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Thinking of you Granddaughter


We were impatient for you to arrive

Finally the word we no longer need wait

Thoughts raced with our car, you were days late

When we disembarked we implored for directions

Smiles exploded as we rushed to your momís room

You have no idea the expectant joy of those moments

What was more exciting I really do not know

Seeing our daughter now a mom like me

Or the beautiful baby girl you turned out to be.

Lying on the bed beside her, your deep blue eyes

Open like you knew we were coming and waited

Expectantly for the smiles that welcomed you

Into the world, and we thrilled at now being your


Your mom smiled so pleased , excited and proud

One look at you and I was completely in love

Picking you up for the first time, a gift from above

The warmth of feeling your bundle in my arms

Your sweet new baby smell and soft skin, tiny

Eyes, nose and chin, feet and hands like a doll


I could hardly breathe I was so in awe of

This precious miracle you turned out to be

Placed in Grandpaís arms, he smiled with me

Then rocking you so gently, I held you close,

Enveloping memories of holding your mom

It was so very different because this time

You werenít my daughter, but a new chapter

In my life

How many times did I hold you and rock you

Read to you and walk you when you would cry

The late nights of fussing that brought a tired sigh

Yet I would not trade those cherished times

Treasures of watching you grow week by week

Month by month as you learned to walk and talk

Patiently you showed us with actions, helping

Us understand your words when we had no clue

Your actions brought so many smiles did I tell you

Being your Grandma has been a dream come true

No one could have told me what it would be like

Except those already blessed with a grandchild

I could never forget what it meant to become

Your Grandma.

Now look at you, you have grown from a babe

To a child and you went to school and learned

Things that came easy and things you earned

With struggles and yet you kept working

Until you accomplished the task It is a privilege

To be part of your life and I will love you always

So gentle, kind, thoughtful and filled with wonder

Of life, all the while your Dimpled smile, musical

Laugh and humor Has brought delight and much

Deserved appreciation of who you have become

No longer a child with braids climbing Trees but

A young lady filled with hopes and dreams,

You walk and speak with such grace

Making me so very proud of you my dear


Psalm 127:3 Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. 4 As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth.


© 2008 Victoria Dillen


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