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Been to the Beach?



Have you been to the beach?

I have.


Have you felt on your cheeks the salty breeze

Seen the shining sparkling seas

Felt the cool sand squishing between your toes

Watched the circling squawking gulls


Have you felt the joy of a splashing run

Seen the oceanís setting sun

Felt the cold waves slapping at your bare feet

Watched the sloshing tides retreat


Have you felt the peace of mirrored waters

Seen the playful sea otters

Felt the fun of making castles with pails

Watched the swimming humpback whales


Have you felt the glee of skipping smooth rocks

Seen the wooden fishing docks

Felt the soft landing of a butterfly

Watched the graceful pelicans fly


Have you felt the thrill of sailing the deep

Seen the blue nosed dolphins leap

Felt the pleasure of picking polished shells

Watched the harbor seals in the swells


Have you known the love of God?

I have.


Have you felt the love of God

Seen His amazing grace

Felt His tender healing touch

Watched Him giving hope and faith


Do you know the love of Christ

He comforts lonely hearts

Peace beyond understanding

His love He waits to impart




Christ will always meet your needs

Trust in His every word

He will never fail you

The safe harbor from lifeís storms


Do you know Christís love is real?

I do.




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