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Playing God With Chimeras, The New Human-Animal Species  
Lying Destroys Trust and Relationships  

 Series: Tithing   > To Tithe Or Not To Tithe

Tithing Is It Scriptural for New Covenant Believers? Under the Law or Led by the Spirit :Introduction  (the arguments and beliefs)  
Tithing Part 1: The Purpose of the Tithe and The Priesthood  
Tithing Part 2: The Prophesied New Covenant  
Tithing Part 3: Changes to the Covenant Through Christ  
Tithing Part 4: From the Law to the Covenant of Grace  
Tithing Part 5: Keeping the Words of Christ and Giving for the Love of Christ  
Vicky Dillen's Inquisition  
God Is In Control! 
The Double Minded Man
Throw Out the Baby, Spit Out the Bones & Throw the Water On Sound Doctrine
Will God say, "Just Kidding," About Eternity?
Date Setting Hypocrisy   

Good Fruit from Evil Trees: Part 1...  

Part 2... Christian Thinkers and the Millstatt Forum 

Qualified to Teach?  

Painting With Broad Strokes  
The Prayer of Jabez ~ Another 'Wind of Doctrine'  
A Study ~ When Questions Are Feared  
Conspiracies and Plots  
Persecution Free Christianity 
Have Nothing To Do With Fables... Revised
Perverted Christianity ~ How Do YOU Score? :Introduction:  
     Page 1YOGAIncense Aromatherapy,  
Dowsing and AromatherapyNegative Ions/Ionizers Voyeurism,   
Disney/movies/books/paraphernalia Harry Potter/Goosebumps,  
     Page 2: Chinese Medicine, ReflexologyAcupressureAcupuncture
T'AI CHITAE- BOTae Kwon Do KarateZen Buddhism,  
Feng Shui  HomeopathyChiropractic ManipulationMeditation,
MANTRA MEDITATION Repetitive Incantations,
Channeling, Tongues/slaying in the spirit/faith healing
Hypnosis/ HypnotherapyMagnetic Therapy,
Davidic worship/dancing/tambourine playing,
Old Testament/Mosaic laws about what one can and cannot eat
Fables/Fairy talesAstrology/ Horoscopes,  
Tattooing/Christian ,  Tattooing/Piercing
CrystalsBirthstonesCharm Bracelets/Amulets, etc. ,
Dream Catchers,   Angels/angelologyChain Letters Psychology,
Color coding/Seasons/personality analysisPsychotherapy,    
Repressed memory 

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