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Hargis Timelines


David Mel Hargis----

1949 -50   Born ---

1965-67--- High School Diploma Years / Years Attended 

Christian Fundamental High School / St. Louis, Missouri

Graduated Salutatorian.

1968-71  Bachelor of Arts in Bible / Years Attended CONFIRMED  BA degree in Bible  5/27/71

Central Bible College / Springfield, Missouri

1970 ----Married ------age 20

1971---started ministry--contrary to saying he started in  

      1969--stated in 1996... 25 years ministry

1973 --- Ordained to Ministry, Assemblies of God

1969 - 89 --  Senior Pastor, Evangelist / Years Employed 

Assemblies of God / USA

Serving and leading churches with teaching, counseling, and operational management.

Impossible--could not be a Senior Pastor/evangelist since 1969--he did not graduate until 1971 and was not ordained with the AOG until 1973

1980-82 --Pastor of BETHEL AOG , Savage, PA

1980-82 ---Master of Arts in Theology / Years Attended DIPLOMA MILL---no campus --no Masters

Lael University / Kirkwood, Missouri

Graduated Summa Cum Laud.

***couldn't attend a non-existent campus in Missouri while pastoring a church in Pennsylvania

Linda Hargis--also claims Bachelor of Arts -1982, making all further credentials, including her current Doctorate, built on a false foundation.

1986-87 ---Doctor of Philosophy in Biblical Communications / Years Attended--- DIPLOMA MILL---no campus --no Doctorate

International Bible College and Seminary / DeSoto, Missouri

Set up entire academic curriculum and courses of study for Biblical Communications degrees.

****meaning he wrote the "curriculum" for the diploma mill for the course he got his so-called doctorate in...then in future biographies switched the name of the defunct diploma mill to International Seminary and Bible College

1989---Became messianic--resigned AOG

1991--ordained Messianic Jewish Rabbi

1991 - 96---2003 Messianic Rabbi / Years Employed 

Mishkan HaMelekh Messianic Congregation / Virginia Beach, Virginia

Serving and leading the congregation with teaching, counseling, and operational management.

1991 -  Their involvement in Saint John Chrysostom Theological Seminary goes back to at least 1991, when Don Hargis aka Don de Cordova, David and their mother, Marian Hargis were apparently listed in the supposed 1991 Handbook of the Seminary. That information was supplied by James Trimm. 


1991 was when David Hargis was supposedly ordained a Messianic Rabbi and also started leading the Mishkan HaMelech assembly. Which certainly brings into question how a former AOG pastor could turn Messianic rabbi who provided himself with his own doctorate, while at the same time being  involved in a Catholic seminary.  

1993 --- Linda Hargis ---Master of Arts in Education: Regent University --built on the foundation of her Bachelor Of Arts (which was supposedly in music) from Lael University, a diploma mill...

1995-2001 Linda C Hargis/ Linda G Hargis-- Former Registrar of Regent University. 

1995 - 96---2003--- David --President / Years Employed 

Messianic Bureau International & MBI Yeshiva / Virginia Beach, Virginia

Chief executive officer, overseeing operations in education, publishing, communications and web services.

Linda C Hargis--Vice President, Linda C Hargis/Linda G Hargis registrar, faculty

2000---Mountain West Hebrew University---defunct illegal diploma mill 

Linda G Hargis also "faculty/ administration"

May 2003---Saint John Chrysostom Theological Seminary--part of illegal diploma mill faculty

2003--Linda Hargis--Regent University---Last revised: 02/25/11 "REGENT UNIVERSITY M.A. IN ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP , SCHOOL OF LEADERSHIP STUDIES...Professor: Linda Hargis, A.B.D.

Professor based on credentials built on the foundation of diploma mills.


Don B. Hargis > Don Bryant De Cordova

              ---- Born  ---Don Bryant Hargis

1951----Born ---De Cordova

1976----Southern Methodist University-Dallas Texas--Don B Hargis--- bachelor in Religion.

changed Name to de Cordova?

1976 + Master of Theology from National Christian University---Don Hargis-illegal diploma mill barred from Texas in 1976

11/06/1983    de Cordova --- Ordained a priest  at El Granada, California

1983---Don Hargis- in 2003 stated--twenty years ministry... 

De Cordova editor of Aramaic Journal w/Aramaic Bible Society

1987---St Johns History states, "summer of 1987 the Seminary Trustees determined to improve the course of studies and broaden its constituency."

1988--St John History contradicts the time frame above as well as "Bishop" "...In 1988 Dom Bryant de Cordova Bishop of Santa Fe and Professor of Theology completed four year research project which enhanced the curriculum, redesigned the Seminary program and instituted an integrated approach to theological education."

De Cordova was not consecrated Bishop until late 1988, hence could not be part of a four year research project, which was supposed to start in 1987.

10/08/1988   de Cordova----consecrated Bishop Don De Cordova

05/17/1991  Corporate filing Saint John Chrysostom Theological Seminary--de Cordova

12/31/1992---corp record --CACIB --de Cordova

July 6, 1995--de Cordova gives James Trimm his worthless diploma

Dec/ 1995---de Cordova left Cacina---alternate date is 1997

12/31/95---Corporation filing The Catholic Apostolic Church in North America--supplemental post mark date 05/24/94  de Cordova

September 20, 1997-2003 ---Hargis Technologies-- Don B Hargis registered--Don de Cordova profile----6731 Bridge Street, Suite 211 Fort Worth, Texas 76112 

Hargis technologies -, 

1997--Don de Cordova --"went into seclusion for a sabbatical period and into the private practice of ministry to those suffering from chemical dependency and psychiatric disorders." 

1998 -2003--by November Don Hargis was on MBI Yeshiva Faculty---S.T.D. / Professor of Theology, Twenty years of ministry, Director with the Aramaic Bible Society

1998--Twenty years of ministry, Director with the Aramaic Bible Society---in conflict with saying twenty years ministry in 2003....

2000---Mountain West Hebrew University---Don Hargis---faculty w/illegal diploma mill

06-Jun-2000  --- DonSamCo --Don Hargis and Sam Bilger---

GHR-15 Growth Hormone Releaser Don Hargis---6731 Bridge Street 533 Fort Worth, Texas, 7611

May 2003---Saint John Chrysostom Theological Seminary---

6731 Bridge Street, Suite 211
Fort Worth, Texas 76112 --part of illegal diploma mill

uses--- Dom Don Bryant de Cordova, Dom Bryant de Cordova Bishop of Santa Fe and Professor of Theology, Dom Don Bryant de Cordova, S.T.D., Don Bryant Hargis de Cordova
while also on the MBI Yeshiva faculty as Don B Hargis

Copyright . All articles are the sole property of and Vicky Dillen. All Scripture King James Version unless otherwise stated.

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