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TheCall DC  

 [located on the USCWM campus, Pasadena, CA]

TheCall DC Board of Directors (2000)

Che Ahn   ~  Senior Pastor, Harvest Rock Church & President of Harvest Int'l Ministries
~ President, The Call; Mobilization of churches and fundraising

Gary Black   ~President of Rock the Nations  ~ Youth Mobilization

Dr. Corinthia R. Boone  ~  President, International Christian Host Correlation ~ Washington DC Host Committee

Guy Carey ~ Immanuel's Church ~ Washington DC Host Committee

Jim Cucuzza ~ Pastor, Crossroads Church ~ Logistics

Nancy Duarte ~ President, Duarte Design ~ Marketing

Lou Engle ~ Vice President, Rock the Nations ~ Vice President, The Call; Youth Mobilization

Paul Fleischmann ~President, The National Network of Youth Ministries
-Youth Mobilization [update]

Bob Gower~ Administrator for The Call DC ~ Secretary, The Call

Sandy Grady ~ Spiritual Warfare Network ~ Washington DC Host Committee

Kent Henry ~ Worship Consultant

Patrick Kiteley ~ Youth Pastor, Shilo Christian Fellowship ~ Youth Mobilization

Rich Manley ~ President, Campus Wave ~ Youth Mobilization * Please see information below

Don Mark ~ Rock City Church ~ Sound, Video, and Power

Terry Wayne Millender~ Gospel Invasion World-Wide ~  Chairperson, DC Host Committee

M. ********~ YWAM ~ Youth Mobilization

Tom Pelton ~ President, March For Jesus ~ Youth Mobilization

Bart Pierce ~ >Senior Pastor, Rock City Church ~ Logistics

Judah Smith ~Associate Youth Pastor, City Church ~ Youth Mobilization

Tom Smith ~ Attorney at Law ~ Legal Advisor

Richard Taylor ~ President, Taylor Media ~ Media

Larry Tomczak ~President, Christ the King of Greater Atlanta ~ Youth Mobilization

Bob Weiner ~Weiner Ministries International ~ Youth Mobilization

Other Organizations:

Mission America

Women's Aglow
Global Harvest
Generals of Intercession
Harvest Evangelism
Rock The Nations
Hosanna Integrity Music
Family Click
Gospel Light
Harvest International Ministries
Campus Wave
Glory of Zion
Rock America
Columbine Redemption
Washington For Jesus
March For Jesus
Promise Keepers
Charisma Magazine
Trinity Broadcasting Network

TheCall DC Board of Advisors

Dr. Byung Kook Ahn ~[update April 21/2000]
Dave Barton 

Mike Bickle 
Bishop Charles Blake 
Gary Bergel 
Wellington Boone 
Harold Caballeros 
Paul Cedar 
Wayne Codeiro 
Loren Cunningham 
Frank Damazio 

Billy Joe Daugherty

John Dawson (YWAM)
Don Finto 
Paul Fleshman 
Dr. Kingsley Fletcher 
Joseph Garlington 
Jim Goll 
Bill Greig III 
Ted Haggard 
Bill Hamon 
Jane Hansen 
Jack Hayford 
Marilyn Hickey 
Todd Hunter 
Cindy Jacobs
John Kelly 
John Kilpatrick 
Roberts Liardon 

John Maxwell
Coach Bill McCartney 
Josh McDowell 
Lloyd Ogilvie 
George Otis Jr. 

Chuck Pierce
Winkie Pratney 
Richard Roberts 
Pat Robertson 
Mickey Robinson 
Darrell Scott 
Dutch Sheets 
Ed Silvoso 
Eddy and Alice Smith 
Wendell Smith 
Steve Strang 

Doug Stringer

Paul Tan
Tommy Tenney 
Elmer Towns 
Richard Twiss 
Bishop Ken Ulmer 
Peter and Doris Wagner 
Ken Wilde 

TheCall DC - Venue/Program

Program Information

What: A solemn assembly of two generations for prayer, fasting, worship and commissioning.

When: September 2, 2000, dawn to dusk [6a.m. to 6p.m.]

Where: The Capitol Mall, Washington DC

Who: The Call DC is sponsored by a number of different ministries. Though there will be many well known speakers and bands present, we are choosing not to list them to promote this assembly because this is not a festival, but a fast.

Prayer and Program Focus:

6 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Worship, repentance, prayer and speaking on the following themes:
Generational reconciliation 
Prayer for spiritual awakening in America 
Prayer for our government and leaders 
Commissioning of student missionaries to their campuses and the world


Regarding Rich Manley ~ President, Campus Wave ~ Youth Mobilization *

In June 2006, I received information regarding Rich Manley. He had been arrested and charged with allegedly performing lewd acts on teens.  According to the Chico Enterprise Record, "...former Chico youth minister who also founded a nationally-known youth organization called CampusWave Ministries has been charged with five counts of performing lewd acts on a child. The charges came more than a year after Chico police began an investigation into Richard James Manley, 42, of Paradise." District attorney, Mike Ramsey stated that there were many more victims and they chose to remain anonymous, but the alleged victims were boys in the 14-15 yr olds who are now in the late 20's.

Manley was a youth minister at Mount Pleasant Valley Assembly of God church, besides the Campus Wave Ministries, and his involvement in The Call, and had a related website, which promoted events to youth ages 13 to 32. According to the report the website went down about two weeks prior to the official charges being laid. []

January 2007, saw that three of the charges had been dropped due to statute of limitations. He still faced to felony sex charges.  []

Citing expiration of the statute of limitations, a California judge in February dismissed two remaining child molestation charges against former youth pastor Richard James Manley, 42, who originally was accused of five felony sex charges, the (Chico, Calif.) Enterprise-Record reported. Prosecutors immediately refiled three additional counts that the court previously would not hear because of grounds similar to the statue of limitations. Each involved other alleged male victims. " []

All charges were apparently dropped by May 30, 2007, according to the Oroville Mercury-Register, due to the statute of limitations and another section of the Penal Code.  []


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