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Doctor James Trimm's Diploma 


Revelation 2:2 

I know thy works, and thy labour, and thy patience, and how thou canst not bear them which are evil: and thou hast tried them which say they are apostles, and are not, and hast found them liars:


On James Trimm's Nazarene website, in promotion of his own Yeshiva, or Jewish school, and seen prior to July 2001, we note that he had four letters of recommendation from various individuals. He also had his "transcript and diploma" from Saint John Chrysostom Theological Seminary (SJCTS). 


The current version of the page, from May 30, 2003, which may not work,  and which has no access through his Yeshiva menu links, reveals an updated page with more links. The lack of direct access appears to be due to the controversy over his  credentials. Again, most of the links no longer access the documents on his web site, which is odd since he claims they validate his Doctorate.

Dr. James Scott Trimm


Society for the Advancement of Nazarene Judaism



Letters of Recommendation


Phillip Arnn ----former url


J. Phillip Arnold


James DeFrancisco


Rabbi Herbert J. Gilner




Sacrae Theological Doctorate

> .../yeshiva/images/Faculty/eDiploma.tif

Email from Seminary


Seminary Website


The Recommendation Letters have been removed from James Trimm's web site. However, one can view some of the documentation as images, including the Diploma and Transcript, both downsized and saved as a jpg, and while still large, much easier to load than the 10 MB tif used by Trimm:

Sacrae Theological Doctorate> diploma

Transcript > transcript

Email from St John Theological Seminary > stjemail

Rabbi Herbert Gilner letter >  gilner

Some observations about the posted Official Transcript for Trimm's doctorate.  The name of the seminary is misspelled. Chrysostom is spelled as " Chrysotom", omitting an 's' in their "official seminary transcript." According to a reader, the word "Theologae" is misspelled; it should be "Theologiae." There is no "Official seminary  seal", although there is a place for one. There is no physical address, phone number, or contact person for the Seminary. There is no prior record of education, no professors, no dates or grades for the courses, and many more  credit hours listed than would normally be required to obtain a doctorate. And quite frankly, the transcript is ill designed with alignment of rows and columns uneven, and the actual lines that are drawn are smudged. 

The Letters of Recommendation on the Transcript list Dr. Phillip Arnold, Reunion Institute, June 1, 1995 and Dr. James DeFransisco, Milta Ministries, June 5, 1995. Also Rabbi Herbert J. Gilner, May 18, 1995, but not Phillip Arnn, although he is shown to have given a Letter of  Recommendation on the website page.

Further, James Trimm himself has claimed in a forum and in response to being questioned about his doctorate, and dated, 2000-10-11:

"I was conferred with the S.T.D.  degee (Sacrae Theologae Doctor)
by this seminary on June 7th 1995."

"Moreover my degree was earned.  It was NOT awarded as an 

honorary degree nor was it purchased  (as I said I was actually on a full scholarship).

I have a certified transcript with real credit hours.  

The school also required three letters of recomendation from persons who have doctorates in the field of religion in order to be awarded the degree of doctor.  

My degree required real credit hours, as well as three such 


It was NOT the product of a diploma mill."

Please see Full email/forum interaction regarding these statements and other issues:  Trimm Critics


Letters of Recommendation

Proverbs 19:8 -9

He that getteth wisdom loveth his own soul: he that keepeth understanding shall find good.  A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that speaketh lies shall perish.

James Trimm said that SJCTS required, "... three letters of recomendation from persons who have doctorates in the field of religion in order to be awarded the degree  of doctor."

However, as the Diploma in question shows, there were only two  spots for recommending advisor and only one of them filled. The Registrar signed, but not with a PH.D. The "Letters of recommendation,"  if given at all, are certainly questioned as to the educational background of the recommender. And we know definitely that Phillip Arrn never gave the letter of  recommendation that James Trimm published saying that he did. 

In email correspondence spanning May 22- June 4, 2003 and a telephone conversation with Phillip Arnn, Senior Researcher for the counter cult organization, Watchman Fellowship, Phillip made the following statements about James Trimm, his doctorate, and on line transcript.

"To my knowledge, James does not have a doctorate. He was given an honorary degree by a church. It was something like the Apostolic Catholic Church. James did not go to college. His Hebrew and Aramaic are self taught. He told me he had not been able to afford college. And he told me when this church gave him the doctorate."

"To my knowledge, James never took those courses. He told me 

De Cordova was giving him an honorary doctorate. I was in fairly close contact with James from '93 thru '95."

Regarding the Letter of Recommendation on James Trimm's Yeshiva site, Phillip Arnn also made this statement, June 3, 2003:

"At no time has James Scott Trimm asked me for a recommendation of himself or his ministry. And at no time have I given him a recommendation concerning his present movement and/or theology. ... It has been brought to my attention that Mr. Trimm had in the past posted such a recommendation bearing my name on his website. I can only state that no such recommendation was given."


signed, Phillip Arnn.

Regarding James De Francisco, he is president of MILTHA ministries, not MILTA. MILTA Ministries, which is found in San Antonio, Texas, was not formed until 1997, according to an online advertisement for it.

From the Letter of Recommendation, dated June 6, 1995, from James De Francisco, we see that his organization is called "MILTHA" with the full name and address written as: MILTHA Ministries and Institute of Christian Principles, James J. DeFrancisco, Ph.D., 55720 Nursery Avenue, Mishawaka, Indiana, 46545. 

That means, James DeFrancisco could not have given any letter of  recommendation in June 1995 as representative of the MILTA organization as James Trimm stated.

MILTA, " Missionary/Intercession/Leadership Training for Youth"

"...Since 1997, where has San Antonio youth gone for biblical  training...MILTA  Missionary/Intercession/Leadership Training Academy is now enrolling students for its 6th Year of  biblical training....A ministry of Missionaries with the Vision..."

Vol. 5, Issue 8, August 2002

In researching MILTA further, and the group "Harvest Hands" which promoted the group in 2002, they appear to be a youth organization with ties to the Evangelical churches, such as Baptist, Lutheran and so on. 

Further, besides posting to the Aramaic society, James De Francisco is "president of Miltha Ministries and Institute of Christian Principles. He is also a member of the Church of God (7th Day) and lives in Mishawaka, Indiana."

From the Aramaic Bible Center, "James J. DeFrancisco has a Ph.D. in Biblical Counseling and a M.A. in Biblical Studies," He posted an article to that site called, "The Kabbalah, on the Practical Essence of Tikkun". The kabbalah is of the occult, which he would disagree with, stating instead that there are pagan and occult elements but overall Christians can use it. 

Bishop Don Bryant De Cordova aka Don Hargis, who signed the diploma as President is Editor of the Journal at the above sites. His alternate name of Don Hargis has him as Director with the Aramaic Bible Society for over twenty years.

Rabbi Herbert J. Gilner, although claiming to be a Rabbi is not listed with any known Rabbinical authority, including both the conservative Rabbinical Assembly and the orthodox Rabbinical Council, both of which are in New York. Nor is he found listed in Reformed Synagogues in Texas or known in any synagogues in the Arlington or Fort Worth, Texas area. Arlington Texas was the address given on his Letter of Recommendation for James.

Dr. J. Phillip Arnold has not responded to an email query sent Tuesday, May 27, 2003. He was asked about his "letter of recommendation", his name on the "official transcript" and his role in SJCTS. On the Diploma that James was given, Phillip Arnold's name is also found as "Recommending Advisor". There was one empty spot for another Recommending Advisor. Some of what was asked of Phillip Arnold is this:

"...First, I am wondering what your PH.d is in and what your educational background is, and when and why you started Reunion Institute?

What exactly does Reunion Institute do?...

There is controversy over James Trimm and his doctorate, to which you have applied your name.  I see that you were on the faculty of St John Chrysostom Theological Seminary and were also possibly a member of the Board as a trustee.

Quoting from the Diploma:  "...having honorably fulfilled all the requirements imposed by the authorities of this institution, President and Trustees of Saint John Chrysostom Theological Seminary, upon the recommendations of the Faculty, do therefore confer the Degree... 

Registrar : Jerome Joachim

Recommending Advisor: James Phillip Arnold, Ph.D

President:  Dom Don Bryant de Cordova

Could you please clarify your role in that Seminary, as well as your 

recommending James for a Doctorate and diploma?


I would also like to know where the seminary was when you were involved in it, why you were a part of it and did you help to start it? 


Do you still support it?  Are you still involved with it?


Are you a member of the Catholic Apostolic Church in North America, and if so, when did you become a member in order to be on the faculty or board of the Seminary by 1995? 

Who is Jerome Joachim to you? And Don de Cordova? 

Were you also part of CACIB? 

If so, when and precisely what is/was your role. 

Did James actually take all the courses shown on the posted transcript from said institution, and showing that you were one of the recommenders in 1995?


James Trimm posted several letters of recommendation on his Yeshiva site, since 2001 at least, and and I am wondering if you would care to comment on your promoting him and his ventures?"

A query was sent regarding J. Phillip Arnold's credentials and doctorate to  Religious Studies at Rice Univeristy, May 24, and also Abilene Christian University on June 11, and where one source felt Arnold attended. There have been no responses to date.

In May, due to controversy increasing on various discussion forums, an email was sent to numerous groups as well as to James Trimm's, but it was backdated to February.  It is mentioned above as being posted to the page with the Letters of Recommendation on James' Yeshiva site. It was from St John Chrysostom Theological Seminary and was sent in defense of "Dr. James Trimm" and his doctorate. 

Subject: Dr. James Trimm - St John Chrysostom Theological Seminary
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 18:59:36 +0000

This is to inform Dr. James Trimm that Saint John Chrysostom Theological Seminary has information on the internet: 

Presently it is only one page. Over the next few weeks a full set of  documents will be available on the internet that valids its existence, though it had it Certificate of Incorporation Revoked for non-use/non-payment in June 2002.

I believe Dr. Trimm had received some disparaging comments from inexperienced and disgruntled investigators who could not locate the Seminary in New Mexico records...probably because it is erroneously recorded as St John Chrysostom Theological Seminary (St = Saint).

The reason for this reactivation of information concerning the Seminary is the necessity to validate theological credentials for the graduates of the Seminary, which includes Dr. Trimm.

The Seminary may not seek reinstatement of its nonprofit incorporation status in New Mexico...this is still being discussed by the Trustees of the Seminary.

If this should happen the name of the Seminary may change and the course of study. 

Bishop Don de Cordova left the active ministry with the Catholic Apostolic Church in North America in 1997 after CACINA squables over the leadership and theology.

He went into seclusion for a sabbatical period and into the private practice of ministry to those suffering from chemical dependency and psychiatric disorders. His Episcopal credentials are intact and remain effective though he does not have correspondence with CACINA.

It was his suggestion that SJCT Seminary be present on the Internet to substantiate the credentials of those who hold SJCTS degrees and certificates.

You and/or Dr. Trimm can contact the Seminary through this email address:

As far as the charge that the "inexperienced and disgruntled investigators who could not locate the Seminary in New Mexico records...probably because it is erroneously recorded as St John Chrysostom Theological Seminary (St = Saint)."...."

The corporate records in New Mexico actually do list it as SAINT JOHN, and when a search was done through their State Corporations Inquiry, the rest of the corporations connected to this group were also found.

Records -- Saint John   # 1511872; CACIB-- # 0846584  CACINA--- # 0825232.

I also found the 1983 corporate record of St. John Chrysostom Theological Seminary, Inc., filed in California by Jerome Joachim. Corporation number --- C1230651

It's noteworthy that the Corporations record that SJCTS posted on their website, omitted any reference to the other corporate records.

Founded and Organized in the State of New Mexico 1979
Incorporated in the State of California 1983
Reorganized and Incorporated in the State of New Mexico 1991
New Mexico Incorporation Certificate Number 1511872 expired 2002

De Cordova should know how each of them was filed--his name is on each record of Incorporation in New Mexico. Further, being a corporation does not mean one is licensed by the State to be an educational facility nor does it mean one is licensed to give degrees or doctorates. In fact, Saint John Chrysostom Theological Seminary has never been licensed to grant degrees in Texas or New Mexico.

It's noteworthy that Jerome Joachim, who signed the Diploma as Registrar, is found on the corporate records and did in fact sign the CACIB record as Dom Jerome Joachim PH.D.  However, on the Saint John Chrysostom Theological Seminary corporate record he is listed simply as Jerome Joachim, and the same is found on the California record.

A review of the addresses on the corporate records is certainly an education. One seems to be that of a hospital, one lists the street as being in one city, but that particular address seems to be in other cities not the one recorded, and so it goes. 

For example of the strange addresses, we see on the CACINA record:

Gonzalez, Justo    250 W 91ST ST. 4-N New York, NY 10024

Villegas, Jose        250 W. 91ST ST, 4N New York, NY 10024

On the Saint John Chrysostom Theological Seminary record, filed 05/17/91:

Gonzalez, Justo R  250 W. 91ST STREET, #4-N New York, NY 10024

I have always understood that there had to be accuracy when filing legal documents, but perhaps the addresses have changed over time with construction and so on, making them no longer viable.

It should be noted that since that posting, the Saint John Chrysostom Theological Seminary website is slowly being added to and is offering Masters degrees, doctorates and so on. SJCTS has listed current, as of May 21, 2003,  "doctorate" qualifications, which instead of helping James Trimm, appear to pose a serious problem, aside from the fact that the "seminary" is not legally licensed to dispense anything but free advice.

"...Doctor of Sacred Theology, S.T.D., an advanced graduate degree granted for expert proficiency in a broad spectrum of theological and ministerial subjects/areas. The seminarian must have completed the Bacculearuate and Masters degrees or their equivalent for matriculation. The S.T.D. is accomplished by completing seventy-two credit hours of graduate work above the Masters level that includes a doctoral project worth thirty six credit hours of academic work." [Note: the doctorate info was removed by June 11]

James obtained his GED on 7/1/1985, from the Grapevine Collyville School District, in Tarrant County, Texas. A check by others regarding whether James attended any Universities, colleges or seminaries any where prior to 1995, revealed there was no such person registered, and we know for a certainty that he wasn't attending  any school in the time frame of 1993-1995. In fact, according to Phillip Arnn,  James specifically told him he could not afford college and had never been, before or during that time frame.

In another email/internet correspondence, we see Trimm expounding on his credentials and responded to by Rabbi Stan Eisenberg, Trimm's former spiritual leader in the Fort Worth Texas Messianic congregation from which he was dis-fellowshipped.

 In 1995 I earned my doctorate in Semitic Studies.

I believe the above statement is not true. Please note the following timing. Scott started with Beth Yeshua Congregation in Fort Worth, Texas, around 1986 or 1987. During the time he was attending Beth Yeshua Congregation he was not attending college. By 1990 or 1991 Scott Trimm was asked to leave Beth Yeshua Congregation (the reasons are noted above) and within a year we had no further contact with him. To earn a Doctorate Degree, an individual needs to earn a Bachelor's degree that normally takes a four year course of study. I have heard of individuals finishing a 4 year study program in slightly under three years. A Master's degree is a 3 year program. Such a program could conceivably be completed in approximately two and 1/2 years. That brings us to an earned Master's degree by 1996. A Doctorate Degree requires at least 2 years of study, that possibly could be completed with much effort in about 1-1/2 years.

If we assume he started a Bachelor's Degree program in 1991, he would have earned the Bachelor's Degree by 1994. That means Scott Trimm would have had to start a Master's degree program by late 1994. A Master's degree is a 3 year program. Such a program could conceivably be completed in approximately two and 1/2 years. That brings us to an earned Master's degree by 1996. A Doctorate Degree requires at least 2 years of study, that possibly could be completed with much effort in about 1-1/2 years.. That brings the timing to1997 or 1998. 

The timing doesn't allow a Doctorate Degree to be earned by Scott Trimm by 1995...."  See Complete Stan Eisenberg Letter

Since James Trimm had no college education prior to working with Phillip Arnn, which was from 1993-1995, and he received his "doctorate" July 6, 1995, with his "doctorate interview" May 12, 1995, when do you suppose he had time to get his Bacculearuate, and Masters degrees or their equivalent? And that  prior to completing the seventy two credit hours of graduate work by May, 1995?

We have not just one man who had direct physical interaction with  James Trimm, who knew him personally, who worked alongside of him, but two, who state clearly that James did not have a college, university or other education that would have led to a doctorate or degree of any kind. And that is aside from the fact of the source of James' "doctorate" in the first place.

James Trimm stated in an email, "St. John Chrysostom Theological Seminary is NOT a "diploma mill".Its degree programs are among the most demanding I have ever seen..."

It would be most interesting to know what degree programs James Trimm had actually seen and evaluated. Other than the GED course which can be studied for, or not. While James has been busy changing the Word of God to his version of 'truth', claiming credentials he did not have, claiming knowledge that allowed him to change the very Word of God, and getting money from people who believed him, we are reminded:


Proverbs 30: 5 -6

Every word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him. Add thou not unto his words, lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar.

Revelation 22:18 -20

"For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book. He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.


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