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James Trimm's Diploma Revisited 

Part 2: The Four Letters


Phillip Arnn

In further defense of his transcript, diploma and letters of recommendation, on the Messianic Apologetic Forum, July 9, James Trimm stated:

" Those attacking my degree have also attacked the letters of  recommendation have also attacked the associated letters of recommendation to the Seminary.

Phil Arnn

The first of these attacks is a claim that the letter from Phil Arnn was not written by Mr. Arnn but was a forgery. ..."

Actually, no one said it was a forgery. It was stated that Phillip Arnn never gave a "letter of recommendation," meaning, no letter recommending James Trimm for obtaining a "real" doctorate. James Trimm then, in the July 22 posting, stated: [spelling as seen]

"....It is VERY unethical for Vickie to continue using quotes from Phil Arnn that he has since retracted.


For the record Phil did ask me to take down the letter because there was concern that it might be misunderstood as an endorcement of my theology ... I expressed to him concern that if I took it down certain persons would twist this fact and misuse it to wrongly imply that I had forged the letter. I had no idea at that time that Vickie was already making that false claim. We both agreed that it would be best to place a diclaimer on the bottom of the letter in read making it clear that the letter was not an endorcement of my theology or teaching but was simply an accademic recomendation (which is all it says and all I ever claimed it said)." [spelling as seen]

James Trimm wrote me first and cc'd to Phillip. The disclaimer was added after Phillip Arnn had received the cc'd letter, and after he had asked James to remove his letter. James Trimm, in character, refused. Trimm knew precisely what was written about. Unless Phillip Arnn asks me to post a retraction, his statements stand as valid. Being coerced into a disclaimer versus denial of a request for removal of the letter means nothing. 

From: Phillip Arnn [parnn@###]
Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2003 1:46 PM
To: vic
Subject: Re: trimm and rood articles

I just e-mailed James to take down my letter. I must have written it but that was when I thought JST was a Christian and when I was told the doctorate was honorary and I knew it was meaningless to anyone accept James. He did put an extraodinary amount of time and effort into interviewing Branches and learning Branch theology. He was a great collaborator on all things Branch Davidian. He was not an anti-Christ at that time.That is all water under the bridge now. He is what he is. And I told him to take me off the recommends list.


When this author asked Phillip Arnn about the disclaimer appearing on the "Letter", instead of the Letter being removed,

Disclaimer: This letter of recommendation was a letter of academic
recommendation only and should not be taken as an endorsement of the teachings of Dr. James Scott Trimm or St. John Chrysostom Theological Seminary";"

especially using the phrase, "Dr" in it, Phillip responded, "

From: Phillip Arnn [parnn@###]
Sent: Thursday, July 03, 2003 1:59 PM
To: vic
Subject: Re: some thoughts

"... I can not make James Trimm do anything. If the best he is willing to do is put up a disclaimer, I will just have to live with that. I gave you a quote about my remembering Trimm saying the "degree" was honorary. You have most likely printed that in your article. Whether the Trimm articles are removed from our site is not my call. I have brought the subject up with my boss and it is his call to make not mine. To my knowledge Trimm did not have any organization when I last spoke with him in '95. If you have evidence to the contrary it is news to me.

Like you previously stated, the school is illegally handing out bogus degrees. If a person does not have a bachelors and a masters they cannot get a doctorate..."

Phillip Arnn

In email correspondence spanning May 22-June 4, 2003, and a telephone conversation with Phillip Arnn, Senior Researcher for the counter cult organization, Watchman Fellowship, Phillip made the following statements about James Trimm, his doctorate and on line transcript.


Please understand. Phillip Arnn was responding to the following questions over a period of a week or more. These are part of the email record, May 22-May 28, of what was asked by this author and what Phillip Arnn responded with, with minor editing regarding unrelated information. That is followed with his "Official Statement," which was approved by James Walker, President of Watchman Fellowship. To make document load size here for Arnn correspondence.


This exchange culminated in Phillip Arnn's "official statement" regarding James Trimm's doctorate and transcript, as sited in the article, Doctor James Trimm's Diploma

"To my knowledge, James does not have a doctorate. He was given an honorary degree by a church. It was something like the Apostolic Catholic Church. James did not go to college. His Hebrew and Aramaic are self taught. He told me he had not been able to afford college. And he told me when this church gave him the doctorate."


"To my knowledge, James never took those courses. He told me De Cordova was giving him an honorary doctorate. I was in fairly close contact with James from '93 thru '95."

Regarding the Letter of recommendation on James Trimm's Yeshiva site, which had been unavailable for his or anyone else's perusal:

"At no time has James Scott Trimm asked me for a recommendation of himself or his ministry. And at no time have I given him a recommendation concerning his present movement and/or theology. ... It has been brought to my attention that Mr. Trimm had in the past posted such a recommendation bearing my name on his website. I can only state that no such recommendation was given."

signed, Phillip Arnn.

Now we know that James Trimm posted a Letter from Phillip Arnn and Phillip did not recall writing a "letter of recommendation." That is, until James Trimm posted the letter to his Trimm Family website and declared it to be a "letter of recommendation" from Phillip Arnn for his academic achievements and as an endorsement of his "doctorate."


We know that Phillip Arnn asked that James Trimm remove the letter as it was never intended as an academic endorsement for a "real" doctorate, and in fact, was also not an endorsement of James theology.


If one reads the letter, it becomes quite clear that Phillip Arnn is writing in response to a request for information about the Branch Davidians.

"Dear Bishop De Cordova, James Trimm requested I send you some of our research on the Branch Davidians and their theology..."

Now, let me ask. If you, the reader, were writing a "letter of recommendation" for someone, would you begin by responding to a request for research information on a cult?


Phillip Arnn then goes into his becoming acquainted with Trimm and that he was "personally pleased to see his hard work and obvious talent being recognized and rewarded..."


Since Arnn stated clearly he could never endorse James Trimm, and that the only degree he was aware of was strictly honorary, his statements are in no way an academic endorsement for a "real degree."


Honorary degrees are bestowed on people who have no claim to a real and earned degree. It is worthless academically. Anyone who would think the recognition is nice, is merely being supportive as a friend. If Phillip Arnn had been asked about whether James Trimm should receive a real degree, he would have answered differently. Just as he would answer differently if asked if he would ever give a letter of recommendation for James Trimm to receive a legitimate doctorate without taking any classes and not having a BA or Masters.


It is also very obvious in Arnn's letters, that he had no knowledge as to who "Bishop Don De Cordova" was or the whole affair surrounding Saint John Chrysostom Theological Seminary, MBI, or the Hargis's and their involvement. Nor was he aware of James Trimm's religious pursuits. 



James DeFrancisco



James Trimm stated that James DeFrancisco of MILTA gave him his letter of recommendation, and the term, MILTA, was on his "transcript". Then James Trimm has the organization, MILTHA, on the actual letter of recommendation from James DeFrancisco....details again. But they do matter.'



Regarding James DeFrancisco, who is President of MILTHA Ministries, not MILTA as stated in the above Transcript, James Trimm had this to say on July 22:

"3. It is Vickie that is incorrect. MILTHA is an Aramaic word and MILTA is just an alternate transliteration of that same Aramaic word. In fact MILTHA/MILTA is the Aramaic word for "Word". Both spellings are correct. The ministry is actually called MILTHA but at any rate MILTHA and MILTA are not two different ministries. MILTHA ministries was founded in 1992."

The letter of recommendation from James DeFrancisco, dated June 6, 1995, the day after it was supposedly given as stated on the Transcript, we see that his organization is actually called, "MILTHA", and it was located in Mishawaka, Indiana, even in 1995. The letterhead is written as this:

MILTHA Ministries and Institute of Christian Principles,

James J. DeFrancisco, Ph.D.,

55720 Nursery Avenue, 

Mishawaka, Indiana, 46545

Versus a different organization actually called Milta:

MILTA, "Missionaries/Intercession/Leadership Training for Youth"


"...Since 1997, where has San Antonio youth gone for biblical training...MILTA Missionary/Intercession/Leadership Training Academy is now enrolling students for it's 6th Year of biblical training...A Ministry of Missionaries with a Vision..." Vol 5, Issue 8, August 2002 > link no longer active

James DeFrancisco's "MILTHA" was formed in 1992, with the legal name being, "MILTHA MINISTRIES AND INSTITUTE OF CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLES, INC".

A comparison then, of the two organizational names from two different States, reveals they are more than a bit different, despite James Trimm's assertions that the Milta he has written on his Transcript is the same as MILTHA. Milta is not a recognized name for Miltha Ministries, but it is the name of another organization.

 MILTA Missionary/Intercession/Leadership Training Academy

 MILTHA Ministries and Institute of Christian Principles

James DeFrancisco via email in 2007 also attempted to suggest that they were in fact, the same organization.

"...Miltha (sometimes spelled Milta) is an Aramaic word used in the Gospel of John (the same word translated Logos in Greek).  ..."[June 19, 2007]


... There is absolutely no connection whatsoever between the two ministries other than the similarity of words (you can make the same connection between Trimm and myself because we have the same first names)..." [June 27, 2007]


"...My comments, as well as those of James Trimm earlier, were simply to clarify that the Aramaic (Syriac) word Miltha can also be transliterated Milta. The organizations, Miltha in Mishawaka has no relationship to MILTA in San Antonio..." [July 15, 2007]

That is precisely the point. One cannot state on the Transcript they received a letter of recommendation from MILTA, and then on the Letter of Recommendation have the actual spelling as MILTHA. If one wishes to discuss the words milta and miltha as variants of the same word, that is entirely different than what is an actual legal and registered name of an organization or business. Since the point was to validate credentials, accuracy is more than a little important.


The facts stand.


In June 2007, spanning one week, emails from James DeFrancisco requested clarification be made to this article as he stated he is no longer associated with James Trimm:

"...My involvement with Mr. Trimm occurred many years ago when he requested help from me to further his knowledge of Aramaic.  Since then he has demonstrated over the years that his methodology is not consistent with my standards in operating a teaching ministry.  In effect I have asked him to be more accountable several times over the past years. 

My letter of reference was based on information available to me at the time it was written (1995).  My opinion has changed drastically since then...."[email June 19, 2007]

James J. DeFrancisco, posted an article to the Aramaic Bible Society in 1998 or 1999, called, "The Kabbalah, on the Practical Essence of Tikkun." He has stated he wrote the article from a Christian perspective and Christians could reference the kabbalah for spiritual guidance.


We firmly believe both due to facts and Biblically, that the kabbalah is of the occult and have quoted Jewish sources which state it cannot be Christianized. Each must choose to believe what they wish.

The kabbalah teaches reincarnation which  belief James DeFrancisco has stated caused him to resign from the board of the Aramaic Bible Society. Perusal through their now inaccessible archives revealed articles promoting reincarnation and using the phrase, "Our Creator, Allah."

From a second correspondence with James DeFrancisco with regard to being a board member of the Aramaic Bible Society, reincarnation and "Allah" he stated:

"...For the record, I do not believe in or teach reincarnation.  In fact I debated the topic with the Editor of the Journal and President of the Aramaic Bible Society.  When the President decided to only include pro reincarnation opinions and he did not include my comments I decided to resign as a member of the board of directors. Up to that time I thought the other members wanted diverse but objective opinions but that was not the care.  I have nothing to do with the ďAllahĒ quote although I have studied and taught about all of the Abrahamic religions, Judaism and Islam as well as Christianity. " [email June 27, 2007]


"...The fact that the Journal had an article about reincarnation didnít bother me as much as the fact that it reported information from a biased and one-sided point of view.  ..." [July 15,2007]

 Bishop Don De Cordova aka Don Hargis, who signed Trimm's diploma as President of SJCTS, was Editor of the Journal at the Aramaic Bible Society. His alternate, Don Hargis, has him as Director of the Aramaic Bible Society for over twenty years. James Trimm has also served on that Board.


Herbert J. Gilner 



Trimm goes on to defend his, "friend and mentor," Rabbi Herbert J. Gilner. 

"... Inages and linguistics in general."

One would think Gilner would be known by the Rabbinical authorities, since he was supposedly a leader, and also known to Rabbi's in the area he frequented. Rabbi Herbert J. Gilner, is not listed with any known Rabbinical authority, including both the conservative Rabbinical assembly and the orthodox Rabbinical Council, both of which are in New York. Nor was he found listed in Reformed Synagogues in Texas or known in any synagogues in the Arlington or Fort Worth, Texas, area. Arlington, Texas was the address given on his "Letter of Recommendation" for James.


What Gilner was known for, was working with Vendyl Jones, in his then Institute of Judaic-Christian Research. Jones established the Judaic-Christian Research Foundation, which later gave birth to the Institute of Judaic-Christian Research (IJCR), which has now become VENDYL JONES RESEARCH INSTITUTES. Jones is a leader in the Bnai Noach movement initiated by Professor James D. Tabor and J. David Davis, Jack Saunders, and others.


Ernest Martin was formerly head of the theology department for Ambassador College (Herbert Armstrong's Worldwide Church of God), was >Chairman of the Department of Theology at Ambassador in Pasadena, California in 1973, then left Ambassador in 1974 and started FBR (the Foundation for Biblical Research). He left FBR to found the Associates for Scriptural Knowledge (A.S.K.) in 1985 and was Chairman of the Board. He died on January 16, 2002. 1.  His associate James Tabor, a Professor at the University of North Carolina and editor of the Original Bible Project, is also a former employee of Ambassador College and the Worldwide Church of God. Ernest Martin also was a supporter of that project, and Tabor, an Ebionite and leadership in the B'nai Noah movement, rejects the divinity of Christ and believes the New Testament to be merely a commentary of the Old Testament. He is a member and leadership in the United Israel World Union of New York (UIWU), founded in 1943 by David Horowitz who has maintained an office at the United Nations headquarters in New York, and United Israel of Jerusalem (UIJ), founded by Tabor. According to Tabor UIWU is to give "Mosaic Law for One World." Part of that vision is the Union of the twelve tribes, including the 'lost tribes'. The purpose of UIJ is to publish both biblical research and historical material dealing with the identity of the so-called "lost tribes" 2  [1; 2.]


It's noteworthy that Vendyl Jones is supported by the following, as stated on his Home page. "We also wish to thank Root and Branch for their continued support of our efforts[]  The Root and Branch organization in Israel, is what Bruce Brill, Michael Rood's moon observer associate and Karaite friend, also belongs to. See: Michael John Rood: Messianic Karaite Rabbi 


As far as Gilner being the Executive Director of the "Supreme Rabbinic Court of America" since 1978 -1994 + and which is said to be located in Silver Spring, MD, according to the information in the "newspaper" article...One rabbi interviewed in the article said he'd never heard of it. A search on the 'net, revealed this dialogue on a Jewish forum.

From: Jan David Meisler <>

Date: Thu, 24 Aug 1995 13:55:48 -0400 (EDT)

Subject: Supreme Rabbinic Court of America


Someone made a referance to an organization called the "Supreme Rabbinic Court of America" located on Arcola Avenue in Silver Spring, MD. Does anyone have any information about this organization? I live in Silver Spring, a block away from Arcola Avenue, and have never heard of this group.


No responses appeared to be forthcoming on that forum. 


Further, that "memorial" for Rabbi Herbert J Gilner, " whom James calls, "My friend and mentor," and whom Phillip Arnn recalls, "...I specifically remember James taunting Gilner..."


Notice this: the Yizkor website last updated their website on 23-Jun-2003 19:58:54 EDT.  ---prior to that , the web site was last updated or added to .. May 27, 2002.. ..meaning the memorial "conveniently appeared" the same day James launched his family website. Coincidence??? 


James said he found that memorial on the web after completing his own memorial for Gilner. That website was not updated until 8 o'clock at night, EDT. James posted to his forums about his "TrimmFamily" webpage, at ...

From:   "unjs777" <info@u...>
Date:  Mon Jun 23, 2003  10:04 pm
Subject:  Trimm Profile 

My profile page can now be accessed from the Trimm Family
website at:

Search Engines do not index websites that quickly, especially pages that have little, to no activity. He could not have found it through a search engine that day. The memorial was not posted until evening.

James' Trimm Family web page was sent to forums --June 23, 2003-- the same day as the so-called Gilner memorial was posted....and James started his family website June 20, 2003...3 days after I started posting the Trimm series, and 3 days before the memorial was flown...

So much for a tribute page. Since none of the biographical information is's as bad as having dead current faculty, for validation of credentials.


Incidentally, I contacted the Fort Worth Star Telegram** where the newspaper article about Herbert J. Gilner was supposed to be from--and it was not found in their archives, nor in the News Library in any listed Texas newspapers, to date. Knowing that archives aren't always accurate when searched, I sent a query to the Star-Telegram to confirm if there ever was such a Gilner article and if there was, did James and/or Ingrid Trimm obtain legal permission to post the said article to their website. They have not responded as yet. It should be noted that it is illegal to have posted that newspaper article--if it is legit--without having obtained permission--and possibly paid a small fee. ** Telegraph was a typo in the first article.


Here's the copyright notice from the Fort Worth Star Telegram:


"Articles in the archives are copyrighted and may not be republished for any purpose without the permission of the participating newspapers. Photographs, charts and graphs are not included in the archives."

The letter sent June 23 to the Fort Worth Star Telegram, was resent July 22, due to no response. This time it was not only sent to their "public relations" regarding their "archive material," but also, to their News Room.


It's interesting in DeFrancisco's Letter, that he mentions James Trimm's mentor and teacher, and it is not Rabbi Herbert J. Gilner. The person who supposedly taught James is found in this quote. "Study in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Rabbinical literature under Rabbi Armond Danny Moyal." 


The only thing on the web about Armond Danny Moyal was posted by James Trimm in 1993, with Moyal's address, ""Rabbi Armond Danny Moyal Rehov Jabatinsky 6a Nahariya 22386 Israel." 


At the bottom of his "testimony", is a promo, "For more info on Nazarene Judaism: PO Box 471 Hurst, TX 76053."


That James Trimm studied "under Moyal" is incredibly odd, being that James has stated he is self taught. Even more so, in a Messianic Apologetic Forum dialogue, James does not mention Moyal at all. 

Message 5097 of 5245 

From:B "James Trimm" <jstrimm@n...>

Date:B Thu Jul 10, 2003 4:41 pm

Subject: My Aramaic Studies


When I began my Aramaic studies I was already knowledgeable of Hebrew. I initially taught myself Aramaic. Already knowing Hebrew I was already knowledgeable of the very similar Semitic grammar of Aramaic. I studied the Encyclopedia Judaica article on Aramaic which outlined the basic grammatical differences between Hebrew and Aramaic....I taught myself these while studying the United Bible Society text of the Peshitta in combination with a book I was given by an ex-Way Intl. Member called "The Concordance to the Peshitta Version of the Aramaic New Testament". This book was an EXCELLENT resource and contained everything .... THIS CONCORDEANCE served as the EXACT TRANSLATION matrix for the later WAY translation. It also served as MY VOCABULARY GUIDE when I learned Aramaic. In other words THEIR translation matrix was my LEARNED VOCABULARY. I learned that M'LITA means "patch" (as in Mark 2:21) because my Vocabulary Guide taught me that this word means "patch" and the WAY translated the word M'LITA as "patch" because their translation matrix had identified this word as meaning "patch" when they produced the concordance in 1985. I was later tested on my Aramaic knowlede by Rabbi Herbert J. Gilner and given Seminary credit for the self-training per his recomendation...." 

What is even more of interest, is that James Trimm did not mention having received any help from James DeFrancisco, and as noted above in,

"...My involvement with Mr. Trimm occurred many years ago when he requested help from me to further his knowledge of Aramaic."

It remains a mystery to this author why James Trimm didn't say he had a Doctorate in Semitic Studies and a Doctorate in Linguistics. That likely would have resolved much confusion over his language and translating skills. For more on this issue See: The James Trimm & Michael Rood Factor; Michael Rood & James Trimm & The WAY



James Phillip Arnold



James Trimm also complained about the information concerning James Phillip Arnold.

"... This attack is the most far fetched of all. This time they question whether or not Dr. J. Phillip Arnold actually has a Ph.D. from Rice University as he claims. The following page is a short "profile page" for Dr. Arnold which has been approved by Dr. Arnold:

... Note that "Dr. James Trimm" is a frequent lecturer at the Reunion Institute:

He also stated July 22, 

2. The J. Phillip Arnold issue is laughable. As a matter of fact Dr. Arnold did attend Ambasadore and ended up redoing alot of his college work as a result. If you want that info I believe it is easy to find in any number of Who's Who editions. Dr. Arnold's credentials are very much in order. In fact Dr. Arnold has testified

as a Theology exprert before Congress. He is published and well noted."

It's unknown to this author what kind of an "expert" James Phillip Arnold really is as he has chosen to not answer any questions regarding his credentials and involvement with Saint John Chrysostom Theological Seminary. The questions asked of him are in the Doctor James Trimm's Diploma article. He has never responded.

Nor has the query regarding his credentials and "doctorate" from Religious Studies at Rice University, which was sent May 24, been responded to. Rice University lists him under "Graduate Student Placements." He is referred to as "Dr." but doesn't seem it important to validate that. June 11, a query was sent to Abilene Christian University as that was a suggested source of his academic credentials. It also has never been addressed.

According to a reader, at Rice University (1978-80) people entering the program with Bachelors degrees had the option of going straight into the Ph.D. program; they had to do a year's extra class work than those pursuing a Masters as a terminal degree, and of course, they had to pass their comps and and get their doctoral thesis approved. So there's nothing out of line about Phil Arnold not having a Masters when he entered the Ph.D. program at Rice. There was a provision whereby Ph.D. students, upon successful completion of their comps, could receive an "incidental Masters" before they were finally awarded the Ph.D. It is unknown whether he opted for that option or not. His doctoral thesis is in Fondren Library at Rice: 

We see that J. Phillip Arnold has addressed his credentials via James Trimm. That is, the loosely compiled "profile" meant to impress, with little information again, about his credentials.

James Trimm stated in the profile, regarding Arnold, "He has been a Professor of Religion and History at Houston Graduate School of Theology (1983-1986),"
I have been researching that information and it has not been very encouraging thus far. Teaching at a school is not stating where one obtained the credentials to be called " Professor of religion," especially since that was in the early 80's and it appears Arnold obtained his doctorate from Rice University later than that. 

Phillip Arnold never mentioned in his profile via James Trimm that he  graduated Herbert W. Armstrong's Ambassador College in 1970. In it's early years, it was not recognized whatsoever academically. Meaning he had to attend somewhere else.

Arnold has to have obtained a legitimate BA and Masters from somewhere in order to now have a legitimate doctorate. He is not forthcoming in answering where he obtained said credentials, which could so easily be from St John's as anywhere. It seems to me that legitimate credentials are not normally hidden from view but are validated when asked. Especially when there are so many scam artists running around.  
Nor does Jim, in his attempt at "doctoring" the situation, explain that Phillip Arnold was directly asked about being part of the faculty of St John's, signing James' diploma, etc.,  and about the sources of Arnold's own credentials, which he also does not present on his website, in "The following page is a short "profile page" for Dr. Arnold which has been approved by Dr. Arnold."

But those are just details. Details that do not show James Phillip Arnold's source of academic credentials. Let's recap.

The vague information that James Trimm put on his website about J. Phillip Arnold, which does not show the sources for his academic credentials, was approved by J. Phillip Arnold. And Arnold refuses to answer questions regarding said credentials and his involvement in the Saint John Chrysostom Theological Seminary scheme.


2 Timothy 3

8 Now as Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith.
9 But they shall proceed no further: for their folly shall be manifest unto all men, as theirs also was.
10 But thou hast fully known my doctrine, manner of life, purpose, faith, longsuffering, charity, patience,

It's most interesting that Scientologists highly recommend Phillip Arnold's Religious Crisis Task Force, which James Trimm of course claims to be a part of --but it is pretty much many credentials.

I've written about Jim Nichols, who was also on the Task Force, in the Cult/Scientology section, A Toast to Scientology. Readers can review the Task Force promo via Scientologists at :

The main goal of Arnold's Task Force is to eliminate the use of the term "cult" and rather, have people use the phrase, "new religions." 

In conclusion of this article and it's particular focus of information. What James Trimm fails to realize is that one doesn't need to fake credentials to do a good job in something. Nor does he seem to understand that ability is not determined by having credentials. That is not what makes a respected scholar or "good man" or trustworthy friend. Nor is that what makes one pleasing to God.

Those who have shamefully stood in agreement that it does not matter if a person lies, does not refund money, uses false credentials, manufactures their own degrees, hates others and whose very fruit is rotten, need to consider what God declares about these things. Not opinion. Not bias. No one's agenda. 

What God says to those claiming to live for Him and also to those claiming to be "Torah Observant."

Proverbs 14:5 - 9


"A faithful witness will not lie: but a false witness will utter lies. A scorner seeketh wisdom, and findeth it not: but knowledge is easy unto him that understandeth. Go from the presence of a foolish man, when thou perceivest not in him the lips of knowledge. The wisdom of the prudent is to understand his way: but the folly of fools is deceit. Fools make a mock at sin: but among the righteous there is favour."

Isaiah 5: 20-24

20 Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
21 Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!
22 Woe unto them that are mighty to drink wine, and men of strength to mingle strong drink:
23 Which justify the wicked for reward, and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him!
24 Therefore as the fire devoureth the stubble, and the flame consumeth the chaff, so their root shall be as rottenness, and their blossom shall go up as dust: because they have cast away the law of the LORD of hosts, and despised the word of the Holy One of Israel.


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