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The Pentecostal, Faith-Healing, Charismatic & Hebrew Movements
Hebrew Roots/Hebraic Roots/Messianic Movements
Please note: Research into the Hebrew Roots & Messianic movements constitutes research into Judaism as well as the occult. We fully respect each persons right to believe or utilize what resources they choose. We however, see a clear distinction in believing the Messiah has come versus utilizing resources which still await His coming. That is how and why we must evaluate all to Christ and the New Testament as well as the Tenach. We do not wish to edit or criticize Judaism, but recognize it as distinct from our Christian beliefs, just as many in Judaism also see a distinction and separateness from our beliefs, and we jointly have mutual respect for our differences and each other. 
Occult Inroads: Symbolism
"Christian" Occult Symbols ~ Part 1 (Series)
    Hexagrams & Doves
   St. Matthew's Legacy & the Knights of Malta
   The Legend of Hanukkah Revised 
  Questions About Christmas
The Elimination of the Cross
Astrology: The Gospel of Truth??

    Myths and Legends are a Legacy of Truth?

Taking the Name, the Mark & the Number 
Part 1: Taking the Name Jun 1, 1999
     Topics: The Name of the Savior   What Name?      
     The Father   Changing Names
Part 2: Taking the Mark  Jun 1, 1999
    Topics: The Sacred Name Directory   Tattoos and Marks
    Essential Disobedience?     Armies of False Teachings
    Tattoos for Everyone   Mark Initiation & Diversity   
    Biblical Obedience   
  Updated  RFID Tattoos Jan 20, 2010
  Updated  RFID Technology Advances Feb 25, 2010
Part 3: Taking the Number
    Topics: The Number of the Beast  Counting the Number 
    The Six~Pointed Star   Occult Initiations   Christian 
    Ye Shall Be Like Gods    Is the Pope also a Freemason?
  Updated Mar 26, 2006
Putting It Together   Jan 17, 2003
  Updated:  Aug 24, 2003 
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