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Michael John Rood: 

Marine Chaplain, Jewish Gentile Rabbi, & Reverend?


2 Timothy 3:1-5

This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.
For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,
Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;
Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

In his tapes and writings, Michael John Rood claims that he was a former "Marine sergeant", "8th Marine Infantry", "trained as a Combat Infantry Marine", "in the Marines" ..."at Parris Island boot camp...After training at boot camp, we were the first group of Marines that didn't go to Vietnam." He also likes to use 'Marine' vernacular and states, while reinterpreting Scripture, such things as, "I think that's the Marine Infantry version of that particular passage right there." 

The Parris Island statement, if it were true, means Michael was in boot camp about 1975, but he suggests he was in the Marines a very long time. By 1975 he was in The Way indoctrination about 3 years and The Way was well known for attempting to recruit military personnel. But Michael Rood is not listed in any Way military outreach documents, and we know he was not in the military in 1981. We know that he graduated 7th Corps in 1979, along with his other 7th Corps Way members. Meaning, he couldn't have been in the Marines while at 'Way College.' So, he had to be in the Marines sometime between 1972 and 1976.

One would think that the following incredible stories would have truly been a feather in the cap of Victor Wierwille and The Way International, and would have been exploited to the fullest as a promotion of The Way.

Jamie (James) Louis and and his second wife, Connie Louis (nee Adams), part of Rood's team, started the Ya'akov Levi Foundation for funding Michael Rood and as an extension of Michael Rood's website.  Jamie, also a "former Way member," who, at least in June 1998, attended John Lynn's Christian Education Services (CES) conferences, 1(which are merely revamped Way teachings), refers to Rood as "former US Marine Michael John Rood." That title was posted on as well as his Ya'akov Levi site. 2  It was from Jamie's revised website in May, 2003, that a new link to a biography about Michael was discovered, which had not been posted prior. 

Michael has finally put a biography on his new 'A Rood Awakening TV' website that now states, "For the past seven years, former US Marine Michael John Rood, has been on a mission, challenge long held beliefs, about the Bible and to guide all "who have ears to hear" to an historically accurate interpretation and understanding. Michael Rood is an author, lecturer and Messianic rabbi (teacher) who has been a professional Bible instructor for more than thirty years (although he had to seriously repent after the first twenty-three). His natural storytelling flair..." 3 

"Storyteller" perhaps should have been listed in Michael's various career accomplishment many years ago. Aside from previous statements of "Reverend", "Former Baptist Minister" or as a "Rabbi", "Rabbi Michael Rood" or "Messianic rabbi (teacher) Michael Rood", "Messianic Karaite Rabbi", "Messianic Jewish Rabbi," Michael Rood also claims he was a "Marine chaplain," served with, "the Chaplain Corps", or "served as the Assistant Chaplain of the 8th Marine Infantry Regiment."

Variations of his career accomplishments are found in material from a promotional brochure dated October 5, 1996, which stated, 

"From Here to Eternity, a Bible Prophesy Seminar from a realistic Christian perspective, will be taught by Bible prophecy teacher, Michael Rood. The seminar speaker, Michael Rood, served with the Marine Corps and US State Dept in Washington, DC; he later served as the Assistant Chaplain of the 8th Marine Infantry Regiment. During the Reagan Administration he served as the Executive Director of the Capitol Hill Christian Fellowship..."

September 29, 1997, in another promotional brochure, also entitled "From Here To Eternity," Michael Rood also made the following biographical claims. It should be noted that the contact address on the brochure, when checked with the San Antonio, Texas assessors office, reveals there was no such address, but it was close to the address of his former Way buddy, Richard Fike, :

"Michael John Rood is an ordained nondenominational Christian minister and Messianic rabbi. "Rood" is the ancient English word for the "Cross of Messiah" given to Michael's British ancestors after their conversion to Christianity. He has served with the U.S. State Department, the Chaplain Corps with the U.S. Marines, and was director of the Capitol Hill Christian Fellowship during the Reagan administration. He is the author of the compelling new book "The Mystery of Iniquity: The Legal Prerequisites to the Return of Jesus Christ."

This is all noteworthy in that Michael was a Way International Limb coordinator or "director" for The Way International in Washington D.C. in 1981, and likely 1982 and 1983. Notice that he is director and also Executive director of Capitol Hill Christian Fellowship, which is most likely the name of the Way's Limb group he was running during the Reagan administration. The Reagan administration was from 1980 to 1988. Dr. Juedes has suggested that Capitol Hill Christian Fellowship was a splinter group of The Way and was connected with John Lynn's splinter group. John Lynn's specific reference to one part of his splinter group was called "Capitol Saints," on his Overview tapes, published in 1987. 4 

In fact, Dr, Juedes, although not remembering the precise name of the group initially,  stated, "[Michael] claims to have been a leader in the Capital Hill Saints (I need to confirm that exact name), which I believe was a splinter group of The Way Int. which Lynn also was a leader in (I'm wondering why [John] Lynn didn't mention that to you.).." 5

It is noteworthy that Michael left Two Harbors, Minnesota for a few months after telling church ministers there that he didn't believe in ordination and then returned with the, "ordained nondenominational Christian minister and Messianic rabbi" credentials. That would obviously bring into question why he promoted himself as a Reverend, and "former Baptist Minister," and a 'pastor', if he didn't believe in ordination. It is incredible one can get the training and become ordained as a nondenominational Christian minister in a matter of months. Most people take a minimum of 2 years of schooling before being ordained.

To publish he is 'Ordained' after knowing he didn't believe in ordination, is just one more of the many contradictions when reviewing the statements of Michael John Rood.

In a February 1996 promotional pamphlet, Rood relates a story which can only be called "Unbelievable!"

"The Captain of the ship radioed to the Flagship Admiral, "I need a Chaplain over here ASAP. We've got some kind of 'revival' going on over here with the Marines - The whole damn Battalion is sitting on the deck right now with some NCO teaching them about the return of Christ." Within the hour a chopper landed on the fantail. Two days later on a small island, the largest number of Marines since WWII were baptized in the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean. 

These Marines were not won by a limp-wristed handling of the Scriptures, but by the intensity of a young Combat Infantry Marine who understood the events that WILL come to pass according to the Hebrew Prophets, and the world powers and players who are invariably marching us headlong into an atheistic world government - The New World Order. Twentyfive years later, it is in the open, beating on our door. 

Sergeant Michael Rood went on to serve with the Navy Chaplain Corps as the only full time teacher and ministry trainer in the history of the U.S. Marines. His job...teach the Bible, and many he taught are now pastors, missionaries, and teachers all over the globe. It was a love for the reality of God's Word, and his service with ministers of nearly every denomination in America, that taught him to disdain the arrogance of denominational 'churchianity'. " Unbiblical preconceptions and rituals shackle the mind, and Spirit of God, to lifeless traditions which steer us from the truth. We either follow the Lord Jesus Christ, or we don't. The Spirit of the living God is a reality within us, or it isn't. Our position within the four walls of a man made structure neither negates or validates our walk with the Lord. When I am asked what church I belong to, (and I do belong to an historic Christian Church), I look them in the eye and probe, "Why do you ask?" Many times they choke with embarrassment. Their attempt to either accept or reject me, by shoving me into a pre-labeled pidgeon hole has failed. Paul vituperously condemned the Corinthian Church for this same Satanically motivated attempt at dividing the body of Christ, by venerating their personally anointed 'Messiahs'."  [bolding and underline added]

On the societal and moral decadence that America seems powerless to combat, Rood writes; "We are seeing the beginning of the most violent and bloody turmoil in the history of mankind, and America is on a collision course with 'the law of the harvest'. God will not be mocked - or trifled with. Rush is not a prophet of the most high, neither are Democrats the Messiah. Those that think that ignorance of the scriptures and world events will continue to be bliss - will become part of the problem." 

"And then shall many (Christians) fall victim to the trap, they shall betray one another (to the death), and hate each other." Mt. 24:10 GINT 

If you think that the envy, jealosy and fear pressure keeping the Christian Church in-activity and complacency is bad now...You ain't seen nothing yet! I have heard ministers say that "their congregation is so spiritually immature, and ignorant of the scriptures (under their tutelage) that they could become "deceived" if they listen to anyone, but them. Furthermore, "his people" should not read the book of Revelation because no one can understand it and they will just become confused." Perhaps it does not fit with their preconceived ideas, or what they want it to say, but when you read what it does say, it becomes quite understandable. Honesty and love would suggest that we look at these things together, and search the scriptures diligently for the truth. But then again, the Pope learned the hard way what happens when people read the scriptures for themselves without denominational 'filters'. 

Friday February 23 - 25, Michael Rood will be teaching a seminar on the book of Revelation, Bible Prophecy and the New World Order. The chronological sequence of events from here to eternity will be laid out so that you can make appropriate plans for what Jesus Christ said will come to pass.':, This will be the most exciting weekend of your life, or double your money back. There is no charge. It is open to anyone who is interested in knowing the future, or just wants to know if the Bible has any relevance to real life. Ministers and Veterans are especially welcomed. Young Adults ages 12 and up will be on the edge of their front row seats. THIS WEEKEND WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE, FOREVER. 

The Seminar will begin Friday night at 7:00pm, at the (place)  Be early to secure your seat for the weekend. Class will continue Saturday at 09:00am.  Sunday's session will be scheduled to convenience those desiring to attend their regular Sunday services. Bring a sack lunch on Saturday, a King James Version of the Bible and/or your Greek textus receptus. 

If your plan is to plead ignorance when you stand before God, you will want to stay home and catch up on TV.  Life is short. You will probably be able to sufficiently distract yourself with the inanities of everyday life until it is over."

---End Brochure---

Please Understand. Michael Rood is boasting  in 1996 of speaking and teaching WAY INTERNATIONAL doctrine while in the Marines twenty five years prior. When he proclaims things like, ....

"handling of the Scriptures," "understood the events that WILL come to pass according to the Hebrew Prophets," "His job...teach the Bible, and many he taught are now pastors, missionaries, and teachers all over the globe. It was a love for the reality of God's Word,"... 

Michael is talking about all the theology he learned in The Way International, and the people he indoctrinated into WAY theology and which he proudly continues to disseminate. And that includes a rejection of the divinity of Jesus Christ. 

Michael  never mentioned his service with the U.S. State Department in this February 1996 promotion. Unless, of course, Michael worked for the U.S. State Department while in Two Harbors from February to October 1996, hence that apparent oversight would not be an oversight. He did state that information in the 1997 brochure. 

The 1996 brochure carried information which also promoted his extraordinary career as a "Marine sergeant", "8th Marine Infantry", "Marine marksman", "trained as a Combat Infantry Marine", "Chaplain Corps", Marine sergeant/Navy Marine Chaplain who served, "with the Navy Chaplain Corps as the only full time teacher and ministry trainer in the history of the U.S. Marines," which is slightly different than saying he was, "Assistant Chaplain of the 8th Marine Infantry Regiment," or simply served "with the Chaplain Corps."'

Do you also see an inconsistency in the math? 1996-25= 1971. He stated he had been in The Way for 9 years by October 1981, meaning he joined the Way in 1972.  By his "Parris Island boot camp" statements he had to have been in boot camp in 1975, not 1971, because of the timing of the Vietnam war. He would have been in The Way for 3 years by then, based on the 1981 date. So Michael Rood couldn't have been a Marine Sergeant/Navy Chaplain in 1971. And we know that he was at "Way College" for at least two years and graduated in 1979. It was also stated that he started his speaking career in 1995. Obviously, there are clear contradictions in his information. A fair guess would be that Michael was actually in the Marines from 1972-1976. 

One would think Michael Rood would consistently proclaim his more than incredible resume and career in order to validate and promote himself.  One would also think that Michael Rood would be found listed with all the other Marine or Navy Chaplains or Assistant Chaplains in Navy historical documents. But he isn't. It would be interesting to have a response from the State Department on Michael's likely important role while working there. 

A query to the Navy Chaplaincy department regarding the accuracy of Mr. Rood's claims about the Flagship Admiral story and that he was "... the only full time teacher and ministry trainer in the history of the U.S. Marines. His job...teach the Bible, and many he taught are now pastors, missionaries, and teachers all over the globe.," elicited the following non-committal response. 

Thanks for your inquiry. Unfortunately we are unable to confirm/unconfirm the story you mentioned in your email. I am sorry we could not be of more assistance to you. If there is anything we can assist you with please contact us again. 

v/r MC Person

Very Respectfully,


Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Navy Chief of Chaplains

"Devoted to God and Country, we unite to deliver innovative, life transforming service throughout and beyond the Sea Services." 6.

A further query to the Naval/Marine Chaplaincy School, which shows  in their posted history of that branch of service, the notable Chaplain leaders, and which does not mention the important role Michael Rood claims to have played, is still awaiting a response. It will be posted upon receipt. 7.

According to the Navy Chaplain requirements, which applies to all branches of the US military:

The Navy accepts clergy from over 100 denominations and faith-groups. Qualified applicants must be U.S. citizens at least 21 years of age; .... hold a B.A. or B.S. degree, with not less than 120 semester hours from a qualified educational institution; and hold a post-baccalaureate graduate degree, which includes 72 semester hours of graduate-level course work in a field of theological or related studies. At least one-half (i.e. 36) of these hours must include topics in general religion, theology, religious philosophy, ethics, and/or the foundational writings from one’s religious tradition. Accredited distance-education graduate programs are acceptable..."

The Army Chaplain qualifications, which apply to all branches of the military, also states:

1. You must obtain an ecclesiastical endorsement from your faith group. This endorsement should certify that you are:
a. A clergy person in your denomination or faith group.

b. Qualified spiritually, morally, intellectually and emotionally to serve as a Chaplain in the Army.

c. Sensitive to religious pluralism and able to provide for the free exercise of religion by all military personnel, their family members and civilians who work for the Army.

From the Marine Corps Manual

....The chaplain ... provides the plausibility of bringing the sense of a divine presence to those in mortal danger and becomes a bridge between the horrible realities of war and the peace of spiritual contentment... it is important that a chaplain remain true to his image as a representative of the divine, of home , and of religious values....

...Chaplains must never engage in combat....

"Bearing of Arms.  ....chaplains are not to bear arms under any circumstances.  .... chaplains "shall bear no arms and shall perform no duties relating to combat except  those prescribed for chaplains."  (Article 2816,3, h.)

In fact to have been a 'chaplain assistant' prior to 1979, meant one was responsible for the following:

"....Their original duties included being a schoolmaster, a song leader, and having the ability to play the organ. These duties changed and expanded drastically with establishment of a permanent chaplain's assistant."

...The 101-year effort for a permanent rating was completed Jan. 15, 1979, and Religious Program Specialists (RP) were introduced to the fleet Navy and Marine forces. ...RP's went from being musicians and Sunday school teachers to assisting in many aspects of the chaplain's office, including protecting the chaplain in a combat environment..."

"...Often unqualified personnel (those lacking the YN-2525 designation) were assigned to the office of the chaplain as temporary solutions to manning problems."

Prior to 1979, assistant chaplains were not allowed off mainland United States, and were also an administrative assistant to the chaplain. So, since Michael was an assistant chaplain, we know these facts about him, since he entered the WAY College in 1976.

Dr. Juedes noted in an email to this author, "Way college posed as though it was a real college, with regular faculty, but it wasn't. It was never accredited, never gave real degrees,  and never had a typical list of faculty. They gave their own certificates of Bible training. But if you previously had an AA degree from a legitimate college, then you got an AA in Bible (I don't remember the actual term they used). If you previously had a BA from a legitimate college, then you got a BA in Bible. Their "classes" were all short term, taught by Way teachers who migrated in and out."

Obviously The Way International teachings and 'ordination' would not have passed the Navy requirements to be in the role to teach fellow marines on spiritual matters.  And as far as being sensitive to "religious pluralism," Michael's own promotional statements and teachings condemn him. And since his Way College attendance appears to be in the neighborhood of   1976-1979, according to his fellow 7th Corps members and graduates, Michael could only have been in the Marines perhaps a year to two years, simply because one can't be both in the Caribbean and in Way College. That means, based on his varied dates and statements,  and if he was in boot camp as he claimed, he was in the Marines sometime between 1974 and 1977. 

In an Online article from the News-Sun, Reflections of the Century, reporter Joe Potter wrote in an article titled 'Two controversial religious sects from the 1970's have impact on Noble County,'  "....The Way International opened The Way College of Biblical Research - Indiana Campus on March 29, 1977, on a 197-acre site on Rome City's north side....The Way College of Biblical Research was used for 20 years to teach The Way International's leadership program, with nearly 6,000 students and staff being housed there between 1977 and 1997...The Way International decided in December 1997 to move the entire operations of the Rome City campus to Gunnison, Colo., in the spring of 1998..."

By 1996, Michael was simply expanding on what he had learned in The Way International.  Michael Rood continues to teach the same Way Para military ideas to his inner circle of adherents, according to eye witness accounts. His American holocaust/US invasion, part of Way theology ideas, are widely circulated in his 'prophecies', which have yet to prove accurate. His most recent statements came in his plea for money April 4, 2003 "New year Update" Newsletter where he declared, 

"Remember, we're just asking for Federal Reserve Notes  (i.e. US dollars)... so they're not really worth anything anyhow!  You are not going to take them to the grave with you, so you might as well do something for the world before the Islamic hordes reach your shores.  (It will be too late once the jihad is over!)"

That has changed from his prophecy of Russia invading the United States in dates gone by. No where does Michael John Rood take responsibility for being a part of the Way or show any indication of renouncing those beliefs. Even if he states that he isn't a member anymore--his doctrine and less than straight-forward information exposes him. Incidentally, Victor Wierwille also taught about the "Islamic hordes."


Messianic British Dutch Spanish Jew


What is of greater interest is that Michael John Rood has been introduced and promoted as a Messianic Jewish Rabbi and also, Rabbi Michael Rood and has not corrected those published statements. His stating he was, ""ordained nondenominational Christian minister and Messianic rabbi" certainly is a contradiction, as one can't be of Jewish and Gentile heritage.

On the Sid Roth radio show Michael was interviewed and relates an interesting story which is in sharp contrast to his claims of British heritage in his September 1997 brochure above, where he stated, ""Rood" is the ancient English word for the "Cross of Messiah" given to Michael's British ancestors after their conversion to Christianity." But, then, in the radio interview, Michael was speaking to a supposed messianic audience, and that interview was in 2001. The British and Baptist minister heritage claims seem to be when he was speaking to 'pagan Christian' audiences.

Radio broadcast

Daily Radio Broadcast Date: April 2-6, 2001

Guest: Michael Rood

April 2- 6, 2001
OT Prophecies Relating to Messiah

Monday broadcast:
Sid Roth introduces Michael as a Messianic Jewish Rabbi - ****which he never disputes or corrects.***
Sid introduces Michael as having a Baptist heritage and as a young man went to see "Fiddler on the Roof".  

Michael:  "I was watching the opening scene as the family sang together eating the bread and wine and the father blessed the children.  As that scene faded off into black - a violin was crying out into the night, I began weeping - I was nearly 18 years old sitting there with my date, a short time before going into marine corps, and felt I had missed something so deep and so important all my life, because I was raised here in America.  

One of my great, great-grandfathers came over as a horse back riding circuit rider with John Wesley,  but my family are from Spain, originally Sephardic Jews.  Most of the Roods went from Spain to Holland.  8 years ago I underwent a major change.  I was invited for Shabbat meal and a Messianic Rabbi came over to do it.  After the meal, when everyone had left the room this Messianic Rabbi looked me straight in the eye and said, John the Baptist never baptized anyone!  He explained to me that baptismo - which is the Greek word, is laden with Greek concepts and told me that John was doing the mikveh.  He laid out the  mikveh for me, that John as a Hebrew priest was preparing them for the coming Messiah.   It was at that point that all my years as a Baptist I finally understood what baptism was about.  With my whole heart and my whole life I became focused on the study of the feasts of the Lord.  I traveled to Israel and was over there for months and months.  Things began to open up for me and for the first time I really understood my upbringing!"

Wednesday broadcast:  
Sid:  "You have some revelation knowledge here.  Did you study under someone that taught this to you?" {referring to Michael's 3 hour video on the Prophecies of the Feasts of the Lord}

Michael:  "The majority of it came was an answer to prayer which it took me for nearly 6 months in a secluded cottage in the middle of nowhere in northern Wisconsin.  And it was there, that when this began to unfold, I remember one length of time where it was well over 3 days I didn't sleep a wink because as it began to flow and put together at that point it got me ready for a trip over to Jerusalem that put me in front of the orthodox rabbis in Jerusalem and when I was able to at that point lay out the gospels from a Jewish perspective and show them the Messiah as He interprets the Torah".

Michael stated, "...but my family are from Spain, originally Sephardic Jews.  Most of the Roods went from Spain to Holland." This idea of having Jewish heritage, or being directly from, Spanish or Sephardic Jewish heritage seems to be a common occurrence. Avi ben Mordechai makes that claim, as do the Hargis's, James Trimm claims to be Jewish (but is Irish), as do many more who have followings. For More on Avi ben Mordechai see: Avi ben Mordechai & Millennium 7000

As stated previously, an online article which discussed the usage of the term "Sephardic Jew" and concerning the Jewish roots of others who claimed coming from either Sephardic Jew heritage, or claiming themselves to be  Sephardic Jews stated: 

"...This guy is terribly ignorant of Jewish history. The Sephardic Jews did/do speak a combination of Spanish and Hebrew called Ladino, and therefore are sometimes called, "Spanish Jews", but the Jews were thrown out of Spain in 1492, and there have been very few Jews in Spain since then. 

It is highly unlikely if there were any Jews in Fascist Spain, so unless his granny was very old, like 500 years old, she was a not a Sephardic Jew from Spain. He was probably told some times that she was a "Spanish" Jew and at other times that she was a "Sephardic Jew" and doesn't know enough to know that it just two ways of saying the same thing...." 

So, besides the interesting story of Michael going into the Marines shortly after age 18, instead of around the age of 23 or 24 as revealed by his various boot camp information, we also note that his heritage is not British as he stated in promotions in Two Harbors, Minnesota. Rather, his heritage is from Spanish Sephardic Jews who then went to Holland. 

Many Sephardic Jews have historically been known to be kabbalists, i.e. Jewish occultists. One of the most famous of Sephardic Jews was Moses ben Shem-Tov De Leon. The kabbalist writing, Sepher Zohar of the 13th century, was first attributed to Rabbi Simon Bar Yochai of the 2nd century, and later to De Leon. The Zohar provides the basis for all subsequent kabbalist studies, which is the occult.

His stated Jewish heritage is all the more interesting knowing that Michael fully embraced Way theology for most of his adult life and which theology includes denial of the holocaust and clearly racist views towards Jews, at least by Victor Wierwille. And those placed in leadership had to follow and embrace Wierwille's teachings, which Michael proved he did by being placed as a Limb.

Michael states he underwent a major change 8 years prior-- in 1993 --which actually doesn't match any of his other statements regarding his beginning to teach Bible prophecy, which Linda Miller, his Executive Secretary, stated began in 1995. 

In fact in his online biography found May 2003, Michael states, "For the past seven years" and "[he was] a professional Bible instructor for more than thirty years (although he had to seriously repent after the first twenty-three)" 8, which means, that he is saying now that his ministry started in 1996, but he was also a professional Bible instructor for the past 30 years. He was referring to his Way involvement which this dating suggests his involvement in since 1973. That doesn't match his saying that he was in the Way 9 years by 1981. He also is suggesting that he repented of some issues 7 years ago, meaning 1996. Yet he still says he's been a professional Bible prophecy instructor all that time. 

In other words, Michael is saying he is accurate in his beliefs about Biblical truth, which understanding he obtained from Victor Wierwille and others. That time frame is also when Michael appears to have renounced anything that pertains to the Christian church and beliefs and now teaches about the claimed paganism of all those beliefs, the lost 'faith of the apostles' and teachings which include the rejection and hatred of the name of Jesus Christ in favor of YAHshua, which is not found in the Old Testament or New Testament. These "pagan" Christian things must be the things which he repented of and now 'teaches his brand of truth.' 

As one person commented, many teachers in the Sacred Name Movement and Hebrew Roots movement have tried to say that Jesus is not a valid Name. We have no problem with the Name Yeshua, as it means "He is salvation" in Hebrew. What we have a problem with, is those who try to deny the Name of Jesus, a Name that billions have attained salvation using, and try to tell other believers that YAHshua, a name that is not even found in the Old Testament, is the only name of the Messiah.

Yeshua [short form] for Joshua or Yehoshua [long form], translates into Greek as Iesous. Jesus is a transliteration of Iesous [Greek] and it came about from the Hebrew/Aramaic. 

The long form of the name Joshua is written in the book by that name, and earlier books as yod-hey-vav-shin-ayin or also as yod-hey-vav-shin-vav-ayin [3091], which the Jewish scholars transliterate as Yehoshua utilizing the vowel pointing's from the Masoretic text. [# from Strong's] 

You can view the Yehoshua spelling of the Name in the Jewish Publication Society Bible which can be found at:   

The majority of the Old Testament is written in Hebrew. There are only four books with isolated parts that are written in Aramaic, which accounts for a small percentage of the total texts. 

The books that include some writing in the Aramaic language are Genesis, Ezra, Jeremiah, and Daniel. The amount of Aramaic ranges from a few words or sentences, to large parts of some chapters, Daniel and Ezra being the two books with the most Aramaic. 

In the Aramaic portion of the book of Ezra 5:2, we find the name Yeshua or Jeshua transliterated from the Aramaic letters Yod-Shin-Vav-Ayin [3443] These same Aramaic letters were also found on a recently discovered first century ossuary, which is claimed by some to be that of James, brother of Jesus.

The inscription reads: "Ya'akov bar Yosef akhui di Yeshua" which translates as "James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus."

To view the inscription:

In the Hebrew portion of the book of Ezra, you will find a name written in Hebrew as yod-shin-vav-ayin [3442] which the Jewish scholars transliterate as Yeshua or Jeshua. [# from Strong's] 

For example:

Ezra 2:2 "Which came with Zerubbabel: Jeshua , Nehemiah , Seraiah ...."

The names Yehoshua and Yeshua are the two which are commonly accepted by Jewish believers today, as the Hebrew / Aramaic Name of the Messiah.

If you go to the Hebrew Scriptures or attend a service in a traditional Jewish synagogue on certain Holy Days such as Yom Kippur, you will hear Yeshuah, not YAHshua, spoken in the service. Yeshuah means "salvation" in Hebrew. Also, in Scripture, the God of Salvation is known as El Yeshuah.

For an in-depth discussion from a reader about the various Names, please see: For more on the Name issue as discussed by a reader, please see: Yahshua, Yehoshua, Y'shua, Yeshua, Iesous, Iesus, or Jesus The Sacred Name or True Name or Taking the Name, The Mark & the Number

It has been alleged by many that the name YAHshua was created by the sacred name movement in the 1930's to promote a specific doctrine.  They have presented all sorts of pseudo-scholarship to back up their claims, but upon close examination it is quite easy to expose.  

Many use John 5:43 to validate their errant claims. "43 I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive." as their validation.

Many try to rationalize, that if Jesus came in His Father's Name, and if the only Name that His Father had was YHVH, as the sacred name movement claims, then His Name would have a part of the Fathers Name in it. This is why they call the Messiah [Jesus] YAHshua. This name is not found in the Old Testament writings in Hebrew.

Let's examine the Hebrew Scriptures first and look at some examples there.  David was quoted in the Scriptures as saying in 1 Samuel 17:

45 Then said David to the Philistine, Thou comest to me with a sword, and with a spear, and with a shield: but I come to thee in the name of the LORD [YHVH] of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom thou hast defied. 

You will notice in David's name, which in the Hebrew is written Dalet-Vav-Dalet, that no where are the letters Yod-Hey [YH], even though David stated that he came in the Name of YHVH. 

This also brings us to another point that we need to explore, which is the Hebrew term B'Shem, or "in the Name of". This term means more than just a proper Name. It can also mean fame, renown, representation, attributes, authority, etc. 

Let's look at some Scriptural examples of how the Hebrew word shem [name] is used:

Ezekiel 23:10 These discovered her nakedness: they took her sons and her daughters, and slew her with the sword: and she became famous among women; for they had executed judgment upon her.

Please note that the bolded word famous is written in the Hebrew as shem and is translated in The JPS TeNaKh as: "and she became a byword among women," which means of notoriety.

Proverbs 21:24 Proud [and] haughty scorner [is] his name, who dealeth in proud wrath. 

Esther 2:22 And the thing was known to Mordecai, who told [it] unto Esther the queen; and Esther certified the king [thereof] in Mordecai's name.

1Samuel 25:5 And David sent out ten young men, and David said unto the young men, Get you up to Carmel, and go to Nabal, and greet him in my name:

Now the questions that must be asked are: Did the ten men take on part of David's name as their own? Did Esther then change her name to have part of Mordecai's name in it?

Let's take a look at the Greek, with Jesus speaking: John 5:43 I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive. From Strong's:

in [1722] en ; my [3450] mou ; Father's [3962] pater;  name, [3686] onoma

Mark 9:41 For whosoever shall give you a cup of water to drink in my name, because ye belong to Christ, verily I say unto you, he shall not lose his reward.

in [1722] en;   my [3450] mou;   name [3686] onoma

If the sacred name explanation of John 5:43 was correct, and YAHshua was His true Name, based on this, then wouldn't it be true, that everyone who gave a brother or sister a cold cup of water, would have Yod-Hey in their name as well?

1 John 2:21 I have not written unto you because ye know not the truth, but because ye know it, and that no lie is of the truth.

1 John 4:1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

The reason why the sacred name "teachers" want to deny the Name of Jesus, in my honest opinion, is so they can promote their own books, teachings, etc and gain financially. By saying that Jesus is the wrong Name, or even to go as far as saying that it is a pagan name, it is purely about financial agenda and control.

1 John 2:21 I have not written unto you because ye know not the truth, but because ye know it, and that no lie is of the truth.

1 John 4:1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.

So, in the spring of 2001 in this Sid Roth radio interview, Michael is no longer just from a farm in Michigan, no longer picking apples from an orchard, no longer a marine sergeant, marine chaplain, assistant navy chaplain, reverend, Baptist minister, former Baptist minister, ordained nondenominational Christian minister and Messianic rabbi, former Baptist cult member--he's a Messianic Jewish Rabbi that came from Sephardic Jewish heritage--except--- he states he is not Jewish, but a Gentile in his presentations. And yet he is promoted on the Prophecy Club, and in this radio interview and other published sites and information as "Rabbi", big 'R'. 

Michael Rood has also stated: " I was ordained in a messianic congregation as a teacher, as a rabbi , but I am not Rabbi Michael Rood. My name is Michael Rood . I am a little r rabbi or teacher. Among the messianic congregations, among the Jews , little r rabbi is understood." 9.  

From his website in July 2001, again we see that Michael was also, as Linda Miller stated, a practicing Levite. He is also referred to as a Messianic JEW: 

"....Below you'll find Michael Rood's current teaching and speaking schedule.

Kevin Hreibik, a print writer in Florida wrote this for his Paper: Michael Rood is a Messianic Jew who has devoted his life to teaching about the fulfilled prophecies of the Messiah from a Jewish perspective. He claims to be a true Levite, owning no property and having no inheritance (Numbers 18:23), surviving only on the tapes and videos he sells during his presentations, which he believes is as things should be (Deuteronomy 26:12). He has literally devoted his entire life to his mission..." 10

In his July 2001 version of " A Rood Awakening TV" web site, which was at that time a small extension of his website, Michael promoted himself as Rabbi Michael Rood,  " June 18-22, 2001  Rabbi Michael Rood  Subject: Discoveries in Israel that prove the Bible.  Click Here to see show." 11 

Notice--big R --Rabbi, which Michael denies he uses.

One of his followers defended him on one internet site in 2001 by saying, "Rood has acknowledged that he *is* Messianic, *is not* a Jew by birth, and only a "rabbi" ("little 'r' ") in the sense that he is a "teacher.""  12 

One can't say one is Rabbi and rabbi. One can't say one is a Jew and not a Jew. Michael definitely has a problem explaining his Roots and this author is hard pressed proving that anything Michael says about himself is accurate.

Update: Due to the 2007 controversial breakup of A Rood Awakening Ministries, the organization was split into two groups. One held by Jamie Louis in the original A Rood Awakening! Ministries Oregon office, and one held by Michael Rood and some new staff. Michael Rood launched a new corporation in Michigan, where his new office is, called A Rood Awakening! Ministries International. Two new websites were launched by the Rood camp, one called in competition with the original, and, all of which have since been shut down. The new was launched in direct competition to the original, which has been shutdown. Jamie Louis also included in his Ya'akovlevi site the name of a new business called Torah to the Nations, based in Oregon. On December 14, 2007, Michael Rood's Michigan attorney's filed lawsuit against Jamie Louis. For more on this See: A Real Michael Rood Awakening Concerning Alleged Torah Observant Activities

God reminds us very clearly of particular things He hates:

Proverbs 6:16 These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him: 17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, 18 An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,
19 A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.

James 3:12 Can the fig tree, my brethren, bear olive berries? either a vine, figs? so can no fountain both yield salt water and fresh.
13 Who is a wise man and endued with knowledge among you? let him show out of a good conversation his works with meekness of wisdom...17 But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be entreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.
18 And the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace of them that make peace.

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2. The Ya'akov Levi Foundation, ""A Rood Awakening" Project Overview, Update and Needs! "

"For the past five years, former US Marine Michael John Rood has been on a mission….. to challenge long-held beliefs about the Bible and to guide all “who have ears to hear” to its historically accurate interpretation and understanding....He is both a Theologian and Story Teller...after instructing more than 200,000 people at his “Rood Awakening” seminars...."

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Email:  Sent: Thursday, March 20, 2003 3:13 PM
Subject: query

Hello, I am doing research on the claims of a man named Michael John Rood that he uses to promote himself, and which include the following statements taken from a 1996 pamphlet:
" The Captain of the ship radioed to the Flagship Admiral, "I need a Chaplain over here ASAP. We've got some kind of 'revival' going on over here with the Marines - The whole damn Battalion is sitting on the deck right now with some NCO teaching them about the return of Christ." Within the hour a chopper landed on the fantail. Two clays later on a small island, the largest number of Marines since WWII were baptised in the crystal blue waters of the Carribean. 

These Marines were not won by a limp-wristed handling of the Scriptures, but by the intensity of a young Combat Infantry Marine who understood the events that WILL come to pass according to the Hebrew Prophets, and the world powers and players who are invariably marching us headlong into an atheistic world government - The New World Order. Twentyfive years later, it is in the open, beating on our door. 

Sergeant Michael Rood went on to serve with the Navy Chaplain Corps as the only full time teacher and ministry trainer in the history of the U.S. Marines. His job...teach the Bible, and many he taught are now pastors, missionaries, and teachers all over the globe. It was a love for the reality of God's Word, and his service with ministers of nearly every denomination in America, that taught him to disdain the arrogance of denominational 'churchianity'. "

Would the Marine Chaplaincy/Navy Chaplains ever have allowed a "Sergeant Michael Rood' or any one like him, to step into the role of Navy Chaplain, without having any credentials or any of the required training that appears to have been in effect since the early 70's.? According to your, and history, etc., the history of the Navy Chaplains school doesn't show Mr Rood and his most important role.

Was Michael John Rood the first full time teacher and ministry trainer in the history of the US Marines and if so, where might one find the Marines historical data that confirms this, as he is obviously very open about his history.

Being that Michael John Rood was married in 1974 at the age of 21, and involved in the Way International, a para military movement whose goals included stockpiling weapons etc, I am wondering if there is an age requirement, as well as seminary credentials in order for one to be training others as a Navy Chaplain?

Thank you for your time.


Victoria Dillen


8. May 2003

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