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The Hills Grow Dim

When I look to the hills

Amidst the morning haze

The antelope and deer still graze

While hawks circle the field

Lurking prey remains concealed

In the distance the call of the owl

A solitary coyote’s lonely howl

A cougar still on the prowl

Misses the hiding prairie fowl

In the grasses, sage and brush

Hidden and not willing to flush

Aromas of wild flowers and red clover

Riding the breeze wafts gently over

As the morning mist gives way

To the coming summer day

Soon the sun will be ablaze

Casting long warm golden rays

Painting valleys with shades of shadows

Where the winding stream gently follows

I look to the hills

And see His strength so great

Knowing He is never too late

Help comes swift like eagles wings

Love, joy, peace, He always brings

Filling my heart with a living spring

How I desire to see my King

Enveloping me in His mercy and grace

Someday I know I will see His face

He alone will with me walk

He sets me on the solid Rock

Taking me through trials of fire

Dependence on Him is required

Leading, His example does inspire

Only Him does my heart desire

Promises made we know for sure

Heaven awaits those made holy and pure

Forgiven by Him of all sin

He is waiting to say to each, Come in.

I look to Him

The hills grow dim

My Savior has called to me

I give Him praise on bended knee

For I know He has set me free

It is Jesus I long to see

©2008 Victoria Dillen


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