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Will You Remember?

by Victoria Dillen


As some may know, my husband has been ill for a few years with a dementia. There are many feelings about his dementia that I cannot fully explain. God has blessed us so much and given us many treasured moments over the years and especially blessed us the last few.

I think many caregivers find this poem speaks of things they also feel. This was written one day while trying to write a testimony about our journey so far, and this is simply coming from my heart.


Will you remember?

Itís alright if you donít

Iíll remember for you.


Maybe I can remind you of precious moments

From the scrapbooks and albums of our lives.

Maybe I can help you recall a missing memory

Of treasured moments just like this


Maybe we can keep building those moments

Those memories that always seem to fade away

But in These moments maybe we can share the love and happiness

We have known all these years


Memories of family and friends

The home weíve built,

Laughs weíve shared

Work weíve done,


Loss and sorrow endured


Each well known chapter of our lives,

Our Marriage,

Our children

Our grandchildren


Retirement, with so many plans and dreams

So many things left undone

So much still to do


Maybe the moments will be fleeting that we recall

Maybe they will be bittersweet

Maybe we will only think of how blessed we are each day

And If we only know that, we are truly blessed always


And if in each day we now share

We cherish each moment

The smiles

The laughs

The comfortable silence

The understanding of who we are and have been as a couple

How blessed we are to have these moments


And if the time comes you canít recall these moments we share today

Iíll remember for you.


Know that I will always treasure every moment with you

Every hug, every touch, every kiss,

Every look and words of love you send my way


The sound of your heartbeat when you hold me close,

When I lay my head on your shoulder and unwanted tears and grief overwhelm


The difficult times and the frustrations that have made

These precious moments stand out like glistening diamonds in the sun kissed snow.


Know that I will remember for you

And share these treasured moments with you

The sweet words and memories that you have given me all these years


Your calm assurance to continue on with joy

In the moments we have

I am so blessed to remember with you and for you

Our enduring love filled memories


Memories that will be treasured for the rest of my life.

Your gift of love to me, all these years

I love you.



© 2012 Victoria Dillen

Copyright . All articles are the sole property of and Vicky Dillen.

All Scripture King James Version unless otherwise stated.

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