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"Christian" Occult Symbols


Warning: These article contains various occult Images and Information. Please understand this it to prove or warn about very serious issues—and is not intended to promote or approve of such wickedness.  

Please note: Research into the Hebrew Roots & Messianic movements constitutes research into Judaism as well as the occult. We fully respect each persons right to believe or utilize what resources they choose. We however, see a clear distinction in believing the Messiah has come versus utilizing resources which still await His coming. That is how and why we must evaluate all to Christ and the New Testament as well as the Tenach. We do not wish to edit or criticize Judaism, but recognize it as distinct from our Christian beliefs, just as many in Judaism also see a distinction and separateness from our beliefs, and we jointly have mutual respect for our differences and each other.  


Ephesians 5:11

"Proving what is acceptable unto the Lord. And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them." 

Reprove: "...find fault with; blame...reprove, rebuke=criticize or blame someone for a fault. Reprove suggests expressing disapproval or blame directly to the person at fault...with the purpose or hope of correcting the fault..." [Dictionary of Canadian English]


Over one third of Messianic congregations belong to the Assemblies of God. The Assemblies of God has 30 million members worldwide and is the largest Pentecostal Fellowship in the world. The name was changed to World Assemblies of God Fellowship in 1993 signifying the global unification of the AOG.

 The AOG have been members of the National Association of Evangelicals since 1942.

Probably the most famous, ecumenical, Charismatic and Assemblies of God ministers that people like Jewel van der Merwe, Bill Randles, Jacob Prasch and Philip Powell are denominationally aligned with are Steve Hill and Paul (David) Yonggi Cho. Dr. Cho is at the top of the AOG hierarchy and has been Executive Committee Chairman of World A/G Fellowship since 1992.[] 

Cho will be leading the sessions of the Third Triennial World Assemblies of God Congress immediately preceding 2000 Celebration on August 7 and 8.  

Christian Witness Ministries > > is the web site of Philip Powell, former National General Secretary of the Assemblies of God in Australia (from 1989 to 1992) and former Editor of the Australian Evangel, the official AOG monthly magazine. Philip Powell's ministry, CWM, includes the bi-monthly journals that he publishes entitled "Contending Earnestly For The Faith" (CETF) and "Vanguard." In order to have been the National General Secretary of the AOG of Australia, Philip Powell would be quite aware of AOG meetings and support of Dr. Cho, his ecumenicity and the goals of the World Assemblies of God which all AOG belong to, and which we must conclude, support. 

Philip Powell travels extensively with Jacob Prasch and is promoting and endorsing Prasch and his theology from his website. Philip is promoting Jacob with such statements as,  " Holds credentials as a minister with the Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches." See:

In a previous mention of this, we stated, "Jacob Prasch, calls himself a "conservative Pentecostal minister with the Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches.”  Though queried several times, Jacob has not answered nor clarified whether that Full Gospel Fellowship is the same as Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches and Ministers International. [] 

See: Jacob Prasch: A Closer Look; Update: Jacob Prasch and Moriel Revisited

The late Reverend Gordon Lindsay and a group of men founded the Fellowship in 1962. According to information on their Upcoming FGFCMI Conference in July, 2000 called “Alive, Anointed and Ablaze” speakers  included Jim Baker and Rev. Loren Cunningham, Founder of YWAM and other ecumenical people and organizations. []

If Jacob Prasch is holding credentials with this group, he is openly ecumenical and supporting the ecumenical movement. Those who support him are either unaware of these issues or are fully supportive and in agreement with this agenda. 

Update: See Jacob Prasch & Moriel Revisited

Steve Hill comes out of Brownsville, an Assembly of God church. In his recent "Steve Hill Awake America" meetings, Charles Brewster was introduced. He heads up the Honor Bound Men's Ministry for the AOG. 

In  researching it further, it is an outgrowth/integral part of Promise Keepers and the HB council is responsible for overseeing ALL men's programs in the church [pretty comprehensive]. A private correspondence regarding the introduction of Mr. Brewster at these meetings was that "...Mr. Brewster had formerly headed up the West Coast section for the Secret Service.... But that God had a different plan!" 1

This writer has mentioned the influence of Dr. Cho in “EJECT:Ecumenical Jews, Evangelicals, Charismatics & Catholics Together” and “Dark Angels” Dr. Cho, who said God changed his name, is “senior pastor of Yoido Full Gospel Church, the largest church in the world… in Seoul, Korea…comprised of over 760,000 members….Founder of international Bible colleges in Los Angeles, Moscow, and Tokyo…served numerous international and Korean boards and committees, such as International Women Aglow and Charismatic Bible Ministries…The author of more than 100 books, Dr. Cho received in 1985 the "Gold Medallion Book Award" from the Evangelical Christian Publisher's Association for his work, "Prayer – Key to Revival." 

He also has received two National Religious Broadcaster's awards for his television ministry…Dr. Cho, a graduate of Full Gospel Bible College and Civil University (both of Seoul), received honorary doctorates from Bethany Bible College, Scotts Valley, Calif.; California Graduate School of Theology, Glendale, Calif.; Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, Okla.; and Regent University, Virginia Beach, Va.” [Bolding added] 2  

 Jacob Prasch of Moriel declares in his February 2000 Newsletter: “ It is rather what the symbol means in a given historical setting and cultural context that determines if it is evil or not.” 3. 

He’s absolutely correct!! Let us look at today’s ‘historic and cultural’ use of triskeles, the swastika, the cross—a pagan symbol, which has not meant the finished work of Christ on the cross, which information we also noted in Part IX Talismans & Masters of the Name. We’ll also look at the six-pointed star commonly known as a hexagram in the occult—which Mr. Prasch would have us embrace as good.

Dr Cathy Burns reveals that the symbol, which Dr. Yonggi Cho uses for his Logo, is the occult triskele.

Fig 1. Cho's Logo

cho.gif (4638 bytes)

"I think it is interesting to note that Paul (David) Yonggi Cho, a former Buddhist who is now supposedly a Christian, is pastor of the world's largest church with about 800,000 members. His church in Seoul, Korea, the Yoido Full Gospel Church, belongs to the Assemblies of God conference. The logo he uses is the triskele …As a former Buddhist, I'm fairly sure he would be quite aware of the symbol he is using."  4   

From ‘Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated’ are these examples of the triskele. 

Figure 2 Triskele  

 Figure 3  Triskele 

This triskele symbol in Fig. 4 ."is used to exorcise evil spirits.” It is strikingly similar to Fig. 2 and also the Logo found on the New King James Bible (© 1979, 1980,1982), published by Thomas Nelson Publishers, not to be confused with TAN Publishers which was started by Thomas A. Nelson in 1967 but it is not related or affiliated with Thomas Nelson Publishers. TAN's Thomas A. Nelson is a devout Catholic. 

Figure 4 Triskele

Figure 5 Logo of New King James  Version (Thomas Nelson Publishers) 5.

Figure 5 Logo of New King James Version (Thomas Nelson Publishers)

Triskeles are of pagan and occult origins and are connected to swastikas, reincarnation, magic and the yin-yang.

  “…the triskele (or triskelion) is one symbol that appears in many logos today… "The triskelion (Greek for three legs) is a symbol of the sun intended to express motion. A similar device, with four legs, called a tetraskelion, is a modification of the swastika” 1 Like the swastika, it is considered to be a good luck symbol.2 "

“…An occult organization sells a triskelion and serpent pendant. They brag: "Double magic! Designs on both side (sic) of this unusually attractive pendant. One side bears the three-legged triskeles symbolizing rising, zenith, setting. On the other [side the] serpent portrays strength, divine power, infinite wisdom, eternity."3 Another catalog tells us that the "'legs' represent birth, death, and rebirth."4 Of course, this is a reference to REINCARNATION.

“We must remember that since the triskele is "a Celtic version of the Yin-Yang symbol of life,"5 and a modification of the swastika,6 …”

“A New Age organization sells a Celtic Goddess Pin. It is described like this: "Symbols of the triskele (the sea, good luck) and cauldron (abundance, inspiration) celebrate Cerridwen: Celtic goddess of transformation, who offers guidance and spiritual renewal at crucial junctures in the lives of her devotees. In Welsh mythology, she guarded the cauldron of inspiration and was the muse of the bards." "Cerridwen is the goddess of wisdom and witchcraft..." [Emphasis in the original]  6  


1 Thessalonians 5:21-22

 "Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.
 Abstain from all appearance of evil."

Symbols have been discussed in depth in the articles The Kabbalah, and it's related articles and Taking the Name, Mark & Number. However, we see most Messianic and Hebrew Roots groups are using the six-pointed star, and many other Christians are embracing it to show "support" of Zionism. Jews FOR Jesus uses the symbol as part of their name in their Newsletters, the star replacing the 'O' in FOR. What many fail to realize is that the 7 candle menorah is Israel's actual official symbol, and it is a God-given object.

International headquarters for the Latter Rain movement is at Sharon Children's Home & Schools in North Battleford, Sask. Canada. Their Newsletter, The Sharon Star, carries the solid black, six-pointed star as their Logo. People like Jacob Prasch of Moriel, who sports the six-pointed star throughout his web site, would have us believe in his February 2000 Newsletter that, “...In fact in Judaism, it is known as ‘The Shield of David’ or Magen David and is not seen as a star. Its rabbinic interpretation is the configuration of the 12 tribes around The holy Ark sojourning through the wilderness... It is a 5 star Pentegram that is a satanic emblem, not a six pointed Star of David…” 7

Perhaps, Jacob Prasch missed reading Jewish sources about the Magen David, although his claim is impeccable scholarship. According to the Encyclopaedia Judaica’s article, Magen David, this hexagram symbol is known under various names: “Hebrew…Shield of David…hexagram or six-pointed star.” 8. 

Despite Jacob Prasch’s assertions that only the pentagram is evil, in this Jewish article, the six-pointed star or hexagram is mentioned many times and acknowledged as being a magical symbol:

“In Arab sources the hexagram…was widely used under the designation “seal of Solomon,” a term which was also taken over by many Jewish groups…It is not clear in which period the hexagram was engraved on the seal or ring of Solomon, mentioned in the Talmud (Git.68a-b) as a sign of his dominion over the demons instead of the name of God, which originally appeared…In Arabic magic the “seal of Solomon” was widely used, but at first it’s use in Jewish circles was restricted to relatively rare cases. Even then, the hexagram and pentagram were easily interchangeable and the name was applied to both figures.” 7 [bolding added]

“Between 1300 and 1700 the two terms shield of David and seal of Solomon, are used indiscriminately, predominately in magical texts…” 9

Jacob's teaching that the "...rabbinic interpretation is the configuration of the 12 tribes..." is merely echoing people like James Trimm and their promotion of the Lost Tribes.  According to former Satanist, Bill Schnoebelen,  “a hexagram must be present to call forth a demon,” and “sorcerers consider it a very powerful tool to invoke Satan…” 10

Below is a description of “The Great Sign,” on the web site, “Welcome to the Mission of Maitreya “Eternal Divine Path” with the theme, ‘One World, One Humanity, Under One God,’ meaning himself. Benjamin Crème supports this particular ‘Maitreya’ as the ‘Christ’.   Another Maitreya wrote the book ‘The Gospel of Peace” and came to Canada originally from India via Britain. His real name is Madan Handa—he thinks he’s the real thing too!   

CLICK TO ENLARGE without going to MAITREYA Web site:

The basic six-pointed star of this symbol is made up of two triangles. On each six point are six logos. Starting at the bottom. 

The first seal-- I-Ching/yin-yang as the center for a lotus flower with an embedded swastika. This is the same as the center seal. The I-Ching symbol is made up of six elements. The lotus flower petal represents the seventh level of "chakra" called the Soma/Sahasrara Chakra where a person allegedly becomes one with the universe. "The seventh trumpet is representative of the event when the Aquarian experiences the Soma/Sahasrara Chakra activation…

The second seal--“star of David” or hexagram.

The third seal is the cross of Christianity,

The fourth--crescent moon of Islam with an I-Ching in the middle of the pentagram, inside a circle—is a sign of god and goddess.

The fifth seal is the nine-pointed star of Baha'i.

The sixth seal is allegedly the seal of the "Elects" which is a hexagram with a rising sun embedded with a swastika.

Information on the Maitreya site explains the complete symbolism of their Logo. In their words the colors, blue, orange-red and white and other symbols partially involve the Universal Spirit:

  “The three creative forces, presented by blue, orange-red and white in The Great Sign, were released the I-Ching). This movement evolved to the awakening of the Universal Spirit (the Lotus). This Universal Spirit (God) reached into the Universe (the triangle downward)... It is when this first unit consciousness (I-Ching at the bottom) reaches Pure Consciousness (Seven Seal, the last Seal), He became the First Begotten Son, and it is then that the triangle upward (Hierarchy in Heaven) appears… The Hierarchy in Heaven (the triangle upward) is formed… That is why the I-Ching (at the bottom) is the first Seal (Mystical Paths, Know Thyself). The second is the second Seal (Children Of Israel, Communities Of Light), the third Seal is Christianity (Sacrifice), the fourth Islam (Surrendering and Submission to God), the fifth Baha'i (Universalism), the sixth (you become) The Elects and the seventh Pure Consciousness (the I-Ching at the bottom changes to the image in the center, God, man again becomes in His Image… A person who is truly Surrendered and Submissive to God, has awakened his/her Spiritual understandings. By becoming a Universalist (Fifth Seal) the person becomes an Elect (Sixth Seal). It is such a people who will bring God's Kingdom on earth…Some people believe that by meditation and other spiritual practices (chanting, dancing, etc.) one can reach Pure Consciousness. This is the teaching of the present Mystical Paths on earth…That is: By awakening the Spiritual Forces, one may reach Pure Consciousness. But the fastest way is to follow the Eternal Divine Path (The Great Sign)!” 11

 The importance of the six-pointed Star of David in occult symbolism and ritual cannot be overstated. The six-pointed star has been identified by the New Age as the Star of Bethlehem which announces the Advent of Christ. "The Star is the symbol of the perfect life, the perfect balance, of the Christ-man. The six-pointed star is the Star of Bethlehem, which again means the Star of the Son of man." [GaiaMind >] 12  

Taking the Mark, the Number & the Name and similar articles present a reasonable case for its use by the Antichrist to brand his disciples in a Luciferic initiation.

Jacob Prasch has as the Moriel Logo, the hexagram of two interlaced triangles. This is also found on many other sites such as Calvary Chapel Jerusalem and on the Brochure for Messiah’99. Jacob should very well know that the hexagram is evil—today and yesterday. By his own testimony he “…believed that the occult had to be investigated scientifically….called “New Age” philosophies that I had been interested in — Nostradamus, or the Tibetan Book of the Dead, or the Bhagavad-Gita, and so on… I had many occult experiences, including coming in contact with the demonic. I had the power to tell a total stranger, someone I had just met for the first time, what zodiac sign they had been born under. I used to go to a witch to have my tarot cards read. (Her husband and I did drug deals.)… I had an out of body experience…” 13


Mr. Prasch promotes Let Us Reason, which is Mike Oppenheimer’s site. Mike could be called an expert on the occult, having been involved in it for over 20 years.  In his testimony we find he was involved in yoga, meditation and used psychedelic drugs religiously. He experimented with various religions and the occult believing all had “truths of the one true religion, just as Rosicrucianism teaches they are all petals on a flower.” He studied the ancient masters of the east, Buddhism, Zen and believed and studied the writings of ‘Ascended masters,’ was involved with UFO’s and channelled messages. He and his girlfriend Kathy became involved in the I Am movement, which is the Saint Germaine Society of the Ballards. He learned about “earths past history on Lemuria and Atlantis,” with both believing they were becoming enlightened. They called on “angels” and “powers unknown to them” and “by decreeing and using the violet consuming flame to eradicate past life karma, they desired to become servants for the New Age.” Kathy was also practicing affirmations, mantras, studying herbology, polarity therapy, kinesiology and learning about the spiritual energies of the body. In other words, they are very aware of the occult and the symbolism involved. 14   For More on these issues  See: Occult Path  

You cannot research or be involved in the occult or eastern religions without seeing the hexagram and other symbols!

When two triangles are interlaced in the occult, “it represents the union of the active and passive forces of nature; it represents the male and female elements.” 15   Notice that the Theosophical Society carries the interlaced triangle plus all the symbolism in the Maitreya Logo. 

Figure 6 Logo Theosophical Society


Figure 7  Logo Theosophical Society 

"In The Gods of India…The two complimentary principles, the linga and the yoni, are graphically represented by the fiery triangle with the upward apex and the watery triangle with downward apex. When then triangles penetrate one another to form the hexagram, this is taken to show the state of manifestation. When they part the universe dissolves.”    16    [Linga & yoni= male & female sexual parts; bolding added]  

A former witch reveals: “When the male triangle penetrates the female triangle it produces the six-pointed crest of Solomon or hexagram, the most wicked symbol in witchcraft.”…”… also used for communication with the dead…REINCARNATION.” 17

Galatians 5:19-21 states:

“Now the works of the flesh are manifest are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, Idolatry, witchcraft, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.”


 Next Section: HEXAGRAMS & DOVES



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Copyright . All articles are the sole property of and Vicky Dillen. All Scripture King James Version unless otherwise stated.

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