implicated in manipulation of the internal politics of Nicaragua... Simon was a board member of the Friends of the Democratic Center in Central America (PRODEMCA), another member of the contra-support network... Simon has been connected with other rightwing groups including the media watchdog, Accuracy in Media 25 ; the think tank, the American Enterprise Institute 26; and the lobby group, Committee for the Free World...; He is a member of the Center for Strategic and International Studies 27  Co-founded with Irving Kristol the  Institute for Educational Affairs.

Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty 28  "Each member of our board believes in the importance of the Acton Institute's work to promote the compatibility of faith and freedom." Provides a list of links to "Christian environmental organizations  29 " that includes, Cathedral of St. John Divine, the headquarters for the Episcopal Church, the Temple of Understanding and home for New Ager Madeline L'engle. 

Actons Board and Advisory Board include: "Father" Rev. Robert Sirico; Mrs. Betsy DeVos [CNP's Rich DeVos hus., daughter of CNP's Elsa Prince] Dr. Edwin J. Feulner, Jr., William E. Simon, George W. Strake, Jr;  

See: The Interfaith Council for Environmental Stewardship (ICES) > See: ICES; CNP Joint Projects E-J  Footnotes 24-29

Major General John K. Singlaub (ret.)- CNP Board of Governors 1981, member 1981-1998; former President U.S. Council for World Freedom [US affiliate of Moon's WACL]; vice president, America National Network; former chief of staff, U.S. Forces in Korea; expert in counterinsurgency and guerrilla warfare; in World War II, served in both the European and China theaters of war, fought in Korean and Vietnam wars; awarded 33 military decorations including the Distinguished Service Medal with Oak Leaf Cluster, Silver Star medal, Legion of Merit with two Oak Leaf Clusters, and the Purple Heart with Oak Leaf Cluster; retired from U.S. Army in 1978 after 35 years of active service; author, Hazardous Duty; graduate, UCLA; member of the national policy board of the American Freedom Coalition 30a, a political organization with extensive ties to the Unification Church.

In 1984, Singlaub assumed the role of Chairman of the World Anti-Communist League (WACL). The League, (described extensively in a 1986 book, Inside The League) is an umbrella group for Latin American death squad leaders, Hitler collaborators, followers of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, rightist dictatorships, and anti-Semitic activists, some of whom are connected to the quasi-Nazi Liberty Lobby. Moon's organizations have supported WACL financially and have helped solidify cooperation between WACL and members of the American political right wing. Since 1970 there have been three organizations that have served as the U.S. branch of WACL. All three are in the ASC's Coalition for Peace Through Strength: The U.S. Council for World Freedom (USCWF) was formed in 1981 by retired Major General John Singlaub. It immediately became the third group to serve as the U.S. branch of WACL. While Singlaub was Field Education director for the The American Security Council  for the next three years, he cultivated USCWF and personal contacts abroad. 31  Served as cochairman ASC's Coalition for Peace Through Strength (it included such Naz-led WACL affiliates as the Bulgarian National Front), Served on the Advisory Board of Western Goals Foundation 1979-1984. 32  

The World Anti-Communist League [WACL] was founded in 1966 by two close Asian allies of the United States, Taiwan and South Korea, and a third organization, the Nazi-dominated, Anti Bolshevik Block of Nations (ABN), led by the Ukrainian war criminal Yaroslav Stetsko. 33  

Chairman of the World Anti-Communist League after Nazi-collaborator Roger Pearson until mid-1986. The United States Council for World Freedom (USWCF), which became WACL's most active branch, was founded in 1981 by Singlaub with a $16,500 loan from the Taiwanese branch of WACL and generous support from beer baron  Joseph Coors... From 1984 through 1986, Singlaub was the chairman of WACL... In 1984, Singlaub headed a Pentagon panel called to make recommendations on conducting military activities in Central America. The panel's report urged the U.S. to emphasize nonconventional, counterinsurgency warfare strategies...

Under the Reagan administration, Singlaub received assistance and guidance from White House and National Security Council (NSC) officials for his "private" contra-supply activities. He identified former NSC aide Oliver North as his liaison to the White House. Columnist Jack Anderson wrote a series of exposes on WACL connecting the group with death squads operating in Latin America, and once again linking them with fascists, this time in Latin America. Singlaub engaged the services of J. Peter Grace and AmeriCares to supply arms to the Contra rebels in Nicaragua and was indicted in 1986 and 1988 over USCWF activities in support of the contras. Member of the national policy board of the American Freedom Coalition 34, a political organization with extensive ties to the Unification Church. 35  

In the United States, WACL's first chairman was Roger Pearson, a white supremacist, eugenicist and neo-Nazi. Pearson was the editor of Willis Carto's anti-Semitic rag, Western Destiny, the forerunner of the Liberty Lobby's Spotlight tabloid. By the mid 1970s, Pearson served on the editorial boards of both the Heritage Foundation 36  and the American Security Council. Pearson, who has described himself as a "mainstream conservative," boasted to an associate about his alleged role in hiding Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, the "Angel of Death" who directed Nazi "medical experiments" at the Auschwitz extermination camp. With degrees in anthropology and economics, Pearson is the author several books on eugenics. His most "popular" are Eugenics and Race and Race and Civilization. He credits Professor Hans F. K. Gunther, a Nazi racial theoretician, as the inspiration behind the latter volume. Under Pearson's tutelage, WACL added Western European chapters that were drawn from the ranks of Nazi war criminals, Third Reich collaborators, neo-Nazis and right-wing terrorists. Western European affiliates included the racist British League of Rights and Italy's Italian Social Movement (MSI). Pino Rauti, the founder of the outlawed group, Ordine Nuovo was a key WACL Western European contact.... Rauti and countless other Italian fascists including the war criminal, June Valerio "Black Prince" Borghese, and key members of the Italian general staff, were "rehabilitated" Nazi collaborators recruited by the CIA into NATO's "stay behind" anti-communist terror network, also known as "Gladio."... 37  

Singlaub was an officer in the Office of Strategic Services during World War II. He became CIA deputy chief in South Korea during the Korean War and served for two years in Vietnam during the 1960s. At that time, he was commander of the Joint Unconventional Warfare Task Force, known as MACSOG. In that role, he was one of the commanders of Operation Phoenix, although he denies having had a part in that program's infamous assassination and counterterror aspects. In 1978, as chief of staff of the United Nations Command in South Korea, he publicly condemned the decision of President Jimmy Carter to reduce the number of U.S. troops in the country. He was then forced to retire... In 1984, Singlaub headed a Pentagon panel called to make recommendations on conducting military activities in Central America. The panel's report urged the U.S. to emphasize nonconventional, counterinsurgency warfare strategies... Under the Reagan administration, Singlaub received assistance and guidance from White House and National Security Council (NSC) officials for his "private" contra-supply activities. He identified former NSC aide Oliver North as his liaison to the White House... 38  

"...a highly intriguing proposition from GeoMiliTech Consultants Corp., a Washington arms brokerage secretly shipping weapons to the contras...GeoMiliTech wanted to become a central clearinghouse for all of the CIA's weapons purchases...Singlaub brought a written proposal from GeoMiliTech to Casey...It said the CIA should "create a conduit for maintaining a continuous flow of Soviet weapons and technology, to be utilized by the United States in its support of Freedom Fighters in Nicaragua, Afghanistan, Angola, Cambodia, Ethiopia, etc...the beauty of this concept: it needed "neither the consent or awareness of the Department of State or Congress."....Casey studied the proposition and talked it over with Oliver North...that same week North ...mentioned the idea of diverting money from the arms sales to Iran ...selling American weapons to Iran and skimming the proceeds to fund the President's secret wars..." 39  

Refugee Relief International is an affiliate of CAUSA and US chapter of WACL, and involves John Singlaub, as well as working with Andy Messing's National Defense Council. Messing is a member of Singlaub's American chapter of WACL,  the U.S. Council for World Freedom. It operates RRI jointly with Soldier of Fortune40    Footnotes 30-40

"Father" Rev. Robert Sirico- CNP 1996,1998;  co-founder and president Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty 41 ; Master of Divinity degree from the Catholic University of America 42, following undergraduate study at the University of Southern California 43 and the University of London 44; a member of  Mont Pèlerin Society  45, the American Academy of Religion 46, and the Philadelphia Society 47, and is on the Board of Advisors of the Civic Institute in Prague. 

Member of The Interfaith Council for Environmental Stewardship (ICES) or Signer of Cornwall Declaration  > See: ICES

"The Mission of the Acton Institute is to promote a free and virtuous society characterized by individual liberty and sustained by religious principles." Founded in honor of Lord Acton of All Souls College, Oxford and a Roman Catholic, involved in the first Vatican Council. 

"The Acton Institute's activities are governed by a Board of Directors. Each member of our board believes in the importance of the Acton Institute's work to promote the compatibility of faith and freedom." 48  Source:  

Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty 49:  ~ provides a list of links to "Christian environmental organizations" that includes, Cathedral of St. John Divine 50, the headquarters for the Episcopal Church, the Temple of Understanding and home for New Ager Madeline L'engle. 51    See: Renovaré and the Christian Mystic  

Actons Board and Advisory Board include: Mrs. Betsy DeVos [CNP's Rich DeVos hus., daughter of CNP's Elsa Prince]- Treasurer; [CNP's] Dr. Edwin J. Feulner, Jr, The Heritage Foundation; Mr. Doug Bandow, Cato Institute 52; Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Toward Tradition; Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, George Mason University 53 ; Dr. Ronald Nash, Reformed Theological Seminary 54 ; Mr. Michael Novak, American Enterprise Institute [many CNP involved]; Hon. William E. Simon, John M. Olin Foundation  55[CFR, Mont Pelerin Society, etc.];  Marvin Olasky is senior Fellow.

Rabbi Lapin is frequently featured at Christian conferences, such as those held by the Christian Coalition [Pat Robertson [CNP]. . Ralph  Reed [Christian Coalition] has said of Lapin, "Rabbi Lapin is a key leader and one of our most popular speakers." Lapin advertised on the radio [1997/'98] for a seminar he conducts called America's Biblical Blueprint. As he is warmly received and promoted in Christian circles, his appeal is in a large part to Christians. But Lapin is not a Christian. The Bible he teaches from would be limited to the Old Testament: mainly Genesis, Exodus and other books of the Torah. Lapin's message would be void of the revelation of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. 

Lapin is also a Member of The Interfaith Council for Environmental Stewardship (ICES) or Signer of Cornwall Declaration  > See: ICES

Lapin's colleague and friend is Michael Medved ... a national radio talk show host based in Seattle. When he travels to Washington , D.C., which he does frequently, he broadcasts at his "home away from home" the Heritage Foundation [Paul Weyrich~ CNP]...Medved's, wife Diane, who is a psychologist, was a paid speaker at the Rev. Sun Myung Moon's 1996 Federation of World Peace Conference with  CNP's Beverly LaHaye, Ralph Reed and Gary Bauer. 

Toward Tradition 56 ~ headed by Rabbi Daniel Lapin, an Orthodox Jew. As president of Toward Tradition, a national conservative think tank [with a nationwide network], he attempts to impact political leaders and the culture for conservative values. Lapin sits on the Advisory Board of Washington Institute Foundation [WA state], [Formerly WA Institute for Policy Studies] part of the Heritage Foundation's State Policy Network [Weyrich]. Dick Derham [CNP, 1984] recently replaced the former president and radio talk show host [KVI 570, Seattle], John Carlson, who has recently announced his bid for Washington state Governor. 

For more on Lapin See Also: EJECCT: Part 1 Ecumenical Jews, Evangelicals, Charismatics & Catholics Together  Footnotes 41-56

Dr. W. Cleon Skousen - CNP Board of Governors 1982, member 1984, 1988; website 57; Mormon; President of the Freeman Institute which later changed to The National Center for Constitutional Studies 58; former FBI agent (16 yrs), was the number 3 man in the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover; Police Chief of Salt Lake City, Utah ; editor of the nations leading police magazine, "Law And Order."; author of books and tapes including 'Treasures of the Book Of Mormon"; retired professor Brigham Young University, professor in the Religion Department 1967-78, taught the Book of Mormon at Brigham Young University for many years; associated with the America Committee to Free Cuba and Americans for Law and Order. 59  Descendant of Freemason Benjamin Franklin; Verity Publishing, Inc. was founded in April of 1993 to publish his books and tapes. 60

Former American Security Council Field Director-the Council produced sixty-five half-hour television programs called "Freedom University of the Air" hosted by Skousen. 61  

 "...authored The Naked Communist, which became a classic in Birchist circles. In 1971 Skousen opened the Freemen Institute, a Mormon-staffed political think tank that worked closely with the [John] Birch Society through the latter's affiliated Western Goals Foundation. Headed by U.S. Representative and John Birch Society national chair Larry McDonald,  Western Goals was publicly exposed in the 1980's as an illegal intelligence gathering operation." 62

"On February 17th, [2000] W. Cleon Skousen formally endorsed Alan Keyes for President of the United States. Skousen, founder of the National Center for Constitutional Studies and a renowned authority on America's founding documents, issued the following statement: "I have come to the conclusion that, of all the presidential candidates still in the running from both parties, Alan Keyes is the only one the Founding Fathers would have endorsed...." 63  

Skousen was directed to start the Institute by former President of the Mormon Church, David O. McKay. In 1989 the name was changed to the National Center for Constitutional Studies. The goal is  to bring in the religious and political kingdom of God under the Mormon prophet."3 Skousen spoke at the "God and Freedom Banquet" which was held in honor of Sun Myung Moon to welcome him home from prison. Cleon Skousen spoke very highly of Moon and said that God had sent "Rev." Moon to our country with a revelation and a message.

"The Mormon/moonie coalition involves the Freeman Institute's cooperation in a new global anticommunist crusade with CAUSA International, a Moonie front organization. Also involved in CAUSA are members of CARP (another of Moon's dozens of front groups), whose business cards read 'Pioneering New Leadership for the New Age.' The Mormon Church has a great deal in common with the Unification Church." 

"CAUSA is of particular interest because its amazing ecumenism has brought together Moonies, Mormons, top military, scientific, and political figures, and the Christian Right in close cooperation to fight 'Communism.' Accompanied by leaders from his Freeman Institute, Dr. Skousen has been prominent at CAUSA Conferences. So have well-known anticommunist crusaders...The Unification Church hopes to install Sun Myung Moon as world ruler; the Mormon Church holds the same ambition for its 'Prophet, Seer and Revelator'; and Christians await the return of Jesus Christ to establish His kingdom."

"Much like Joseph Smith, Sun Myung Moon claims to have visited by angels, Moses, Buddha and Jesus. Jesus allegedly gave Moon at age 16 the same assignment that Joseph Smith's 'God' from Kolob had already given him at the same age: to 'restore' true Christianity, beginning in the United States, and eventually to take over the entire world. Although the main characters are different, the basic Unification Church scenario, including blind obedience by members is much the same as Mormonism's. Reminiscent of Joseph Smith, Sun Myung Moon says: 'I am your brain. Every people or every organization that goes against the Unification Church will gradually come down and die.'" 64   Footnotes 57-64

Mark Skousen - CNP 1984-85, 1988, 1996, 1998, current; Nephew of  W. Cleon Skousen; Mormon; Mark Skousen's eighth great-grandfather was Founding Father of the U.S.,  Benjamin Franklin. 65  Mark Skousen is Editor-in-chief, Forecasts & Strategies 66, one of the largest invest/economic newsletters in the United States; columnist, Forbes; professor, economics and finance, Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida; contributor to the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, National Review 67, Reason magazine [The Reason Foundation 68 ], Human Events 69, Liberty, and The Journal of Economic Perspectives; writes a monthly column entitled "Economics on Trial" for The Freeman published by the Foundation for Economic Education; authored seventeen books on financial and economic topics, was a former economic analyst, 1972-75, Central Intelligence Agency. It was at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia that Mark gained his Washington sources of congressman and insiders, and his research know-how. He frequently speaks and writes articles for organizations such as the Cato Institute 70, the Foundation for Economic Education, the Libertarian Party, the Council for National Policy and the Mont Pelerin Society 71; served a two year mission for the Mormon Church in Latin America, and returned to BYU, where he was Editorial Page editor of the student newspaper and a graduate teacher of economics. 72 Footnotes 65-72 

Baker Armstrong Smith- CNP Board of Governors 1982, member 1984, 1988, 1996; Assistant to the Secretary, U.S. Department of HUD, for Labor Relations, former executive director of the Center on National Labor Policy, Inc., and Leader of the "Presidential transition team" for the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

E. Roy Smith - CNP 1984-85; Publisher of Colorado Springs Gazette-Telegraph which won the CNP's national first place award for General Excellence in 1983.

Henry J. "Bud" Smith- CNP 1984, 1988; president and board member, Clark/Bardes, Inc.; founder, member, chairman, STEP (Strategy to Elevate People) Foundation; member International Policy Forum

Jim R. Smith  - CNP Board of Governors 1996,1998; member 1988, board of directors, CNP Action, Inc.; founder and owner, Jim R. Smith and Co., specializes in the development of retail shopping centers, primarily in Houston; deacon, Second Baptist Church; board of trustees, executive committee, and president's council, Houston Baptist University; chairman of board of directors and executive committee, Goodwill Industries; board of trustees, Memorial Hospital System and The Memorial Foundation; vice chairman of the board of directors (treasurer) and executive committee, Star of Hope Mission; member, River Oaks Country Club and University Club of Houston.

Dr. Lowell Smith - CNP Executive Committee 1996, Board of Governors 1998; president, Nichols College; former vice president, Academic Affairs, Bryant College; full professor, Loyola University; associate professor, George Washington University; former airline pilot and flight engineer; naval aviator and officer on active duty from 1953­1956; listed in "Who's Who in the World" and "Who's Who in America"; president, Philadelphia Society 73,1990-1991, trustee, 1988-89, 1993-95; member, Mont Pelerin Society  74 and Heritage Foundation; Ph.D., University of Alabama; M.B.A., The George Washington University; B.S. in B.A., Kent State University Footnotes 73-74

Malcolm E. Smith Jr. - CNP 1984, 1988, 1996, 1998; Chairman , Suffolk Marketing, Inc.; president, Malcolm E. Smith Advertising; founder and co-founder to record companies sold to listed companies; former chairman, Mutual Broadcasting System; former owner Long Island radio station WLIX;

Victor P. Smith- CNP 1988, 1996; president, Smith Production Company, Arlington Gas Company, Country Place, Inc and Custom Craft Builders; former board member and treasurer, Youth For Christ, Wheaton; member, executive committee, Fellowship of Christian Athletes; owner, Maranatha Christian Bookstores.


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