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Walk With Me

by Victoria Dillen

Sometimes while walking beside the lake

We see plovers, herons, hens and drakes

Listen to circling gull’s squawking scream

Touch the gentle bubbling stream



Sometimes we walk in the morning mist

We see pale skies with lazy clouds adrift

Listen to the haunting call of loons

Touch the quiet still waters ‘til noon

Sometimes we walk with glistening waves

Sliding to smooth shores and sandcastle caves

Listen to the honking geese and swans

Touch the delicate dew of the dawn

Sometimes we watch the warm setting sun

We see fish jump and white-tailed deer run

Listen to crickets singing to cranes

Touch the petals of white daisy chains

Sometimes when we see clouds billowing

We wonder how long ‘til He is willing

To finish the end of His loving story

Returning with might, power and glory

The beginning before mornings glow

God gave this Light, to let the world know

He sent His Son for all to see He died

Nailed to the cross Christ crucified

Risen from the grave by many seen

Believe, He promises to redeem

Take His free gift fully surrender

Christ is coming back in glorious splendor

© 2008 Victoria Dillen

Copyright . All articles are the sole property of and Vicky Dillen.

All Scripture King James Version unless otherwise stated.


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